Chapter 63 – 64

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Chapter 63 – Settlement of vs. Demon King Kanta


I succeeded in gaining total control over Demon King Kanta’s Domain.
I ‘d like to say that….it’s time for a relaxing breather, but I’m going to be busy after this. I open the memo app on the smartphone, and update the To-Do-list.

1. 《Unification》 of the sectors split by 《Separation》.
2. Reconstruction of the newly expanded Domain.
3. Preparing the invasion into Demon King Alyssa’s Domain.
Extra – Victory celebration (Kanon’s suggestion)

That’s about all, I think?
The number of entries is low, but every single one of them has profound content, and there are many entries that will take time and effort to accomplish.
As I’m racking my brain, I hear thoughtless prattling from my side.

“Huh? That’s a really grim expression. What’s wrong?” (Kanon)

I shift my eyes towards the origin of that happy-go-lucky yapping ― Kanon.

“There’s too much aftermath to deal with.” (Shion)

“Aftermath?” (Kanon)

I show the screen of the To-Do-list I had finished just now to Kanon who’s tilting her head in confusion.

“Hmm, I see. Shion-san, you really like making those, don’t you? Were you the type who took detailed notes at school?” (Kanon)

She responded with something I hadn’t expected at all.
――Roll up your skirt.

“Eh? Eh!? Eeeehh!?” (Kanon)

I complain towards Kanon who blushes as she rolls up her skirt.

“Haaah… Don’t you have any better answers as self-proclaimed strategist ( )?” (Shion)

“You finally recognized me as your strategist, Shion-san!? Somehow I felt like you put spite into the way how you spelled strategist, but…it’s just my imagination, right?” (Kanon)

This fairy…hasn’t she become awfully positive? She has grown into a being I can’t easily look down on.

“Umm…since you’d like all the bloodkin, who became temporary domain masters, to do their best for the next invasion as well, 1. would be rather urgent, no?” (Kanon)

“Indeed. But, I will need at least 40 hours for that.” (Shion)

In order to use 《Unification》 on a sector that’s been split off by 《Separation》, I have to offer all my CP. There are five such sectors. Even if I dedicate all my current CP, it will require another four times after full recovery ― in other words, 40 hours.

“Eh? Shion-san, you have completely recovered your CP now?” (Kanon)

“Mmh? I’m spending them suitably so as to not run into the counter stop, but it’s been fully recovered for around ten hours, I think?” (Shion)

“Isn’t it…ten hours then?” (Kanon)

Google-chan…you can’t read the mood, but I didn’t expect you to be an idiot.

“What? To use 《Unification》 on a sector that’s been split off by 《Separation》 I need to dedicate all my CP, don’t I?” (Shion)

“Yes.” (Kanon)

“There are five sectors that were split off with 《Separation》, so even if I used 《Unification》 on one of them in ten minutes, I would need to wait 40 hours to use 《Unification》 on the remaining four sectors, right?” (Shion)

“――? Won’t ten hours be plenty if you use 《Reorganization》 for the currently five separate sectors to consolidate them into one, and then use 《Unification》 on that one?” (Kanon)

It took a bit time for me to process Kanon’s words.
Once I operate my smartphone based on Kanon’s explanation――
I choose Chloe’s sector from 【Domain】 →  pick 《Reorganization》 that was displayed on the next screen.

『Please choose the domains to be ruled by Chloe Shion.』

A map of my Domain is shown alongside that line. I select the sectors ruled by Rina, Layla, Blue and Guy on the map.

『Please choose the CP and DP to be assigned to Chloe Shion’s Domain.』

I choose the lowest possible value for DP and CP, 500.

『You will use 《Reorganization》 on Chloe Shion’s Domain. It’s necessary to offer all your CP for 《Reorganization》. Are you okay with that?』

I pick 『Yes』, resulting in the five separated sectors becoming one Domain.
What’s this? A secret trick? A bad joke?
I got fed up, but at least I somehow managed to resolve one problem.
To finish number 1 of the To-Do-list, I have to wait another ten hours. In order to finish number 2, I have to finish number 1. Hence, what I should do next is number 3 ― preparing the invasion of Demon King Alyssa’s Domain.
When was the last time I investigated Alyssa? Around half a month ago?
I decided to first gather information in the Internet where it’s simple to obtain information.

13 Nameless Adventurer ID:mkdeash

The depth of a Domain’s floors is connected to the Demon King’s strength, isn’t it?

14 Nameless Adventurer ID:wjsiekv

According to the self-alleged Demon King () who appeared in a certain thread, the depth of the layers seems to be equal to the Demon King’s level.

15 Nameless Adventurer ID:zdewalr

A Demon King showed up in a thread, you say. lmao
Demon Kings can use the Internet?

16 Nameless Adventurer ID:lexoksw

>15 Stop with that topic. It’s been proven that it will only trigger an unproductive discussion.

17 Nameless Adventurer ID:wrtdjvk

If the rumor that Demon Kings are actually obtaining information from the Internet proves to be true, it will spell the end of this forum. rofl

18 Nameless Adventurer ID:rrukdhr

It won’t be just this forum, you know? The entire Internet will be shut down.

19 Nameless Adventurer ID:nxdkeas

Living in a world without Internet…no way…
Good bye, folks… I shall flap my wings in the after life.

20 Nameless Adventurer ID:skewoas

>19 Be strong.

21 Nameless Adventurer ID:skeifnr

Only Demon Kings are banned from access ★ !

22 Nameless Adventurer ID:cmasker

Rather, if a Domain’s depth and a Demon King’s level are the same…a Hazard Rank A Domain has seven floors, right? I’m level 28, though? Ain’t a level 7 opponent easy as fuck?

23 Nameless Adventurer ID:xseftgh

The hell; “easy as fuck” roflmao. My sides hurt lol.

24 Nameless Adventurer ID:lkesdds

Ignoring the easy as fuck from 22; in short, it means the information of the self-alleged Demon King () is prolly fake.

25 Namless Adventurer ID:mkdeash

How about returning to the main issue at hand?
Right now a large-scaled mop-up operation of a Domain in Kanezawa is being carried out…

26 Nameless Adventurer ID:cskeird

>25 It’s the Domain said to have had goblins run amok or something, right?

27 Nameless Adventurer ID:mkdeash

>26 Yeah, that’s the one. According to the information I heard from an acquaintance taking part in that operation, that Domain seems to have nine floors?

28 Nameless Adventurer ID:xsefgrt

Srsly? Nine floors; ain’t that a Hazard Rank S? That’s at the level of the Demon Capital Tokyo, isn’t it?

29 Nameless Adventurer ID:zmkawed

Demon Capital Tokyo lmao. Only the sound of that makes it possible for me to eat three bowls of rice rofl.

30 Nameless Adventurer ID:sewasft

Kanezawa, if I remember correctly, there was a Hazard Rank S in that city, wasn’t there? Is this about another one?

31 Nameless Adventurer ID:mkdeash

The Hero Graveyard? That’s a different one, I think.

32 Nameless Adventurer ID:ameksio

Is the Ancient Capital Kanezawa on fire in contrast to the Demon Capital Tokyo? lol

Eh? Is this information for real?
Nine floors means she’s level 9, doesn’t it?
Through the fierce battle against Kanta, my level went up from 7 to 8, but…Alyssa even leveled up to 9 while dealing with the large-scaled mop-up operation of the humans?
Did I instigate the humans too much?
Her being level 9 means…I have to urgently redo my intelligence gathering.

“Kanon!” (Shion)

“Yeees~ What is it?” (Kanon)

“Quickly gather all available information about Demon King Alyssa.” (Shion)

“Eh? Ah, yes! I got it!” (Kanon)

The two of us continued to look up information sites of the mop-up operation, anonymous bulletin boards and the SNS of participants in the operation.

Three hours later.

“This is really bad.” (Shion)

“Yeah…it’s slightly bad, isn’t it?” (Kanon)

Kanon and I, who shared the latest information about Alyssa with each other, spilled deep sighs.


Chapter 64 – Subordinates’ Growth

As result of Kanon and me gathering information about Demon King Alyssa…it became possible for us to guess Alyssa’s status to some extent.
Demon King Alyssa ― Fairy Type. Level 9. Domain with 12 sectors. Maximum CP: 2100. Recovery: 210 CP per hour. Body 【?】, Mana 【B】, Knowledge 【?】, Creation 【B】, Alchemy 【B】.
Main subordinates: Goblin General, rank B, creation cost: 100 CP. High Pixy, rank B, creation cost: 120 CP.
Our combat forces are almost even, I’d say…

“Kanon, fairy types really have a well-balanced array of subordinates they can create.” (Shion)

“Don’t they?” (Kanon)

Goblins as physical types, and pixies as magic types. A big point is also the high diversity of the goblin family. The fairy types have the weak point of having low durability on the whole, but that can be compensated with alchemized items. Going by just its name, the goblin general seems to have a high durability.

“If it’s not a Knowledge-specialized build, the fairy type is quite powerful.” (Shion)

“Hauuu…you sure stab into my old wounds with all your might, don’t you…?” (Kanon)

Even if I tease Kanon, the situation won’t change for the better.
I guess I have to seriously analyze Alyssa’s combat prowess.
My impression of Alyssa so far has been…overwhelmingly resource-heavy strategy that could be called relying on numbers.
In general, the goblin family has low creation costs. The consumed LP for taking them outside the Domain is small as well. If it’s the characteristic subordinates of vampire types ― for example dhampirs, werewolves, lilims or living mails, they consume 20 LP. If it’s a bloodkin of the same race, it’s 10 LP. Even ghouls, who are suitable as mass production units, consume 10 LP. On the contrary, a goblin uses 1 LP. Even goblin fighters or goblin archers require only 2 LP each.
In other words, once you create one goblin bloodkin, they can take 10 goblins outside the Domain.
Using this trait, Alyssa sent a great quantity of goblins into hostile Domains. Even if the number of invading monsters was limited to 24 through 【Special Restrictions】, she immediately replenished any losses inside the Domain. As result of moving faster than the low-level Demon Kings around her, Alyssa, who excelled in total CP, overran the surrounding Domains in no time.
Put another way, if seen from my side as the one with the higher total CP…I didn’t need to regard her as threat. However, now that I’m the one who’s going to invade, things change.
Alyssa can create a goblin with a mere 5 CP, meaning she can create 42 goblins per hour. Moreover, if monsters proficient at magic such as pixies and nadja join the fray, it will become harsh to defeat them without any injuries.
Having said that, if her 【Creation】 was C, it would be possible for my subordinates to overcome the resistance with individual strength.
Her raising Creation to B, and even Alchemy after coming this far was beyond expectations…
I launch various simulations in my mind.
Is my chance to win possibly high?

“Oh!? Shion-san, what’s going on for you to suddenly break into a smile?” (Kanon)

“Alyssa…might be weaker than I thought.” (Shion)

I probably smiled unconsciously, causing Kanon to call out to me.

“Eh? She’s weak, you say…?” (Kanon)

“Well, only weaker than I thought, that is.” (Shion)

“In my eyes you’re even, you know?” (Kanon)

“Based on the visible values…we’re even, yes.” (Shion)

They aren’t accurate. In the end they are values we guessed from the gathered information. However, I might have overestimated the values noted down on the memo in front of me.

“Once again your roundabout way of expressing yourself is―― Kya!? I-It’s nothing.” (Kanon)

Kanon screams something while rolling up her skirt. I ignore her antics and instead throw a question at her.

“If Layla fought against a dhampir who was just created, who do you think would win?” (Shion)

“That’s Layla-san, of course. I think the current Layla-san would even win against two dhampirs.” (Kanon)

Based on the values ― the status, Layla is a dhampir, too. Her rank is also classified as B.
Yet, Layla will completely win if both fight.
That’s because Layla has gained experience that can’t be judged by only her status and outward appearance.
Experience plays a big role.
For example ― Blue, come here.
I summon the rank C goblin chaser Blue.

“What’s up?” (Blue)

Blue shows up with his usual casual tone.

“Don’t you want to eat high-quality meat?” (Shion)

“I want ~ssu!” (Blue)

“Then it’s time for a mock battle.” (Shion)

“…That’s what I had expected ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue drops his shoulders and dons an expression as if he dropped from heaven to hell.
I summon a dhampir with no combat experience, and order him to have a mock battle against Blue.
Blue and the dhampir. Both use iron weapons. Only ability will decide the outcome.

“Begin!” (Shion)

Matching my order, Blue readies the Iron Bow he carried on his back, and shoots several arrows. The dhampir tried to shoot an ice bullet, but his action is obstructed by the approaching arrows. The dhampir gives up on magic attacks, and approaches Blue while brandishing his Iron Whip.

“Uh oh, dangerous ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue dodges the whip with nimble movements. Throwing away the bow, he grabs the Iron Ax at his waist and starts attacking the dhampir. Even after that Blue deals small damage as he moves quickly while maintaining his own range ― a short distance.

“Chance ~ssu! ――《Steal》!” (Blue)

Blue stole the dhampirs Iron Spiked Whip.
The unarmed dhampir is boldly attacked by Blue. Even as the dhampir resists with hand-to-hand combat relying on his status, the battle progress advances while always staying advantageous for Blue.
Even while Blue continues to attack the dhampir, he glances at me. That glance told me ― “It’s my win already, right ~ssu?”
What an incorrigible guy.

“Stop there!” (Shion)

I gave the signal for the mock battle’s end. The conclusion was still far off, but I think it would have been impossible for the dhampir to turn this around down the line.
Satisfied with the outcome of the battle, I spent 3 CP on high-quality meat and gave it to Blue.

“Yahooo! Please keep it a secret from my other comrades ~ssu!” (Blue)

Blue quickly hid the meat beneath his clothes and left with a bouncy stride.
This proves that experience surpasses status.
If it’s such result in an individual match, cooperation in group combat will likely widen the difference even further.
Alyssa is good at resource-heavy strategies that waste subordinates. The number of experienced subordinates is probably low on her side.
Overwhelming numbers with individual strength ― it looks like this will become the game changer in the invasion of Alyssa’s Domain.
In that case there’s one thing I should do for the sake of raising the chance of victory ― raising the individual strength.

“Kanon, we’re going to hold a victory celebration.” (Shion)

“Yeees! Eh?….Whaaaaaaaat!? What’s on your mind?” (Kanon)

Kanon raises her voice in surprise.

“Mmh? It’s been you who proposed a victory celebration, no?” (Shion)

“T-That’s right, but…I thought you would definitely reject it.” (Kanon)

I wonder what Kanon is thinking of me? Well, I actually planned to reject it, though.

“The celebration will be held one hour after…the Domains unified. Get on with the preparations.” (Shion)

“Okay. But Shion-san, can you please contact the subordinates? I will prepare the food.” (Kanon)

“Yeah. If there’s any necessary ingredients…let’s prepare it with less than 100 CP.” (Shion)

“Even 100 CP!? That’s big-hearted for you, Shion-sa―― Kya!?” (Kanon)

Her not being able to read the mood; I I really can’t shake the feeling that Kanon is actually waiting for the order to have her skirt rolled up.
I sighed while looking at Google-chan who really fails too much on reading the situation.



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