Chapter 61 – 62

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Chapter 61 – vs. Demon King Kanta ⑥


“Huff, huff… What about reinforcements…?”

“They stopped, I think.”

“Kaaah! I’m pooped!”

We defeated all the ogres blocking our path. Up ahead I can see the lifeless, cleared wasteland, and the isolated hut.
We advance forward while wary of eventual reinforcements, and then step inside the hut.
A faintly shining magic crest ― a【Transfer Array】, and a 【True Core】 enshrined on a pedestal were inside the shabby, wooden hut.
As I stretch out my hand for the 【True Core】――
―― Don’t touch the 【True Core】!
I receive a forceful order from Shion.
Once I hurriedly pull back my hand, I get the next order from Shion.
―― Each of you, take a『Recovery Medicine』 to restore your stamina.
『Recovery Medicine』 ― an item alchemized by Shion. It’s a medicine allowing one to restore stamina. It’s an item similar to a potent energy drink with immediate effectiveness. At first I hesitated to drink it since it looks unhealthy, but nowadays it’s a priceless treasure and a necessity.
We drank the 『Recovery Medicine』 as told. Once the slightly bitter liquid flows down my throat, I can sense energy spreading throughout my entire body.
――Use the 【Transfer Array】. It’s very likely Demon King Kanta is laying in wait at the destination. Be on guard.
I see…the previous reinforcements were likely sent in through the 【Transfer Array】. In that case it’s probably correct to think that the master, who created those reinforcements ― Demon King Kanta waits on the other side of the 【Transfer Array】.
To be honest, I want to take a little break, but…if this allows us to kill Kanta, it would be only foolish to miss this chance.

“Are you ready?” (Rina)

“Of course.” (Layla)

“Okaaay~” (Flora)

“Anytime.” (Guy)

“Hah, what foolish question.” (Red)

“Whenever.” (Dakel)

{Certainly} (Iron)

There’s not a trace of hesitation to be found in the eyes of my comrades. After looking at each of them, I nod and just as I’m about to step into the 【Transfer Array】――
――Wait! Let the living mail go first.
I stop myself and look at the living mail. Seemingly giving an affirmation, the living mail trembles with its body once, and steps into the 【Transfer Array】.
30 seconds after the living mail went through,
――Everyone, quickly use the 【Transfer Array】!
In accordance with Shion’s urging order, we stepped into the 【Transfer Array】.



My vision turns black and my body becomes weightless. Then, once I saw light and felt my weight again ― the scenery in front of me had completely changed.
The transfer destination was a six-tatami-wide, small room.
A faintly shining magic crest ― a 【Transfer Array】 is in the center of the room. An open door is visible in front.

“Fuck! My home ain’t the place for a tin plate bastard to rudely wander in!” (Kanta)

The sound of metal being crushed could be heard alongside angry yelling from the other side of the door.
Once I rushed through the door with my comrades ― I could see the tragically squashed living mail and Kanta ― a huge ogre who tore the living mail apart while shouting in rage.

“Hah? One piece of shit after the other… Damn…how annoyin’. Fuckin’ annoyin’.” (Kanta)

Kanta, who had completely destroyed the living mail, sends a murderous look my way.

“Da hell? Why’s a human gettin’ along with monsters? You bastards usually kill each other, don’cha?” (Kanta)

Kanta yells while looking at me, Layla and the subordinate dhampir.

“Who’s a human here?” (Layla)

A chilly voice leaks out of Layla’s mouth in response to being mistaken as a human.

“Huh? Ya one of the humans dat stopped bein’ humans, girly?” (Kanta)

“I haven’t been human to begin with…I’m a dhampir! Shut that stinking trap of yours!” (Layla)

“Da fuck? Who’s mouth’s stinkin’――” (Kanta)

“――《Ice Bullet》! Did that stuff your trap?” (Layla)

Layla shot an ice bullet into the widely-opened, shouting mouth of Kanta.

“…aughter! …I’ll slaughter ya! I’ll rip ya bastards apart!” (Kanta)

“Hah! The one dying here is you!” (Layla)

Layla and Kanta. The killing intents of both clash fiercely.

“Calm down, Layla.” (Rina)

“Wha!? You’ve got no right to tel― I-I’m very sorry!” (Layla)

I chided Layla, but she didn’t feel all that happy about it…or so I thought, but she very likely got scolded by Shion.

“Even if ya apologize now, it’s too friggin’ late!” (Kanta)

Kanta, who misunderstood Layla’s words, approached with his iron club held aloft.

“Iron!” (Rina)

{Affirmative} (Iron)

Iron jumped in front of Layla and readied his shield, receiving the blow of the iron club.
The fiercely reverberating clashing sound marked the start of the mortal combat against Demon King Kanta.



Spells unleashed by Flora’s group and arrows released by Dakel’s group pour down on Kanta who swung his club against Iron’s shield. I ready Dáinsleif and thrust it at Kanta. Guy uses his sharp claws, and Red charges at him while raising the iron club, which slew numerous enemies until now, overhead.

“Know yer place!” (Kanta)

Kanta swings his club, blowing all of us away alongside Iron.

“A gatherin’ of small fry still ain’t no more than small fry!” (Kanta)

Kanta smiles ferociously.
Strong… He’s the strongest enemy I confronted so far, excluding Shion. A strength outside all norms, and a mannerism of fully grasping his own abilities.
Looking for a chance to win…only overwhelming him with our numerical advantage comes to mind.

“There’s only one enemy! We will overwhelm him!” (Rina)

“No need to tell me!” (Layla)

Layla swings her whip with its mithril thorn tip at Kanta.

“Hah? Who’s goin’ to overwhelm who?” (Kanta)

Kanta shakes off the whip with his log-like arm, and mows down Layla with his club.

“――Ugh!” (Layla)

While jumping towards Layla, who had been blown away, Kanta swings down his club. Layla avoids the swing by falling down, albeit unshapely, but…she’s kicked flying by Kanta in that state.


Red swings his iron club down on Kanta who tries to approach Layla, but…

“Da hell? Ya a lower-ranked ogre species, aren’cha?” (Kanta)

Kanta sends Red alongside his weapon flying with his own iron club.

“Damn! Ya little shits! Don’ push yer luc――!?” (Kanta)

A Lunatic Arrow released by Dakel pierces the shoulder of the boasting Kanta.
It’s a chance! I slash sideways at the torso of Kanta, who’s grimacing in pain, with Dáinsleif. Following me, Guy tears up Kanta’s arm with his sharp claws.

“Uuooooohhh! Fuck! How dare small fries own better items than dis me!!” (Kanta)

Kanta roars in rage.
――Center your offense around ranged attacks.
An order that’s like a suggestion from Shion.
I wonder whether we’ll be able to return alive from this?
We continued the life or death struggle against the formidable enemy ― Demon King Kanta.



Three hours passed since we started the battle.
A dark elf, who had continued to support us with archery from the rear, lost his life to an assassin’s dagger thrown by Kanta.
Those remaining are the seven bloodkin including me, and one dhampir subordinate.
As one would expect, you can’t say that Kanta is on the verge of dying, but he has consumed a lot of his stamina. But, it was the same for us as well.
I wonder whether we can win…

“Pheeew… Eight pieces of shit remain, eh? Darn, what a nuisance.” (Kanta)

Kanta looks at each of us with the eyes of a predator searching for his next prey…and then his eyes rest on Flora.

“…Hiii.” (Flora)

We stand in front of Flora in order to protect her.

“Wanna die!? Get lost!!” (Kanta)

Kanta rushes at us while raising his club overhead.

“Iron.” (Rina)

{Affirmative} (Iron)

Iron sets up his shield against the approaching enemy, and I ready Dáinsleif.

“Pebbles! Get los――”

At the moment he prepared to swing down his club――
A single, faintly shining arrow penetrated Kanta’s shoulder from behind.


Chapter 62 – vs. Demon King Kanta ⑦


“――gh!? W-Who!?” (Kanta)

Demon King Kanta looks back while twisting his face in pain.

“Don’t look down on us in front of my eyes! ――《Slash》!” (Rina)

I shower Kanta, who’s full of openings while he looks back, with sharp slashes. Following my lead, Layla’s whip, Guy’s claws, and Red’s club pour down on Kanta.

“Guuuoooohhh!? Dat fuckin’ huuuuuurts!” (Kanta)

Kanta brandishes his club while showing an expression full of anguish, but we escape the danger by jumping back.

“You guys! How long do you intend to make master wait!? Hurry up and get rid of that blockhead!” (Chloe)

The one who shot Kanta’s shoulder ― the dark elf Chloe Shion scolds us.

“Huff, huff…I’m slightly tired ~ssu. A break woul…I said nothing ~ssu.” (Blue)

The goblin who showed up together with Chloe ― Blue tries to crack a joke, but he’s silenced by Chloe’s gaze.

“I suppose you’re called Iron? You can take a short rest.” (Silver)

The brawny kobold ― Silver looks at Iron.

“I guess I will show you my real strength… Uuooooohh! Hah! I will beat you to death!” (Hope)

The timid-looking man ― Hope transforms into a werewolf with a roar.

“Blue! Silver! Hope! We shall carry out master’s gracious command!” (Chloe)


Blowing away the signs of defeat…the powerful reinforcements ― a dazzling hope descended upon us.



Chloe repeatedly fires arrows from a distance. Blue and Hope steadily damage Kanta. Silver parries the club swung by Kanta with skillful shield techniques.
Strong. Even more so than their individual strength, Chloe’s group excels at team play.
I also try to join in with attacks at times, but as it seems that I will disturb their team work if I meddle imprudently, I hesitate.
Just how much did they train to reach this level…? The comrades, whom I met again after half a year, had boundlessly grown.
The body of Kanta, who was showered by attacks with Chloe’s group having taken the leading role, keeps piling up injuries.

“Fuck! Why’re da likes of a kobold and a goblin so strong!?!” (Kanta)

The biggest damage dealer was Chloe with her arrows steadily causing injuries, but Kanta felt irritated by Blue and Silver.
Even I…no, even we cannot afford to give in here!
After I make eye contact with Layla, I resumed my attacks against Kanta by brandishing Dáinsleif.

30 minutes later.

“Chance ~ssu!” (Blue)

Blue jumps to attack the instantaneous gap in Kanta’s defense. He swings down his ax while adding the force of gravity into it ― striking Kanta’s horn.

“Guuuoooohhh!?” (Kanta)

With his horn broken, Kanta holds his head and crouches down on the spot.
――It’s a good opportunity! Everyone, hit him!
In accordance with Shion’s order, all of us simultaneously hurl our attacks at Kanta.
And then, the downward-slashed Dáinsleif sinks into Kanta’s nape ― sending his head flying.




~ PoV Shion ~

A melodic notification sound reverberates from my smartphone.

『Your subordinates subjugated a Demon King. Do you wish to immediately use 《Unification》 on the domain?』

I look at the sentence displayed on the screen and ponder.

“Kanon, if I don’t choose 《Unification》 here…what will happen to the remaining seven sectors of the Domain?” (Shion)

“I guess you could call them blank territories then? They will fall under the control of the Demon King who obtains the 【True Cores】 first, or they will be liberated if the 【True Cores】 are destroyed by humanity.” (Kanon)

Hearing Kanon’s reply makes me wrack my brain.

“This immediate unification…I can exercise it at any time, right?” (Shion)

“You can.” (Kanon)

This time I want to add the ogres, who were Kanta’s subordinates, to my own subordinates. Quite a few of them were killed, but there are likely survivors in the untouched sectors.
――Investigate the interior of that mansion, and check whether any additional 【Transfer Arrays】 have been set up.

15 minutes later.
As a result of my subordinates’ investigation, we found three more 【Transfer Arrays】 besides the one used by Rina’s party.
That means we have no other option but usurp two sectors from the entrance.
I guess I will quickly take control of the five other sectors for starters.
I ordered the bloodkin to transfer through the respective 【Transfer Arrays】. I order Rina to take back the 【True Core】 in her current sector.

『Bloodkin Rina Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain? Or do you wish to use 《Separation》?』

I choose 《Separation》 by operating my smartphone.

『You have used 《Separation》 with Rina Shion as temporary domain master. Please select the amount of CP and DP to be assigned to Rina Shion’s domain.』

I chose the lowest value of 100 for CP and DP.
Melodic notification sounds continue to ring from the smartphone one after the other――

『Bloodkin Chloe Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain? Or do you wish to use 《Separation》?』

『Bloodkin Layla Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain? Or do you wish to use 《Separation》?』

『Bloodkin Blue Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain? Or do you wish to use 《Separation》?』

『Bloodkin Guy Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain? Or do you wish to use 《Separation》?』

I took possession of the five sectors in a flash.
I used 《Separation》 on all of them and assigned the lowest amount of 100 CP and DP to each. Then I checked the 【Subordinate】 tab on my smartphone.
Oh! Wow!
2 ogre generals, 2 ogre bravers, 17 ogre fighters, 15 ogre soldiers, 48 ogres, and 103 little devils were added to the 【Subordinate】 list.
I want to get the remaining two sectors with 《Separation》 as well, but…it would become an absolute mess if humans were in the middle of conquering them.
I choose the safe approach ― I used 《Unification》 on the remaining two sectors.

The sole hostile Demon King remaining in Kanezawa was now Demon King Alyssa.



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