Chapter 59 – 60

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Chapter 59 – vs. Demon King Kanta ④


There are six enemies. According to the information obtained from Kanon and passed on through Shion, it’s two rank B ogre generals and four rank C ogre fighters. Opposing them are the seven bloodkin: Layla (dhampir), Flora (lilim), Guy (werewolf), Iron (living mail), Red (ogre warrior), Dakel (dark elf) and me, as well as three dhampirs, three lilims, three werewolves, three dark elves, and three living mails.
Going by numbers, we’re at an advantage, but the enemy has two rank B’s.
If it’s my fellow bloodkin comrades and me, we won’t be outdone in a fight against a rank B. Having said that, we still need to be on guard. Carelessness invites death on the battlefield.
―― Those who can attack from a distance, fire a volley at the ogre general!
―― Iron, stall one of the ogre generals! The three living mails are in charge of holding back the other one!
―― Rina, Guy, Red, and werewolves, bring down one rank C ogre each!
Shion’s rapid orders resound in my mind ― causing everyone to immediately act while following one will.
I exchange looks with my comrades, who had been given the same order, and we confirm our respective targets.
Guy goes towards the ogre on the left. The three werewolves face the one on the right. Red walks towards the ogre in front with a ferocious smile. I quickly head towards the remaining ogre.
My opponent held a black, shining, boorish looking greatsword.
A Black Iron Greatsword, huh…? It’s different in size from the sword I favored during my time as a hero, but it sure makes me feel nostalgic.


The ogre swung down its sword with a roar.
The most prominent trait of ogres is their power. Even with the tekkou granted by Shion, I certainly don’t feel like blocking a sword slash unleashed with so much power.
I nimbly jumped back, evading the greatsword. Then I performed a thrust with my beloved partner ― Dáinsleif at its defenseless torso.
I have seen ogre movements from close-by to a sickening degree over the last half year. I’m sorry to say, but the movements of the ogre in front of me can only be called a degraded version of the ogre I had watched all this time ― Red.
After that I dodged all the full-power swings by the ogre, and continued to steadily inflict damage on it.
The time when I released a pointed slash alongside a spirited, short “Hah!” was three minutes after the battle had started and also the moment when the ogre lost its head.
Having defeated one of the ogres, I survey my surroundings and check the situation.
The sharp sighted Guy twists his face after seeing me beating him to the punch. Red bluntly vents his anger by yelling “You weakling! Hurry up and die! You’re already as good as dead anyway!” at the ogre in front of him.
I think there’s no problem in leaving those two to their own devices. The three werewolves toy around with their target by making use of their speed. Iron endures the ogre general’s attacks while receiving Flora’s and Layla’s support…the three living mails tanking the other ogre general already had one member of their team partially destroyed.
I guess that’s where I should assist.
I circle around to the back of the ogre general which is single-mindedly swinging its iron club down on a living mail.

“――gh!? Haah? Why’s a human here!?”

The ogre general looks over his shoulder and glares contemptuously at me.
The enemy is a kin as well… Even under normal circumstances it’s already a formidable rank B monster, but now its threat level goes beyond that. I tightly grasp my beloved sword.
As I ready it, matching the enemy’s movements, the three living mails clang their shield…drawing the ogre general’s aggro to them.

“Fuck!! You lil’ annoyin’ tin plaaaaates!”

Shion’s order, huh? Shion puts too much priority on my life. He has a strong tendency to use my other comrades…especially those besides the bloodkin, as disposable pieces.
If possible, I don’t want to see any more of my comrades die. Hence, what I can do is to ― obliterate the ogre in front of me as fast as possible.
I continue my attack against the ogre general who tenaciously assaults the living mails.



30 minutes later.
Three of my comrades lost their lives…and we were able to annihilate all enemies.
All bloodkin are safe and sound. The ones that died are a living mail, a dark elf and a werewolf. All of them sacrificed themselves to protect the bloodkin.
As Shion says: 『Equal worth? Are you an idiot? Lives have an order of priority』.
Even I don’t consider all lives to be equal. But, I want to save the lives I can protect. But I guess that’s a hypocritical way of thinking.
I want to become stronger. At least strong enough so that I can save the lives of those around me…
Without time to immerse myself in that sentiment, Shion’s next order was handed down.
―― Werewolves. Search for the enemy inside his Domain.
Following his command, the two werewolves invade the Domain.
―― The Demon King is gone. All of you, resume your invasion. Invade as far as you can.
We did as ordered by Shion.



~ Shion’s PoV ~

“The ogre generals were quite strong.” (Shion)

“You may say so, but even more so they were really sturdy.” (Kanon)

I discuss the previous battle with Kanon.

“Is Red also going to become an ogre general at some point?” (Shion)

“Hmm, I wonder? I think Red-san will evolve into a braver rather than a general.” (Kanon)

According to Kanon, my subordinates can’t willingly choose their evolution path. My experience until now seems to correlate with that. To give an extremely easy example: Goblins that frequently use bows evolve into goblin archers, and goblins that rely on axes become goblin fighters.
In case they are in a commanding position, they evolve into generals which excel at offense and defense. In case of muscle-heads ― those completely devoted to offense, they seem to evolve into bravers.
Red…belongs to the muscle-head category.
Although I’d like to have an ogre general as a subordinate, giving command to Red cannot be called anything but stupid. If I had at least one more ogre subordinate…

“What do you think? How high is the possibility to get another ogre through 《Random Creation》?” (Shion)

“Hmm…less than 1%?” (Kanon)

“I suppose no ogres are going to come attack this place either…” (Shion)

“Even if they did, wouldn’t it be impossible to make them drink the 《Blood Chalice》?” (Kanon)

“If I torment them to the very limit…” (Shion)

“I imagine, ogres would resist to death.” (Kanon)

“…Guess so.” (Shion)

Even as I kept repeating such unproductive talks with Kanon, Rina’s party made good progress on the invasion, and even Chloe’s detached force carried out my orders nicely.


Chapter 60 – vs. Demon King Kanta ⑤


The tenth day after the resumption of the invasion into Demon King Kanta’s Domain.
We had finally reached the deepest layer, the seventh floor.
The number of enemies kept dwindling and at this point we didn’t catch sight of any little devils anymore. The decrease of low-ranking monsters is empirically proof of the opponent’s loss of leeway.
If the possibility of Kanta abandoning this sector exists ― it’s also possible that he’s laying in wait in the deepest part to protect its 【True Core】. We slowly headed into the deepest area of the sector while at the same time being cautious of our surroundings.
15 hours and two breaks later.
We advanced through the seventh floor while forced to take several detours as big rocks blocked the path in this huge, desolate wasteland, we arrived at a clearing.
I think this is the deepest spot.
A shabby hut is visible on that opening. The 【True Core】 is probably to be found inside that hut.
There’s an urge of wanting to rush into the hut, but it looks like we have to defeat a large number of ogres standing in the way…to reach the hut.
The number of ogres easily exceeds 50. I can also see several rank B ogre generals and ogre bravers among them.
What should we do…? I was pressed to make a choice in front of the group of ogres.



~ Shion’s PoV ~

A crowd of more than 50 ogres stands in the way of Rina’s group.
The nervousness of the group members is tangible, even across the smartphone’s screen.
It would be really stupid to have them charge in just like that. The biggest advantage of the defenders is their missing restriction on their numbers. The individual quality of Rina’s party is superior, but if they clash from the front, several of my subordinates will likely die.
I guess the ogres are acting under Kanta’s orders? Only sending murderous looks at Rina and the others, they don’t even make a single step forward.
If they go back a little…there should be a small path enclosed by big rocks, right?
First we are going to steal the enemy’s advantage, I guess.
I give Rina and the others the order to leave a part of the subordinates behind and pull back to the small path.
Next I give an order to Dakel and two dark elves ― the subordinates who had been left behind.
―― Shoot arrows at the ogre in front!
Dakel’s group drew their bows, aimed their steel arrows at the designated ogre and released.
Three steel arrows stab the ogre’s torso.
Now then, how is he going to react?
In a game, this move would be called 『Pulling』. It’s the act of luring only one enemy among a group of enemies. However, this world is real. It’s not like the ogre is going to move like an AI. Kanta, who is checking the situation with an overhead view like me, has given the ogre with a free will a clear order.
The best outcome would be it attacking by itself after being shot with the arrows, or it continuing to receive arrows while remaining idle on the spot. I think the probability for either is next to zero, though.
All of the ogres attacking simultaneously would be the worst outcome, but being attacked from one direction is still much better than being attacked from all four directions. We have to defeat all of them anyway.
The option chosen by Kanta is ― to have around 20 ogres approach Dakel’s group. Dakel and the two dark elves quickly move to the small path where the other subordinates are waiting.
He sent a half? How half-assed. Was he on guard about the 【True Core】 being stolen if he sent forth all of them?
Well, whatever. That’s all I can do for Rina’s party. Let’s believe in their strength for the rest.



~ Rina’s PoV ~

Once Dakel’s group sprinted up next to me, more than 20 ogres that were obviously chasing them were drawing near while kicking up a cloud of dust.
If you take into consideration that they have to swing their weapons, two of those giant ogres can line up next to each other here. Shion’s plan succeeded splendidly, and the ogres lost their numerical advantage. Setting up a formation with Iron at front, we prepare to intercept the rushing ogres.
The party members, who can use magic such as Layla, fire spells at the ogres, but it doesn’t stop the momentum of the 20 ogres. Shortly thereafter the fierce clashing sound of an iron club swung by an ogre and the shield held up by Iron reverberates.

“It’s forbidden to attack the right ogre-san, okay~? ――《Sleep》.” (Flora)

The sleeping mist released by Flora made one ogre doze off.
I thrust out Dáinsleif, making it slip past Iron’s flank, and stab the torso of the club-wielding ogre.


Layla’s ice bullet stuffs the big mouth of the screaming ogre, causing it to shut up. I use that opportunity and performed a side swing at the ogre’s body. Meanwhile Guy stabbed his sharp claws into the stumbling ogre’s throat.
Strategy and coordination ― all of it smoothly meshes together.
I don’t feel like we’re going to lose.
While being wrapped up by a strange feeling of exaltation, I obliterated one of the approaching ogres after the other.

Three hours later.
Given that the number of members able to stand at front on the path was limited, we continued to intercept the attacking ogres while taking breaks in turns.
Isn’t something odd?
I feel a sense of discomfort as I cut down the ogre in front of me.
How many had it been so far? I myself have easily killed 20 ogres ― and yet a great number of ogres still filled my field of view.
The strategy is perfect…I think. In the middle of it, one of the werewolves lost its life when an ogre general came forward, but the battle progress kept being in our favor.
Having said that – while on break – I wonder how long the ogres are going to continue attacking.
As I gazed at the crowd of ogres spreading in front of me, I felt a tinge of anxiety.



~ Shion’s PoV ~

“Mmh~? Kanon, how many ogres did Rina’s party defeat?” (Shion)

“I don’t know the precise number since I didn’t count, but…going by their pace, I think they have killed 60 ogres.” (Kanon)

Right? Then, why isn’t the number of ogres shrinking?
――Guy, climb one of the rocks on the side for a moment.
Guy climbs one of the huge rocks enclosing the path like a professional mountain climber.
Ah, now I understand.
I borrowed Guy’s elevated point of view and checked the situation at the distant destination ― the hut supposedly sheltering the 【True Core】.
Thereupon I could see ogres leaving the hut.
After watching for another ten minutes, I could witness the appearance of seven ogres in total.
An infinite spawn at the hut? No, no. This is not a game world. Such facilities don’t exist, at least not at Creation B.
What’s the true identity of the hut where the ogres are born then?
The answer is ― 《Transfer Array》.
I dare say, a 《Transfer Array》 has been set up inside the hut with Kanta’s stronghold being at the other end. Kanta is probably continuing to diligently create ogres and send them over.
What a retarded idea.

“Kanon, what’s the necessary CP to create an ogre?” (Shion)

“In the case of an Ogre Demon King, it’s 80.” (Kanon)

80 CP for creating an ogre. And, the CP for the iron club possessed by the ogres was…80 as well, wasn’t it? Since only the generals wear armor…each ogre costs 160 CP, huh?
Since Chloe’s group liberated one more sector the other day…there are seven sectors in Kanta’s Domain left. Kanta’s level is seven. In other words, Kanta’s maximum CP is 1,400, and he recovers 140 CP per hour.
In short, if we defeat one ogre per hour, his combat assets (CP) will gradually decline.
And, Rina’s party kills one ogre every three minutes.
In summary, Kanta’s combat assets are drastically dwindling away. The ogres appearing from that hut are definitely not infinite. It’s unclear how much of his original stock he lost, but…if they keep dying at this rate, he will run out of subordinates in due time.
――I’m sure it’s difficult, but continue exterminating ogres as you are! It will end sooner or later.
I cheer on my subordinates, who might feel uneasy as they can’t see the goal, while passing on an order.
At the same time I gave Chloe’s party an important order.

Six hours later.
Not a single enemy blocked the path in front of Rina’s party, who struggled through the mortal combat.



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