Chapter 58 – vs. Demon King Kanta ③

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“He’s quite angry.” (Kanon)

“He sure is.” (Shion)

Watching Rina’s party’s situation on my smartphone, Kanon chuckles.
The invasion strategy for Demon King Kanta’s Domain was going well.
At first the plan was to invade using a brute force approach while trusting in the abilities of Rina’s party, but with the turning point from four days ago, the strategy changed drastically.
The initial plan expected Rina’s party to steadily conquer one sector after the other while using the time to level a bit. This strategy, albeit simple, would be extremely stressful.
It’s a strategy trying to do something I would have hated to have done to me.
However, this strategy had a major flaw. Kanta’s level is estimated to be seven. The number of sectors under his rule is nine. In other words, his maximum CP is 1,600 with him recovering 160 CP per hour. According to Google-chan, the necessary CP for creating a little devil seems to be 10. In short, if we don’t defeat more than 16 little devils per hour, it won’t reduce the number of our opponent’s combat forces.
Killing 16 little devils per hour was simple, but with the condition of it being every hour for 24 hours a day, it became quite harsh.
Accordingly I came up with a follow-up plan. The idea was to disperse Kanta’s combat forces by having the goblins, who finished their job at Alyssa’s Domain, invade from another sector. This strategy didn’t bear much fruit. Decently whittling down the enemy’s combat forces with goblins was a pipe dream. Since they didn’t manage to act as a diversion, the enemy’s forces didn’t get split up either.
How troublesome… Do I have no other choice but to continue the invasion in a forceful manner? At the moment I wondered about that, the situation reached a turning point.



Four days ago.

“Master, we have returned to serve you.” (Chloe)

Chloe and the others, who left a half year ago to train their skills while traveling, returned to my side.

“Long time no see. Did you accomplish what you set out to do?” (Shion)

“Yes, master! Just as you have decreed.” (Chloe)

Chloe and her subordinate as well as the four bloodkin and their four subordinates genuflected and bowed their heads.
As I have decreed, eh…? I remember ―『You’re forbidden to return until everyone evolves』― was the order I gave Chloe. I operate my smartphone.

Name: Chloe Shion
Race: Dark High Elf
Rank: B
LP: 20/50
Body: C
Mana: C

– Fire Magic (Intermediate)
– Earth Magic (Intermediate)
– Dagger Mastery (D)
– Archery (C)
– Eagle Arrow
– Thrust Arrow

Subordinates: Dark High Elf


Name: Silver Shion
Race: Kobold General
Rank: C
LP: 10/50
Body: C
Mana: E

– Shield Technique (C)
– Spearmanship (D)
– Coercion

Subordinates: Kobold Lancer


Name: Blue Shion
Race: Goblin Chaser
Rank: C
LP: 5/20
Body: C
Mana: D

– Ax Mastery (C)
– Archery (E)
– Steal
– Hide

Subordinates: Goblin Sniper


Name: Hope Shion
Race: Werewolf
Rank: C
LP: 10/20
Body: D
Mana: E

– Swordsmanship (D)
– Turn Beast/Human
– Divine Protection of the Moon

Subordinates: Weretiger


Hoh… All of them evolved, even the accompanying subordinates.
However, Hope on whom I had pinned certain expectations became a werewolf, huh…? I feel like his subordinate, who became a weretiger, is the winner here instead.
I checked the statuses with a feeling of disappointment limited to Hope.

“Ooh, everyone really evolved! Bah, why are you feeling so down, Shion-san?” (Kanon)

“Well, it’s just…Hope’s hard work hasn’t been rewarded, has it?” (Shion)

“Mmh~…But, Guy-san’s special abilities are different, you know?” (Kanon)

Hmm? Now that she mentions it, doesn’t Hope have a special ability called 《Turn Beast/Human》?

《Turn Beast/Human》― allows the user to freely transform from beast to human or from human to beast even without the divine protection of the moon.

Oh. Its usage versatility is quite high, isn’t it…? His race is werewolf, so I guess it’s better to call him a werewolf who can transform into a human?
Well, I suppose we will run a few tests later on. Let’s make use of the good opportunity ― turning point of Chloe’s group having returned for now.

“Chloe, Silver, Hope, Blue, it’s right after you came back, but I will give you a new order.” (Shion)

“””Yes, master!”””

“EH!? ――a pain ~ssu!?” (Blue)

Chloe’s, Silver’s and Hope’s eyes sparkle after hearing my words. Only Blue shows an obviously reluctant expression, earning him a hit on his head by Chloe.

“Invade Demon King Kanta’s Domain next!” (Shion)

“””Yes, master!”””

Chloe’s group departed towards Kanta’s Domain as indicated by me.



Three days ago.
Chloe’s group arrived in front of the entrance of Kanta’s Domain ― at a different sector from Rina’s party ― as I had shown them.
The repeated invasions had been going on for three days.
The attacks are regularly repeated from two entrances ― one for Rina’s group and the other for the goblins. After Rina’s party has invaded, the goblins continue subjugating little devils. As soon as they catch sight of the enemy, they retreat at once. For Kanta the invasion alert must be ringing at intervals of nine hours.
Another Demon King would naturally know that, right? ―Even if the invasion alarm rings, the location of the invasion remains unknown.
Since it’s possible to check the entirety of the Domain with the smartphone, the invasion point becomes very obvious if the Demon King himself searches for it, but…what if he doesn’t search by himself? How many invasion alarms will ring if he’s simultaneously invaded from three directions?
The reply became apparent from Chloe’s group sprinting across a certain sector as if traveling through uninhabited land.
Maybe because the regular invasions became a habit for Kanta, or because Rina’s party acted as a great diversion…the secret operation of Chloe’s group went a lot smoother than expected.
Today, after three days passed, about one hour ago――
――~♪ ~♪
A rhythmical messaging sound plays on my smartphone.

『Chloe Shion has obtained a 【True Core】. Are you going to use 《Separation》 on the sector with Chloe Shion as temporary domain master? Or, are you going to use 《Unification》 right away?』

I choose 《Unification》. The reason is the ability to obtain the 《Pseudo-Peace》 effect. Had I chosen to rule the sector through 《Separation》, I wouldn’t have been able to secure the 《Pseudo-Peace》 effect.
As a result of smoothly conquering one of Kanta’s sectors ― I could hear Kanta’s enraged shouting through my smartphone.

“He’s quite angry.” (Kanon)

“He sure is.” (Shion)

With Kanta’s angry yelling as background music, I watched the battle of Rina’s party together with Kanon.



~ PoV Rina ~

One ogre after the other appears from the Domain, but the four dark elves don’t move with their bows at the ready.
――Provoke them.
Eh? An order from Shion is handed down.

“I will tak――” (Rina)

“Inferior worms! Can you understand my words!?” (Layla)

I was about to follow Shion’s order, but Layla got ahead of me and provoked the ogres with a loud voice.

“Hah!? The likes of an inferior, mixed breed――”

Four faintly shining arrows fly at the ogre who answered Layla’s provocation.
I see… A provocation for the sake of revealing the kin, huh? Even though he’s my master, I must say, Shion is truly cunning.

“…Guuh…y-you b-bastards…dirty…”

Layla and Flora ruthlessly launch magic attacks at the ogre who’s still alive after being hit by four Lunatic Arrows. The dark elves led by Dakel unleash a second volley of Lunatic Arrows.
Having his entire body stabbed by eight arrows…suffering from frostbite and having been burned by fire, the ogre silently collapsed to the ground.


Three ogres fall into panic and raise hell with words I can’t understand. They are the subordinates of the ogre that was defeated just now. Monsters, who lost their leading kin outside their Domain, will become panicked, run amok and pass away before long.

“Fuck! We can’t show our faces to the boss like this! Hurry up and slaughter those mixed breeds!”

The ogres, who lost four comrades in an instant, came attacking while raising their weapons overhead.



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