Chapter 56 – 57

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T/N: As most of you might have noticed, I have always capitalized “Domain” until now. I did that since always writing “ruled territory/domain,” its original translation, would be a pain. Now that we have entered the second phase of this novel I will add another convention: the capitalized “Domain” means all territories under a Demon King’s rule, “sector” will refer to a specific territory of a Domain. Each sector has a size of 6km²

Chapter 56 – vs. Demon King Kanta ①


“I’ve decided, the Domain you’re going to start invading the day after tomorrow is ― Demon King Kanta’s Domain.” (Shion)

Hearing that, my subordinates begin to stir. There’s not one among them criticizing me, but I’m pretty sure that many of them expected an invasion of Demon King Alyssa’s Domain.

“There are two reasons for my decision.” (Shion)

I raise two fingers and look at the faces of my subordinates.

“First, Demon King Kanta’s 【Alchemy】 is at 【C】. His 【Creation】 is at 【B】. The quality of our subordinates might be even, but currently we’re pulling ahead in regards to equipment. However, I don’t know how long we will be able to keep that advantage. Therefore it’s necessary to quickly annex Demon King Kanta’s Domain.” (Shion)

Kanta’s level is unknown. Same applies to the levels of his 【Mana】 and 【Knowledge】, Thus, if he raises his level…it’s possible that he will level up his 【Alchemy】 stat to 【B】. Also, it’s unclear when he might level up. For this reason it’s necessary to promptly invade his Domain.

“The other reason is the current situation in Kanezawa. Including me, there are four Demon Kings. One doesn’t matter since they are under my control, but the other two are constantly looking for opportunities to attack. Thus, we will settle things, accordingly.” (Shion)




We’ve been aware of each other since last month. For example, when Demon King Kanta’s underlings were fighting against the Demon King after invading a certain Domain, my subordinates, who had secretly invaded, would use that chance to steal the 【True Core】. Or, while Demon King Alyssa’s familia were invading some Domain, my subordinates would invade her Domain and thoroughly thrash it.
Well, to put it in words…I’m seen as an enemy by both Demon Kings.

If I were to focus on invading the Domain of either of them, my Domain might get invaded by the other one in the meantime. Or, my 【True Cores】 might get stolen during the time when me and my target are exhausted. Therefore it’s necessary to seal the movements of one party. And the one who’s easier to contain is…Demon King Alyssa, the 【Fairy】.
I give Kanon and ten goblin bloodkin, who I had created for this very day, an order.

“Devastate the human land adjoining Demon King Alyssa’s Domain!” (Shion)

Goblins have an extremely low consumption of LP. If you put it into a numerical value, it’s 1. One goblin bloodkin can lead 10 goblin subordinates. In other words, 10 goblin bloodkin, can lead 100 goblins.
What will happen if Kanon, who at a glance looks like a fairy, or rather is actually one, commands 110 goblins ― monsters belonging to a 【Fairy】, and attacks the humans around Alyssa’s Domain whose main force consists of goblins…? The humans will very likely try to get revenge.

With this I’ll be able to seal Alyssa’s movements. The humans can’t differentiate between my goblins and Alyssa’s goblins. If ghouls were to go on a rampage in the current state of affairs, the humans would somehow manage to link it to me. And if it were ogres, it would be Kanta’s doing. Thus, if goblins were to go on a rampage ― they would regard it as Alyssa’s doing.

“Kanon, I’ll leave it to you.” (Shion)

“Yes!” (Kanon)

It’s the first time for Kanon to go outside my Domain. I have passed her a complete set of protective armor of the highest rank. I have ordered the bloodkin and goblins to ensure Kanon’s survival above anything else. Kanon equals 17 BP. She’s an irreplaceable subordinate. I was somewhat worried, but since Kanon was all eager, I decided to go with this operation.
I saw off Kanon and the ten goblin bloodkin as they left my cave in order to first move to the operational area.



Two days later.

Thanks to the maneuvers by Kanon and her 110 goblins, and because my information manipulation on various forums bore fruit, the humans executed a large-scale subjugation against Alyssa’s Domain.
The number of sectors under Alyssa’s control is 12. There are nine entrances that have been set up in places that face human land. This time not only Kanezawa, but even volunteers from the neighboring Toyama prefecture started a simultaneous invasion into Alyssa’s Domain.

“I think she’ll have her hands full with defense for a while.” (Shion)

Incidentally, the number of humans invading my sectors has dropped sharply, too. This is certainly a very nice situation as I will be able to focus my attention on the invasion of Kanta’s Domain.

“Rina, Layla, Flora, Guy, Red, Iron, and Dakel, I’m counting on you.” (Shion)

“Leave it to us.” (Rina)

“Most certainly. I shall carry out your decree.” (Layla)

“Ye~s.” (Flora)

“Sure!” (Guy)

“Hah, we got it covered.” (Red)

{Affirmative} (Iron)

“I shall stake my life on it!” (Dakel)

This time it’s not just those seven, but also 17 other subordinates who will work as their supporters and reserves.
I watched the backs of my subordinates as they left my cave after giving me reassuring replies.



I’m bored…
Kanon is on the way back after having completed her task. Rina’s group is in the middle of traveling towards Kanta’s Domain. Even if I were to watch the live stream on my smartphone, there would be nothing interesting to see.
I guess I will go and have a look how those guys are doing?
Those guys refer to the human subordinates whom I’d turned into bloodkin in the last few months. There are three of them. I turned two others into bloodkin too, but unfortunately they got killed.

Now that I think about it, Rina was definitely a winner, wasn’t she? Just as you’d expect from a hero officially recognized by Kanezawa.
There are all sorts of humans. Of course there are excellent humans as well, but there are likewise many humans to whom that doesn’t apply. And, the more excellent a human, the more difficult it is to turn them into a bloodkin. Even if I’m able to turn them into one, it’s not like they will blindly follow my orders like my created subordinates. It’s just that they can’t defy my orders. Or to put it another way, I’d have to continuously order them around.

That was truly annoying. In addition, it’s no use if I don’t follow up on them a bit, since their mental state largely influences their performance.
In that case it’s much more efficient to create subordinates. In fact, none of the five human bloodkin could win against a dhampir. I really wonder whether I’d be able to find a human at Rina’s level again…
All alone, I griped meaninglessly.


Chapter 57 – vs. Demon King Kanta ②


~ Rina’s PoV ~

The next day, after we departed Shion’s Domain we arrived at the Domain of Demon King Kanta who rules over Kanezawa’s northern part. Kanta’s Domain consists of nine sectors. Three among those nine are forest type sectors, two are urban types, and four are dungeon types.

How did the sectors besides the dungeon type continue? That’s simple. A stair leading to the second floor appeared, just as with the dungeon types. The forest type, the urban type, the wasteland type, and the dungeon type…although all of them have their own names, their structures are the same with the sole difference being the field composition of the respective sectors.



I recall the words I was told by Shion before departing.

“Rina. Harsh battles await you during this time’s invasion. Don’t mistake your priorities.” (Shion)

“Priorities?” (Rina)

“The highest priority should be your safety. Next, the bloodkin’s safety. The safety of the other subordinates is irrelevant.” (Shion)

I wonder how I should take his words? Should I accept them as gentle words from a kind master who worries about me, or…should I interpret them as words from a master who lets his subordinates ― comrades die?
I’m certain that neither is the right answer. Thinking ― giving orders is Shion’s job. I suppose I should play my role as his subordinate then.

“We will now start the invasion of Demon King Kanta’s Domain!” (Rina)

While I encouraged my comrades…and at the same time myself, I stepped into the Domain crowded by ogre species.



Inside the forest that’s thickly overgrown with trees, we walk onwards with Iron in the lead.


The ones showing up between the trees are a crowd of small ogres ― little devils with a height of around 70 cm and unnaturally swollen bellies.

“These little shits are cheering and yapping 『Food’s here♪』 after having seen us.” (Red)

As the only one who has learned 『Language (Ogre)』 among us, Red translates their words.

“What cheeky mouths those inferior ogres have.”

“If I consider them as nourishment that allows me to grow~, those kids are my food, I think ~?” (Flora)

“Hah. These guys are far from being enough.” (Guy)

“We’ve got a long journey ahead. Let’s quickly get rid of them and move on.” (Rina)

My comrades prepare their weapons while donning ferocious smiles. I ready Dáinsleif and plunge into the group of little devils a short distance away. I swing down my beloved sword ― Dáinsleif. That much suffices to bisect a little devil like a clay doll.


I block the biting attack of a little devil that jumped at me from the side with the tekkou equipped on my arm. The tekkou I was given by Shion is sturdy, stopping the little devil’s jagged, uneven fangs from reaching my skin.
Shion and Kanon praised me, but I’m not the one who’s amazing here. It’s the items passed on to me. I remember the words of my Grandfather, a kendo master ― 『A good workman does not blame his tools』.
I feel like I still have a long way to go to reach that mental state.

One hour later.

The invasion felt slow. The main cause is us being forced to deal with little devils who’ve been incessantly assaulting us for a while now. We could ignore them and proceed onwards, but Shion’s order was ― 『Proceed while annihilating the enemy』. The likes of little devils don’t add anything to our experience points, but Shion probably has some kind of plan. We silently followed Shion’s order, and continued to slaughter the attacking little devils.

Six hours later.
Shion’s voice suddenly reverberated inside my head. We withdrew from Demon King Kanta’s Domain. Once all of us have exited the Domain, my smartphone begins to vibrate.

“Hello.” (Rina)

『Rina? Good work. Get some rest in turns for now.』 (Shion)

“You sure?” (Rina)

『Yeah. There’s still a lot ahead. Let’s go slowly at it.』 (Shion)

“Okay.” (Rina)

『If you’re attacked by Demon King Kanta’s bloodkin during your rest…make absolutely sure to turn the tables on them.』 (Shion)

“You’re saying to not let them get away?” (Rina)

『Correct. After all we want to whittle down the enemy’s combat forces as much as possible.』 (Shion)

“Understood.” (Rina)

It was Shion who called, and it was also him who arbitrarily ended the phone call after he said what he wanted to say.
I told my comrades about Shion’s instructions, and we decided to take breaks in shifts.
Three hours later we invaded Kanta’s Domain once again.



It’s the sixth day after we started invading Kanta’s Domain. After the first day we repeated a rotation of six hours attacking and three hours resting.
Does this have the goal of us leveling?
While unable to grasp Shion’s aim, we continued defeating the attacking little devils today as well. I wonder how long we have to keep up with this?
As we’re continuing the annihilation of little devils which had by now turned into a tedious work―

“You bitches! How dare you!”

An angry voice that makes the air vibrate echoes.
The owner of that voice ― a giant with a height of close to 3 m and horns on his head showed up while leading ten ogres.
Shion’s instruction resounds in my head. I immediately dash towards the sector’s exit with my comrades.

“You think we’ll let you go!? Go! Don’ let ’em get away by all means! Rip ’em apart!!”

The giant and the ten ogres chase after us with angry bellows while scattering killing intent.
One subordinate ― a normal living mail turns around all alone and faces the eleven ogres while bracing its shield.
Ugh!? Shion’s order, eh…? Shion probably ordered the living mail to act as rear guard to make absolutely sure of our safety. Sorry…forgive me…

From behind I can hear the ogres’ angry yells and the sound of iron being crushed.
Without looking back, I keep running towards the exit.
The next order reaches us who managed to run outside the Domain thanks to the sacrifice of one comrade.
――Slaughter the pursuing ogres!
While calming my breathing and readying Dáinsleif, I prepare myself for the enemy who’s likely going to show up very soon.
Dakel and three dark elves nock faintly shining arrows ― Lunatic Arrows. They are not permitted to use those arrows without Shion’s order. In other words, Shion directly gave the order to those four dark elves, I guess.
Before long one ogre after the other came out of the Domain’s entrance.

“Shit! Shit! Slaughter ‘em! Don’ leave a single one alive!”

The enraged shouting of the sole being ― Demon King Kanta, who couldn’t leave the Domain, is still audible.
What has Shion planned?
While Kanta’s angry yelling resounds, we face off against ten ogres.



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