Chapter 54 part 2 – 55

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~ PoV Rina ~

The fifth day after we started the invasion in the A district Domain. The number of goblins attacking us was decreasing with every passing day. On the fifth day no goblin wore equipment. It was obvious that we had cornered the Demon King. Then, at last, said Demon King showed up in front of us. The A district’s Demon King was a somewhat hysterical woman in her mid-thirties.

“What’s going on? Who are you people? Why are monsters attacking me!? Even though my subordinates can’t go outside…isn’t this unfair? It is! Or rather, why’s there even a human among them!? Haa? I seriously don’t get it! Jeeeeeeeze!? Just what the hell’s going on here!?” (Demon King)

She keeps blurting out her complaints like a machine gun. She’s wearing a mismatched Iron Armor and Helmet. Her wearing a suit for women on top looks somehow ridiculous. She’s acting indecisive while tightly grasping an Iron Wand in both hands. Her holding one means…a Demon King specialized on 【Mana】? And her appearance as she yells hysterically with a lack of nerve made it clear that she’s inexperienced in battle.



I have experienced killing four Demon Kings so far. This Demon King was the same type as the third one I encountered before.

“Everyone, be careful of magic attacks!” (Rina)

Once I order my comrades, there’s no answer, but all of them spread out while alert towards attacks through magic.
――Do you need my instructions?
Suddenly Shion’s voice reverberates in my head. To tell him that it’s unnecessary, I shake my head vigorously.

“Dakel! Flora! Attack!” (Rina)

“…Roger.” (Dakel)

“Yeees~” (Flora)

While our opponent is still shouting around maniacally. I instruct my comrades to attack preemptively.
Many fire arrows and steel arrows pour down on the Demon King.

“What! What’s wrong with you!? ――A-Ah, 《Ice Shield》!” (Demon King)

The woman deploys a shield made out of ice, blocking the fire and steel arrows.
For not a single one to get through…as expected of a Demon King, even if she’s deranged. She has a mana going far beyond that of any ordinary person.

“Die!” (Demon King)

Once she swings down her wand, a huge lump of ice comes flying our way.

“Iron!” (Rina)

{Affirmative.} (Iron)

Iron swiftly advances to the front, sets up his shield and blocks the cluster of ice. Using that opportunity, Guy dashes towards the Demon King and quickly delivers a blow with his sharp claws.

“Kyaa!? Ouch…it hurts…it really hurts!!” (Demon King)

She swings her wand at Guy while screaming madly, but the trajectory of her wand veers off due to an ice bullet fired by Layla.
Using the chance of her posture having fallen apart, I sharply slash at her once with Dáinsleif.

“Kyaa!? W-What…eh…――” (Demon King)

“Yaaaa!” (Red)

In the gap of her lowering her eyes at her cleaved-open flank, Red swings his metal bar with all his might after drawing close, blowing her back to the rear.

“W-…Wh…y…a…re…yo…u…d-…doi…ng…so…me…thing…soooo….c-…cru…el…” (Demon King)

She mutters with a worn-out voice while gasping. Once I look at my comrades, they stop moving and stare back at me, as if telling me to finish her off.
Shion’s order, huh?
I approached the Demon King slowly.

“Sorry.” (Rina)

And then I sent the head of A district’s Demon King, with despair edged into her face, flying with a swing of Dáinsleif.


Chapter 55 – Invasion Success!



A rhythmical notification sound is played by the smartphone.

『Your subordinates subjugated a Demon King. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the Domain right away?』


“Kanon, what does this mean?” (Shion)

Calling over Kanon who’s close to my shoulder, I show her the line displayed on the smartphone.

“Umm, that is, if you choose 《Unification》, the Domain in A district will be merged with your Domain, just like what happened with my Domain before. If you want to secure the A district domain while keeping its current state, it’s necessary to find its 【True Core】.” (Kanon)

I see. Just like my Domain, the A district Domain is a dungeon type. It doesn’t have any special, eye-catching tricks set up either. It’s just fine to go with 《Unification》, but…we obtained it at great pains, so I guess I will try to check out the version with the taken 【True Core】.

“Ah! If you use 《Separation》, there are merits and demerits. On the positive side, it won’t be exposed as your Domain to the humans since it will keep its current shape. Also, if there are any monsters left, they will become your subordinates, Shion-san.” (Kanon)

“And the demerits?”

“If you don’t connect a passage to it, your subordinates, including me, won’t be able to go there. Thus it might be possible for the 【True Core】 to be stolen easily if there’s an aggressor in the vicinity. Moreover, your maximum CP won’t increase since you will need to decide on a temporary domain master. Your maximum DP won’t go up either.” (Kanon)

“The demerits are kind of big, aren’t they?” (Shion)

“Well, if you use 《Unification》 immediately after using 《Separation》, you will be able to recover the CP and DP, though. By the way, you have to spend all your CP for 《Unification》 .” (Kanon)

The biggest merit of 《Separation》 is the increase of subordinates at no charge. Besides, I suppose it saves me the hassle of reconstructing the Domain. However, I’m planning to reconstruct it anyway. Also, I will just gain a few goblins, won’t I? I tapped “Yes” on the smartphone without spending any further time to think it over.
The vicinity trembles intensely, transmitting the vibration throughout my entire body through my feet. It’s my second time by now, yet I really can’t get used to it…
After waiting for the shaking to settle down, I check the phone’s screen.


>> You took control of Demon King Asami’s Domain.
>> Ejecting all foreign elements for the sake of Domain unification.
>> Succeeded at removing all foreign elements. Carrying out Domain unification.
>> Succeeded with Domain unification. Granting a 24-hour 【Pseudo-Peace】 starting now.


That means the Demon King of the A District’s Domain was called Asami? Since it’s a useless piece of information, I immediately purge it from my memory, and check the state of 【Domain】.

Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 1110/1219
Domain Size: 19 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 5
True Cores: 3
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 80
– Forest (Partial) x 1
– Rock x 20
– Entrance x 3
– Treasure Chest x 59
– Intermediate Treasure Chest x 4
– Advanced Treasure Chest x 1
– Rest Area x 12
– Stairway x 12
– Grassland (Floor) x 1
– River x 1
– Lake x 1
– Cave (Small) x 4
– Fields x 50
– House x 1
– Hut x 100
– Grave x 20
– Ruins x 4
– Transfer Terminal x 2
– Return Terminal x 2
– Spring of Recovery x 2
– Treasure Chamber x 2
Set-up Traps:
– Iron Arrow x 50
– Acid Spray x 10
– Acid Swamp x 5
– Poisoned Arrow x 10
– Cesspool x 2
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 3
Special Restrictions:
– Number of Humans: 12 * 2
– Number of Monsters: 24 * 2
Special Effects:
– Darkness Attribute Enhancement (Floor) x 1
– Pseudo-Peace (24 hours left)

I see. Each time I take control of a Domain, the foreign elements are ejected and I’m granted a 【Pseudo-Peace】, huh? Depending on how you consider it, it can become a very strong trump card. I guess for now I will call back Rina and her party.

Usually it’s prohibited ― but I will set up an Transfer Array between the Domains. The reason for it being prohibited is the high risk involved with it. If I were to connect the First and Second Domain through Transfer Terminals, it would become a shortcut to the First Domain for invaders who are in the middle of raiding the Second Domain. The subordinates’ migration becoming easier would be a joyous matter, but I had no choice as it would be dangerous to make the invaders’ migration easy as well.

However, right now no invaders can enter the Domains. That means it’s a time-limited shortcut for now.
――I set up a 【Transfer Array】. Come back.
I ordered my subordinates who succeeded in obtaining the A district Domain. After a short time, the 【Transfer Array】 in front of my eyes lit up, and Rina’s group appeared.

“Good job.” (Shion)

“Well dooone!” (Kanon)

I express my gratitude to my subordinates.

“Such a device exists…!? I’m back.” (Rina)

“I’m humbled…to receive your kind words, master!” (Layla)

“This Dakel has returned to serve master! I’m very sorry that you had to wait so long for the accomplishment!” (Dakel)

“Boss! Please send me to a Domain with a bit more spice next time!” (Red)

“Phew. I’m back to serve you, master.” (Guy)

“I’m back~ That was no challenge~” (Flora)

{Return complete} (Iron)

Rina is surprised by the existence of the 【Transfer Array】. Meanwhile my other subordinates each reply to my simple words of gratitude.

“Enjoy a nice rest for today. I will order you to invade another Domain starting with tomorrow.” (Shion)

“””Yes, master!”””

“Tomorrow!? Mmh, understood.” (Rina)

With Layla and Dakel in the lead, my subordinates answered me and bowed respectfully. Only Rina looked a bit bewildered.

“Return home and take a break. Rina…you stay here for a moment.” (Shion)

“””Yes, master!”””

“…? Okay.” (Rina)

Hearing my words, all the subordinates besides Rina leave the cave. I approach Rina and chat with her.

“Rina, good work.” (Shion)

“Thanks. But, Flora said it already: it was no big deal. It was easier than when I liberated Domains together with Kanezawa’s selection members.” (Rina)

“That’s great to hear.” (Shion)

“So, why did you have me stay back?” (Rina)

“I thought about informing you about my thoughts and future plans.” (Shion)

Because Rina is a former human, her thinking patterns are different from my created subordinates. From now on she will lead the expeditions to take control of Domains every day and night. If I don’t give her clear reasons, her distrust in me might grow in strength.
I really hated to be forced into action without reason. People that teach, people that give orders, people that issue instructions, people that do business…I had to deal with various sorts of people, but being forced with the words “Just do it!” was truly irrational, that just discouraged me from doing it.

That’s why I wanted to clearly tell her the reasoning before giving her the orders. Do it because everyone does. Obey the one shouting the loudest…I loathed such environments. Hence I plan to do my very best to not create such an environment myself. I don’t want to do to others what I hated myself…this might be my real intention, but I also want Rina to act after agreeing with me.
Afterwards I explained my current situation, the traits of Demon Kings, the movements of the Demon Kings all over the country…and what’s necessary as a pressing response for the sake of survival to Rina.

“I see.” (Rina)

“Can you agree with that?” (Shion)

“Fufu, I think this is a terrible work place for me, but it’s an opinion I can work with.” (Rina)

Rina smiles.

“Shion, you’re the Demon King, and I’m your subordinate.” (Rina)

“That’s true.” (Shion)

“Then it’s just fine for you to order me. Why are you going out of your way to explain these things to me?” (Rina)

“I really wonder why? …Probably because I don’t want to become what I hated?” (Shion)

“Haha! You’re a weirdo, Shion.” (Rina)

Rina laughed and left the cave with the words “Well then, I’m going back home in preparation for tomorrow.”



A half year later.

I have become level 7. The number of 【True Cores】 in my possession has risen to 18. Only four Demon Kings, including myself, are left alive in Kanezawa.

“The unification of Kanezawa is slowly coming into view.” (Shion)

“If you compare the Domain sizes, ours is the biggest in the city.” (Kanon)

“We are ready to go at any time.” (Rina)

Looking at the power distribution recorded on the map of Kanezawa in front of my eyes, I predict the future. The bloodkin led by Rina are overflowing with determination.
There are two Demon Kings we should subjugate when targeting the unification of the city:

Fairy Demon King Alyssa ― the one who expanded her Domain with an overwhelming investment of troops and now rules Kanezawa’s east.
Oni Demon King Kanta ― the one who expanded his Domain through individual strength and now rules Kanezawa’s north.

Seeing as they survived up until now, they are no pushovers as opponents either. We are strongly aware of each other.
As result of a careful scrutinizing of the investigated information ― Alyssa’s status is Body 【?】, Mana 【B】, Knowledge 【?】, Creation 【C】, and Alchemy 【C】 with an estimated level of 7. On the other hand, Kanta’s status is Body 【B】, Mana 【?】, Knowledge 【?】, Creation 【B】, and Alchemy 【C】 with an estimated level of 7.
If you sort them going by the known information, Alyssa’s Domain is the one with the lower degree of difficulty, but――

“Well then, the domain you will start invading from the day after tomorrow is――” (Shion)

I told my subordinates the next target based on my own considerations.



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