Chapter 51 – 52

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Chapter 51 – Domain Creation ④


The next day after Rina and the other bloodkin departed.

“How’s Rina-san’s party doing?” (Kanon)

“Right now they are in the middle of checking their teamwork in C District’s Domain.” (Shion)

That’s also Rina’s proposal. That the invasion members would test their teamwork in the nearby C district’s Domain, and not in the original invasion target, the A district’s Domain.

“Does it look good?” (Kanon)

“I guess. The enemies are only kobolds, but they are winning without any problems.” (Shion)

“Is the invasion into the A district going to start tomorrow?” (Kanon)

“That’s the plan if all works out smoothly.” (Shion)

I can see the state of my bloodkin on the smartphone, their teamwork is a bit shaky, but…I guess it can be called okay. I think they will invade the A district tomorrow, just as planned.

“Now then…today’s the long-awaited Domain reconstruction.” (Shion)

“Oh~. Nice.” (Kanon)

Kanon answers me with applause. Just moments ago I returned through Transfer after annihilating humans that invaded the Second Domain.

“First…the number of interesting dungeon installations has increased.” (Shion)

“What exactly?” (Kanon)

“Intermediate treasure chest and advanced treasure chest. Do you know them?” (Shion)

“I’ve never seen them, but I do know about them.” (Kanon)

Intermediate treasure chest ― A treasure chest that increases the maximum DP value by 5 DP, if installed. However, it’s necessary to provide items of C rank and above as loot. Creation cost: 5 CP.
Advanced treasure chest ― A treasure chest that increases the maximum DP value by 10 DP, if installed. However, it’s necessary to provide items of B rank and above as loot. Creation cost: 10 CP.

Since the treasure chests I could set up until now were limited to an increase of 1 DP to the maximum DP value, the new ones improve the benefits remarkably.

“For starters, I’ll create an 【Intermediate Treasure Chest】, I guess.” (Shion)

I operate my smartphone and select 【Intermediate Treasure Chest】 from among the 【Creation】 entries.
However, no matter how often I tap on the entry, I can’t create it.

“Mmh? I have enough CP, don’t I? Why can’t I create it?” (Shion)

“Ah! Since the number of treasure chests that can be set up is fixed, it’s impossible unless you remove an existing treasure chest.” (Kanon)

So it’s a shared upper limit…? My current domains have 5 floors. The upper limit of treasure chests that I can set up in the First and Second Domain is 22. If I change all treasure chests into 【Advanced Treasure Chest】 for argument’s sake, it will become +440 DP to the maximum DP value right away. Having said that…that would be a retarded choice.
An 【Advanced Treasure Chest】 being looted by invaders means giving them B rank items. I don’t expect invaders of Rina’s level to be commonplace, but if it was 12 people at that level and moreover, all of them equipped with B rank items, it’s likely that even I would be killed, not to mention my subordinates.
Leave alone B rank, I don’t really want to give C rank items to invaders…

“Are you worried about the ratio? In that case, how about creating a 【Treasure Chamber】?” (Kanon)

【Treasure Chamber】?” (Shion)

Well, in a certain way I am worried about the ratio, but the suggestion from Kanon, which misses the mark a bit, makes me perk up my ears.

“Yes. If you create a 【Treasure Chamber】, the upper limit of treasure chests that can be set up will go up.” (Kanon)

Treasure Chamber ― A room allowing 10 treasure chests to be stored. It can’t be set up in the deepest part of the Domain. Creation cost: 30 CP.

“Those 10 treasure chests that can be set up in the 【Treasure Chamber】; can they be set up outside the normal limit?” (Shion)

“Yes. However, you can only set up one 【Treasure Chamber】 per domain.” (Kanon)

That means I can set up 64 treasure chests in total…? If all of them were 【Advanced Treasure Chest】, it would allow me to adjust the limit of humans allowed to enter the Domain. If I was going to kill all of them, I could set my Domain to 【Volcano】, couldn’t I? I won’t do that, though.

“The number of other installations that increase DP has grown as well, hasn’t it?” (Shion)

“If Creation is at B, it becomes possible to create a 【Spring of Recovery】, a 【Transfer Array】 or a 【Return Terminal】.” (Kanon)

Spring of Recovery ― A spring where a mysterious water, which heals fatigue, gushes forth. However, 【Chaos】 is not allowed to use it. + 60 to maximum DP. Creation cost: 30 CP.
Transfer Array ― An array allowing one to travel to a different floor. It can only be set up in a range of 2 km from the stairway connecting to the next floor. + 30 to maximum DP. Creation cost: 60 CP.
Return Terminal ― A terminal allowing one to travel outside the Domain. It can only be set up on the 3rd floor and above. + 30 to maximum DP. Creation cost: 60 CP.

The upper limit per Domain for 【Spring of Recovery】 is two. For 【Transfer Array】, one set. And for 【Return Terminal】, one. These upper limits are shared across the First and Second Domain.

“Mmh? 【Transfer Array】 and 【Return Terminal】 can also be used by 【Chaos】?” (Shion)

“Probably.” (Kanon)

If I use 【Transfer Array】 skillfully, it will be possible for me and my subordinates to smoothly move towards the locations of invaders, but…considering it in reverse, I suppose the invaders will also be able to smoothly come to this place… I want to set it up in the residential area in order to guarantee a means of travel, but I will be troubled if it becomes possible for invaders to easily trespass into the residential area. What a troublesome installation.

“Isn’t there anything like an Advanced Demon King Pack or such…?” (Shion)

“Eh? Even though you’re still level 5 and have yet to expand your Domain…advanced!?” (Kanon)

Upon my mumbling, Kanon became surprised in a somewhat disconnected way.

“The point you’re surprised about here is wrong, but does it exist?” (Shion)

“No.” (Kanon)

“I see.” (Shion)

I asked while putting some hope into it for a moment, but received a merciless reply. Now then, what should I do? Reverse thinking? Is it fine to first list the necessary installations that consume DP and then decide on installations that increase DP to offset the previous ones? It would also be possible to fine tune that with treasure chests, I think?

“Kanon, calculate the CP necessary for the residential area.” (Shion)

“Okay!” (Kanon)

Kanon answers cheerfully.

“Kanon?” (Shion)

“Yes?” (Kanon)

“Make absolutely sure to not list anything useless, okay?” (Shion)

“T-That’s a matter of course, isn’t it…?” (Kanon)

“If I feel that there’s something out of place with the listed installations, I will thoroughly pursue that matter, you know?” (Shion)

“…Yes.” (Kanon)

I made sure to warn Kanon. I pondered about the installations necessary to defend the domains. I guess, I’m only going to think about the First Domain.

What’s absolutely necessary is the 【Special Restriction】. Currently 80 DP are necessary for a 12 humans restriction. If I change that to 8 humans, 500 DP will be necessary, 1000 DP for 4 humans, and 2000 DP for 1 human. The difference in the rise of consumed DP is far too abnormal. Additionally I wouldn’t be as careful anymore since the chances to get invaded would disappear, but wouldn’t it be better to consider a monster restriction sometime soon? That’ll be quite expensive though, with costs of 120 DP for 24 monsters, 750 DP for 16 monsters, 1500 DP for 8 monsters, and 5000 DP for 1 monster.

Looks like I’m not allowed to choose anything besides 12 humans and 24 monsters, doesn’t it…? So, by just choosing those two minimal restrictions, my DP consumption becomes 200 DP, eh? Enough about the restrictions. I suppose next are the dungeon installations. I check the wide-ranging list of traps, fields, objects and buildings ― heavy installations which were displayed on the smartphone. Isn’t there some model house or such…?

Umm, let’s decide on the theme first. The method of choosing the dungeon installations by following a theme is the easiest, isn’t it? The Second Domain’s theme is 『Come! Low-level invaders! This place is a farm, okay?』, therefore…I think I will make 『Welcome! High-level invaders! Are you aiming for even further heights!?』 ― the theme of the First Domain. The risk will rise sharply, but if I think about surviving to the end…it’s important to get some combat experience against reasonably strong folks, isn’t it? I was able to repel the strongest invaders in Kanezawa, so…this plan should be alright, I think? I keep answering my own question.

I think I will set the annihilation rate to 75%. Since there’s only a few high-level invaders, I want to get as many experience points as possible by defeating as many as possible. Shouldn’t I give the invaders C rank items with a random chance of 10% in exchange?
According to the net, humans have a strong tendency to hate Domains with many traps. The traps hated in particular are…poison and acid based traps.
For acid based traps, there’s 【Acid Spray】 and 【Acid Swamp】. Both traps corrode the metallic equipment of invaders or cause damage otherwise.

As a result of what I researched, I learned that 【Pitfall】, a major trap, is meaningless as it will be easily seen through. After all, the ground’s color is obviously different… 【Pitfall】 is pretty much a design mistake, isn’t it? In addition I also learned that 【Darkness】 and 【Rotating Floor】 are unpopular. However, even the sight of subordinates becomes zero inside 【Darkness】. Given that subordinates will be likewise caught by 【Rotating Floor】, those are unpopular traps even judged from my position as Demon King. The subordinates also being caught in traps is really a flaw… I observed ghouls getting caught in a 【Foothold Trap】 many times over. When I saw a ghoul playing around on top of a 【Rotating Floor】, murderous intent welled up within me. I’m really in a pickle with those traps…

For starters, there won’t be any traps on the first floor…I will let the subordinates deal with any invaders there. If my prided ghoul + giant bat combo with its excellent cost-performance ratio defeats 2~3 humans, it’ll be most satisfactory. If they continue being unable to defeat even a single one, I think I’ll throw werewolves into the mix. The loot from the treasure chests will be D rank and below.

I guess I’ll increase the number of poison based traps starting with the second floor. Goblin archers and kobold knights will be added to the ghoul + giant bat combo. Ranged attacks have a great compatibility with poison swamps and arrows, don’t they? Objects are also necessary to capitalize on arrow attacks. I guess I will allow the treasure chests to possess a C rank item with a random chance of 5% (although, manipulated to my benefit).

Starting with the third floor, it will be enemy repulsion at full force. I’ll combine werewolves and ghouls, who both don’t need any equipment, with acid traps. Once the invaders get past that, they will be awaited by dhampirs, lilims, living mails and dark elves. I think I will also set up a 【Transfer Array】 connecting the first and third floor. At the transfer destination on the third floor, the survival rate will be 0%. That seems fun. In the unlikely event that the invaders survive, I will give them a C rank item, no questions asked.

The fourth floor will be turned into a trap hell. At the point of having overcome that trap hell, all my subordinates, including myself, will repel the invaders at all costs. Honestly, I don’t want anyone to reach the fourth floor. The fifth floor will be the residential area. If humans were to reach that place for argument’s sake…I will abandon the First Domain, and retreat to the Second Domain. By the way, I think I will also set up a 【Return Terminal】 for the bloodkin’s use.

Okay, I somehow managed to settle down on a concept. I will write down the necessary dungeon installations based on that concept, and calculate the DP I should reserve. Afterwards I will add the DP necessary for the residential area from Kanon. I plan to finish the new Domain, once I decide on the number of 【Treasure Chest】, 【Intermediate Treasure Chest】, 【Advanced Treasure Chest】, 【Rest Area】, 【Treasure Chamber】, and 【Spring of Recovery】.



6 hours later.
I completed the Domains overhaul after a quarrel with Kanon.

Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 1110/1119
Domain Size: 12 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 5
True Cores: 2
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 80
– Forest (Partial) x 1
– Rock x 20
– Entrance x 2
– Treasure Chest x 59
– Intermediate Treasure Chest x 4
– Advanced Treasure Chest x 1
– Rest Area x 12
– Stairway x 8
– Grassland (Floor) x 1
– River x 1
– Lake x 1
– Cave (Small) x 4
– Fields x 50
– House x 1
– Hut x 100
– Grave x 20
– Ruins x 4
– Transfer Terminal x 2
– Return Terminal x 2
– Spring of Recovery x 2
– Treasure Chamber x 2
Set-up Traps:
– Iron Arrow x 50
– Acid Spray x 10
– Acid Swamp x 5
– Poisoned Arrow x 10
– Cesspool x 2
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 3
Special Restrictions:
– Number of Humans: 12 * 2
– Number of Monsters: 24 * 2
Special Effects:
– Darkness Attribute Enhancement (Floor) x 1


Chapter 52 – Begin the Invasion!


~ Rina’s PoV ~

It’s the third day since we departed Shion’s Domain. Until yesterday I collected combat experience while also testing the teamwork with my new comrades in the C district.

The one playing the role of tank is the living mail Iron. He’s a silent knight whose body is clad in a Mithril armor set. Rather than him being silent, Iron simply can’t talk. He addresses the others directly through the technique called telepathic communication. Iron’s biggest strength is his sturdiness…is what I want to say, but in my eyes as a human, it’s his lack of fear. The one playing the role of tank during my time as Kanezawa’s selection member was Yuuya. He received preferential treatment in the distribution of high-ranking armor pieces, but he couldn’t perform his role properly…because of the fear of pain in his heart. However, that doesn’t apply to Iron. You can truly call him a reliable knight. The part that he doesn’t talk unnecessarily is a big plus, too.
The ones serving as frontline attackers together with me are the werewolf Guy and the ogre Red. Guy can’t use any weapons at all, but the strikes with his sharp claws are severe. Red wields a metal club. He’s a power attacker. As a human I felt amazed by that impossible strength. However, he has the flaws of using crude techniques, and having a low hit rate against monsters that move quickly. Also, he’s an idiot.

The dhampir Layla is a balancer who can fight at the front or rear. At the front she uses her whip, at the rear she fires magic. Her appearance is proper as well. She’s a faultless comrade. However, she might have the weakness that it’s not clear what she’s thinking since her emotions are hard to read.

The ones working in the rear are the lilim Flora and the dark elf Dakel. Flora attacks with magic from behind, Dakel provides support and attacks by shooting arrows. Flora is the most talkative among my comrades. However, all her words are shallow, lacking any weight. Dakel switches between regarding me as an enemy and not. Since he has sworn absolute loyalty to Shion, I don’t think I need to worry about being betrayed, but…if possible, I’d like to get along with him.

The other 5 supporters don’t speak, but they are reliable and submissive. Compared to Kanezawa’s selection members, the teamwork level has fallen as there’s no flexibility in my comrades’ movements, but…since they all worship Shion, not having to worry about being betrayed is something that allows me to feel a peace of mind above all else. And, although their individual abilities fall short of humans…the performance of Shion’s items, which is so excessive that it compensates that flaw, boosted our combat power drastically. Leading those reliable comrades, I arrived at the entrance of the Domain in the A district.

“From now on we will commence the Domain invasion.” (Rina)

{Affirmative} (Iron)

“…Hah.” (Guy)

“Sure!” (Red)

“…Okay.” (Layla)

“Ye~s.” (Flora)

“…” (Dakel)

I guess, our unity still has a lot of room for improvement… I started the invasion into the Domain with my comrades who mostly gave half-hearted replies.



The monsters appearing in the Domain are goblins, wolves, slimes, bats, and rats. A Domain setup that’s commonly referred to as a『Farm』. I think what’s different from Shion’s initial Domain are the fully-equipped goblins that show up from the start. Since the goblin’s equipment is made out of iron, it’s ruled by a 『Demon King with Creation E and Alchemy D』, to borrow Kanon’s words. What should be paid attention to is that the Demon King himself seems to be strong.

We continued to safely invade the first floor, but along the way we ran into one miscalculation.
That miscalculation is ― the 【Rest Area】. At the time when I invaded Domains with Kanezawa’s selection members, it was a matter of highest priority to find the location of the 【Rest Areas】. While mapping the area with the 【Rest Areas】 as base, we headed deeper inside. This was the iron rule of a Domain invasion, but…

“I see… I stopped being a human, didn’t I…?” (Rina)

【Rest Area】 ― a sanctuary that can’t be entered by monsters. Whether it’s eating or sleeping, it’s a crucial place as far as invading a Domain is concerned. Considering it calmly, everyone besides me is a monster. There’s no way that they can enter it. Taking a break by myself is meaningless, too. In the first place, I couldn’t enter a 【Rest Area】 either. Even though I sided with Shion, I still need food and sleep. I don’t know about Iron, but my other comrades needed sleep and food normally, too.

“What are we going to do?” (Rina)

“Keep watch in shifts.” (Layla)

Layla answers my question representing the others. We decided to take a rest in a dead-end while adopting a shift system. According to Shion, a Demon King can apparently always check our situation with their smartphone. Even the Demon King of the Domain we’re currently invading probably knows that we’re taking a rest. Monsters flooded the dead-end where we were resting. Capitalizing on our individual strength in the narrow corridor, each of us was somehow able to rest for three hours. That was the moment I understood that invading a Domain as a subordinate of a Demon King is a lot harsher than it had been during my time as human.


Three days later.
Continuing to advance though the first floor, which was as complicated as a maze, while repeatedly being attacked by monsters, we discovered the stairs leading to the second floor.

“Finally the second floor, eh?” (Guy)

“I wonder whether fellows that have a bit more bite in them won’t come out next~” (Red)

Once we arrive on the second floor, Guy sighs, and Red cracks his knuckles while smiling ferociously.

“Stop the pointless chatter.” (Layla)

Layla reprimands Red and looks in my direction to confirm our next action.

“Let’s proceed onwards.” (Rina)

I survey the faces of my comrades, then declared to march on. After advancing for a while, goblins, who we have repeatedly defeated in countless numbers over the last few days here, show up in a group.

“Again goblins!?” (Red)

Red reveals an expression that obviously shows his dissatisfaction.

“Iron. I leave it to you.” (Rina)

{Affirmative} (Iron)

Iron readies his shield and charges at the group of goblins. Once he shortens the distance to a certain extent, he fiercely clangs his spear against the shield, causing black mist to gush out of his shield.
《Curse Hatred》 ― One of the special skills Iron acquired. It has the effect of pulling the enemy and scattering hate into the vicinity.
What’s fearsome is Iron using 《Curse Hatred》 without any hesitation. Even among the humans, there were some that possessed similar special abilities, but no one was able to use it because of the danger of their own deaths.

The goblins swarm around Iron. Guy and me attack those goblins from the flanks. Each swing of Dáinsleif bisects a goblin as easily as cutting through butter. Each slash from Guy’s brutal claws reliably steals a goblin’s life. The ice bullets fired by Layla freeze the goblin’s weapons, which are swung down at Iron, one after the other. Flora’s magic pours down on the crowding goblins. Arrows shot by Dakel pierce the heads of the dying goblins. Goblins that dash towards the rear after getting past Iron are restrained by our comrades who serve as supporters. We successively decreased the number of goblins while certain of our victory. Once 15 minutes had passed, the corpses of more than 50 goblins were littering the ground.

“Bah? That’s it!?” (Red)

Red shoulders the metal club, which was stained with goblin blood, and curses.

“Hah. Certainly, that was really insufficient.” (Guy)

Guy wipes away the goblin fluids clinging to his claws with a cloth, and raises a derisive laughter.

“Fufu. I wish for there to be gentlemen with a bit more backbone~” (Flora)

“Stop messing around. We have to hurry up and present this Domain to Shion-sama.” (Layla)

“For master!” (Dakel)

Flora smiles charmingly. Layla and Dakel express their loyalty towards Shion as usual. Considering it like this, it’s probably Shion’s Domain which was the strange one for having different concepts for each floor. Once again I recognized the dreadfulness of Shion, who’s become my master.



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