Chapter 46 – 47 part 1

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Chapter 46 – Demon Kings Don’t Rest


“Come to think of it, Shion-san, your level went up to 5, didn’t it?” (Kanon)

Once Chloe’s and the dhampir’s reckless actions came to an end, Kanon drew closer with a smile on her face.

“It did.” (Shion)

“That means…you acquired 《Separation》, right?” (Kanon)

Kanon asks while looking at me with eyes full of expectations. 《Separation》 ― if you use a different word for it, it’s delegation. It’s a special ability allowing one to split a Domain as soon as they possess several 【True Cores】 with the ability to designate a temporary master for the separated Domain from among one’s subordinates.

At a first glance, 《Separation》 seems to be a convenient special ability, but there are several limitations. First, the temporary master of the Domain can create equipment, but not subordinates. I think that’s supposed to clarify that creating living beings is a Demon King’s privilege. Moreover, what will be split is not just the Domain. It’s also necessary to split the CP. The CP can be allocated in units of 100. Putting it another way, you have to lower your maximum CP by at least 100 CP.

“I acquired it, but I don’t plan to use it, you know?” (Shion)

“Eh!?” (Kanon)

Hearing my reply, Kanon looks shocked.

“There are two reasons.” (Shion)

“There it is…Shion-san’s prided starting-from-the-number-of-conclusions――buhaah!?” (Kanon)

I slap Kanon who got somewhat cocky.

“The first reason is my lack of personnel for entrusting a temporary Domain.” (Shion)

“Eh? One’s right here! Look, an experienced, former Demon King is over here!” (Kanon)

Kanon starts to fervently advertise herself in response.

“Mmh? Where? In front of me I can only see Rina, a former hero who is unfamiliar with Creation…and a former Demon King who was on the brink of death in a mere 6 days after being attacked by the humans?” (Shion)

“Ugh!? I-If I’m told that…” (Kanon)

“So, where are they?” (Shion)

“Kicking someone who’s already down on the ground, eh…? As one would expect from a Demon King.” (Kanon)

Kanon’s tension drops in the blink of an eye.

“Well, to be honest, it’s because I want you to always stay at my side (as Google-chan), Kanon.” (Shion)

“――!? If you go that far…I don’t have any choice but to give up.” (Kanon)

Once I tell her that while tucking away a part of the truth in my heart, Kanon begins to fidget around bashfully.

“The second reason; the CP reduction is really harsh.” (Shion)

Decreasing the maximum CP by 100 means lowering the recovered CP per hour by 10. 10 CP in one hour. 100 CP in 10 hours. 240 CP in one day. If I perform 《Separation》, the master of the temporary Domain might acquire 100 CP and recover 10 CP per hour, but it can only be used for the creation of equipment. That’s quite a waste.

“Well, at the moment I only have two Domains. Sooner or later I will expand my Domains and go over-capacity. Then I will consider it.” (Shion)

“Understood.” (Kanon)

With Kanon agreeing to my explanation, the talk about 《Separation》 came to an end.
I operate my smartphone and check my CP. Currently I have 240 CP. I guess there’s 6 hours left until it recovers completely. I confirmed the list which I had written down in the memo app of my smartphone.

1.) Creation and testing of the new subordinates.
2.) Test 《Random Creation》.
3.) Meeting about the invasion into Domains ruled by other Demon Kings.
4.) Bloodkin selection.
5.) Creation and testing of the new equipment.
6.) Practical test of 《Mist Dispersion》.
7.) Creation of Rina’s home.

1.) is finished. Since 2.) requires me to wait for my entire CP to recover, I will postpone it. 3.) and 4.) are a set. 4.) is the implementation after calculating the necessary combat forces based on the meeting in 3.). I’m lacking CP for these, too. I guess I have to choose from 5, 6, or 7 then. Honestly, I only added 7.) to the list because I had too much spare time during transfer’s cooldown time, thus it has a low priority.

I guess I will go through them in order, starting from 5.). Next, I think my CP will have recovered completely once the meeting for 3.) ends. In that case I will deal with 4.)…but that would mean that I have to postpone the highly expected 《Random Creation》, wouldn’t it…? That’s a tough choice. Rina called out to me as I was racking my brain over the schedule.

“Shion, got a moment?” (Rina)

“What’s up?” (Shion)

“Actually…I’m at the limit of my stamina.” (Rina)

Rina states apologetically.
At the limit of her stamina? Even though she’s not in combat?
I forgot as I got too used to the life as Demon King, but Rina ― humans need sleep.

“Are you tired by chance?” (Shion)

“I’m sorry…” (Rina)

Rina looks down in awkwardness. I think it’s much better that she told me about it rather than falling asleep in the middle of a conversation, though

“So a place for you to sleep is necessary, huh?” (Shion)

“…If possible.” (Rina)

Rina answers timidly. Right now we are in the cave located in the deepest part of the fourth floor. The cave has plenty of space. I won’t mind even if she sleeps somewhere in here, but…that would be in bad taste, wouldn’t it? Come to think of it, Kanon might have told Rina that she will be given a house during the persuasion. That doesn’t mean that it’s my promise, but…it can’t be helped, eh?

“Wait a sec.” (Shion)

I spent 12 CP and created a building right next to the cave. Goblins and such live in huts that cost 3 CP, 10 goblins each. If she considers that, she will probably be able to understand just how well she’s being treated. The building that had become Rina’s home was a square, Western-styled house with two stories.

“A bit too extravagant, isn’t it?” (Shion)

Looking at the house on a plot of around 30m², I speak my mind.

“It’s a lovely home.” (Kanon)

“Is it really okay for me to live there…?” (Rina)

Kanon’s eyes sparkle obviously while Rina displays a reserved attitude.

“A room-sharing is planned for the future, so I think you should pick your own room while you still can. Kanon, isn’t it fine to take the opportunity and move into this house, too?” (Shion)

“Got it.” (Rina)

“Rina-san, is it alright for me to live together with you?” (Kanon)

“No problem.” (Rina)

“Then I’m going to accept your kind offer.” (Kanon)

I think being close to Kanon, who can chat with her as a former human will have a soothing effect on Rina’s emotional state.

“Rina, take a good rest.” (Shion)

“Sorry.” (Rina)

“Ah!? I also want to go to sleep soon, but…” (Kanon)

“I see. Go for it.” (Shion)

Following Rina, Kanon says that she has reached her limit too. I try to leave the place after giving my acknowledgment.

“Shion, you won’t sleep?” (Rina)

Rina asks me.

“Mmh? I don’t need any sleep or food.” (Shion)

“It’s a privilege of being a Demon King.” (Kanon)

“I-Is that so? I’m sorry.” (Rina)

Rina apologizes with a murmur while looking embarrassed. Those eyes of hers…pity? No need for sleep or food, you know? That’s something to be envious of. No point in being sympathetic.
I silently left.


Chapter 47 – Tests (Special Abilities) ①

My schedule got really messed up.
When I was still alone, most things proceeded as planned, but…once the number of subordinates ― subordinates with a free will increased, the number of unforeseen situations went up in proportion.

How troublesome.

My time alone was too long. I’m not talking about my loner period as a human, but the time after I became a Demon King. My time alone was easygoing. I was desperate to survive, but it was a carefree time. There was no need to match my schedule with anyone else’s. I could proceed with everything at my own pace.

Kanon and I, Rina and I, the relationship connecting us is ― one of master and servant. A Demon King and their subordinates ― that’s a master-servant relationship with the master having the authority to give orders that must be absolutely obeyed. If this was a game, it would be fine to order them around while only caring about efficiency. They would be characters that obey any order given through a click or a button-press.

However, that’s not how reality works. The girls harbor troublesome emotions, and the effects of those emotions are extremely large. That’s why I have to act while taking those emotions into consideration in order to survive.

I’m ignorant; if not for Kanon, there would still be many things I wouldn’t know of.
I’m powerless; I can’t take a single step outside my Domain. If I don’t borrow the strength of my bloodkin ― Rina, my growth will stagnate. That’s why I choose the option of taking emotions into account, for the sake of survival.
My position as Demon King ― caretaker is a lot more troublesome than imagined.



Not knowing what to do with my time, I decided to test 《Mist Dispersion》 in actual combat against humans that invaded the Second Domain.

“Chloe, dhampir, are you coming with me to repel intruders?” (Shion)

“Gladly!” (Chloe)

“It’s an honor!”

Once I called out to the two who sent passionate gazes my way while maintaining a distance that was neither too close nor too distant, they replied immediately.

“Then, before heading out…dhampir, do you mind me using 《Absorb》 on you?” (Shion)

“Unworthy blood such as mine…if you please…”

Normally there are many times where I go into battle with my 《Absorb》 set to dark elf, but when I address her while thinking that it might be interesting to set it to dhampir after having watched her previous mock battle, the dhampir’s white cheeks blushed as she genuflected.
Her being down on one knee…makes it difficult to use 《Absorb》 instead though.
I bit her neck while hanging over her from above.
Her dense vitality flows into my body.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire)
Lv.: 5
CP: 300
Body: C (D)
Mana: C (D)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 2

Special Abilities:
– Demon King
– Vampire
– Spearmanship (D)
– Domain Creation
– Separation
– Transfer (C)
– Subordinate Creation
– Random Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil
– Dark Arrow
– Dark Induction
– Mist Dispersion
– Absorb
→ Language (Human)
→ Whip Technique (C)
→ Snake Bind
→ Ice Magic (Intermediary)
→ Darkness Magic (Elementary)
– Blood Chalice
– Contract

Oh!? The number of special abilities increased more than I had expected. Moreover, a magic category at intermediate level. Whip technique is…higher in rank than the spearmanship I acquired myself, but…I will train the spear. There are really quite a few special abilities I want to test.

The invader’s location is…in the middle of the Second Domain’s second floor, huh? Strength-wise they are around level 5? I want to go there quickly with transfer, but unfortunately it’s in the middle of its cooldown time. I head towards the invaders together with my two subordinates while humming a tune.




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