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Side Story – Sayama Rina 5


Since the day I challenged a Domain for the first time, back when Iguchi-kun and the others died, and I obtained the Rank D weapon ― the Black Iron Sword, the environment around me went through big changes.
At first, 3 companies supported me. But, with each passing day, the number of supporting companies grew, and before I noticed it, I was officially recognized as a 『Liberator』 by Kanezawa’s municipal office ― the government.
The people’s expectations were a heavy burden. But, at the same time, it made me proud.
Once I searched the net, I found out that my full name and my schools, alongside my results in the kendo tournaments ― my past, had been unveiled. In addition to that, many pictures of me were posted online.
Once I reached level 5, I was chosen as a selection member, supported by the whole of Kanezawa.
There were 7 selection members in total.

A level 6 warrior. Miyamoto Masakado ― wielding the silver-shining Rank C weapon 『Silver Spear』.
A level 5 adventurer. Andou Hideya ― the leader commanding his allies with precise instructions.
A level 5 warrior. Makino Yuuya ― a shield bearer protecting his comrades while making free use of his huge body.
A level 5 magician. Saitou Ruriko ― manipulating crimson flames.
A level 5 priestess. Kayama Saori ― an expert in healing the injured comrades.
A level 5 adventurer. Emori Hajime ― the ace of the archery club with a bright future ahead.
And me, a level 5 warrior ― Sayama Rina.

Those were the members chosen by Kanezawa.
Several reasons why the number of selection members didn’t amount to 12, the biggest number of people capable of challenging a Domain, existed.
First, teamwork. It might be different if you keep practicing, but achieving teamwork with 12 people is far from easy. As a result of repeated tests and examinations, 7 people, with 3 as vanguards and 4 as rearguards, was the number of people capable of battling with a good balance.
Second, efficiency. In the course of researching after having finished the tests, the 『Mutual relation between the amount of experience and the number of participating people』 was discovered. In short, it was a theory stating that the obtainable amount of experience per person will grow higher with a small party.
Third, support. This was the most important reason. It’s only natural in this world, but an item box like an infinite inventory doesn’t exist. Food, spare equipment, medical supplies…it’s necessary to take all of these along. However, carrying all that luggage while fighting with monsters would be harsh. Accordingly, the existence of supporters for luggage transportation, and at the same time, recovery was regarded as essential.
Us 7 selected members and the 5 supporters joining in alternation continued the daily Domain raids.
Like this, we became the 『Liberators』 representing Kanezawa, and I made a name for myself as one of the 『Two Matchless Heroes』 or 『Hero of the Black Sword』.

The 20th day after starting the liberation of a Domain as a selection member.
At last, the liberation of the first Domain in Kanezawa was right in front of my eyes.
In regards to combat prowess, I had nothing to criticize about the comrades forming a party with me. They killed monsters without hesitation and remarkably improved their techniques. However, there are a lot of times where our natures as human beings were incompatible with each other…
Miyamoto Masakado ― the 『Silver Hero』 , and one of the 『Two Matchless Heroes』 like me. I believe that his hair, which has grown down to his shoulders, is quite long for a man. According to him, it doesn’t look like natural perm and it’s a hair type that would be damaged in the ocean. I guess you could classify his looks as good-looking these days. His character is…that of a playboy. Even though I’m put on par with him as one of the 『Two Matchless Heroes』, he is so frivolous that it makes me almost barf every time. His favorite phrase is “Yay lol.” Even more so when he’s 4 years older than me, at an age of 22. Unbelievable.
Next, Makino Yuuya. A comrade who has stayed with me since I challenged a Domain for the first time. This guy is a senpai too, but I don’t have the slightest desire to call him one. In a certain way, that’s a talent as well, I guess? Seemingly being on the same wavelength as Miyamoto, these two cause a stressful environment for me, who is the third member of the vanguards.
Andou-senpai. He’s extremely clever and the brain of our party. There are times when he makes cruel decisions, but compared to the Miyamoto-Makino-Pair, he is a comrade whom I can rely on.
Kayama Saori. She’s my friend. A friend who has spent more than 6 years together with me. She is an expert in dragging me into trouble.
One day, when we participated at a party hosted by a company which is also our sponsor, Saori declared, “Liberating the Domain…the Domain that stole our friends…the Domain close to our university is our goal!” after being asked about our future objectives. Then she looked at my face and bluntly asked, “Right? Rina!”
Later on Saori’s declaration was transformed into being a declaration made by me, who enjoyed a high popularity on the news and in the net. As I couldn’t fix the excessive fixation on me by society…I was swept along by the media. As a result of that, I turned into a tragic heroine aiming for the liberation of the Domain that stole my friends.
The 20th day after I started the liberation of the Domain together with my comrades who are reliable as combat assets, but still untrustworthy as for their human natures ― we arrived in the deepest part of a Domain where we were awaited by an enemy calling himself Demon King.
The one awaiting us there was a man in his late thirties who seemed to be rather unhealthy.
The man was clad in an Iron Armor just like the kobolds which we had defeated along the way, and held an Iron Sword in his hands as well.

“What…what…what is it…why…why…why me? …Did I do something?”

This is a Demon King?
The man deemed to be a Demon King quietly mutters his deeply held resentments while restlessly surveying his vicinity.


Just when I wondered why the Demon King was screaming so suddenly, he made countless wind blades appear.

“Wh-!? Disperse! Spread out!” (Hideya)

At the same time as we heard Andou-senpai’s voice, we rolled to the left and right.



Two supporters, who were late in reacting, are torn to pieces by the wind blades.

“What’s up with this power!? Even though he looks like a boring old fart…that’s a Demon King!?”

Yuuya holds up the Iron Shield he picked up and charges at the Demon King.

“Masakado-san! Sayama-san! Follow him!” (Hideya)

In accordance with Andou-senpai’s instructions, Masakado and I raise our weapons overhead and approach the Demon King.

“Yay lol, old man, you stink really badly! ――《Flash Thrust》!” (Masakado)

“――《Slash》!” (Rina)

Just as the Demon King’s stance collapsed due to Masakado’s gale-like swift thrust, I also add in my attack ― the special ability 《Slash》.

“Ouch…it huuuuurtssss!?”

The demon King frantically wields his Iron Sword.
It’s a type of swinging that lacks any technique, but the Demon King’s strength is terrifying. I, who crossed swords with him, was blown away to the rear.
I must not be misled by his appearance.
The man in front of me ― the Demon King, was the most formidable enemy I had crossed so far.

One hour later.
Seizing the opportunity when the Demon King was focusing on Masakado, Yuuya, and me, Andou-senpai discovered the 【True Core】 ― a silver-shining orb unnaturally laying inside a washing machine. Once he stabbed it with a dagger, the 【True Core】 was destroyed.

“Wh-…b-bastard…w-what are…”

The moment the 【True Core】 was destroyed, the Demon clutched his chest in pain, and turned into black particles, vanishing before long.

“We won…?”

Andou-senpai stares at the space where the Demon King had disappeared.

“Yay lol. It’s our――” (Masakado)

Just when Masakado was about to raise a victory shout, my consciousness blacked out alongside sensing an intense trembling of the ground.
Once I came to, the usual townscape before we invaded Domain was already in front of my eyes. We had been transferred into the middle of the residential area.

“Did the liberation succeed…?” (Rina)

I mutter by myself to no one in particular.

“P-Probably…?” (Saori)

Saori replies to my monologue.

“It was liberated…we liberated the Domaaaaaain!” (Andou)

“Yay lol.” (Masakado)

“We did it!” (Yuuya)

For once, Andou-senpai let his emotions burst forth, and Masakado and Yuuya follow up in delight. With a delay Saori, Ruriko, Emori-senpai and I let free reign to our feelings of joy, too.

After liberating a Domain in Kanezawa for the first time, our fame skyrocketed even further.
We, who received support from companies, the government, volunteers, and various organizations, invaded one Domain after the other. We also failed by being one step short of defeating the fairy Demon King, but 43 days after we liberated our first Domain, we succeeded in liberating our fourth Domain in Kanezawa.
The next day.
We set out to liberate the original target, which I had supposedly declared as such, even though it was actually Saori ― my very first Domain.


★☆★☆ Chronological Order ★☆★☆


Year 20XX

※ Number of days since Shion became a Demon King in ()

July 15th: A mail for an aptitude test is simultaneously sent to all of humanity (Chapter 1 ~ 2)

July 16th: The Mastermind lectures about the World Salvation Project to Chaos (Chapter 3)
July 17th: The humans chosen as 【Chaos】 become Demon Kings (Chapter 4 +)
(1st Day)

– Domains (inviolable areas) appear all over the world.
– Popular Name 『Cataclysm』.

August 16th: The Pseudo-Peace of all Domains comes to an end (Chapter 11)
(30th Day)

– The 『Revelation of the Goddess』 to the humans chosen as 【Law】 (Side Story Sayama Rina 1)

August 19th: The university students led by Andou invade Shion’s Domain (Chapter 12)
(33th Day)

August 23th: Shion’s celebration of his Domain being constantly full (Chapter 15)
(37th Day)

September 6th: Shion’s level goes up to 2 (Chapter 16+)
(51st Day)

– A part of his subordinates evolve
– Monsters appear outside the Domains.

September 17th: Kanezawa’s selection members liberate a Domain (Side Story Sayama Rina 5)
(62nd Day)

September 18th: Shion’s level goes up to 3 (Chapter 20)
(63rd Day)

– Evolution to Demon King (Vampire) (Chapter 21)
– Birth of the bloodkin Chloe (Chapter 26)

October 3rd: Kanon surrenders to Shion.
(78th Day)

October 25th: Start of chapter 36
(100th Day)

October 30th: Kanezawa’s selection members liberate their fourth Domain (Side Story Sayama Rina 5)
(105th Day)

October 31st: Kanezawa’s selection members invade Shion’s Domain.
(106th Day)


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