Chapter 44 – 45

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Chapter 44 – Level UP ②


“Umm, there are many things that have to be tackled, but…first, Rina.” (Shion)

“Yes?” (Rina)

While sorting the things that need to be done in my head, I attach priorities to each.
I guess, first comes the restructure of the Domain which I had tuned towards being anti-hero party.

“A while ago Kanezawa’s officially recognized hero party ― Rina’s party, was defeated, but what do you think; how are the humans going to move against my Domain from now on?” (Shion)

I consider it to be a good idea to ask Rina, who has the most experience with humans here, about matters pertaining to humanity.

“Let’s see…if Andou-senpai managed to survive, he will probably report to the higher-ups to have the Hazard rank of this dungeon raised.” (Rina)

Hazard rank ― the danger level of a Domain, selfishly allocated by the humans. Since they have been kind enough to upload the rankings to the net, I knew about it to some extent.

“Hazard rank; starting with E, the danger level rises from D to A…S means an invasion prohibition, right?” (Kanon)

“Correct. Shion, your dungeon’s Hazard rank was C. Kanon’s was E. I never expected for both dungeons to be ruled by the same Demon King…” (Rina)

Rina answers Kanon.

“Eh? It’s obvious from the exterior, isn’t it?” (Shion)

My Domain ― the First Domain and the Domain that was ruled by Kanon ― the Second Domain share the same exterior that’s similar to an Ayers’ Rock with only the entrances being separated.

“In our eyes the forest that formed Kanon’s dungeon suddenly vanished, and then reappeared in the shape of being connected with Shion’s dungeon. It was concluded that it’s a different dungeon since the inner structures differ too much, despite being connected.” (Rina)

“I see.”

I consent to Rina’s explanation.

“This time Kanezawa’s selection members, who invaded this dungeon, got wiped out. As such, since there are no Liberators other than us in the city, the Hazard rank will become S ― prohibition of invasion. I think, for a while no humans will come invading.” (Rina)

“In that case…it feels like the invasion through the Second Domain will stay the same?” (Shion)

“I suppose that’s how it is. Or rather…is it fine for me to ask a question, too?” (Rina)

Rina looks into my eyes and asks.

“Mmh? What is it?” (Shion)

“You two, why are you so well informed about our ― humanity’s situation?” (Rina)

“Meaning?” (Shion)

“For example about us being officially recognized by Kanezawa, the existence of Hazard ranks, etc.” (Rina)

“Ah…that, huh? We looked it up on the Internet.” (Shion)

“That we did.” (Kanon)

“Hah?” (Rina)

An idiotic sound escapes Rina’s lips.

“Well, as I said, the Internet. There are smartphones here, aren’t there? It’s possible to look things up with them, right? Once we did, we learned about the Hazard ranks, Rina’s party being authorized by Kanezawa, and to go even further, your party setup and levels, thanks to Yay lol.” (Shion)

“Yay lol? …Masakado?” (Rina)

“The 『Silver Hero』.” (Kanon)

“So Masakado, eh?” (Rina)

Rina sighed very deeply.
After hearing Rina’s story, I ordered the swarm of ghouls on the second floor of the First Domain to move to the first floor for caution’s sake. Given that there are no particular issues with the Second Domain, I left it as it is.

“Or rather, humanity didn’t know that we can use the Internet, after all?” (Shion)

“There were rumors that a part of the Demon Kings are posting on blogs and forums, but who would believe in such gossip? Something like strange kings that rule over monsters gathering information through the Internet…” (Rina)

“Truth is stranger than fiction. Modern Demon Kings are high-tech.” (Shion)

“Or more precisely, originally we used to be humans, you know?” (Kanon)

Kanon and I replied nonchalantly to the dispirited Rina.

“Now then, before we talk about our future plans…I will run several tests.” (Shion)

“Tests? That means…congratulations!” (Kanon)

Understanding the meaning behind my words, Kanon clapped her hands.

“Tests? Congratulations? Sorry, but I’d like to get an explanation.” (Rina)

On the other hand, Rina, who had just become my subordinate, is only baffled.

“To put it shortly, I leveled up.” (Shion)

“The level having risen means an increase in the things he can do. Shion-san is a Demon King who loves analyzing. His favorite phrase is 『In contrast to the consumed CP, the effect is――buhaa!?” (Kanon)

Since her tone irritated me somehow, I slapped her towards the ground with a karate chop.

“Umm, in other words…because Shion’s level went up, he became able to do more things. Because of that, you’re going to test those new abilities out. Is that what you mean?” (Rina)

Rina replies while looking at Kanon and me with slightly cold eyes.

“That’s how it is. Since I raised the rank of 【Creation】 with this time’s level-up, the things I’m capable of have increased drastically. I want to run various tests in advance before actually putting them into practice.” (Shion)

【Creation】…?” (Rina)

Rina cocks her head in puzzlement after hearing my words.
I see. Since Rina isn’t a former Demon King like Kanon, there are many things she doesn’t know, I guess. Explaining from scratch is going to be a real pain… Or rather, there’s no particular need for Rina to be present anyway.

“Rina. You must be tired after having become a bloodkin not long ago, right? If you like you can take a res――” (Shion)

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a rare opportunity. I wish to stay here.” (Rina)

My offered kindness is rejected quickly. I could send her away forcibly (through an order), but Rina is one of the few members of my forces who can state her opinion freely. I judged that it might not be so bad hearing the opinion of a former hero.

“Kanon. Give Rina a simple lecture about 【Creation】, subordinates and Domains.” (Shion)

“Okay.” (Kanon)

Leaving all of the bothersome explanations to Kanon, I operate my smartphone.
I check the list of the new subordinates I can create.

Lilim ― Rank C. An evil spirit of the night ruling over dreams. They lead enemies astray through temptation. Their physical strength is low, but they excel in magic. Creation cost: 50 CP.

Living Mail ― Rank C. A wandering armor that had been possessed by a ghost. Its real form is that of a ghost. Its properties will experience big changes depending on the equipped armor. CP costs: 60 CP.

Werewolf ― Rank C. A lycanthrope that became unable to return to its human form after having released its instincts. Its instincts are closer to that of beasts than humans. CP costs: 80 CP.

Dhampir ― Rank B. A being born between a human and a vampire. Its power doesn’t wane below the sun, but neither does it grow within darkness. CP costs: 120 CP.

Finally! A Rank B subordinate!
I, a vampire, lose a lot of power in the sun, but have my powers largely amplified in darkness. Dhampirs seem to not have that trait.
Aren’t they normal humans then?
Well they are Rank B and it costs 120 CP to create them. Let’s believe that they have a fitting strength. Don’t tell me…it’s not going to be lycanthrope all over again, is it?
Speaking of lycanthropes! Aren’t werewolves creatures that evolved from lycanthropes? If that’s the case, making them earn plenty of experience points becomes completely pointless.
Additionally I pin my hopes on living mails with their explanation of 『Its properties will experience big changes depending on the equipped armor』. Is it going to become powerful if I give it a high-ranked, alchemized armor?
Lilims are certainly that…they are probably just as imagined. Given that they seem to excel at magic, I shall look forward to them as long-awaited magic personnel.
Moreover, there’s an ability I’m looking forward to apart from the new subordinates.
The new special ability which I acquired after going up to level 5 ― 《Random Creation》.
It’s a special ability I acquired as a bonus for 《Subordinate Creation》.
Its effect is ― 『Create a subordinate by offering everything. It’s necessary to consume all CP. The subordinate that will be created depends on the goddess of luck. If the goddess smiles at you, a unique subordinate will be created』.
It must be that, no? Rudely said, it’s subordinate gacha1, right?
Does R or UR exist!? I mean, it surely won’t be C if you offer all your CP, right…? RIGHT!? (R= rare, UR = ultra rare and C = common)
There are many things I want to test besides the stuff related to subordinates.
I continue to impatiently wait for Kanon to finish her lecture to Rina.


Chapter 45 – Tests (Subordinates) ②


“Sorry for having kept you waiting.” (Kanon)

“You sure did.” (Shion)

Having finished the explanation, Kanon and Rina ran up to me.

“I will start from the subordinate tests.” (Shion)

I operate my smartphone, creating the new additions.
A pentagram shone on the ground, and a figure showed up within the dazzling light.

“――!? Monsters are born like this!?” (Rina)

For Kanon and me it’s a familiar sight. However, a surprised voice comes from Rina who witnessed 《Subordinate Creation》 for the first time.
I smiled at Rina with her astonished expression and created the other three new subordinates one after the other.
I check the four humanoid subordinates lining up in front of me.
First, the lilim. A captivating woman with straight, dark blue hair, wearing tight clothes that emphasize her curves. If you look closely, you will see that small wings are growing on her back. Her expression with its bewitching smile was a bit too much of a stimulus for me with my loner attribute.
Second, the living mail. To express it in one word: armor. Looking closely, it’s an iron armor? Because it’s trembling with a clattering sound, I can more or less identify it as a living being and not a plain armor.
Third, the werewolf. A kobold with a good physique? Its face being more ferocious than that of a kobold is probably owed to it being a wolf and not a dog. Its height is close to 2 meters. It releases a fairly intimidating air.
Fourth, the dhampir. It has the figure of a woman with well trimmed short hair that was dyed jet black. As an effect of that jet black hair, her transparent, white skin stands out all the more. Her looks are good enough that she can be evaluated as beautiful, but compared to the lilim, she gives off a somewhat cold-hearted impression. At first glance she looks like a normal human woman, but…she’s not the same as the lycanthrope, right?
I guess I will start the usual mock battles. There are many things I won’t understand from just the explanation about them. Seeing is believing. As expected, to test the subordinates’ abilities mock battles are the best method.
This time there are a lot of subordinates with humanoid shapes, aren’t there?
I line up many kinds of iron weapons in front of the four subordinates I had created.

“Pick the weapon you specialize in.” (Shion)

The lilim picked an iron wand and the living mail an iron shield. The werewolf strikes an imposing stance without even glancing at the weapons. The dhampir goes past the lined-up weapons and kneels down in front of me.

“I hope to receive a whip if I’m allowed to.”

Whip? Yet another maniac weapon? I tell her, “Wait a moment,” alchemize an『Iron Thorn Whip』 and hand it to the dhampir.
The iron thorn whip has small blades and a pointed iron wire tip attached to it.

“You have my heartfelt gratitude for granting my wish.”

The dhampir bows her head deeply while genuflecting.
Well then, I guess it’s time to start the mock battles. I think a ghoul which has the best possible cost performance ratio will do as an opponent.
I call a ghoul that was waiting for orders.

“Eh? What are you going to do?” (Kanon)

Kanon, who had silently watched the course of events so far, asks me.

“Mock battle.” (Shion)

“Eh?” (Kanon)

Kanon raises her voice in surprise upon hearing my reply.
Come to think of it, it’s the first time for Kanon to witness the mock battles, isn’t it?
Ignoring the bewildered Kanon, I give the signal to start the mock battle.

“Lilim, ghoul, fight each other. However, killing the opponent is forbidden.” (Shion)

――Especially you, ghoul! Make sure to not kill her!
I deliberately order the ghoul.



The lilim with a seductive voice and the ghoul with its usual groaning…!?
Hah? Why can the lilim use the same language as me? Come to think of it, the dhampir talked normally to me just now, too.
Unrelated to my bafflement, the lilim and the ghoul started their mock battle.


The first to move is the ghoul. It charges at the lilim while roaring. Seen from the side, it truly looks like a pervert assaulting a woman.

“Fufu. ――《Sleep》.”

The lilim lightly waves her iron wand at the approaching pervert while smiling. In response, the ghoul’s head is covered by a blue mist and its movements become sluggish.

“You don’t really look all that delicious. Burn ――《Fireball》!”

The ghoul that fell into a slumber blazes up after being hit by the brightly burning flame.

“Maaaster? If I do it once more, he might die, you know~? What shall I do~♥?”

The lilim declares her victory while sending a flirtatious look my way.

“Very well. Stop now.” (Shion)

I announce the end of the mock battle.
What an overwhelming victory… Having said that, there’s one thing that bothers me.

“Lilim, are you still good to go?” (Shion)

“Yeees. I’m totally fine~.”

“Fight two ghouls next, then.” (Shion)

“If it’s your esteemed order, master~♥”

The lilim nonchalantly replies to my demand.

“Ah, before starting the battle…lilim, you understand my words?” (Shion)

“Of course I do~. Fufu. You’re weird, master.”

I can’t believe it, but it looks like the lilim can use my language ― Japanese.

“Why…?” (Shion)

Right now the ability of a dark elf is in effect for 《Absorb》. The subordinate in front of me doesn’t look like an elf at all. I unconsciously mutter my doubt.

“The power of love~♥?”

“Definitely not! It’s because lilim-san and dhampir-san possess the special ability 《Language (Human)》.” (Kanon)

Interrupting the lilim’s joking, Kanon told me the truth.

“I see. With this resolved, let’s resume the mock battles?” (Shion)

The battle 2 ghouls vs. the lilim began.
In the end it resulted in the ghouls’ victory. Using the gap in her casting 《Sleep》 on one ghoul, the other one got close and attacked her. Having her magic sealed off in close combat spelled the lilim’s defeat.
I suppose the lilim is a typical rearguard. Once she was dragged into close combat, she was surprisingly weak. It allowed me to grasp a point I have to pay attention to when using her from now on.
Next up was the mock battle living mail vs. ghoul.
The living mail, which continued to attack while making use of its sturdiness, and the ghoul, which continued to do nothing but attacking due to its lacking intelligence. The one that took control of the battle was the living mail.
It’s sturdy, but its attacks are monotonous. I think it might be interesting to partner it up with the lilim.
Then, the mock battle werewolf vs. ghoul.
The result was the werewolf’s complete victory. The werewolf that greatly surpasses the ghoul in strength and speed was at an advantage throughout the entire battle.
It’s really strong. Though I think it’s regrettable that the werewolf can’t use any weapons. It’s unfortunate that I can’t dope its power through alchemized items.
Next, the mock battle dhampir vs. ghoul.

“Dhampir, ghoul, fight each other. However, killing the opponent is forbidden.” (Shion)

My most anticipated mock battle started.
The dhampir raises her thumb and points her index finger ― imitating a gun with her hand ― at the ghoul.

“――《Ice Bullet》!”

The shot ice bullet hits the ghoul’s left foot, freezing it to the ground.

“――《Dark Arrow》!”

Several darkness arrows stab the ghoul after the dhampir swung her hand downward.


At the end she dashed towards the dying ghoul and swung the iron thorn whip at it.
Once the ice at snared ghoul’s foot melted, it collapsed to the ground like a marionette that had its strings cut.


No one says anything ― the area is dominated by silence.


The dhampir stares at the ghoul’s corpse with a dumbfounded look.


Suddenly the dhampir’s scream reverberates into the vicinity.

“I…I…what…what have I done!? The order of Shion-sama, my creator…”

The dhampir mutters like a broken doll.

“Master. If you please, allow me to serve the duty of fulfilling that dhampir’s wish.”

“Mmh?” (Shion)

Once I turn around, Chloe is deeply bowing in front of me.

“Wish…?” (Shion)

“Yes. I know the wish of that person. Can you leave it to me?” (Chloe)

“Y-Yeah…” (Shion)

Unable to comprehend the situation, I simply agree with Chloe’s proposition.

“It’s my humble pleasure.” (Chloe)

Chloe deeply bows towards me once more, and then runs up to the broken dhampir.

“Nameless dhampir. I understand your wish.” (Chloe)


“My name is Chloe Shion, bloodkin of the great creator Shion-sama.” (Chloe)


Once Chloe announces her name, the dhampir widens her eyes and stares at Chloe.

“Creator-sama’s bloodkin…understood. Please do it.”

“Very well. Together, let’s become Shion-sama’s foundation the next time you come into this world.” (Chloe)


Chloe and the dhampir reach a mutual understanding. I still can’t make anything out of this situation.

“In that case! Take that disgrace and life off――”


I hurriedly hold back the dhampir, who had made her resolve with her eyes closed, and Chloe who’s about to swing her dagger at that dhampir.

“What might be wrong?” (Chloe)

“Don’t give me that!” (Shion)


I loudly shout at Chloe who answers with a nonchalant air.

“Haa!? M-Me of all people…having overstepped my bounds…after all, master is…with his own hands――” (Chloe)

“No!” (Shion)

I strongly deny Chloe who misunderstands even further.

“What are you trying to do!?” (Shion)

“What…? Fulfilling this dhampir’s wish?” (Chloe)

“What’s that wish?” (Shion)

“She acted against the esteemed order of master, her great creator. If it was me, I would die because of that dishonor. In that case it should be the same for this dhampir, I think.” (Chloe)

“Yes…it’s as the bloodkin Chloe-sama says.”

The dhampir follows up on Chloe’s answer as if it’s natural.

“Why does it have to turn out like this!?” (Shion)

Right now every single CP is precious. I’m going to add a new bloodkin through 《Random Creation》. In addition, I have to alchemize items and create houses for Rina and these guys. Why do I have to pointlessly lose a 120 CP dhampir?
I’m troubled because of the two in front of me who show their misguided loyalty.

“Is there any need for Shion’s subordinates to show their loyalty up to such an extent…?” (Rina)

“No, I think those two are kind of special…” (Kanon)

Watching the chain of events, Rina backs off and Kanon looks on with cold-hearted eyes.
Afterwards I spent all my time persuading the reckless two.



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