Chapter 36 – 37

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Chapter 36


100th day after becoming a Demon King.
I spent my days diligently preparing for the looming attack by the heroes.

“Seriously though, isn’t the human side too unfair? 【Chaos】 is at an overwhelming disadvantage, right?” (Shion)

“What is it, all of a sudden?” (Kanon)

I gripe after I finish browsing the net for news, my daily routine.

“Did you see Yay lol’s SNS? That guy’s already at level 13, you know?” (Shion)

“By Yay lol, you mean the 『Silver Hero』? I mean, didn’t you also get to level 4 the other day, Shion-san?” (Kanon)

Yay lol, who frequently updates his SNS, always posts about his level and the progress of his Domain raids.

“No, no, wait, this ain’t even in the range of being double my level…we’re apart by more than three times the level difference.” (Shion)

“Well, humans level easily after all~” (Kanon)

“By the way, what’s your level, Kanon?” (Shion)

Once I ask her about her level, she quickly averts her eyes.
―Roll up your skirt.

“Kya!? Eh!? W-Wait a…I will talk! I will tell you, so please stop!!” (Kanon)

Kanon screams as she’s rolling up her skirt all the while blushing.

“So, what is it?” (Shion)

“Even though you can check the levels of your subordinates yourself――” (Kanon)

―Roll up your skirt.

“Guh, I will say it! It’s 9! 9!! Hey, please cancel the ooorder.” (Kanon)

Still lifting her skirt, Kanon tells me her level and raises hell.

“More than twice of mine, eh…?” (Shion)

I feel slightly depressed over the fact that my subordinate surpassed me in level so easily.

“That’s the result of Shion-san working me to the bone…not, it’s only inevitable that as Demon King, you will have difficulty raising your level.” (Kanon)

“Well, I do know that, but…Kanon, you defeated the same number of enemies I did, didn’t you? Don’t you think that’s unfair?” (Shion)

“You say so, but me and the humans…receive 1 BP each time we level up. Don’t you get 5 BP because you’re a Demon King?” (Kanon)

If I consider it like that, my level converts into 20 human levels?

“Now that you mention it, you’re right. Not to mention there are other growth factors besides levels, too.” (Shion)

I felt better.

“Oh!? You mean the special abilities? Shion-san, what’s the rank of your spearmanship?” (Kanon)

“E, I think.” (Shion)

Recently, I grasped that the special abilities related to weapons such as spearmanship grow through training.
As a result of piling up on training, I acquired 『Spearmanship (E)』 without taking anyone’s ability through 『Absorption』.

“Rank E, huh? It looks like you will obtain a new special ability once it becomes Rank C.” (Kanon)

“Ha? Really?” (Shion)

“Yes. Didn’t I tell you?” (Kanon)

Kanon – the self-proclaimed strategist, or as I call her, 『Google-chan』 – has an extremely high Knowledge stat. There was a lot of knowledge unknown to me that she revealed piece-by-piece after the topic about it crops up accidentally like this time.

“Definitely not. Well, it’s fine. Anyway, according to Yay lol’s SNS, they seem to have high chances to liberate the Domain they are currently tackling.” (Shion)

Yay lol’s group ― the party of Kanezawa’s great hero-sama, has the achievement of having liberated three Domains so far.

“So that means, ultimately…” (Kanon)

Kanon swallows and mutters with a nervous expression.

“It means that the great hero-sama party will attack my Domain very soon.” (Shion)

The hero party declared that they would liberate my Domain once they liberated three Domains other than the one they had freed at the very beginning.
If possible, I wanted to raise my level to 5 before their attack, but…I wonder, is it impossible after all?

“Man, what a pain in the ass.” (Shion)

While reproachfully muttering this about the hero party that’s liberating Domains at a high pace, which goes beyond my original expectations, I personally headed out to repel the invading humans ― to do all I can right now.



Most recently, 1 out of 5 parties among the invading humans were annihilated.
Those dead parties were the humans that had the bad luck of facing me personally.
Basically, I have no intention of allowing any human that sees me return alive. In modern society, where information spreads so easily across the net, a slight information leak can prove to be fatal.
If you put together the information circulating on the net, you will find that the weak points of Demon King (Vampire) have already been exposed. Some retarded Demon King (Vampire) fought the humans on an outside type terrain during daytime, and was utterly defeated.
Why battle on an outside type terrain? Just be a good boy and seclude yourself indoors… In the end, the humans speculated him to be a vampire and ran tests with weapons made out of silver, which is considered a vampire’s major weakness.
1 in 5 parties invading my Domain are completely wiped out. Even if there were humans that escaped total annihilation, the total survival rate is at 70%. You might call attacking my Domain a really risky challenge. But, even in the past Japan during the Warring States era, the value of life was apparently very low. And in the current, broken world…the value of life might already be in a deflationary spiral.
Oops, I suppose the invaders will show up any time now.
The intruders appeared in front of the stairs leading to the third floor, where I’m awaiting them.
Since I ordered my subordinates to go easy on them, all 12 intruders were still safe and sound.

“Welcome to my Domain.” (Shion)

I undo 【Darkness Veil】 and greet the invaders. It has no particular meaning. It’s just an act.


The intruders are bewildered by the sudden appearance of a mysterious person.

“And ―― farewell.” (Shion)

―Dark Arrow!
At the same time as I swing down the hand which I held overhead, the materialized swarm of black arrows pours down on the invaders. Simultaneously, the subordinates, who readied their bows in the rear, let their arrows loose as well.
For the intruders visiting my Domain, their goal is basically just to earn cash. They don’t really plan on trying to liberate it. Believing in the information available on the net, they come invading to gain experience points, and if things go well, aim for a high-ranked item.
What are they going to do if an enemy, who wasn’t mentioned in that information, suddenly appears in front of them? What are they going to do if they are attacked by enemy numbers that are completely outside their predictions?
The answer was ―― the tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes.


“W-What happened!?”

“Who…who’s that guy!?”

The intruders die in utter panic, or if they are unlucky, without even comprehending what’s going on.
Preparing the spear which faintly shines blue, and to which I have grown accustomed ― the Mithril Spear, I dash towards the intruder standing at the very front of the group. My targeted prey prepares his shield by instinct even while being completely fear struck, but the Mithril Spear mercilessly penetrates the target alongside the shield.
I really want to cut down their numbers by half before they regain their composure.
Searching for the next prey, I readied my Mithril Spear.

10 minutes later.
11 intruders are laying on the ground after having turned into silent corpses.
I approach the sole remaining female intruder.

“You want to be saved?” (Shion)

I look down at the woman who has fallen on her rear while trembling, and call out to her.

“If you want to be saved, then drink what’s in this chalice――” (Shion)


Hey, watch it!
I catch the 【Blood Chalice】 which was about to fall down due to her struggling. Had its content spilled out, 500 CP would have gone to nothing.

“If you want to be sav――” (Shion)


It’s no use, huh…?
I stabbed the screaming woman with the Mithril Spear.
I guess this time’s a failure as well. It was a lot more difficult than I had imagined to turn humans into bloodkin.
Telling them to drink all of the 【Blood Chalice】 is impossible, isn’t it?
I cancel the 【Blood Chalice】, turning it back into CP. After ordering my subordinates to loot the intruders, I returned to my room.



Late at night, three days later.
Yay lol was as polite as to post the beautiful entry, “Tomorrow, we will liberate the Domain,” on SNS.
Tomorrow at last, eh? Even if they plan to rest for one day afterwards, they will certainly invade my place the day after tomorrow.
In the end my level stayed at 4.
As long as enemies like Yay lol exist, it will be really convenient. If possible, I don’t want to kill him, but I guess there’s no way around it if he comes attacking my Domain.
While pondering about such pointless things, I start the preparations for welcoming them.
―Chloe. The expedition is over. Come back.
I call back my bloodkin, who went outside, in order to assemble all of my combat forces. There’s no reply from her side, but I’m sure it was transmitted to her. Considering how far away they are, they should return in 6 hours.
Next, I check the types and numbers of my subordinates, calculate the CP, and alchemize several items.

“Shion-san, it’s anytime now, isn’t it?” (Kanon)

“Indeed.” (Shion)

I replied to the nervous Kanon, and put the preparations in order to face the hero party.


Chapter 37


The 104th day after I became a Demon King.
Today I’m talking with the bloodkin that came back.
Having returned deep in the night yesterday, what surprised them the most was the major transformation of the Domain.

“There’s decent food ~ssu… Is this a dream ~ssu!?” (Blue)

The one that’s shocked like that is Blue ― a goblin fighter who wears a crude, blue-dyed helmet, a senior subordinate. Even Silver ― the kobold knight, whose whole body is clad in a full set of the Silver Series, feigns taciturnity, but her tail energetically swung left and right.

“M-Master…such kind treatment for us lowly creatures. I’m…I’m…truly a really blessed person.” (Chloe)

Chloe ― a dark elven beauty that thanks me with tears streaming down her cheeks while looking at crude huts that seem extremely close to falling apart at any time. Her belief in me is somewhat too much to bear sometimes.
Even Hope, the remaining bloodkin, let his emotions show by smiling happily.
I guide my bloodkin, who had achieved considerable accomplishments, to a shabby hut with four stories in the residential area. Seeing as my subordinates offered me their cultivated food as means to show me their appreciation, it appears the result was tremendous.
According to Kanon, something similar to loyalty also exists among the subordinates who are monsters. They will never betray me, but since I heard that they will work beyond expectations if their loyalty is high, I pampered them while keeping it at a level where they won’t get attached to me.
Well, there’s also the example with Kanon’s former bloodkin ― Gobfuto.
If I compare him to Blue, who is also a goblin…

“Blue.” (Shion)

“What?” (Blue)

“If I was to be in a critical situation, would you sacrifice your life to save me?” (Shion)

“Eh? This here was the Last Supper…?” (Blue)

Blue feels openly depressed. It’s a great difference to Gobfuto, who risked his life to deliver Kanon’s message to my Domain. Loyalty. I don’t like being shackled down by invisible data, but it cost little to get these for them anyway. In other words, it was a measure to have temporary peace of mind in consideration of the future.

“Master! Even without ordering this vulgar, lowly thing, this Chloe will do it! As soon as I receive your command, I shall offer you my life at any time!” (Chloe)

“If it’s for you, milord, I will sacrifice this life at any time!” (Silver)

Pushing the depressed Blue aside, the two devout believers approach me.
If they go this far, it’s not loyalty, but more like religious faith, isn’t it?
I yearned for a relationship of keeping a good distance like the one between Kanon and Gobfuto.

“Anyway, let’s keep the jokes at this level. Can I have you hand in your report?” (Shion)

“Yes, master! As you wish!” (Chloe)

Representing the bloodkin, Chloe started to talk about the approximately 30 Domain locations they investigated.
There are 55 Domains left in Kanezawa, including mine.
I will guess the type and level of the Demon King based on the types of enemies that had appeared ― the information provided by Chloe. I started to note down the information and positions of the Domains on a simple map of Kanezawa, which was stolen from an intruder.
First, the information about those below level 3. In other words, the Domains ruled by a Demon King who hasn’t evolved yet.
Once a Demon King evolves, the costs to create subordinates of races with a good compatibility to the Demon King are reduced by half, and doubled for those of bad compatibility. Furthermore, it becomes possible for the Demon King to create race-specific subordinates.
In short, you can assume that a Domain inhabited by a variety of goblins, kobolds, slimes, and rats, that also lacks any race-specific subordinates, is highly likely to be ruled by a Demon King who is below level 3.

“There’s very few Demon Kings below level 3.” (Shion)

Only three Domains fit the previously mentioned conditions.

“Hmm…I think this and this place are also ruled by Demon Kings who are below level 3.” (Kanon)

The Domains indicated by Kanon are ones where only kobolds appeared.

“There are only kobolds in there, right? Could’t they be Demon King (Beast) or such?” (Shion)

“It’s a story of my own experience, but if you’re driven into a corner, subordinates other than kobolds will only turn into experience points for the humans, thus you will only focus on creating kobolds, who are the strongest among your subordinates.” (Kanon)

“Words from someone that experienced it, huh? In that case, this Domain might be ruled by a Demon King below level 3 as well, and not a Demon King (Fairy), since only goblins could be confirmed there.” (Shion)

“Well, yes, but the level of Creation still being at the early stage of E is…thoughtless, or rather, not very likely, but the possibility does exist.” (Kanon)

As a result of including Kanon’s considerations, the number of Domains ruled by Demon Kings below level 3 became 6.
It’s been 104 days since I became a Demon King, and 74 days since humanity’s attacks first began. The percentage of Demon Kings, who still haven’t reached level 3, is 20%, eh? That value feels somewhat unexpected if seen from my standpoint as someone who will eventually have to fight them. If I consider that even the Knowledge-based Kanon reached that level 26 days ago, I feel like it is a bit too contrary to expectations.
For example, the domains where only kobolds appeared with the Demon King being level 2. Assuming they haven’t acquired the extra BP from 【Special】 like Kanon and I did…they really didn’t, did they? My only reference data at present are just Kanon and me, but the rate of receiving BP through 【Special】in our case is 100%. …No, they didn’t. Let’s just assume they didn’t.
Shaking off the bad premonitions crossing my mind, I delve into the world of thoughts once again.
Being level 2, they possess the initial 10 BP and 5 more BP through leveling once. Kobolds being present means their Creation is D. From the fact that the kobolds wore equipment made out of iron, it’s clear that Alchemy is D or above. In order to raise a stat from E to D, you need 2 BP. In summary, with just those two stats they have already spent 4 BP.

“Chloe, were the kobolds appearing in this Domain fully equipped with Iron items?” (Shion)

“Yes. In front of the stairs continuing towards the second floor, there were three kobolds equipped with Iron items with the same composition as Silver’s equipment.” (Chloe)

I link together the information provided by Chloe inside my head.
The same composition as Silver’s. In short, a set consisting of weapon, shield, helmet, and armor. If all of the items are made out of iron, it has cost 40 CP to alchemize them.
When it comes to subordinates that are important enough to be given a full set of equipment…wouldn’t you at least give them a little better items?
At Alchemy C, there’s the Black Iron Series for 50 CP, and at Alchemy B the Silver series, as worn by Silver, which cost 100 CP, these options exist.
In the first place, 105 days since becoming a Demon King have already passed. For the only decently equipped subordinates to be kobolds, and for the alchemized items to only be of the Iron series; aren’t they too wasteful with their CP then?
In short, I can assume that these Demon Lords have kobolds as the strongest subordinates they can create, and the Iron Series as the strongest items they can alchemize.
I guess that makes it clear that their Creation and Alchemy are both D.
What can they do with the remaining 11 BP, then?
To level up a stat from E to C, you would need 7 BP.
In other words, the most natural outline would be to raise one of 【Body】, 【Mana】 and 【Knowledge】 up to C, and raise the remaining two entries to D.
I continue guessing the other parties’ abilities from the obtained information.
Next, I started deducing the Demon Kings’ races based on the appearing monsters.
This part is simple compared to the previous assumptions. You might as well call it confirmed information rather than deduction.
The Knowledge-specialized Kanon knew the specific subordinates that can be created depending on the evolution race of the Demon Kings, although only up to C.

Demon King (Human) ―― none.
Demon King (Oni) ―― Little devil, ogre.
Demon King (Demon) ―― Imp, gremlin, demon.
Demon King (Elf) ―― Sylph, dryad, elf.
Demon King (Dwarf) ―― Gnome, troll, dwarf.
Demon King (Slime) ―― Poison slime, magic slime, metal slime.
Demon King (Beast) ―― Sabertooth tiger, werecat, hellhound.
Demon King (Fairy) ―― Red cap, pixie, dryad.
Demon King (Vampire) ―― Giant bat, ghoul, lycanthrope.
Demon King (Dragon) ―― Lizardmen.
Demon King (Fallen Angel) ―― Gargoyle

The trend is for the race-specific subordinates to have outstanding abilities in comparison to the consumed CP. If one possesses a normal thought pattern, they will release a great number of them into the Domain.
I add the races of the Demon Kings at the Domains noted on the map based on the spawn information obtained by Chloe.
As result, the breakdown of the 24 Domains that were investigated:
0 Demon King (Human), 4 Demon Kings (Oni), 5 Demon Kings (Demon), 3 Demon Kings (Elf), 2 Demon Kings (Dwarf), 3 Demon Kings (Slime), 3 Demon Kings (Beast), 3 Demon Kings (Fairy), 1 Demon King (Vampire), 0 Demon King (Dragon) and 0 Demon King (Fallen Angel).

“Unexpectedly, the distribution is all over the place. Or rather, what’s the evolution conditions for the Dragon and Fallen Angel types?” (Shion)

“Those are the only two races I can’t help you with either.” (Kanon)

According to the information I heard from Kanon, the evolution conditions are:

Demon King (Human) ―― none.
Demon King (Oni) ―― 【Body】 must be C or beyond.
Demon King (Demon) ―― 【Mana】 must be C or beyond.
Demon King (Elf) ―― 【Knowledge】 must be C or beyond.
Demon King (Dwarf) ―― 【Alchemy】 must be C or beyond.
Demon King (Slime) ―― Must have created more than 100 subordinates of the slime type.
Demon King (Beast) ―― Must have created more than 100 subordinates of the beast type.
Demon King (Fairy) ―― Must have created more than 100 subordinates of the fairy type.
Demon King (Vampire) ―― Not allowed to take a single step outside their own room for more than 30 days.
Demon King (Dragon) ―― Unknown.
Demon King (Fallen Angel) ―― Unknown.

“In that case, the troublesome ones are the Oni and Demon Domains, I think.”

Chloe’s party departed on an expedition for an extended period of more than 30 days, but not all of the participating subordinates returned alive. All of the four bloodkin returned safely, but of the subordinates they took along, one kobold, one goblin, and one dark elf died on the way.
All of their deaths were caused by attacks from Demon Kings who came attacking while they were in the middle of investigating a Domain.
The goblin and the dark elf were killed by a Demon King who evolved into an Oni, the kobold was killed by a Demon King (Demon). The former very likely has 【Body】 at B, the latter 【Mana】. Both of them were Demon Kings that specialized in strengthening themselves.
It looks like the abilities will be drastically enhanced per rank up. Come to think of it, 17 BP are necessary to raise a stat from the initial E to B. Just raising it from C to B requires 10 BP ― in other words, it produces the necessity to spend 2 level ups worth of BP on it.
The monsters that spawned in their Domains were weak. The equipped items were lacking, too. However, the strength of the assaulting Demon Kings were in a different dimension.
I think it’s impossible to defeat those Demon Kings with just bloodkin, for the time being at least.
Well, if I were to plan an attack, it would be the Domains ruled by the supposedly level 2 Demon Kings.
Before that ― it’s necessary to repel the hero party that’s going to attack tomorrow.
Time to end the enjoyable break (analysis).
I have to first resolve the approaching problem in front of my eyes if I want to carry out my future plans, don’t I?
I informed my subordinates about the strategy to face the hero party.



The 105th day after I became a Demon King.
Just moments ago, the hero party, which is officially recognized by Kanezawa, liberated their fourth Domain within the city. The humans held a liberation celebration on the freed soil.

『Starting tomorrow, we will begin the liberation of our fifth Domain! All of our followers, please root for us!』

『Yay lol』 Miyamoto Masakado posted the above-mentioned words on SNS together with a picture of him looking very triumphantly.

“That means we’re safe for today, huh?” (Shion)

If they launched a surprise attack today…with this SNS post actually being an ingenious trap, I would need to reassess Yay lol, but I’m pretty sure it won’t come to that.
Our side’s preparations are in order. As lead-up for tomorrow, I decided to grant the key subordinates plenty of rest.
Not needing any sleep or food, I continued simulating tomorrow’s interception in my room.




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