Side Story (Kanon) 3 – 4

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Side Story (Kanon) 3


The 47th day after I became a Demon King.
As a result of having turned the tables on the humans, who came to invade many times, my level has grown to 2. As I had planned beforehand, I allotted all of my BP to Knowledge, making it go up from C to B.
In the beginning, when I just became a Demon King, I was scared due to my Domain ― Demon King Beginner Pack (Hybrid Type) ― being composed of deep forest and ruins, but nowadays, I have completely relaxed my guard, happily spending each day together with my strange-looking friends.
However, once 17 days had passed since humanity started its invasion ― through my repeated experiences of being invaded by humanity and the information gained from the Knowledge stat, I was finally able to comprehend the true essence of the 『World Salvation Project』.
The goblin friend, with whom I pleasantly chatted until some time ago, was slaughtered by humans.
The wolf, who joyfully shook its tail when I alchemized jerky for it, was slaughtered by humans.
This world is truly cruel.
And, the humans are growing stronger everyday. Albeit not many, among them also exist fierce ones that wield Black Iron swords.
I started to panic.
The strongest subordinate I can currently create is a kobold. The strongest items I can alchemize are items of the Iron Series.
Even when I fully equipped my strongest subordinates, the kobolds, with the strongest armor of the Iron Series, there were still times when they were overpowered by the violence of human numbers.
I was able to somehow repel them after making up the numbers with fully equipped kobolds, but ― even that seemed to only be a matter of time.
This world is truly absurd.

I generally happily chat with my friends, create new friends and alchemize new items in the innermost room of the dilapidated house located deep in the forest. I also gather information by freely using the Internet.
I wonder, does humanity know that the Demon Kings can use the Internet?
I have a high level of intelligence gathering capability. While browsing through my favorite blogs, I suddenly feel suspicious of a post.
Among my favorite blogs, there are several sites that summarized the information from anonymous bulletin boards that are treated as index sites.
The messages on this board; it’s definitely a Demon King writing them, isn’t it?
There was even a thread straight up called 『Demon King’s Gathering Thread』.
I’m a Demon King, so I already know the truth, but…within 10 lies, 2 or 3 truths are hidden, which no one but the other Demon Kings should know of.
For a time, the net was in an uproar ― a theory of a 6-hour-monster-respawn in a certain Domain was being discussed vastly. At first I thought that this fake information was posted by trolls to play a prank, but…is it possible that all of it has been done by the same Demon King?
The 6-hour-monster-respawn theory ― if you defeat a fixed number of low-ranking monsters such as slimes and rats, they stop spawning in the Domain. And, once 6 hours pass, they will spawn again.
Such a rule doesn’t exist. If you run out of CP, you will naturally be unable to create subordinates, but even at level 1, 10 CP recover per hour or even more simply put, 1 CP every 6 minutes.
It’s an impossible piece of fake information, but after being investigated by a university’s research team ― it was actually proven to be correct.
Assuming it’s possible, could it be a hoax from the university’s research team that verified it…? But, since the 6-hours-respawn is still in use continuing after that…it’s no hoax?
In that case…it’s a hoax produced by the Demon King of the Domain which became the verification site.
Actually, except for the Domain that became the verification site and a few other Domains, the 6-hours-respawn theory doesn’t hold.
Why do something so troublesome? Did they want a 6-hours rest? But, Demon Kings are fine without sleep or rest, right? If you hate being attacked, I think it would have been smarter to make the interval a little bit longer into something like a day, not just 6 hours…
It’s the most famous Domain in the city. One time it demonstrates a 6-hours-respawn timer. Another time it gifts humans with powerful arms. And suddenly, it was requested to be preserved as a 『Farm』 by public opinion.
Gathering information about that famous neighboring Domain became a daily routine for me.

The 78th day after becoming a Demon King.
The intensity of humanity’s invasions has grown.
Five days ago, a second Domain located within the city was liberated by the humans.
The number of my friends, who are protecting my Domain, is diminishing as well. At the moment, I’m close to being on my last leg. Every day, I create kobolds as soon as I recover 10 CP and send them out to battle.
Even the slime who claims to be quite humble as it wobbles around, the rat who easily succumbs to loneliness, the bat who asks for berries while squeaking, the wolf who is a moody glutton, the goblin who calls me “Chief~”…all of them will turn into mere experience points for the invading humans.
That’s why I kept on stubbornly creating kobolds, the only ones who can fight off the humans.
Right now my CP is 0. The amount of kobolds protecting my Domain is 107. The fully-equipped ones among them, however, are a mere 10 kobolds.
The number of kobolds I can create per day is 48 at maximum. The amount of kobolds falling to the human’s hands however, is 100 per day.
If it goes on like this, the kobolds will be annihilated by tomorrow and the humans will reach my place.
I cheer for my friends fighting against the humans, reflected on my smartphone’s display….half with thoughts of desperation and half with thoughts of clinging to a faint hope.
The figure of a friend, who is killed by a human…and the figure of a woman who collapsed after her nape was bitten by a friend…
Yay, it’s here!
For the first time I offer gratitude to the one, whom I always hurled curses at ― the god whose existence isn’t even clear.
My level went up to 3.
According to the information I gained through Knowledge B, the main changes a Demon King experiences at level 3 ― they are『Evolution』 and 『Familia』.
I quickly operate the smartphone and select the evolution path 『Demon King (Fairy)』.
After confirming it, a pentagram appears under my feet and I’m wrapped up by a dazzling light.
As if my cells are being burned to nothingness one after the other, my entire body is assailed by an intense heat and pain.
…Ple…ase. …Hu…r…ry…
Going by the clock, it took a mere 60 seconds? Going by the bodily sensation, you could even say that it lasted an eternity until the suffering finally came to an end.
Once the pentagram under my feet had disappeared, the pain just now vanished as if it had all been a lie.
I call the one goblin, the only one whom I didn’t allow to participate in the defense of the Domain ― the very first goblin I created.

“Chief~. My preparations are perfect ~ssu.”

“Gobfuto 1 …please.” (Kanon)

I place my hand on Gobfuto’s forehead and pour feelings of deep affection into it.
Gobfuto is covered by a gentle light.

“Did it succeed…?” (Kanon)

“Right on the mark ~ssu! I became chief’s familia ~ssu.” (Gobfuto)

“I’m happy.” (Kanon)

I feel quite relieved due to having succeeded in creating a familia.

“Well then, I entrust it to you, Gobfuto.” (Kanon)

I handed a letter and a white, shining orb to Gobfuto.

“Leave it to me ~ssu.” (Gobfuto)

I entrust my very own fate to one goblin ― my dear friend.


Side Story (Kanon) 4


I make sure with my own eyes how the goblin, whom I entrusted my fate to, runs away.
I made a huge mistake when I became a Demon King.
That mistake was ― the allocation of BP.
My BP allocation ― if you refer to it with the words widely used on the net, it’s a Knowledge-specialized build.
By preferably assigning BP to Knowledge, it grew to B, allowing me to obtain various information. That knowledge saved me in many situations, but…in light of the situation I’m currently facing, it’s a blunder.
A certain Demon King situated in Tohoku has a Body-specialized build, guessing by the information obtained through the net. In his Domain only slimes, rats and as the strongest subordinates, goblins seem to appear, but it appears that the Demon King’s strength is extraordinary. 12 level 5 humans challenged that Demon King…resulting in them being annihilated without lasting even 5 minutes.
A certain Demon King situated south of Tokyo has a Mana-specialized build, guessing by the information obtained through the net. The only monsters appearing in their Domain are wolves. But, it seems the Demon King launches severe spells in the gaps in-between the fighting wolves, who are strong at group battle.
In addition, there are also Domains infested with powerful monsters and heinous traps, seemingly specialized on Creation. Domains infested with goblins, who are equipped with high-ranking weapons and armors – apparently Alchemy-specialized – have been confirmed all over Japan.
If it’s true that the government has in fact categorized all these unique Domains as Hazard Rank, I read that the most dangerous ones are the Domains of Body-specialized Demon Kings. However, even those besides Body-specialized, the domains managed by specialized Demon Kings have high Hazard Ranks…in the eyes of humanity, those are dangerous Domains…in the eyes of other Demon Kings ― you can call them Domains that made the correct choice.
Even though I’m likewise a specialist…why does only the Knowledge-based specialization have such bad luck!?
This world is really absurd.
Do I, a Knowledge-based specialist, have no means of survival?
I felt anxious, digging through the extensive knowledge imparted in my head and thinking it over.
And then I arrived at my sole path of survival.
That method is ― 『Surrender』.
『Surrender』 is not the capitulation as meant by the word, but a 『Surrender』 recognized as means of the 『World Salvation Project』.
It’s a piece of information I gained when my 【Knowledge】 went up to C, but there are three conditions for a Domain to be usurped by a Demon King or to be liberated by humanity.

1. Destruction of the 【True Core】.
2. The Demon King’s death
3. Surrendering to another Demon King.

The statement that a Demon King can’t surrender to humanity, but to another Demon King, is a detestable aspect of the 『World Salvation Project』. I guess it’s telling the humans and Demon Kings to continue their fight.
The process for 『Surrender』 is simple. The execution, on the other hand, is quite difficult…
The method is to first yield the 【True Core】 to another Demon King, then pledge heartfelt submission, and lastly the Demon King, who receives the 『Surrender』 has to agree to it.
Moreover, 『Surrender』 produces various demerits.
The Demon King, who used 『Surrender』, presents not only their Domain, but also the authority over their life and death.
The demerits aren’t limited to just that, either.
『Surrender』 doesn’t stop at only the Demon King who proposed it. There are also demerits for the Demon King who accepted the 『Surrender』.
The demerit is a decrease in the obtained DP.
Originally, a Demon King, who usurped the Domain of another Demon King, will have the upper limit of their DP increased by 100 DP. However, in case they gained the Domain through 『Surrender』, the upper limit of the DP will be raised by 50 DP.
Doesn’t this implicitly tell one that 『Surrender』 is not recommended?
This demerit meant that the Demon King, who suggests a 『Surrender』, has to actively point out their benefits
Either way, in order to survive I must make the 『Surrender』 succeed.
To make that happen, I have to overcome three obstacles.

1.) Presenting the 【True Core】 to the other Demon King.

There are two methods to accomplish that. First, the other Demon King personally comes to my Domain. Well, that method is impossible though. For a Demon King to leave their own Domain, they have to be level 10 at the very least. As far as I know there still hasn’t been a single Demon King who has left their Domain, so far. The second method is to carry the 【True Core】 over from my side. However, to accomplish that, it’s necessary to leave the Domain. The only ones capable going outside the Domains are Demon Kings beyond level 10…and familia.
And then, I miraculously grew to level 3 just a while ago and became able to create familia.
With this, one obstacle has been cleared.

2.) My familia ― Gobfuto has to safely arrive at the Demon King who’s the target for my surrender.

For this, my only option is to believe in Gobfuto. How high is the chance that he will safely get there? In front of the Domain, to which I had Gobfuto depart, the humans have set up a reception for some reason. It’s a popular spot where many humans are waiting for their turn. He has to slip through the fierce attacks of those humans, avoid the monsters dominating that Domain…and to finally arrive at the Demon King’s place.
I’m about to be crushed by anxiety.

3.) The other party has to accept the 『Surrender』…I guess?

The other party, who is offered the 『Surrender』, is a Demon King. 【Chaos】 who loves freedom and chaos…even here, that’s nothing but a nuisance. For the time being I happen to have a trump card to be used in negotiations on hand, but…
That trump card is ― me, a Knowledge-specialized Demon King.
My Body, Mana, Creation and Alchemy are D, but…my Knowledge is B.
It definitely exceeds the Knowledge of the Demon King to whom I offered a 『Surrender』.
Why can I declare it so boldly? The Domain of the Demon King in question is a popular spot called 『Farm』. Various information about it is available on the Internet.
The human party, which is brandishing its power as they currently progress through my Domain, had previously obtained the Silver Spear they are currently using in the Domain of the Demon King in question.
This indicates that their Alchemy is C or above.
Recently the news of a new monster, 『Ghoul』, appearing in their Domain was publicized online.
This indicates that their Creation is C or above as well. Moreover, the only ones who can create ghouls are Demon King (Vampire). In other words, they evolved just recently. That means it’s obvious that they are level 3.
Going by this pattern, the highest BP one can obtain until level 3 is 20. Even if they had an additional increase by 10 BP through 『Service ☆』 as I had, it’s 30 BP.
To raise Alchemy to C requires 7 BP. Same for Creation. Even if their BP had been 30, for example, the remaining BP would still be 16. In comparison, to raise Knowledge to B, I needed 17 BP.
That’s why I can promote myself for having valuable information with my Knowledge at B.
I will advertise my qualification as strategist or staff officer.
I will show you how I survive, making use of the sole weapon I possess ― Knowledge.

15 hours after Gobfuto left me.
I’m standing at death’s door.
Even the fully-equipped kobolds, my strongest combat force, have been completely annihilated.
As an effect of having transported the 【True Core】 outside the Domain, I became unable to create or alchemize anything.

“Yay lol, my cuuute pixie-chan, where are ya?”

The man, who had the silver-shining spear ― the Silver Spear equipped, raises an indecent laughter.
It’s unbelievable, but that vulgar human is one of the city’s leading humans, called 『Matchless Heroes』.

“Hold it…Masakado-san. Please take this seriously! Even if they look like that, the opponent is still a Demon King. We have to be on guard!”

A woman, who had a black-shining sword ― a Black Iron Sword equipped, chides the vulgar human ― Masakado.
I, who had evolved into Demon King (Fairy), have shrunk to a size of around 30 cm, and two wings grew out of my back.
Freely making use of my size and wings, I ran from place to place inside the forest.
Right now, I’m lurking inside the densely growing leaves on top of a tree while holding my breath.

“Nevertheless, how troublesome…I wonder, where’s the 【True Core】?”

A man, who wore glasses, sighs lightly.

“Yay lol, last time it was inside the washing machine, wasn’t it?” (Masakado)

“True. Let’s give up searching for the Demon King for now and thoroughly investigate the ruins instead?”

“Haa? Isn’t it better if we catch that pixie-chan and force it outta her?” (Masakado)

“Inside this forest? That’s extremely inefficient.”

“Tsk!? Glasses-kun, you are too diligent. Do you actually enjoy your life?” (Masakado)

“Before starting to enjoy it, I’m more frantic to stay alive first.”

Once Masakado and Glasses-kun finished their light quarrel, all of them moved to the ruins in order to search.
Pheeew…I’m saved? But, it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it…?
Resignation wells up within me.
If I’m going to die anyway…I want to at least drive an 【Earth Javelin】 into that vulgar man before my death.
Just when I decided my final stand within my resignation―
My smartphone, which had shrunk alongside me, vibrated in my hand.



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  1. The “futo” part means fat/thick in Japanese…maybe a pun, who knows…If anyone has a better idea how to write Gobufuto in English… xD

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