Side Story – Chloe 1

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My name is Chloe Shion. A dark elf who has the same name as my great creator.
Since the moment I was born into this world, I knew my fate.
My fate ― in accordance with my creator, Shion-sama, is to destroy His sworn enemies. This is the very reason, the very purpose of me being alive.
My creator Shion-sama is such a great person that I cannot hope to express all of His greatness with my lacking vocabulary. His appearance mesmerizes anyone, regardless of their race. His thoughts, which are overflowing with wisdom, give one the impression that He can predict the future.
Even now, the sensation of when Creator-sama’s fangs pierced my neck and the taste of the 【Blood Chalice】, the life force of Creator-sama, stimulates my five senses.
Haa haa…Master…my wonderful creator…haa haa…the omniscient and omnipotent being whom I offer my everything to…

“Aaand once again, Chloe is trippin’ ~ssu.” (Blue)

“It’s the usual. Just ignore her.” (Silver)

“I’d like it if Chloe-san could restrain herself a little bit more, but…it can’t be helped, I guess.” (Hope)

The lamenting goblin is – same as me – Shion-sama’s bloodkin, Blue Shion. This guy is a fool who doesn’t understand his own position. His loyalty towards Shion-sama is lacking, and there are even times when he speaks blasphemous words. If not for the restrictions by Shion-sama, I would have killed him from the very beginning. He’s a retard that doesn’t comprehend that the strength he obtained comes from the items which he was granted by Shion-sama.
The kobold with the arrogant attitude is also Shion-sama’s bloodkin, Silver Shion. In contrast to Blue, this one harbors an absolute loyalty towards Shion-sama. She’s a reliable being who handles her shield skillfully. The fact that she has been granted the most items among us by Shion-sama is galling, but I shall forgive it since she doesn’t forget to be grateful towards Shion-sama.
The lycanthrope, who repeatedly adds timid remarks, is also Shion-sama’s bloodkin, Hope Shion. This guy is a small fry. He has a sword which was bestowed to him by Shion-sama, but his sword handling is clumsy and you can’t expect anything from him as combat asset. It’s possible to anticipate his combat prowess if it’s outside at nighttime, but…his strength is too limited. What I dislike above all is that we have been ordered by Shion-sama to give preference towards this guy’s growth.
Having received Shion-sama’s gracious decree, us four bloodkin together with a subordinate for each of us formed a party of eight, and acted together after leaving Shion-sama’s domain.

10 days after we started to act outside the Domain. (70 days after Shion became a Demon King)
The most recent development is an increase of encounters with hostile forces besides the humans ― the bloodkin of Demon Kings other than Shion-sama.

“It smells…” (Silver)

Silver, who has a superior sense of smell, senses the approach of enemies.

“I will confirm ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue, who is skillful despite his impudent attitude, examines the enemies through his telescope ― an item he was given by Shion-sama.

“What’s the situation?” (Chloe)

I urge Blue to tell us the circumstances.
There’s something we were strictly ordered by Shion-sama. It is ― to not die. Gracious words overflowing with compassion. To pay attention to not only the life of this inferior me, but even a vulgar goblin’s life…Shion-sama is a creator full of benevolence.
Shion-sama’s esteemed words are the law. I have the resolve to throw down this life of mine at any time if it’s for the sake of Shion-sama, but if we are told by Shion-sama to not die, we cannot allow ourselves to die, no matter what happens. Even if we have to act shamefully, we must survive.
In other words, we scout the enemy, and if there’s even the slightest danger, we have to fall back.

“They’re all of my race ~ssu. 10 of them in total ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue’s race, or in short, goblins. Even though they are inferior small fries, we cannot act carelessly.

“What about their equipment?” (Chloe)

“It’s of a lower rank than ours ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue replies.

“Does it look like we will win?” (Silver)

Silver joins the conversation.

“With ease ~ssu.” (Blue)

Hearing Blue’s words, we shift to combat mode.
Once we do,
――『Everyone, go into hiding.』
Creator-sama blesses us with His sacred words in our minds.
Creator-sama kindly checks our situation at all times.
Suppressing the feeling of elation welling up within me, I follow His words.
――『Goblin archer and dark elf, ready your bows.』
Creator-sama delivers His orders to mine and Blue’s subordinate.
――『Chloe, prepare your attack magic.』
Yes, master! I bow my head towards Creator-sama whose figure I cannot see.
――『After launching an ambush with ranged attacks, Silver, you will step out in front of the enemies and draw their attention.』
Having been given orders, Silver looks towards the sky as she places a hand on her chest.
――『Once the enemy attacks, Blue, kobold fighter, you two will start a pincer attack. Hope and lycanthrope, you can join the battle as well once it’s been confirmed to be safe.』
We were all bestowed His gracious instructions.
On top of a house that had transformed into a ruin, I pour mana into the wand I was bestowed ― a fire wand. Next to me, my subordinate, the dark elf, and Blue’s subordinate, the goblin archer, pull the strings of the bows they were given.
The 10 foolish goblins proceeded right into our firing range.
――《Fire Ball》
The cluster of fire released by the fire wand makes impacts right in the middle of the 10 goblins and erupts into a grand blaze.

“W-Who is it ~ssu…?”

“””Gii? Gii! Gii!”””

One of the goblins wore an Iron Breastplate and was holding an Iron Axe. From the fact that I can understand its words, the goblin must be a bloodkin. Once it falls into panic, the goblins surrounding it start making an uproar.
Arrows rain down on those goblins. In addition to a goblin which got swallowed up by the flames, three more goblins fell to the ground.

“Mine name is Silver Shion! Listen up, you rabbl――” (Silver)

――『Silver! Don’t reveal your true identity!』

“Awoo!” (Silver)

Silver, who introduced herself as she pleased, is scolded by Shion-sama and lets out a miserable voice.
The remaining goblins surge towards Silver whose ears and tail now hang low.

“Now ~ssu!” (Blue)

“Woof woof!”

Blue and the kobold fighter jumped out of the house where they hid and attacked the goblins from behind.
Unable to endure any longer, I chain fire spells. The number of goblins keeps dwindling down one by one.
Once the number of goblins went down to three, Hope and his follower joined the battle as well.
Within less than three mere minutes, 10 goblins were completely annihilated.
We learn how to fight from His esteemed words that are bestowed upon us from time to time.
Silver, who isn’t overly smart, has repeated the same mistake many times, but we continue to grow. Next time we will display the same tactic even without His commands.
And there was something we, who defeated the enemies, had to do.
―It’s looting.
Blue rummages through the silent goblins’ remains while looking happy.

“I wish you would restrain yourself with the fire spells ~ssu. The loot isn’t of any use, if it’s burned ~ssu.” (Blue)

Blue looks down on a roasted goblin corpse bitterly.

“Master’s esteemed orders are absolute.” (Chloe)

I merely used magic as ordered by Master. There’s no reason to be told such complaints by an inferior goblin.

“Yea, yea, whatever you say ~ssu…oh, I found food ~ssu! To think that even these goblins that were treated like disposable pawns possess food…on the other hand we…” (Blue)

“Blue! You’re too disrespectful!!” (Chloe)

I rebuke Blue, who continues to complain even more. Even though we would have been killed…if not for Shion-sama’s gracious instructions.

“We have been granted items that are far beyond comparing them to food such as this, isn’t that so?!” (Chloe)

Even if it’s the axe in Blue’s hands right now, it’s an item created by Shion-sama which takes a dozen times more effort for it to be produced by Blue.

“I know that ~ssu, but…normal food for us――” (Blue)

“Blue, you talk too much.” (Silver)

Not only me, but even Silver rebukes Blue this time. Seemingly having noticed that he has a bad standing, Blue holds his tongue and silently loots the corpses.
Having finished that, we continue to look for enemies once again ― all for the sake of giving Shion-sama, our creator, strength, no matter how small it might be.

18th day after we started to act outside the Domain. (The next day after Kanon surrendered to Shion)
Gracious words were passed down by Shion-sama.
――『Investigate the types of monsters inhabiting the surrounding Domains.』
The investigation of the surrounding Domains. What His esteemed words mean is――
Restraining the throbbing in my chest, I set off to carry out the investigation.
For the sake of Shion-sama’s hegemony!



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