Chapter 34 – 35

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Chapter 34


Once I checked my status, the maximum value of CP had increased by 100. Moreover, I acquired a new special ability.
I think I will postpone the verification of this new special ability to a later date. Gosh, the things I ought to do are increasing successively…

“Kanon, do you have a weapon you’re proficient at?” (Shion)

I call out to Kanon. The current plan is to deal with the saturated 400/400 CP.

“Weapon? Sorry, I have never used one.” (Kanon)

Kanon slouches her shoulders while looking apologetic.

“Then…ah wait, considering it properly, can you actually hold this?” (Shion)

I pass a Black Iron Sword, which I had kept in stock, to Kanon.
Kanon’s over-all length is 10 cm. On the other hand, just the blade of the Black Iron Sword has a length of 80 cm.
The result is…

“Nnh…nnh…haahaa…” (Kanon)

The bug that attached itself to the sword….err, I mean Kanon is putting in desperate efforts trying to lift it up.

“…Haahaaa, impossible.” (Kanon)

“Well yeah, makes sense.” (Shion)

I operate my smartphone and check the wide-ranging list of weapons I can alchemize.
If I remember correctly…it should have been around here…ah, there it is.
Koro-pok-guru’s1 Wand – Rank C. Cost: 150 CP. A tiny wand that can be held even by midgets.
Unexpectedly, it costs quite a bit of CP. There’s also the expression You get what you pay for, it’ll do.
By the way, Fairy Rod – Rank B, Cost: 350 CP. I could alchemize that as well, but I rejected the idea as it would be even more expensive than my own weapon.
I alchemize Koro-pok-guru’s Wand and toss it to Kanon.

“Ouch!? Hey…eeh!? Is such an expensive item really okay!?” (Kanon)

Having been tossed the Koro-pok-guru’s Wand, Kanon is anguished in two different ways.

“For the record, it’s only because my CP had fully recovered.” (Shion)

“Thank you very much! I will cherish it!” (Kanon)

“S-Sure.” (Shion)

I became bewildered by Kanon, who’s far more delighted than I had expected.

“Come to think of it, the CP limit has only gone up by 100…” (Shion)

“Yes. You get 100 CP per increase in 【True Cores】.” (Kanon)

Seemingly very happy with her Koro-pok-guru’s Wand, Kanon answers with a lively voice.

“And yet the CP will halve…it will decrease by 200 if I move the 【True Core】 outside of its Territory?” (Shion)

No matter how you think of it, it doesn’t match up.

“It’s the specification after all.” (Kanon)

Kanon gave me a point-blank reply with her merry voice.

“Now then, what should I do?” (Shion)

I mutter to myself. Me voicing it out was deliberate in order to hear Kanon’s opinion.

“About what?” (Kanon)

“My plans from now on. I think there’s basically two options.” (Shion)

“What are they?” (Kanon)

“Protect the newly gained Domain? ―Or abandon it?” (Shion)

It’s my experience from the previously mentioned simulation game where you aim for the unification of the country. You will assault territories in the beginning since there are things you want (i.e. population). However, since you won’t have enough combat forces to protect two territories at the same time, you will have to abandon the usurped territory if it’s attacked while not having any troops stationed.

“Ah, I see. To put it in your own words, 『Abandoning it will have the merit of centralizing your combat forces, and the demerit is a decrease in the maximum values of your CP and DP』 or something like that?” (Kanon)

The bug in front of my eyes said with a self-satisfied look while intentionally lowering her voice, this really makes me want to slap her.

“I don’t really want to believe it, but, are you imitating me?” (Shion)

“Ehehe. It’s similar t――buhah!?” (Kanon)

For the time being, I slapped the foolishly laughing bug.
Ignoring the writhing bug, I deliberate.
Are those really the only demerits…?

“…No, wrong.” (Shion)

“That hurt!! …bah, what’s wrong?” (Kanon)

“The demerits.” (Shion)

“Eh? Since the 【True Core】 will be destroyed if you abandon it, your CP and DP will decrease, no?” (Kanon)

“That’s correct. For the sake of survival ― for the sake of becoming stronger, CP and DP are essential.” (Shion)

“…? Aren’t we on the same page then?” (Kanon)

“We are. But, abandoning it has yet another big demerit.” (Shion)

“An even bigger demerit?” (Kanon)

“From now onward, how will the world’s situation change, I wonder…?” (Shion)

“Gosh, Shion-san, suddenly changing the topic in the middle of the chat, or rather, delving into your own worl――” (Kanon)

―Roll up your skirt.

“Ehh? Eh!? Kyaa!? Why!? Why!!” (Kanon)

Kanon rolls up her skirt with a beet red face.

“Stress release.” (Shion)

“…You’re awful.” (Kanon)

It’s the greatness of a master-servant relationship.

“Assuming I continue surviving ― what do you think will happen to Demon Kings from now on?” (Shion)

“Demon Kings, you say? To me, Demon Kings are alrea――” (Kanon)

“You just wasted your chance to become my staff officer, you know? I look forward to your future endeavors as Google-chan.” (Shion)


“Eh? N-No way…one more…give me one more chance――” (Kanon)

Ignoring Google-chan, who’s entreating me with a whiny voice, I get on with the topic.

“The first month after becoming a Demon King was the preparatory phase. Once that phase ended, it turned into the defense phase. I guess we are in this phase right now.” (Shion)

“Ah? You’re not listening to m――” (Kanon)

“What’s going to happen once this phase ends? Many Demon Kings will create kin and eventually, step outside their Domains. And they will begin to expand their Domains by subjugating other Demon Kings. In other words, it will become a Demon King screening phase.” (Shion)

Ignoring Kanon’s interruption, I continue with my conjectures.

“Demon King screening phase?” (Kanon)

“Yep. The Demon Kings will be sorted into the strong and the weak.” (Shion)

“And then, the Demon Kings who prevailed will flood various places. We will plunge into an era where Demon Kings as local warlords will strive for superiority among each other with humanity being in the mix as well. The Demon King that survives until the bitter end will be the winner. Or, if all Demon Kings are defeated, humanity will win.” (Shion)

I’m enveloped by a feeling of satisfaction after I finish stating my conclusions.

“I see… What does that mean?” (Kanon)

“…Eh?” (Shion)

“Eh?” (Kanon)

Kanon stacks her confused voice on top of mine.
Which part did she not understand? Explaining has become too troublesome. Having said that, it’s essential for us to share information in order to make the best use of Kanon’s knowledge.

“Listen, in short, there will be battles between fellow Demon Kings in a not-so-far future, okay?” (Shion)

“Right, the Demon King screening.” (Kanon)

“Yeah. So what are the indispensable components to becoming a strong Demon King?” (Shion)

“Level, CP, DP, an excellent Knowledge B staf――” (Kanon)

“CP is necessary for both offense and defense. DP is necessary for defense. Are there any methods to increase those two besides leveling?” (Shion)

I interrupt Kanon’s nonsense.

“The usurpation of Domains.” (Kanon)

“Indeed. However, even though there are countless Domains, they are still finite in the end. Especially in the range where we can expand, the numbers fall even more when it comes to Domains with a lower rank than mine.” (Shion)

“That makes sense.” (Kanon)

“That’s where the problem is. What do you think will happen if I abandon a domain now?” (Shion)

“It will be liberated.” (Kanon)

“Yes. A liberation. Not usurpation, but liberation.” (Shion)

“Umm, since the domain will be liberated by humanity and not a Demon King…” (Kanon)

“Almost but not quite. How do you usurp a Domain that had been liberated…?” (Shion)

“―Ah!? I got it! To usurp a Domain that had been liberated, you have to advance your level to 10. In other words, the total share, which is already scanty under normal circumstances, will decrease even further!” (Kanon)

“Correct. The biggest demerit of abandoning it is the fact that it’ll be liberated by humanity.” (Shion)

There’s no problem if a Demon King takes it…I won’t go as far as saying that, but at least it’s an adjoining Domain. As far as I had investigated the net, I couldn’t confirm any Demon Kings that tower above the rest in my neighborhood. In the worst case, I would just have to take the Domain back. However, if it’s liberated, I can’t get it back until I reach level 10. This was the biggest demerit.

“Our current course of action will be defense. I suppose we will start from creating the Domain and basing the set up on that.” (Shion)

“Yes!” (Kanon)

Chapter 35


Three hours of 【Pseudo-Peace】 left.
I closed the【Domain Creation】 which covered 3 floors x 12 km².
Given that it’s too bothersome to call it 『Kanon’s Former Domain』 each time I talk with Kanon, I conveniently named the domains: 【First Domain】 for the one I originally managed, and 【Second Domain】 for the one Kanon managed before.
The 【First Domain】 and the 【Second Domain】 could be separated by a wall, and it was also possible to travel between them if you connected them through a passage. You can call it kind of logical, but I couldn’t shut down the passages from the entrance to the places where the 【True Cores】 had been set up.
I created the 【First Domain】 and the 【Second Domain】 with a clear concept in mind.
The concept of the 【Second Domain】 is to be a farm. The passages on the first floor are almost all straight paths. Treasure chests and their guardians are lying in wait in the deepest part of the floor and in side passages. Given that the stairs descending to the second floor have been set up in the entrance area, it’s a gentle layout where you can also skip the first floor, if the invaders’ objective is liberation. Starting with the second floor, kobolds and ghouls are deployed. The first half has a simple structure. In the latter half ― the distance to the stairs continuing to the third floor ― I have deployed armed subordinates. The serious mode starts with the third floor. The invaders will be eliminated here at full force.
The concept of the 【First Domain】 is hardcore. And by hardcore, I mean really hardcore.
Starting with the first floor, I have established a complex and confusing maze. Plenty of traps have been placed as well. The subordinates stationed there are ghouls and giant bats, both of which have superior cost performance. Starting from the second floor, I placed subordinates that were equipped with powerful items, freely capitalizing on Alchemy ― my strong point.
And the third floor ― had become a residential area.
This is a floor I created while complying with Kanon’s advice.

“Shion-san, you haven’t created a residential area yet?” (Kanon)

“Residential area?” (Shion)

I can’t do anything but parrot the unfamiliar word.

“Yes. Each monster has its own preferred area. If the residential area works properly, even self-sufficiency in regards to food is possible, and it will also prosper if you provide residences. Or rather, I heard it from your subordinates before, but they haven’t been placed in an environment where they can obtain any decent food.” (Kanon)

“What do you mean?” (Shion)

“According to them, they were given the corpses of other subordinates, who got killed, or humans as food.” (Kanon)

“That’s correct.” (Shion)

Rather than calling it given, saying that they ate them on their own accord would be correct. When the subordinates, who were always next to me, became too thin and worn out, I would alchemize the food with the lowest CP consumption and give it to them. In the first place, for many of my subordinates, the cycle from being created to being defeated in battle was rather short, thus I didn’t pay any attention to their food supply.

“That’s no good! For them to eat defeated subordinates…that should be the final measure!” (Kanon)

Come to think of it, each time the chosen subordinates came back after killing humans, they brought the food owned by those humans with them, and distributed it to the other subordinates.

“By the way, is there any merit in giving them decent food and living places?” (Shion)

I can deal with the food and residences one way or another using Creation. However, it’s not for free. It requires crucial CP in compensation.

“There is. If you provide an environment where they can eat and live, they will breed. Or in other words, you will be able to increase the number of subordinates without consuming any CP.” (Kanon)

“I see. Being able to increase the amount of subordinates without using CP ― that’s a huge merit indeed.” (Shion)

“It’s wonderful that you understand.” (Kanon)

“Having said that, it’s breeding, right? Do you know the concrete periods and birth rates?” (Shion)

“The periods and birth rates differ depending on the race. In the case of rats, it takes 10 days until a pair of male and female rats breed. The number of newly born rats is around 10. In the case of wolves, the breeding takes 15 days and the number of offspring is around 5 wolf pups. In the case of goblins, the breeding takes 20 days and the number of offspring is around 7. In the case of kobolds, the breeding takes 30 days and the number of offspring is around 5. In the case of orcs, the breeding takes 40 days and the number of offspring is around 5. Lycanthropes and dark elves both need 180 days for breeding, but the number of offspring is limited to one. However, those periods concern the time after the female has been impregnated.” (Kanon)

I mull over the reply Kanon gave me.
The breeding periods were shorter than I had imagined.

“How much CP is needed to prepare an environment where rats are willing to breed?” (Shion)

“Umm, please wait a little moment…I will calculate it.” (Kanon)

Kanon starts the calculator app on her smartphone.

“In order for 10 pairs of rats to breed, 30 CP is necessary to provide a suitable environment. It’s additional information, but a water source is indispensable for allowing other races besides rats to breed. Given that the cost performance of 【River】 is excellent, it changes to 50 CP and 30 DP in case you use it.” (Kanon)

“Won’t it be enough with a 【Pond】?” (Shion)

If it’s a 【Pond】, I can create it by paying 10 CP and 10 DP.

“It might be fine if it’s just rats, but if you also consider the breeding of other races, then the range of a 【Pond】 is too small. If you use a 【River】instead, you can cover a wide area.” (Kanon)

“I see. That’s valuable information. In short, because the creation of a 【River】 is also required for the prosperity of the other races, it’s 30 CP for 【River】 without any further need for consideration. If I add 20 CP for the 【Subordinate Creation】 of 10 pairs of rats, I will need to spend 50 CP, resulting in the number of rats increasing by 100 every 10 days. That conclusion is correct, right?” (Shion)

“No, it’s different.” (Kanon)

“Why?” (Shion)

“All 10 pairs breeding, something like that won’t happen. Rats are a race that breeds easily, but you should still consider their breeding rate to be at 70%.” (Kanon)

“Ah, okay.” (Shion)

I revise the numbers in my head.
How much of an effect can I achieve compared to the expended costs ― in other words, cost-effectiveness. It’s something that I studied in economics at university. For sure, I didn’t expect it to be of use here.
Expending the costs, namely 30 CP, yields 70 rats every 10 days. That is to say, I can gain an effect that’s comparable to 140 CP.
Within 30 days, the cost-effectiveness goes up to 1400%!?
That’s odd. In class I was taught that 120% is already a huge success.
After that I had Kanon tell me the environments necessary for my subordinates to breed.
As a result ― I created a residential area costing me 360 CP and 130 DP. Furthermore, until a system of self-sufficiency is in place, it has become necessary to provide 30 CP per day as running costs.
Still, the cost-effectiveness was roughly 200% per 30 days. Only the cost-effectiveness of rats was abnormally high.

“Uwaah…how beautiful.” (Kanon)

Together with Kanon I moved to the created third floor.
The new third floor, which might as well be called the residential area of my subordinates, had changed into a 【Grassland】 by spending 100 DP. While still within the dungeon, bright sunlight pours down, a river crosses from north to south in the center, and if you survey the vicinity, you will see plains overgrown with vegetation and a deep forest. Two caves, which can’t be seen from outside, exist deep in the forest.

“Just what did you even ask me to create…it’s a true hell.” (Shion)

“Eh?” (Kanon)

The glaring sunlight reliably snatched away my stamina as a vampire.

“Well then, I guess I will go back…” (Shion)

“Huh? Already?” (Kanon)

I returned to the cave which had become my new room.
Two caves had been set up on the third floor. One is the room of this sunlight-hating me. The other one was connected to the 【Second Domain】.
I isolated the first and second floors between the 【First Domain】 and the 【Second Domain】. Only on the third floors did I prepare a passage for the subordinates to traverse.
For the sake of my subordinates coming and going ― meaning, for me, it was possible to move through the dungeon with a different method.
At the time when my Domain expanded, the newly acquired special ability I gained was ― 《Transfer C》.
Its effect is the ability to transfer me close to my subordinates within the Domain. However, if hostile elements are nearby, I won’t be able to transfer over.
In short, for me alone, it’s possible to instantly transfer within the Domain with some conditions attached.
Those conditions are fairly harsh. 『Transfer in the vicinity of a subordinate』 ― or otherwise, I can’t transfer to a location where there are no subordinates. For example, if invaders proceeded onward while defeating my subordinates, I won’t be able to transfer behind them since there won’t be any subordinates left in the areas the invaders had passed, making a surprise attack from the rear impossible. Moreover, 『Unable to transfer to a location with hostile elements nearby』 ― in short, I couldn’t use transferring as a means to escape. To make matters worse, if I use it once, I won’t be able to reuse it for a period of 8 hours (I guess I can call it a cooldown time?)
Having said that, it was a convenient special ability despite its many regulations.
But, since the only one capable of transferring is me, the subordinates need to head to their stations by foot. The route to travel for that sake is the passage prepared on the third floor.

“Or rather, why Transfer C?” (Shion)

“If it’s Transfer B, it apparently becomes possible to transfer subordinates, too. It’s possible to acquire it at level 5.” (Kanon)

I received this as an answer from Google-chan ― Kanon.

“What about Transfer A?” (Shion)

“My knowledge doesn’t go as far…” (Kanon)

Kanon dropped her shoulders, feeling depressed.
Because I had assigned a lot of DP into the residential area, I didn’t set any traps at all in the 【Second Domain】. In exchange, I have planted plenty of traps in the 【First Domain】.
Anyway, the 【Domain Creation】 came to an end. For the sake of leveling from now on, I also plan to increase the opportunities for me to stand at the front-line.
I steadily continued to increase my strength in preparation for the upcoming 『Hardcore』 invasion.

Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 508/508
Domain Size: 12 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 3
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 50
– Grassland (Floor) x 1
– Forest (Partial) x 1
– River x 1
– Cave (Small) x 2
– Hut x 30
– Field x 10
– Tomb x 20
– Rock x 20
– Entrance x 2
– Treasure Chest x 28
– Rest Area x 8
– Stairway x 4
Set-up Traps:
– Iron Arrow x 20
– Poisoned Arrow x 20
– Tumbling Boulder x 4
– Pitfall x 2
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of Humans: 12 * 2
Special Effects: Pseudo-Peace (3 hours left)



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