Chapter 32

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I switched my thought process and decided to toss the next question at Kanon. By the way, the answer she received in the 【Special】 section seems to be “Please decide for yourself.” What a blunt answer.

“The next question: Kanon, as of now, you aren’t a Demon King?” (Shion)

“Ah, yes. I checked when you were immersed in your own world, Shion-san, but my current race is 《Pixie》. To explain it with my status―” (Kanon)

Once she shows me the status displayed on her smartphone,

Name: Kanon
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Pixie
Lv.: 3
Body: D
Mana: D
Knowledge: B
BP: 5

Special Abilities:
– Fairy
– Instant Memory
– Nature Manipulation
– Earth Javelin
– Language (Fairies)
– Language (Subrace A)
– Language (Subrace B)
– Language (Demons)
– Language (Angels)
– Language (Humans)
– Telepathic Communication (Slimes)
– Telepathic Communication (Animals)
– Telepathic Communication (Spirits)

it has become like this. Other than 【Creation】 and 【Alchemy】, CP has vanished, too. Moreover, compared to her time as a Demon King (Fairy), the overall-length of her status has apparently decreased by a third.

“Hmm? The matter of you not being a Demon King…does that mean you need to eat and sleep now?” (Shion)

My characteristic of being able to stay active without any sleep, food or drink is owed to the special ability 【Demon King】. My subordinates normally require food and sleep.

“That’s how it is…” (Kanon)

Until now, my subordinates’ food consisted of humans that had invaded and the corpses of other subordinates who were killed by humans, or if it wasn’t enough, I provided food through Alchemy, but…I wonder, would it be a good idea to create farm fields or something like that? I knew that it exists as an entry, but it’s an entry I purposely ignored since it looked troublesome.
Now that I think of it, we have talked for more than an hour. The remaining 【Pseudo-Peace】 has a little less than 23 hours left.
I guess I should procure some information before restructuring my Domain.
However, in that case, it becomes a problem as to how far I can trust Kanon.

“Kanon, what’s your current position?” (Shion)

“It’s fine for you to consider me your subordinate.” (Kanon)

Can I order her around like my other subordinates in that case?
―Roll up your skirt.

“…Eh? Eeeeh!? Y-Yes!?” (Kanon)

With a blushing face, Kanon rolls up the skirt of her dress with her own hands.
Uh huh. It’s a sight for sore eyes.

“W-What is it all of a sudden!?” (Kanon)

“Well, since you said that you’re the same as my subordinates, I wondered whether I can give you orders, and thus I wanted to make sure.” (Shion)

The result: I can.

“I-In that case, even other orders…” (Kanon)

Kanon curls up on the ground while looking embarrassed.
Well, it’s possible that my character has been put in question, but…there’s no worry that she could betray me, I guess?

“By the way, what will happen to you, if I die?” (Shion)

“That depends on how you die. If you were to be killed by humans, all of your subordinates, including myself, will disappear. If you were to be killed by a Demon King, your subordinates will obey the Demon King that killed you.” (Kanon)

“Except me being killed by a Demon King, is it possible for you to serve another Demon King, Kanon?” (Shion)

“If it’s an Oni Demon King, 《Submission》. If it’s a Vampire Demon King, 《Contract》. If it’s a Dwarf Demon King, 《Drinking Bout》. If it’s a Slime Demon King, 《Absorption》…it’s possible for me to become the familia of another Demon King if I accept it.” (Kanon)

Nice, an array of unknown terms.
Once I asked for a detailed explanation, those seem to be the different methods of creating bloodkin by the evolved races…

Demon King (Human):《Bonds》― Making someone a follower by deepening the bonds.
Demon King (Oni):《Submission》― Making someone, who had their spirit broken into an underling by displaying strength.
Demon King (Demon):《Hell’s Scales》― Making someone that made an offering to you into a minion.
Demon King (Elf):《Covenant》― Making an elf or spirit that tied a covenant into a partner.
Demon King (Dwarf):《Drinking Bout》― Making someone with whom you spent one night drinking booze into a buddy.
Demon King (Slime):《Absorption》― Making someone who you absorbed into a clone.
Demon King (Beast):《Sympathy》― Making someone who resonated with you into a friend.
Demon King (Fairy):《Trust》― Making someone, who trusts you and whom you trust, into a familia.
Demon King (Vampire):《Contract》― Making someone who drank up a blood chalice into a bloodkin.
Demon King (Dragon):《Master and Servant》― Making someone who believes in you into a servant.
Demon King (Fallen Angel):《Convert》― Making someone who has the same faith as you into a believer.

(T/N: Author used for all of it “kin,” I changed it up a bit to make it more clear. Hope it won’t come biting me later. xD)

That’s all the conditions for each race to make kin. Furthermore, depending on the race, the CP needed to create kin differs, with the Vampire type apparently needing the most.
The explanation has become too abstract, so I don’t really understand it.

“Oh well, I understand about the conditions of creating kin. In short, as long as you don’t become the kin of another Demon, you can’t betray me. Is it fine to perceive it like that?” (Shion)

“Yes. As long as there’s no order from you, Shion-san, I have a free will, but…it’s fine to view it like that.” (Kanon)

Kanon nodded with a serious expression.

“Then I guess I will trust you and clarify. From now on, I will tell you my personal principles so far and the guidelines for the coming actions.” (Shion)

“Okay.” (Kanon)

“After hearing it, I’d like you to provide any information you think will be of use.” (Shion)

“Understood.” (Kanon)

I told Kanon about my guideline of deliberately giving incentives to the humans to come to my Domain ― for the sake of survival. I also explained the necessities and means as thoroughly as possible.

“I see. That’s why you put such powerful weapons inside the treasure chests.” (Kanon)

“You knew about it?” (Shion)

“If you search the net, it becomes clear right away. Besides…the humans, who chased after me up until right before offering my 《Surrender》 to you, were the Matchless Heroes party.” (Kanon)

“Ah…that group invaded your Domain, Kanon?” (Shion)

“Yes. Shion-san, if your reply was any later, I think that I would have certainly vanished.” (Kanon)

“That means their group failed in liberating the Domain?” (Shion)

“Yes. They were ejected when my 《Surrender》 was enacted.” (Kanon)

“It seems those guys are going to invade this place once they liberated three local Domains, but…is it fine to consider Kanon’s Domain as no-count?” (Shion)

“Hmm, I wonder. In the eyes of the humans, my Domain is still an inviolable area, so I guess it’s fine to assume so?” (Kanon)

“By the way, how many days did it take for them to reach you after they started to invade your Domain, Kanon?” (Shion)

“Umm, six.” (Kanon)

“Ha? Isn’t that too fast? You were cornered to the verge of being liberated in a measly six days!?” (Shion)

Liberating in six days; isn’t that a bit too much of a high pace?

“I-It couldn’t be helped, c-could it…? I failed with my build…” (Kanon)

“I see. If I consider Kanon’s Domain as being too weak…it will grant me a little bit more time?” (Shion)

“That way of saying it hurts, or rather… Well, it’s a fact, but… But, it’s possible that there’s still a level 1 Demon King by some chance! In that case, my Domain will…” (Kanon)

“Nah, that possibility is almost zero. They would have all become level 2 by now at the very least.” (Shion)

Or should I say, many Demon Kings have already reached level 3.

“Why?” (Kanon)

Kanon asks me who immediately shot down her thinking.

“It’s a guess, but…it’s the aptitude.” (Shion)

“Aptitude? Umm, do you mean the result of the aptitude test from that day?” (Kanon)

“That’s right. The people who became Demon Kings are all people who were classified as 【Chaos】. The assumed aptitude requirements for 【Chaos】 are…people that lack a spirit of cooperation, people that have an extremely high opinion of themselves, people who didn’t fit into society before the 【World Salvation Project】, and…people with a high aptitude for this world. If I were to put it in other words, those with high adaptability to this world have been chosen, I think.” (Shion)

“Why do you think so?” (Kanon)

“The 【World Salvation Project】 is a project to save the world by having 【Chaos】 and 【Law】 fight each other. In this project, 【Chaos】 is pretty much in an extremely disadvantageous position. First off, the numbers are overwhelmingly different. Next, 【Chaos】 can’t leave their Domain until they grow up using 【Law】, or to put it in another way, until they reach level 10. 【Chaos】 must not only annihilate the humans, but also the other Demon Kings.” (Shion)

“Now that you mention it, it’s really unfair. Ah! But, the basic abilities of 【Chaos】 ― the Demon Kings, are higher than those of the humans, and they can create .” (Kanon)

“True. Those advantages are major. And yet, I still think that 【Chaos】 is at a disadvantage. Until here is the basic premise.” (Shion)

“Okay.” (Kanon)

【Chaos】 being at such a disadvantage brings up a question. In the first place, if they are at this much of a disadvantage, it won’t become much of a 『Fight』, right? Though it’s a statistic limited to Japan, the number of inviolable areas in Japan ― the number of Demon Kings, is 16,000, according to information gathered from the net. And, the number of Domains that were liberated until yesterday is 124. It’s a rough calculation, but it means that 99.225% of the Demon Kings are still alive.” (Shion)

“Hearing that, it looks like the Demon Kings are at an advantage.” (Kanon)

“Not really. The survival rate 17 days ago was 100% after all. From now on, the value of the survival rate will probably fall with each coming day.” (Shion)

“I see.” (Kanon)

“Well, getting back to what I want to say; even though 37 days have passed since the battle between 【Chaos】 and 【Law】 has started, the Demon Kings are putting up an extremely good fight. Going even further, the first time when a Domain was liberated was 29 days after the start of the fight. After 30 days, if you look at Japan. Don’t you think that Domains would have been liberated much earlier if there had been even one Demon King, who couldn’t adapt to this world while trembling in their Domain, unable to do anything?” (Shion)

“Now that you say it, that’s true…” (Kanon)

“It’s different for Demon Kings of Domains that are situated in secluded areas where no one goes to, but the normal Demon Kings have adapted to this world. To sum it up, it means there’s pretty much no Demon King trembling out of fear while still being stuck at level 1.” (Shion)

“Makes sense.” (Kanon)

“Well, if there are exceptions, then it’s the Demon Kings who heavily invested in Knowledge.” (Shion)

“Hauu… If I’m told that…” (Kanon)

Once I teasingly laugh at Kanon, she unsteadily wobbles around in midair like an insect that was sprayed with an insecticide.

“Anyway, based on that…eh, what’s wrong?” (Shion)

Once I’m about to return the topic to the real issue at hand, Kanon pressed a hand against her head and frowned.

“No, it’s nothing.” (Kanon)

Hmm? I get suspicious of Kanon’s behavior.
―Confess what you’re thinking right now.
I take a forceful approach and order her firmly.

“Hauu…umm, how troublesome…” (Kanon)

“Troublesome? What is?” (Shion)

“No, I mean, Shion-san, you are smart.” (Kanon)

“Is that so?” (Shion)

I think that I simply like to deliberate and have delusions, rather than being smart, though.

“At this rate my plan…” (Kanon)

“What kind of plan?” (Shion)

“It’s a plan to install myself in the position of strategist or staff officer by making use of my knowledge, if things go well, but…hawawawa!?” (Kanon)

She can’t keep a secret now that she’s become my subordinate? How convenient.

“Strategist? You, Kanon…?” (Shion)

“No, well, umm, rather than plan, you can call it a wish, I guess…” (Kanon)

Kanon answers all flustered.

“Let’s see… At present, you are quite a good search tool, I think?” (Shion)

“S-Search tool, you say…?” (Kanon)

“Well, strategist or staff officer is all fine, but if you want to get either of those positions, you have to do your best and show me what you’re capable of.” (Shion)

“Uuh… Understood.” (Kanon)

Like this, I kept talking together with my newly obtained search tool ― Kanon, coming up with future plans.


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