Chapter 29

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“Do you understand my words?” (Shion)

I call out to the goblin with a sack put over its head.

“I-I do ~ssu.”

The goblin answers with a trembling voice.
Do they automatically learn human speech (Japanese) once they become a bloodkin? I think about a separate matter while listening to the goblin’s reply.

“So? Is it a coincidence for you to have arrived at my Domain?” (Shion)

“It’s not ~ssu!”

“What’s your objective then?” (Shion)

“I have come to deliver something ~ssu! I have been tasked by chief to hand over something to you ~ssu!”!”

The goblin calls the Demon King, who created it, 『Chief』. In short, this guy is saying that it came to my Domain to deliver something from its Demon King.

“Delivering something to me…? What is it?” (Shion)

“This ~ssu!”

The goblin shoves a hand into its straw skirt and and takes out a crumpled piece of paper.
I approach the goblin and snatch the piece of paper out of its hand.
Once I unfolded the crumpled piece of paper, beautiful Japanese characters became visible.
A letter?
I read the letter.

『I’m glad to meet you, Demon King, whose face and name I don’t know. I’m called Kanon, the Demon King ruling over the Domain adjacent to yours. The goblin, whom I entrusted with this letter, is called Gobfuto. As I have ordered him to cause you no harm, I ask that you treat him hospitably.
I’m writing this letter in order to apply for a 『Surrender』 to you. Originally, this is something to request after visiting you in person, but, as I myself cannot leave my Domain, I deeply apologize for making use of a representative instead.
In case you are not aware of what 『Surrender』is, I shall provide a simple explanation. 『Surrender』 is an act that can only be performed between Demon Kings. The Demon King, who applied for the 『Surrender』, will dedicate their Domain and the authority over their life to the Demon King whom they offered the 『Surrender』.
The merit in this deal for you is that you can gain my Domain and me as your loyal subordinate. My Knowledge stat is B. I can explain the things unknown to you. I consider this to be a huge merit.
As proof of my sincerity, I shall also inform you of the demerit. If you conquer the Domain of another Demon King using normal methods, the upper limit of your DP will increase by 100. However, if you obtain a Domain through 『Surrender』 as it would be this time, the increase of your DP’s upper limit will be 50.
The glow of my life has become faint.
If you consent with accepting my『Surrender』, I humbly request you to contact me using the series of numbers written below.

Kanezawa, △△ District,
Demon King Kanon

The letter made use of words in a polite and formal manner with kanji that are easy to read.
In short, they are about to die. “Please save me since I’m surrendering,” is the correct interpretation here, I guess?
They have even courteously described the detailed specification of 『Surrender』. Listing the demerits does indeed give a favorable impression.
The real question here is…『Surrender』. Does this method really exist?
If it is indeed as written in the letter, the gain for Kanon, the writer, is survival.
If it’s a lie, what will Kanon gain? A mental attack that’s supposed to make me worry endlessly? No, that’s unlikely, isn’t it?
Considering it like that, are the letter’s contents true?
I was able to understand the merits of accepting the 『Surrender』. Even the demerit is difficult to be regarded as a real demerit for the current me. Leaving aside an opponent who’s in the middle of invading, right now, the other side is waiting for my reply.
Then, I should accept it? But, well…
I rack my brain at the problem suddenly thrown my way.

“Please ~ssu! I’d like you to save chief ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

The Goblin with the sack covering its head – Gobfuto was it? – calls out to me, who’s still troubled with an entreating voice.
I draw close to Gobfuto and remove the sack.

“I have a question. Why do you want to save her to such an extent?” (Shion)

“…? Why, you ask ~ssu?” (Gobfuto)

“Correct.” (Shion)

“For me to want save chief is only natural ~ssu. Chief is my everything ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

“Natural? Your everything? … In other words, you want your chief ― Kanon to be saved because she’s your Creator?” (Shion)

“No ~ssu! There’s that as well ~ssu, but it’s different ~ssu! C-Chief is gentle, strong, wise…perfect ~ssu! That’s why I want to save her ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

Goblins are generally not smart. Even the words of Gobfuto in front of me aren’t quite to the point.

“If she was gentle, strong and perfect, there would be no need for her to surrender, right?” (Shion)

Due to having a conversation that’s not always answered with “Yes” after such a long while, I unintentionally become slightly evil and throw a question at Gobfuto, enjoying the act of having someone to properly talk to.

“Uuh… B-But, t-that is…humans are malicious, unfair… Chief tries her best ~ssu, but…our strength is lacking…chief is perfect ~ssu, but I’m not perfect…” (Gobfuto)

Gobfuto frantically grasps for words ― words that don’t connect into anything but an incoherent reply.

“I’d like you to look at this ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

“Mmh? … Ha?” (Shion)

My eyes are stolen by what Gobfuto held out in desperation ― a silver-shining orb.
A 【True Core】…?

“Why do you have this?” (Shion)

“I was given it, as proof of trust…by Chief. ~ssu.” (Gobfuto)

【True Core】, its details are obscure, but if it’s taken by another Demon King, the Domain will fall into their hands, and if it’s destroyed by humans, the Domain will be liberated ― it’s the one item a Demon King must protect at all costs.
Is she so cornered that she entrusts such a crucial item to this frantic goblin?
To put it in other words ― it’s such a desperate situation that she is willing to offer her 【True Core】?
To be honest, I couldn’t fully eliminate the possibility of it being a trap. The details of the trap are unclear, but if their loss is just a single goblin bloodkin, I was about to turn it into experience points after enjoying a fun chat, is what I thought.
But, if the loss concerns a 【True Core】…it changes everything. Isn’t that a little bit too risky?
It’s not a trap? She’s really offering to surrender?
My thoughts shift towards considering Kanon’s letter to be true.

“Understood.” (Shion)

“That’s why Chief is…eh? It’s fine ~ssu?” (Gobfuto)

Gobfuto blankly stared at me, floating an idiotic expression.

“It’s fine as long as I call the telephone number written on this letter, right?” (Shion)

“I don’t know the details ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

“You don’t…?” (Shion)

I end up smiling wryly.
I call the provided number with my smartphone.

―Tu-tu-tu-tu…purururu ・ purururu.

The phone call sound shifts towards a unique tone.

『H-Hello…?』 (Kanon)

The delicate voice of a woman can be heard through the smartphone.

“Hello! I’m the Demon King who received a letter from the goblin, but is that you, Kanon-san?” (Shion)

『Y-Yesh! I’m Demon King Kanon from △△ District.』

“I’m Demon King Shion from the ○× District.”

『Umm, that is, about the letter…』 (Kanon)

“The matter concerning the 『Surrender』?” (Shion)

『What do you think about it…?』 (Kanon)

“Let’s see…” (Shion)

I still haven’t reached a conclusion within myself. In front of me Gobfuto is frantically imploring me.

『Umm…that is…it’s something said by me, but I believe that I can be very useful to you, Shion-san. Since I’m Knowledge-specialized, or rather, as my Knowledge stat is at B, I know a lot of things.』 (Kanon)

“Like?” (Shion)

『Umm, let’s see, Shion-san, you evolved to a Demon King (Vampire), to raise a stat from C to B, 10 BP are necessary, and to raise it from B to A, it needs 50 BP. Also, the experience gained increases if you defeat the enemies directly, the allotment of experience gained by familia outside the Domain is small…umm, umm, for a Demon King (Oni) to create an underling, it becomes necessary to make the other party submit to them, also…』 (Kanon)

“Enough. That’s plenty. I can’t judge whether what you’re saying is true or not, but if it’s true, it’s obvious that you know a lot of things I have no knowledge of.” (Shion)

There were many things I didn’t know among the things mentioned by Kanon. Or rather, to grow from B to A actually requires 50 BP…?

『Then…』 (Kanon)

“Well, with the contents being what they are, I will carefully scrutiniz—”

『That won’t work! It won’t be in time then! Please, give me your reply at once!』 (Kanon)

She interrupts me in a tone oozing with desperation.

“Are you in a pinch…?” (Shion)

『Yes! I’m at the end of the line! The subordinates defending my Domain are all dead!』 (Kanon)

All of her subordinates are gone. I see…that’s certainly a desperate situation.

“Understood. I will accept your 『Surrender』. What should I do?” (Shion)

『Thank you! Please take the 【True Core】 from Gobfuto!』 (Kanon)

Listening to Kanon’s words, I order Gobfuto in front of me,

“Gobfuto, it’s an order from your chief. Hand over the 【True Core】.” (Shion)

“Roger ~ssu!” (Gobfuto)

Gobfuto gives me the 【True Core】.

“I got it.” (Shion)

『Thank you. Please reply to my words with the intention of acknowledging.』 (Kanon)

“O-Okay.” (Shion)

『I――Demon King Kanon abandon my life as Demon King ―― and offer a 『Surrender』 to thee, Demon King Shion.』 (Kanon)

Kanon announces with an intonation as if singing a song.

“――I accept.” (Shion)

I said those words filled with emotions.
The 【True Core】 I received from the Goblin releases a dazzling light, and vanishes from within my hands. At the same time, the space, the Domain under my feet started to vibrate violently.



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