Chapter 27 – 28

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Chapter 27


The 78th day after I became a Demon King.
I fully enjoyed a productive Demon King life.
In most recent times, my life’s work consists of 3 tasks.

1.) Repelling the humans that invade.

Because of some circumstances, the reception, which had been set up at the entrance of my Domain, has been removed, and even the humans that always lined up in front of it have vanished, yet…seemingly unable to forget the sweetness they tasted once, humans constantly invade my Domain over and over again, just as usual.

2.) Observing the bloodkin that departed on an expedition.

Currently, I have four bloodkin in total. The dark elf (♀) Chloe, the kobold knight (♀) Silver, the goblin fighter(♂) Blue, and the lycanthrope (♂) Hope. In addition to these four bloodkin, Chloe has one dark elf (♂) as her subordinate, Silver has one kobold fighter as her subordinate, Blue has one goblin archer as his subordinate, and Hope has a single lycanthrope (♀) as his subordinate. A party of 8 people (monsters) in total have gone out on an expedition.
The origin of their names are: Chloe because she’s a dark elf 1. Silver because of the equipment’s color (Silver Series), which changed her appearance after the evolution. Blue for the same reason. I named the lycanthrope Hope in the hope that…he will become strong after he evolves.
…Quite simple, isn’t it?
By the way, dark elves can’t set more than one of their own race as subordinate, but kobolds can have 5 of their own race as subordinates, and goblins 10.
Lycanthropes? The same as a dark elf… I believe that he will transform into something great one day!
The reason why I set a limit for the number of the bloodkin’s subordinates is the balance of their equipment.
At first, I assigned the maximum number of subordinates to all bloodkin. Moreover, there was also an orc bloodkin besides these four.
However, the instant my bloodkin took a step outside the Domain―
A hell that became pandemonium for all people awaited them.
A group of grotesque monsters suddenly appeared out of a dungeon which was well known as a 『Farm』.
The entrance of my Domain immediately transformed into a battlefield with piles of corpses all around.
The human’s saving grace ― the serious blow for me was that most of the people gathered there were very eager to kill monsters.
As a result, I lost the orc bloodkin, which wasted a huge amount of CP, and many subordinates.
I ordered my bloodkin to retreat, and did it over by carefully selecting and giving priority to the subordinates who were clad in high-ranking equipment.
I stumbled a little at the start, but…now the bloodkin earn a great amount of experience by invading the Domains of other Demon Kings or attacking humans who are happily walking down the streets (T/N: lol).
By the way, there are several new facts I confirmed in regards to bloodkin.

1. Subordinates who become my bloodkin can speak the same language as me ― Japanese. Therefore, as long as they are a bloodkin, I can hold a conversation with them, and it’s also possible for bloodkin to talk amongst each other as well.

2. No matter how far away a bloodkin is, I’m capable of imparting them with my intention. To the bitter end, it’s one-sided without them being able to talk back. Simply put, I can give simple instructions such as “Fight,” “Run away,” and “Turn right on this path.” Given that there’s no reply from the other side, I can only watch the results of my instructions through the smartphone.

The last of my daily life tasks is working out.
You might as well replace that with training. While swinging various weapons inside the deepest part of my Domain, I repeatedly had mock battles with my subordinates.
Well, working out is really nice, you know? When I was still a human, I had been an indoor type. I couldn’t understand the mentality of people who ran around outside during hot summer days or frolicked around on a mountain with snow falling like no tomorrow. Immersing myself in hobbies inside of my room with a comfy air-conditioner installed ― that was the real deal.
However, it’s just…what would be the best way to explain it? It’s like how lessons of my favorite subjects were fun to study, or something like that?
Now, with my motor nerves, reflexes and physical strength improving as a Demon King, I had fun working out.
Moreover, regularly changing the subordinates on whom I used 『Absorb』, I especially had a lot of fun in handling the weapons after acquiring their special abilities such as swordsmanship or spearmanship.
Furthermore, even after I changed the 『Absorb』 target and lost the special abilities, I somehow still remember the feeling I had when I handled the particular weapons with the skill. To begin with, I’m a complete amateur as an indoor type of person. Thus, handling various weapons and improving them to such an extent that I can actually feel it through my body is really great.
Three days ago, I also experienced my first head on fight against humans.
The opponent was level 1. It was a human who came to gain experience by fighting slimes and rats on the first floor, but since it was my first battle, I was quite nervous in the end. The result was an overwhelming victory for me, but I didn’t feel even the slightest amount of guilt even after killing the terrified human.
Like that I repeatedly carried out mock battles and real fights, piling up battle experience, and not just status values.

Oh!? I’ve saved up 300 CP.
I chuckle as I look at the CP value displayed on my smartphone.
Right now, there are countless ways to use the CP that had recovered to its upper limit.

“Should I create subordinates…should I increase the number of my bloodkin…or should I alchemize…what do you think?” (Shion)

I asked the dark elf standing next to me. As it stands, I had used 『Absorb』 on a dark elf last. In other words, as long as it’s a dark elf, I can talk with them.

“Master, you should follow your heart’s desires…”

The dark elf reverently bows its head.
This is what I mean…it’s possible to talk with subordinates, but a proper conversation doesn’t take place at all.
To put it simply, they are absolute yes-men no matter what I say. They never speak out of their own will (though it’s unknown whether they possess one and what kind).
Compared to the beginning when I spoke to kobolds and goblins who didn’t comprehend my words at all, it’s quite the improvement, but honestly, it’s still unsatisfying.
By the way, there was also a time when I cornered them by saying “Your master desires to hear your opinion,” but with them only piling up words about how inferior they are, it didn’t change for the better.
C’est la vie. I guess I will ponder about it myself…or rather, I’ve already decided what I’m going to do anyway.
I operate the smartphone and tap the 【Alchemy】 entry.
I will alchemize a slightly luxurious weapon for myself.
Although I have too little CP for B-rank which costs the most, I alchemized a 『Mithril Spear』 which consumed 300 CP.
I have tried shield, sword, spear, ax, and bow, but spear was the easiest for me to use.
If I am in the state of having acquired the special ability ○ Mastery (F), there would be no difference between them, but in case of losing the special ability, the spear, which allows me to attack with simple motions such as thrust and has a long reach, is the easiest to handle.
I hold the 『Mithril Spear』 , which emits a faint blue light at the spearhead, in my hands and appreciate its mystifying shape.
It sure is lighter than it looks.
I swing it vertically downwards twice, sweep it sideways once and lastly, I unleash three thrusts to check the sensation.
Is it soon time for me to make my debut on the second floor?
The second floor “debut” I mentioned is a battle against somewhat skilled humans that are invading the second floor.
Once I checked my smartphone, the 12 humans, who started their invasion 2 hours ago, were in the midst of a mortal combat against a crowd of ghouls.
Strength-wise they are level 3, I guess? That fits perfectly.
Taking along some subordinates, I moved to the location where the humans were repeatedly struggling against ghouls.

Chapter 28


Bringing along 8 fully-equipped dark elves, 20 fully-equipped kobolds, 20 goblins with bows, 20 wolves, and 10 giant bats, I move to the location of the invading humans.
Eh? Over-the-top combat power? With me, a Demon King, going to them, the concept of over-the-top doesn’t exist.
Making use of my body, which had evolved after becoming a Demon King, I took the shortest distance and ran towards the invaders.
Found them.
Humans and ghouls fought each other in a section where graveyard objects, which I created to give the whole area a proper atmosphere, were standing together in a disorderly fashion.
The number of humans has fallen from 12 to 10.
I draw power from my whole body and chant while focusing on blending into the surroundings,
―Darkness Veil
Darkness covers me.
I slowly move behind the humans.
The humans, who are immersed with fighting the ghouls, don’t notice my existence, which they could have perceived if they had maintained a close watch on their surroundings.
Ah!? Idiot! Don’t look this way!
One ghoul turns my way without understanding my will at all, and reveals a broad, eerie smile.
Fortunately, the humans, who concentrated on the battle against the ghouls in front of them didn’t notice me.
Once I manage to completely get to the back of the humans, I issue an order to the giant bats.
―Disturb them with ultrasonic waves.

“””Kii kii kii!”””

An ultrasonic wave attack by a group of huge bats that suddenly appeared, barging straight in the middle of their deadly struggle against the ghouls.



“With these numbers…that’s impossible, don’t you think!?”

Having their senses thrown into disorder by the ultrasonic waves, the humans, who were assailed by headaches, fell into a state of panic.
Next, the dark elf group fires spells, and a pack of kobolds holding swords and spears close in on the humans.


“Did someone step on a trap!?”

Driving the final blow into the panicked, screaming humans,
―Dark Arrow!
Several black arrows that came flying from behind, their blind-spot, pierce the backs of the magicians with low endurance.

“Retreat! We are going to withdr….wh-!?”



Three humans, who had their backs stabbed by black arrows, collapse into the dirt with frightened expressions.

“W-Who are you bastard!?”

I suppose he’s the leader? A single man among the humans, whose numbers had declined to 5, raised his voice.
I quickly raise my right hand, stopping my attacking subordinates.

“Who, you ask? You sure act arrogantly for a bunch of trespassers that rudely entered my home.” (Shion)

“My home…he says?”

“N-No way…”

“W-We only came to gain some experience…y-you…are…”

The humans, who evidently understood my words, mutter with trembling voices.

“It’s just as you have discerned. I’m the Demon King governing this Domain―” (Shion)



Unable to sense the mood, a ghoul bites a human at this crucial scene.
Give me a fuckin’ break. Ghoul, you retard.
Take #2

“*cough* Once again, I’m the Demon King governing this Domain, Shion.”

I pull myself together and introduce myself.


“Fuck! You retard! Get away from him!” (Shion)

But, the humans are too busy dealing with the ghoul that’s biting their comrade’s neck, resulting in no one looking at me.
Damn it, I give up. Ghoul, you utter fool. Even though it was the all-deciding scene. Are you saying that you don’t give a flying fuck about me?
Venting my hate on the ghoul, I lower my right hand.
―Kill them!
The battle against the humans resumed.
Violence in numbers is quite nice. One human after another fell to the ground, and finally, only one human is left standing.
I made my subordinates stop the attacks, and ordered the ghouls with strong will power to stay away, just for caution’s sake.

“K-Kill me!”

The remaining man screams in despair.

“Now, now, calm down. If you kill me, all of these guys will disappear.” (Shion)

I smile at the human. By the way, I don’t actually know whether they are really going to disappear or not.

“D-Don’t screw around! How am I to kill you in this situation!?”

Being surrounded by my subordinates, the human yells in anger.

“Let’s have a one-on-one battle?” (Shion)

The reason why I explicitly went out of my way and came all the way here is to gain actual combat experience. Thus, I suggest a duel.

“A-Are you really fine with a one-on-one battle…?”

“Yeah, of course.” (Shion)

I show a gentle smile. I have not a sliver of intention to keep my promise if I fall into a predicament, though.

“Shit! Shit! Shiiiiiiit! Do it! I will do it!”

The human, who had become desperate, closed in on me with his sword raised overhead, betting on a faint hope of survival.

The human approaches me with a furious expression on his face.
I ready my spear and enter a thrusting stance. Before I enter the range of his sword, I thrust out my spear.
The man holds up the leather-bound shield in his other hand, attempting to stop the spear thrust.
That’s a Leather Shield, right? Its rank is F. It requires 2 CP to be alchemized.
On the other hand, the spear in my hands is B rank. It’s a Mithril Spear that requires 300 CP to be alchemized.
What’s going to happen if an F rank Leather Shield is attacked by a B rank Mithril Spear?
The outcome ― the phenomenon that took place in front of my eyes delivered the answer to that question.
The Mithril Spear easily penetrated the Leather Shield and stabbed straight into the man’s body on the other side of the shield without losing any of its original force.

“Wh-…What’s…t-that power…f-foul play, isn’t it…?”

Throwing up a large amount of blood, he fell into the dirt just like that.
Hmm~. That didn’t serve as training at all.
I cleared away the blood sticking to the spear on the spot and returned to the deepest part of my Domain.


As I’m watching my bloodkin’s situation through the smartphone.
An intense electronic sound reverberated from my smartphone.
The words 『Invader Alert』 are displayed on the phone.
I tilt my head in confusion due to the impossible situation.
Currently 12 humans are in the middle of invading my Domain.
Once I operate my smartphone, all 12 humans are in a battle against a pack of wolves, not having broken through the first floor yet.
Huh? What’s that?
I check the state of my Domain with my smartphone.


Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 180/180
Domain Size: 6 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 3
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 35
– Forest x 1
– Rock x 68
– Entrance x 1
– Treasure Chest x 14
– Rest Area x 4
– Stairway x 2
Set-up Traps:
– Wooden Arrow x 12
– Poisoned Arrow x 4
– Tumbling Boulder x 3
– Pitfall x 4
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of Humans: 12
Special Effects: none


After the initial setting of the Special Restrictions, it has always been 『Number of Humans: 12』.
A 13th invader?
No, no, no…that’s impossible, right?
I check the live footage of my Domain’s entrance area.
What was shown on the screen was ― one goblin, covered in wounds all over its body.
Doesn’t this mean that it’s an invader that is not human ― a monster dispatched by another Demon King?
My bloodkin are also invading the Domains of other Demon Kings in order to gain experience. So I can’t complain if I’m invaded either.
Having said that, only one unit, moreover, invading with a single goblin?
On top of all that, the goblin is already on the verge of death.
The possibilities I can think of are: it aimlessly wandered outside my Domain and escaped inside when it was about to be killed by the humans?
Though contrary for someone trying to escape, it’s trying to head deeper inside while forcing its dying body along.
As I’m watching the severely wounded goblin, it encounters one of my subordinates, a slime. The goblin takes a detour in order to not aggro the slime. Then it escapes at full speed from the rat it countered next.
What is it planning?
Having my curiosity piqued by the goblin that’s behaving strangely, I forbid my subordinates to attack the goblin.
And then I had one of my goblins go to meet it.
After a few hours of waiting. For the sake of not letting the Demon King, who’s the goblin’s master, know about the route of my Domain, the miserable goblin had a sack put over its head before being dragged in front of me.



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