Chapter 17 – 18

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Chapter 17


Having given new orders to my chosen subordinates, I decided on what to do next — allocating BP.
My current status is—

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King
Lv: 2
CP: 200
Body: E
Mana: E
Knowledge: E
Creation: D
Alchemy: B
BP: 6

Special Abilities:

Demon King
– Domain Creation
– Subordinate Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil

2 BP are necessary for a stat to grow from E -> D, 5 BP for D -> C, and 10 BP for C -> B.
If it was the former me — as a human, I would have saved the BP due to my personality.
Since you can’t reassign BP, allocating them after getting some information and making a perfect build — that would be the ideal process.
However, right now, I’m betting my life on the line.
I can’t afford to be stingy on enhancing myself.
The humans created several index sites, which collect information on the various domains, and sites that summarize the rules of this new world, making an effort to get as much information as possible.
There are no such sites for Demon Kings though, are there…?
Should I create a…『Demon King Training Site』?
Who’s going to post on it? The Demon Kings? I can’t get any practical proof that the other party is in fact a Demon King to start with. Furthermore, if it’s publicized on the net, the information about our side will be exposed to humanity instead.
What about setting up password-protection and limiting it to Demon Kings…? How should I tell the password to the other Demon Kings?
It can’t be helped, that’s asking for the impossible. I have no choice but to test it out myself in the end.
I check the smartphone’s display that is showing my current status.
I have 6 BP. If I’m not going to save the BP, then the way of allotting them can be narrowed down to two options.
First: I can assign 2 BP to Body, Mana and Knowledge each, allowing them to rise up from E to D.
Second: I can assign 5 BP to Creation, allowing it to rise up from D to C.
The first option is related to strengthening myself, while the second is related to reinforcing my combat assets.
I was troubled at first but the choice I picked in the end — was the second option.
The humans haven’t even managed to reach me, right? It should be fine for now. That was the reason for my choice.
Operating my smartphone, I tap the Creation tab five times. As expected, Creation went up from D to C rank.
Next I confirm what new subordinates I am able to create now.

Orc – Rank D. A monster that’s half pig, half man. It is capable of handling simple tools. Its intelligence is low, but it excels in brute strength. Capable of cooperating with its own kind. Creation Cost: 20 CP.

Dark Elf – Rank C. A mixed elven species born between an elf and a monster. It has nimble fingers and is also capable of using magic. A being hated by the elves.
Creation Cost: 50 CP.

These are the two new unlocked races.
If someone were to see my face right now, they would likely see me grinning broadly.
After all! The long-awaited subordinate! It became possible for me to create a conversation partner, a dark elf!
Goodbye, oh days of solitude…
I had many discussions on the net, but someone, to whom you can talk with directly face to face, is a completely different matter after all.
With this I’m able to bid farewell to those sad days when I was replied with a『Bauu!』 whenever I called the kobolds, or those goblins, no matter how I tried to talk with them, they always replied with 『Giigii!』.
My chest swells with anticipation as I create a dark elf.
The light of a hexagram manifested on the ground in front of me, and a figure showed up as if manifesting out of the floor.
The materialized figure was a woman with short, well-trimmed white hair and a swarthy skin. As if demonstrating her elven origin, the woman’s ear tips were pointed upward sharply.

“Ah, nice to meet you…I’m Demon King Shiomph.”

…I fumbled. I was quite nervous as it is my first conversation in a long time, thus I ended up biting my tongue.


“He!?” (Shion)

Unable to comprehend the words spoken by the dark elf, I end up giving a blockheaded reply.


The dark elf once again speaks in a foreign language I have never heard before, which is completely different from Japanese and English.

“Don’t tell me, this is elvish? Is there no translation feature…?” (Shion)


I’m shocked by the sad reality in front of me. Watching me shake my head in disappointment, the dark elf also looks at me with sad eyes.

“Aren’t dark elves supposed to be able to understand human language!?” (Shion)

Having been manipulated by the fake information on the anonymous message board, I screamed out those words as an outlet for my rage.

The long-awaited conversation partner — didn’t really work out.
There’s no point in staying depressed forever though. I pull myself together and create an orc.
I made the orc equip an Iron spear and a full set of Iron armor. Same with the dark elf with a Black Iron bow and a full set Black Iron armor.
Afterwards I force them into a mock battle in order to check their combat prowess, as it had become a tradition by now.
It’s plainly obvious that the orc is stronger than a kobold, even though both of them have the same rank. I learned that the C-ranked dark elf was so strong that she won a battle against three kobolds.
Having checked my new subordinates, I then shift towards Domain Creation — my next task.

Chapter 18


Operating my smartphone, I select 『Domain Creation』.
An unknown entry has been added to my smartphone.
Expansion? My domain will become even larger?
If all Demon Kings expand their domain suddenly, won’t humanity face ruin in the blink of an eye?
I tap 【Expansion】 as a test.

『Are you going to expand your Domain? YES / NO』

Hmm? Neither CP or DP cost is being mentioned…I’m guessing the cost is free then?
For the time being I tap 『YES』.

『Error. Expansion is impossible until all invaders have been removed.』

Come to think of it, even though I’m leaving everything up to my subordinates, my Domain is still currently in the process of being invaded by humans.
I operate my smartphone and observe the invaders’ situation in real-time.
I guess they will retreat in around an hour?
I suppose I should throw my elite unit at them earlier than usual this time.
I instruct my subordinates first and wait for the invaders to start retreating.

One hour later.
The elite unit killed 4 people, which was slightly more than scheduled, and the remaining 8 people withdrew.
I was invaded two hours ago, so I have a break for about 4 hours, right?
I operated my smartphone once again, tapped 【Expansion】 and then chose 『YES』.
An earthquake!?
The ground shook and the scenery around me trembled intensely.
The shaking settled down after around one minute.
I check my smartphone once again.
There’s no news flash of an earthquake.
In this case, it means that the shaking just now was a phenomenon caused by 【Expansion】.
I tap 【Domain】 and verify the effect of 【Expansion】.

『Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 116/126
Domain Size: 6 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 2
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 24
– Rock x 68
– Entrance x 1
– Treasure Chest x 6
– Rest Area x 2
– Stairway x 1
Set-up Traps:
– Wooden Arrow x 4
– Poisoned Arrow x 2
– Tumbling Boulder x 1
– Pitfall x 1
– Alarm x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of People: 12
Special Effects: none』

The floors increased?
There are two unknown terms in the displayed information. Floor and Stairway.
My domain was expanded into being a two-floored structure.
As far as I can check on the map, the new second floor (basement level one) had turned into a wide unduly space with nothing set up within.
The Maximum DP has also increased, but only by 10.
For starters I guess I can get it ready by creating passages and small rooms.
Only increasing by 10…just when am I going to save up 1000 DP?
Mmh? By any chance…?
I realize a certain possibility and immediately operate my smartphone to check.
Finaaaaaally! So far I could only set up a【Rest Area】 at two places, but it became possible to set up a 【Rest Area】 on the new floor as well, albeit only in one place. With this, I have secured an additional DP +50. Moreover, it has become possible to set up four more treasure chests as well, allowing me to secure another DP +4.
In addition, the range of facilities and traps also increased due to 【Creation】 growing.
For the moment I placed the stairways in the innermost area of the first floor, and also prepared countermeasures so that the invaders won’t be able to intrude on the second floor. I then further spent some time with the creation of my Domain before the appearance of the next invaders.

18 hours later.
After having been forcibly interrupted three times due to humanity’s invasion, I finally completed the second floor.

『Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 180/180
Domain Size: 6 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 2
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 36
– Rock x 68
– Entrance x 1
– Treasure Chest x 10
– Rest Area x 3
– Stairway x 1
Set-up Traps:
– Wooden Arrow x 4
– Poisoned Arrow x 2
– Tumbling Boulder x 1
– Pitfall x 2
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of People: 12
Special Effects: none』


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