Chapter 13 – 14

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Chapter 13


1 Unknown Adventurer ID:uaheidi

Let’s talk about the power of state having lost big on this one?

2 Unknown Adventurer ID:ysheudi

My home town was killed off. xD
Zero survivors. heh.

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Even though we had already been told by the voice from heaven that firearms won’t work lol.

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>2 Two people missing over here. 10 returned alive. hahaha


No matter where I look on the anonymous message boards and net news, it appears the JSDF simultaneously invaded all of the Domains within Japan. Looks like the results were disastrous.
There is even news that a certain overseas country had launched nuclear missiles, but it had no effect on the Domain. In turn, the area around the Domain had even been contaminated. It looks like an international bill forbidding the use of nuclear weaponry will soon be enacted.

And then, the third day after the Day of Fate.
Good news spread among 【Law】 — humanity.

―― 『12 members belonging to Hokkaido’s Third Division, who raided a Hokkaido dungeon, experienced level ups.』

―― 『Powerful weapons were discovered in a dungeon that was raided by volunteer students!』

―― 『As long as it is weapons that don’t use any modern technology, it’s possible for humanity to defeat low-ranking monsters.』

Such news stories were capable of enlivening the net news.


872 Unknown Adventurer ID:ksejduh

Low-ranking monsters, what are those?

874 Unknown Adventurer ID:dgruaie

>872 Isn’t that about slimes or wolves?

875 Unknown Adventurer ID:oiejsue

>874 Things like slimes exist?

876 Unknown Adventurer ID:dgruaie

>875 The Adventurer class seems to know the names of monsters.

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Powerful weapons? What kind of?

958 Unknown Adventurer ID:dgruaie

It appears to be an iron sword.

959 Unknown Adventurer ID:pweifhe

An iron sword! roflmao


Once I take a peek at another thread—

1 Unknown Adventurer ID:dgruaie

Has anyone put together a list of dungeons with low lvl monsters yet?

2 Unknown Adventurer ID:fjeuaha

I have started a capture guide site.

3 Unknown Adventurer ID:skeerow

○ー○ー○ dungeon in Tokyo, Toshima district.
The monsters appearing here are kobolds.

5 Unknown Adventurer ID:lkssedf

○ー○ー○ dungeon in Nagoya, Naka-ku.
The monsters appearing here are dark elves.

8 Unknown Adventurer ID:rekowdd

○ー○ー○ dungeon in the Niigata Prefecture, Kashiwazaki.
The monsters appearing here are slimes.

10 Unknown Adventurer ID:lewseds

>8 Yay! Slime information! Time to go to Kashiwazaki~ lol.


A lot of information about the dungeons within Japan is being posted on the anonymous message board in succession. The capture sites are also being consecutively filled with information about the Domains — dungeons, categorized by prefecture and city.
Can I post a message, too?
I operate my smartphone and enter the information about my own dungeon.

『Location: Kanazawa ○ー○ー○
Appearing monsters: slimes, rats
Treasures: unconfirmed』

I wondered whether I should add iron sword to the treasure information, but as nobody had obtained it yet, I recorded it as unconfirmed.
And then, three hours after posting,
— Biiii!
A loud electronic sound — the alarm for invaders reverberated from my smartphone.
I use my smartphone to observe the area around the entrance.
There are 12 invaders. Their ages are in the latter half of their teens. I guess senior high school or college students?
It was a group composed of 6 men and 6 women.
The student invaders wore protective equipment similar to those of baseball catchers and American football players on top of matching jerseys. There was even a strong person who wore formal kendo armor.

“It’s fine. I will protect you!”

“Yuuya, thanks…”

The young man wearing an American football protector walking in the lead calls out to the girl that was wearing a jersey behind him. The girl happily took the youth’s hand and blushes.
Riajuu, huh?
My motivation went up by 20% at once.

“Hey, are we really going to do this? Shouldn’t we leave it to the adults…”

“Idiot! Are you really going to rely on the likes of adults!?”

“Yeah! According to the site, only slimes and rats appear in this dungeon. We should have no trouble defeating those.”

The young man in kendo armor shouted once one of the girls expresses her anxiety in a murmur. At the end an intellectual looking boy wearing glasses ascertains the others with a proud look.
Afterwards the students carefully advanced deeper into my Domain.
And then, 30 minutes after the students invaded my Domain…
The first gatekeepers — three slimes obstruct the students’ path.


“C-Calm down! It’s just slimes!”

A girl, who caught sight of the slimes, screams. A boy steps in front of the girl and acts brave.

“Hit them! Let’s all attack together!!”

At once all of the students began hitting the slimes with their respective weapons — bats, wooden rods and things similar to crowbars.
The slimes frantically resisted by ejecting acid, but they were still outnumbered in the end.
The three slimes disappeared in less than a minute.

“We won…it’s our victoooory!”

One of the male students raised a victory yell. He excitedly exchanged high fives with the students around him.
After that, the students’ steady advance continued. Many slimes and rats lost their short-lived lives at their hands.
As for CP, I guess I lost around 40 CP.
Around three hours since the students’ invasion, I had recovered 30 CP.
Up to this point, I’m still in the red in regards to CP, I guess.

And then the students arrived at the first treasure chest.

“Hey! Look at that! Isn’t that a treasure chest!?”

The students’ tension and excitement spiked immediately after spotting a box that is obviously designed as a treasure chest.

“But, in front of the treasure chest….there are weird creatures.”

In front of the treasure chest there are three evil fairies — goblins, equipped with knives.
Compared to the slimes and rats, which the students had faced so far, the goblins are one rank higher and even possess weapons.
Now then, I wonder how the students are going to handle this?

“W-What should we do…?”

A female student uneasily asked her friends.

“To ask, W-What should we do…”

One of the addressed male students turned to look at the glass-wearing boy in the rear.

“Those are goblins. At present they are the guardians protecting that treasure chest, I think?”

The glass-wearing boy replies. I wonder, is he an adventurer?

“G-Goblins, eh…? Goblins are small fries, aren’t they?”

“T-That’s right. If it’s us, we can win, right?”

“B-But…they have knives…”

All of them look at the glass-wearing boy once again. It looks like he’s the leader.

“Let’s keep going. It’s a bad idea to withdraw after coming this far. Win…if it’s us, we will win!”

Megane-kun 1 encourages his surroundings.
By the way, from my point of view, who observes the students in real time, the boy’s comment about withdrawing being a bad idea is highly uncertain.

“Don’t hold back! Suzuki-san, Tanaka-san, use magic against the goblin on the left!”


Megane-kun hurled instructions at two of the girls.
Or rather, they are able to use magic?

“Iguchi-kun, Sayama-san, you will attack right after their magic attack is over!”

“Aight!” (Iguchi)

“Got it!” (Sayama)

“Makino-kun, please pull the goblin in the middle. Fuabio-kun, please take the goblin on the right.”



“Kaguyama-san, heal those who got injured! The rest of you, please join the attack according to my instructions!”


Once the leader finishes his instructions, two female students point their palms towards a goblin.

“《Fire Ball》!”

“《Ice Ball》!”

Ooh… So this is magic?
A flame ball that blazes in vermilion and an ice sphere that’s frozen white are shot towards the goblin on the left.



The goblin, who was attacked by the magic, was blown to the back. Due to their comrade having been attacked, the other goblins furiously roared to vent their anger and ran towards the students while raising their knives overhead.


“I will handle it!”

A boy armed with a bat and a girl carrying a shinai in hand charged towards the fallen goblin. The boy in kendo armor and another boy, who wore a baseball catcher’s protective gear, jumped out in front of the attacking goblins.
A bat and a crowbar were swung down upon the goblin who collapsed after suffering a magic attack.
Up until that point — it went according to Megane-kun’s plan.


Chapter 14


However, the remaining two goblins nimbly avoided the two boys that jumped out in front of them, and swung their knives down upon the two female students that had cast the magic.


“Makino!? Fuabio!?”

The two girls screamed. A male student in the back yells the names of the two male students who were — supposed to pull the goblins — supposed to act as tanks.


“E-Excuse me…”

The mentioned male students replied with trembling voices.
I mean, this is inevitable.
The students have always fought in circumstances advantageous to them. Even my subordinates, which they had encountered so far, had only been 4 rats at most. The students continued to beat the hell out of their enemies in a group, which could basically be called relying on numbers.
Then they are suddenly told to fight one on one. Moreover their opponents, for the first time, have weapons.
Since I looked at it like a live coverage, I was able to calmly observe the situation, but the boys’ legs, the ones who were entrusted with the role of acting as tanks, are trembling, causing them to be unable to move the moment they faced off against the goblins.
And goblins have a trait to start with attacking those who seem to have the lowest stamina or are weakened — the most vulnerable people.
While I analyzed the battle calmly just like that, the situation changed drastically.
The goblin, who received the magic attack at the beginning, had already vanished. One of the girls, who fired the magic, is on the verge of death. The students have fallen in a state of panic. The battleground became very chaotic.
In the end, two students lost their lives to the goblins’ knives.


“A world like this is wrong! It’s WRONG!!”

The nine students don’t bask in their victory but instead break down crying in front of the treasure chest.

“For now…let’s open the treasure chest.”

“…You’re right.”

The students opened the treasure chest.


“Please give it to me. …A black iron sword? —!? Rank D!?”

Megane-kun appraises the sword in the treasure chest.

“Is that amazing?”

“It’s beyond amazing… The iron sword mentioned online is only rank E.”

“In other words?”

“As far as I know, this is the strongest weapon!”

The students rejoice greatly due to the unexpected treasure.
The strongest weapon, huh…? Had iron swords been publicized sufficiently?
I felt a slight regrets due to that bait being far too excessive.

Afterwards the students argued whether they should proceed or go back.
Turn back… And announce the treasures and the low degree of difficulty in my Domain.
I prayed keenly.
There’s no meaning in them proceeding imprudently and getting annihilated.
I send thoughts of 『Go back! Go back!』 towards them.

“At last we were able to obtain a weapon. Let’s proceed for just a bit longer?”

With my prayers not reaching them, it appears the students chose to go ahead instead.

“Is that alright?”

“Irregular enemies like just now won’t appear anymore, will they?”

“Let’s just retreat if goblins appear.”

“Retreat, eh…?”

“Iguchi-kun, are you unhappy with that?”

“Rather than being unhappy, my level actually went up moments ago. Moreover, there’s also this sword, right? Right now we will even be able to win against goblins…”

Iguchi-kun — the male student who swung his bat around just now — was apparently able to secure the black iron sword for himself.

“If it’s levels, I became level 2 as well, but…”

Listening to the conversation of the students afterwards, all of them apparently went up to level 2.

“Well then, let’s go back if it feels dangerous. Iguchi-kun, are you fine with that?”

“Yeah…got it.” (Iguchi)

In the end the students proceeded further in.

After that subordinates, who are higher ranking than slimes such as wolves and bats, stood in the way of the students, however none of them managed to stop the students.
There are two main reasons for that.
Firstly, the black iron sword was stronger than I had expected it to be. My subordinates were defeated so miserably, to the extent of me lamenting “Does it really raise one’s offensive ability to such a degree!?”
The second is my passivity. If they were to be opposed by 20 wolves all of a sudden, it would likely result in their numbers decreasing, but…there would be no meaning in them getting annihilated.
For starters, I guess I will have that black iron sword — Iguchi-kun leave the stage.
I gave instructions to the goblins.
The students continued at a steady pace. They invaded close to the halfway point of my Domain.
At the halfway point, countless rocks have been set up in a wide space.
20 goblins laid in wait behind those rocks. 19 goblins, who held wooden bows, and one cheat goblin.
At the moment the students, who had become intoxicated by their own strength due to advancing so steadily, stepped into the halfway point, countless bats released ultrasonic waves from the ceiling, assailing the brains of the students.
And then countless wooden arrows rain down on them from behind the rocks.
Among the vast amount of raining wooden arrows, a single arrow, the only one which truly possessed killing intent — a Lunatic Arrow fired by the cheat goblin — pierced the chest of a male student, Iguchi-kun.
Lunatic Arrow, the sole A-rank item I can create. With their 100 wooden arrows for 1 CP and 100 iron arrows for 10 CP, they boast an overwhelming cost performance, but the Lunatic Arrow consumed 100 CP for a single one.



“…Eh? …Wai-…w-wha—”

The screams of the students echoing in the spacious room and Iguchi-kun, who lowers his eyes at the faintly glowing arrow stuck in his chest.

“R-Run awaaaaaaaaay!”


The students ran back to the path they came from while screaming.

“W-Wait! What about Iguchi-kun!?”

Only one panicked girl noticed the fallen male student.

“Sa-Sayama… you run aw…ay…too. I’m…alr…eady…fi…ni…shed.” (Iguchi)


Passing the sword to the crying female student…Iguchi-kun spreads his arms in front of her.

“Go! Gooooooooo!!” (Iguchi)


Iguchi-kun shouted as he pushed the girl, who cries even more now, towards the path behind her.
The girl held the sword while crying and ran away along the path she came.
And with that the initial number of 12 students invading my territory fell to 9. They then evacuated my Domain.

6 hours later.
My Domain has been invaded three times after the initial group of students.
However, the three groups retreated after defeating several slimes and rats around the entrance.
And, in order to check whether my plan — the advertisement of my Domain — went smoothly, I dived into the depths of the net.
Found it! As expected of those riajuu!
One of the students had used SNS to boast about obtaining a D-Rank weapon. Furthermore they also bragged about becoming level 2.
At first it was treated as a joke with 『Liar detected lol』, but other invaders — very likely those who retreated after being satisfied with defeating my subordinates around the entrance — advocated that it’s possible to safely hunt monsters in my dungeon. Moreover, because the female student, who held onto the black iron sword, was reported with a picture attached was further questioned in an interview by a certain news program, the information spread in an instant.
Since that time the 『Invader Alert』 kept ringing on my smartphone.


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Translation Notes:

  1. Megane is glasses in Japanese. The Japanese sometimes assign attributes as names of people to identify them with a trait. That’s something you wouldn’t do in any Western language as far as I know. As I’m not going full localization with this novel since it doesn’t fit the style of this story, I will leave such things in and add notes as explanation

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