Chapter 7 – 8

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Chapter 7

Having assigned my BP, I decided to tackle the creation of my Domain next. First, I’ll check my current Domain. Operating the smartphone, I touch the [Domain] entry.

『Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 0/10
Domain Size: 6 km²
Population: 0
Type: Urban Area
Established Facilities: Shion’s Room
Set-up Weapons: none
Special Restrictions: none
Special Effects: Pseudo-Peace (709 hours remaining)』

A map of the area around my room was on screen. Damn, give me a tutorial, or some guidelines! I sigh as I look at the phone’s display. The first entry DP: 0/10 is a complete mystery. Let’s go on to the next thing. First off, Domain Size says 6 km². My current rented apartment is a 1K 1 with 27m², or in other words, 0.000027km². Considering that I’m now controlling an area as big as 200,000 times that. It could be taken as a big promotion in life, right?

The way to measure the size is Height x Width if it’s a quadrilateral shape, and Radius x Radius x 3.14, if it’s a spherical shape. In case of a quadrilateral shape, my Domain’s size is equivalent to 2 km wide and 3 km high. If it’s circular? Too much of a hassle to calculate that. Next is Population, which says no one’s here besides me since it’s 0; it appears I’m not counted. Or rather, can the population actually increase?

Next, Type says Urban Area. I looked outside moments ago, but the area hadn’t changed. In other words, the terrain until now is likely counted as Urban Area. Established facilities: my room. It’s the place I’m in right now… This counts as a facility?! Eh? Wait a moment…!

After stumbling upon this impossible thought, I rush out in a hurry. Leaving the apartment complex, I run for 3 minutes. If it was the me of yesterday, I should have been gasping for air by now. But at the moment, my body feels light. I wonder if this is an effect of becoming a Demon King? Ah, rather than that, I touch the front door of the establishment before me – the convenience store I had regularly frequented… For real?

From the outside, it looks normal. Magazines lined against the window and a bento display. However, when I try to enter, the door won’t budge an inch. Neither pushing nor pulling works. I try hitting it with all my strength, but there’s not a single crack in the glass door. Established facilities – my own room. In other words…it looks like all the buildings, except for my room, have been transformed into objects.

There won’t be something like a Starvation End before the end of the month… right? Is it because I was dragged into this strange situation? I don’t feel any hunger or thirst right for now, but I‘m worried about the future. For the time being, I push the doorbells of the homes located on the way back, as I have nothing to lose by doing so. There are no responses. All the doors were firmly locked.

Set-up Weapons and Special Restrictions are empty. I guess I’ll be able to create these later on? The special effect’s Pseudo-Peace has 709 hours remaining; going by this, I suppose it’s about no one being able to invade my Domain for 709 hours.

After returning to my room, I tap on the [Domain Creation] icon. [Type Modification], [Facility Creation], 【Weapon Creation],【Special Restriction Creation], [Beginner Demon King Bargain Pack]. There’s one entry I really want to retort at with all my heart, but I touch them in order from the top.

Once I tap on [Type Modification], various types show up such as Mountain District, Wasteland, Coast, Lava Zone, Icefield, Cave, Historic Ruins, Castle, etc. It’s possible to change to some types with 100 CP, but most of the other types require way more points than I possess. Next, I tap on [Facility Creation]. Various facilities such as Small Room, Large Room, Hallway, Building, Fortress, Tree, Mountain, River, Swamp, Treasure Chest, Entrance, Fence, etc. Since all the entries don’t show CP values next to them, I try pressing them. This brings up even more detailed categories (Small Room -> Japanese Style, Western style, Size, etc.).

All their CP costs vary drastically. There’s also a lot of facilities that exceed 100 CP by far. Also, instead of CP, a few display the mysterious value called DP. On to the next one, I tap [Weapon Creation]. Several weapon types such as Arrow, Gas, Pitfall, Fog, Floor, and so on, appear. I tap Arrow as a test, and a detailed categorization with Wood Arrow, Iron Arrow, Fire Arrow, Poisoned Arrow, and such, shows up. I guess weapons means traps here?

Next is [Special Restriction Creation]. Three types appear; Prohibition, Enhancement, and Mitigation. I test Prohibition and it splits into more entries: Race, Magic, Weapon, Number of People, Men, and Women. Enhancement and Mitigation has all sorts of attributes such as Fire, Water, and so on, listed. It looks like this category consumes DP exclusively.

Lastly, I touch one that caught my eye the most: [Beginner Demon King Bargain Pack]. On screen appears —

『Let’s repel the invaders with the power of numbers! [Outdoor Pack]
Let’s repel the invaders with a firm defense! [Dungeon Pack]
Let’s repel the invaders with a great balance! [Hybrid Pack]

— those three options. Bargain pack. Surmising from that, I think it’s probably a combined Domain that’s been completed to some extent. As a test, I touch [Dungeon Pack].

『This will cost 100 CP. Once you choose, you cannot go back, okay? Are you really sure?』

Says my screen. I cancel for the moment, and check [Subordinate Creation] and [Item Creation]. At end of lightly reading through them, I understood that both of them consume CP. CP slowly recovers over time, correct?

If I worry over it, the situation won’t change for the better. Time is money! I select [Dungeon Pack]. After confirming my choice, I blacked out.

It’s an unknown ceiling. The source for this; it’s quite historical, isn’t it? In what kind of situation was such material actually used? The ceiling in front of my line of sight is surrounded by bare rock.


Is this because I chose the dungeon pack? The facility that used to be my room has completely changed; except for a certain home appliance. That one and only appliance is – the refrigerator. Nowadays, refrigerators can operate without a cord, but I wonder…is it properly receiving electrical power in this environment. Once I open the freezer, I discover the ice cold [True Core] inside. Is this refrigerator really the heart of the Domain?

Deciding to think about that another time, I manipulate my smartphone to check【Domain】.

Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 115/115
Domain Size: 6 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 24
– Rock x 68
– Entrance x 1
– Treasure Chest x 5
– Rest Area x 2
Set-up Weapons:
– Wood Arrow x 4
– Poisoned Arrow x 2
– Tumbling Boulder x 1
– Pitfall x 1
– Alarm x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of People: 12
Special Effects: Pseudo-Peace (707 hours remaining)』

A very simple labyrinth displays on the screen in place were my home and the surrounding buildings had been. Err, this is my dungeon? Like this, my Domain completely changed into a dungeon.


Chapter 8


Rest Area, what’s that?

When I touch Rest Area, as I had nothing else to do anyway, the explanation displays:

『Rest Area: A place to rest. 【Chaos】 can’t trespass into the rest area.』

Eh? What’s up with this? It’s completely unnecessary? What sad necessity exists to add a place I can’t enter within my own Domain!?

Once I double tap Rest Area, the line 『Delete?』 displays.

“Yes! Of course!”

I tap 『Yes』 enthusiastically.

『This cannot be deleted due to insufficient DP.』


On a closer look at the Rest Area’s entry, the line Maximum DP +50 is… Umm…remember, me! I recall the DP before selecting the [Dungeon Pack], if I remember correctly, it was 10. And now it’s 115. In other words, 50 x 2 = 100 DP due to two rest areas being added. The remaining 5 DP is…I see. Treasure chests give Maximum DP + 1, don’t they?

Basically, if I set up facilities (putting aside whether you can call a treasure chest a facility) that are beneficial to invaders; my maximum DP will grow. Thus, it’ll become possible to set up more facilities and weapons (traps)… In that case, does that mean I can create a dungeon filled with deadly traps by creating a truckload of rest areas? Even if I want to test that idea, I’m out of CP. I decide to move on to the matter I had put aside earlier, and open [Subordinate Creation]. I tap on the corresponding entry.

Slime – Rank F. Vulgar residue of monsters. Its low intelligence only allows it to accept simple orders. It manipulates acidic liquid that can burn the skin. Creation cost: 1 CP.

Rat – Rank F. Rat.2 Has a small chance to infect its opponent with a disease. Creation Cost: 2 CP.

Bat – Rank E. Bat. Releases ultrasonic waves that can cause small headaches. Sucks blood with its fangs, but that won’t restore its health. Creation Cost: 3 CP.

Wolf – Rank E. Wolf. Obedient, but cannot understand complex orders. Forming a pack with its own kind, it will attack enemies in a group. Creation Cost: 3 CP.

Goblin – Rank E. Evil Fairy. Can handle simple tools. Possesses intelligence, but there are situations where it won’t obey orders. Capable of cooperating with its own kind. Creation Cost: 5 CP.

Kobold – Rank D. Half man, half dog monster. It can handle simple tools. Its knowledge is low, but it’s capable of cooperating with its own kind. Creation Cost: 10 CP.

Those are the 6 types of subordinates I can create. I’ve already heard of them before. These monsters are small fries. Should I have assigned a little more BP into Creation? Well, I abandoned the right of that choice through my own reckless mistake, but… Since I don’t have any CP, I move on to [Item Creation] for now.

I touch the entry.


Different from the previous entry, this one has [Weapon], [Armor], [Ornament], [Magic Tool], [Consumable Goods], and [Others]. Once I touch [Weapon] for example; [Sword], [Katana], [Spear], [Bow], [Arrows], [Axe], [Staff] and [Others] is displayed. I tap on [Sword], and 20 different sword types appear on the display.

As expected of an Alchemy Specialization Build… This many? The weakest is a wooden sword. F Rank and costs 1 CP. Next is a knife, at the same rank but costs 2 CP. Excluding some of them, all the weapons beyond B Rank cost more than 500 CP. Once it comes to B Rank, they even have their own names. For example, there is a sword called Dáinsleif; it costs 500 CP, huh? I will raise Alchemy as soon as I can. Or rather, even if Alchemy reaches B Rank…

It’d be pointless if my CP is lacking, right? Seriously…? Did I end up doing something pointless?

I became slightly depressed due to the reality in front of me. Even while I begin to hate myself, I check the items I can summon. As a result of checking all the items, I understood that the strongest items I could produce is called Silver Series. All kinds of weapons are in it. Silver Sword, Silver Katana, and Silver Spear. In addition, there are many defense items such as armor, shields etc. in the Silver Series as well. Each of them are C Rank and cost 100 CP. Moreover, it is possible to create ornaments to strengthen abilities and disposable magic tools with special effects as well as food and beverage, which can be considered luxury items, and furthermore, furniture.

When I had finished checking all of it, two hours had passed. My current CP is 20. This means I recover 10 CP per hour. There’s 705 hours of [Pseudo-Peace]. I can gain 7050 CP to use until my Domain will be open to raids. For the sake of survival, I have to carefully think over how I’m going to meaningfully spend my CP.

I’m at my wits’ end. Even if I want to sort my thoughts, there’s no pen or paper. I imagine various layouts in my head, but I can’t really organize them well since they just fade from my memory after a bit. If this was still my own room, I would at least have paper and a pen at hand. But all I have right now is a smartphone and a refrigerator… Oh! The smartphone!

When I operate it, I’m able to normally open the memo app… Aah yeah, after being struck by that strange phenomenon called [World Salvation Project], I totally forgot, but this is a smartphone, isn’t it?

“Eh? No way, is it possible?!”

I try opening other apps.


From basic apps such as the Calculator and Alarm to games and the E-book reader; I could open all my installed apps. I didn’t expect that at all. And it also connects to the Internet without a hitch. Eh? There are electromagnetic waves here? There’s still more than 6 hours until my CP fully recovers. Thus, I decide to browse the Internet news.

Even though the words used in the articles were different, they all basically referred to the strange situation that had occurred as – 『The Cataclysm』. Inviolable areas suddenly manifested, and the people who lived within them were expelled outside. At present, efforts to shelter those people are being hastened under the lead of the respective governments.

Although they used different means to try, none could break into these inviolable areas. The inviolable areas cover 80% of the whole world. At this rate humanity will probably collapse in the near future. A certain country was even planning to launch a nuclear strike against one such area. And so on, and on, there was no single cheerful topic; the world was in chaos.

I couldn’t grasp it on a global scale, but if I lower it to the scale of Kanazawa… My Domain has a size of 6km², and the assumed number of Demon Kings is 60 – and if they all have Domains with the same size – it would result in 360 km² being inviolable areas, meaning 300,000 people have to live in the remaining area of approximately 100 km².

Yeah, that is hell on earth. If the humans besides [Chaos] learn of the [World Salvation Project], they’ll desperately invade en masse.

While I surf the Internet, my CP recovered up to 50. I close the browser for now and ponder how to use my CP.



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Translation Notes:

  1. One room with a kitchen
  2. First occurrence of the word is in katakana to signify it as specific monster type name, second is the “Japanese translation” with Kanji

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