Chapter 11 – 12

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The 30th day of my life as a demon king.
There’s 24 hours left until the agreed time.
Thanks to the information leakage of the stupid demon kings, public opinion shifted towards overthrowing the demon kings.
When tomorrow comes, 【Law】 — the humans will likely invade my Domain.
It’s because demon king = evil.
All memories from the time when the humans of 【Chaos】 — the demon kings were still human, has been erased from the humans’ minds.
Humanity will probably subjugate the demon kings with the great cause called justice.
Since they don’t know the fact that the demon kings are former humans, they will probably kill the demon kings without any guilt whatsoever.
Don’t mess with me! I will definitely survive! And I will obtain freedom!
You egoistic demon kings, and you humans, who brandish your own sense of justice, mind your own damn business!
I will only move for my own benefit.
The preparations for welcoming the invaders are perfect, too.
My subordinates consist of 300 slimes, 300 rats, 100 bats, 200 wolves, 100 goblins and 50 kobolds.
Of the 100 goblins, 50 are equipped with knives (2 CP), 20 wear a leather armor (5 CP) and use an iron axe (10 CP), 15 are archers with wooden bows (5 CP), another 12 are archers with iron bows (10 CP), and 3 are — 『Cheat Goblins』 (200 CP).
Of 50 kobolds, 27 wear leather armor and use iron swords (10 CP), 20 have an iron spear (10 CP), an iron shield (10 CP) and iron armor (10 CP). One has a silver sword (100 CP), a silver shield (100 CP), a silver helmet (100 CP) and silver armor (100 CP). Another one is equipped with a silver spear (100 CP), a silver shield, a silver helmet and silver armor.
In addition, I created an iron sword, an iron spear, an iron axe and three iron ingots from 50 CP as bait to attract invaders.
Furthermore I made a throne that stresses user-friendliness and ambiance, a magic barrier tool to store the 【True Core】 and several types of disposable magic tools as trump cards. The remaining CP I used to make my Domain a little bit more showy.
With this I have 0 CP left. By tomorrow it will recover to 240 CP, but I decided to use those depending on the situation.
The slimes and rats are what you would call bait. They are deployed around the Domain’s entrance to lure in intruders.
Once they go deeper inside for about one kilometer, they will find a treasure chest. As guardians, I set up three goblins with knives there.
If they advance further inside from the treasure chest’s location, bats and wolves will make an appearance.
After proceeding halfway through, they will be awaited by goblins using bows, who will hold back the invaders with volley firing. I will be happy if I can make them trail back at this point, if possible.
And the best outcome would be if the surviving invaders advertised, 『There are weak monsters and extravagant treasures』.
If they pass the goblin archers, for argument’s sake — an army of kobolds will deal with them.
And even if they make it safely all the way to the deepest part, they will be greeted by me, the demon king, and two kobolds wearing the entire Silver Series.
If I lose with all this…anymore will be impossible.
It’s the best battle formation I could come up with.
By the way, as long as I’m inside my Domain, I can check everything through a live video using my smartphone.
I did rehearse over and over again.
Nowadays, it has reached the point that I’m feeling some amiability for my subordinates, whom I regarded ugly at first.
— Pseudo-Peace (Remaining time: 0 hours)
And thus, the Day of Fate arrived.

On that day — one month since the 『Great Cataclysm』 that involved the whole word has passed.
Right now I am preparing myself in the deepest part of the dungeon, my Domain, for the invasion expected to happen in the near future.
The one standing at my side is a half-human, half-dog monster — a kobold with a silver sword hanging at its waist.
In front of me, a group of evil fairies — goblins are waiting for my orders.
Come at me whenever you like — self-alleged heroes!
On that day, I craved freedom, chaos — and creation.
Let’s first repel the heroes who will come invading.
I will show you how I will survive in this world. I will grab freedom with my own hands no matter what comes.
Ticket towards freedom! As the first step towards that, I will become the strongest demon king in this area — 『Kanezawa』!


Chapter 12


And then, finally the Day of Fate!




Nothing in particular happened.
Well, that makes sense.
Right now 【Law】 — the humans are in the middle of receiving an explanation about the 【World Salvation Project】.
Pseudo-Peace has been canceled! Incoming attack! … there’s no way something like that would happen right away.
And so I take a look at the anonymous message board to check and see that—–

35 Unknown Adventurer ID:roaejdir

Uwah! LOL, I hear a voice from heaven! rofl.

It looks like the Mastermind is giving an explanation to all areas outside of the Domains simultaneously.
One hour passed, and Mastermind’s explanation has apparently come to an end.
A summary of the contents has been posted as a news story in the net news.
I think what’s different to the explanation I heard last time is limited to the phrase 『The world is facing an unprecedented crisis! Let’s defeat the demon kings who are threatening the world!』?
In reality it did fall into an unprecedented crisis due to the insufficient land outside the Domains and the food shortage.
I wonder when they are going to invade?
I didn’t know what to do with my free time.

103 Unknown Adventurer ID:aoefhns

My class is warrior lol.

106 Unknown Adventurer ID:qksufrj

I’m a magician, a Terra friendly class, lmao.

113 Unknown Adventurer ID:pkejusn

I’m a priestess.

121 Unknown Adventurer ID:heirofk

I’m an unknown adventurer, so I will go adventuring a bit lol.

132 Unknown Adventurer ID:xnhdirr

Gambler here, rofl.

134 Unknown Adventurer ID:jsheuao

>132 Liar.

137 Unknown Adventurer ID:djwiaie

Welp, then I’m a home guard hahaha.

140 Unknown Adventurer ID:uayejri

>137 Stay strong.

278 Unknown Adventurer ID:wioeofj

Btw, what’s your status? Mine’s Body G, Knowledge G and Mana F.

292 Unknown Adventurer ID:mawordu

Only three types of status, that’s too much of cutting corners lul.
Btw, Body F, Knowledge G and Mana G.

304 Unknown Adventurer ID:zsddjri

My Knowledge is H.

306 Unknown Adventurer ID:bjseihf

>304 Good luck little one.

The anonymous message board got heated up over the matter with the statuses.
As far as I investigated, the classes of 【Law】 are warrior, magician, priest and adventurer. There were posts about gambler, home guard, hero, samurai and so on, but those guys just smelled of being trolls.
Their status only has three entries: body, knowledge and mana. The values ranged from F ~ H.
When I stared at the message board I wondered whether the outside world is really in a dangerous situation.
And then, 8 hours later.

— Biiiiiii.

A shrill electronic sound came from my smartphone.
The two words 『Invasion Alarm』 are displayed on my smartphone.
I quickly operate it and check the situation at the dungeon’s entrance.
The JSDF? 1 12 humans equipped with heavy weaponry and clad in camouflage uniforms were shown at the Domain’s entrance area.
I swallow down my spit in nervousness.
Covering each other’s backs, the invaders advanced at a cautious pace, one step at a time.
When they had walked on for around 10 steps, they encountered three puddles with a diameter of 80 cm – slimes.
I got excited due to the first battle of my subordinates.

『Captain! Suspicious objects discovered in front!』

『All members! Get ready!』

The invaders point their rifles towards the three slimes that were wobbling forward.

『— Fiiiiiiiire!』

A rain of bullets that made me think, “That’s such an overkill, no…?” pours down on the slimes.
Once the ear-bursting shooting sounds come to a stop, the vicinity is shrouded by smoke.
The invaders use hand signs to check their targets — the slimes.

『— Wh-!?』

『Retreat! Fall back right away!』

Once the smoke dissipates, the three slimes, which were still wobbling on the spot without any change, shot acid at the invaders.



And then a crowd of rats, which have been waiting around the entrance, closed in on the invaders from behind after noticing the noise.
The random shooting by the confused invaders ricochets in the cave and hits their teammates. The collapsed invaders are covered by slimes or overrun by rats.

『Fall back! Goooo!』

9 invaders, who started running at full speed towards the entrance, and 3 invaders, who had been transformed into the prey of the slimes and rats.
As a result of the slimes and rats, which I had actually deployed as sacrifices winning, the first battle in my Domain came to an end.
Didn’t Mastermind explain to them that all sorts of modern weapons — firearms don’t work?
The cause for this victory was simply the equipment of the enemies.
Any type of modern firearms won’t work against me, the demon king, and my subordinates.
I don’t know the statuses of the invaders, but I think they would have likely won if they had hit the slimes and rats with their fists.
At the very least they would have likely won when it was 12 vs. 3 at the beginning.
9 JSDF members were forced to retreat and 3 JSDF members were defeated, but…will any more invaders turn up after that?
Should I place the treasure chest a little closer to the entrance?
I was bewildered due to this strange outcome.


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Translation Notes:

  1. Japanese Self-Defence Force

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