Chapter 4

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Once I wake up, I’m greeted by the usual ceiling.
My room?
When I breath in, it’s the air I’m familiar with. When I look around, it’s the normal scenery.
There’s no doubt, it’s the apartment room I’m renting.
Standing up, my head is dizzy as if I’m having anemia.
Did I doze off while reading the net news? Was that a dream?
I think back upon the weird experience just a while ago.
Which part of it was a dream and which reality?
All mankind received a spam mail. I did the aptitude test mentioned in that mail as the government recommended doing so. It resulted in my aptitude being 【Chaos】.
And then I had been confined in a weird space with just the voice of a girl—the Mastermind resounding in my head…
I raise the smartphone in my left hand and try to operate it.
A migraine-like pain assails my head.
What did I try to do just now?
My name is…? Shion?
Something’s out of place. …!? No wait, I should have a family name.
My head logically understands the need of parents to be born into this world.
However, I can’t recall their names and faces.
What I do remember are the words of the Mastermind.

『All memories of 【Chaos】 have been erased from the memories of the 【Neutral】 and 【Law】. Only the members of 【Chaos】 still remember you. With this you can fight against each other without hesitations, right? 』

In short, that’s what she was talking about?
All of it was reality?
I dumbfoundedly stand stock still on the spot.
A space without any sounds.
The familiar scenery and the usual atmosphere.
However, it’s quiet as if the room had been disconnected from the world.
I rushed out of my room in a hurry.
Once I get out of the apartment, I see…something that’s impossible in the scenery I’m used to.
Looking in the far distance, I can see the mountains. There’s an asphalt street in front of my apartment. I don’t know the people living there, but houses and apartments line up along the street.
Yet—any presence of people was completely missing.
Walking people, people riding bicycles and cars driving on the street—all of it gone.
I’m assailed by the illusion of being left behind in this world all by myself.
I return to my room, sit down on my bed and operate my smartphone.
Unfamiliar icons have been added among the usual icons on my smartphone screen.
I touch the icon labeled with【World Salvation Projection】 below a symbol.

『【World Salvation Projection】 Start☆ – Let’s first get to know your status. 【Status】』

I click 【Status】.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King
Lv.: 1
CP: 100
Body: E
Mana: E
Knowledge: E
Creation: E
Alchemy: E
BP: 10

Special Abilities:

Demon King
– Domain Creation
– Subordinate Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil

“Is this a game!? Or rather, I ceased being a human!?”

I end up reflexively shouting in a loud voice.
I wonder whether I touched the smapho with my finger in my excitement?
An explanation stating 『Creation: Affecting the Domain Creation as well as the Subordinate Creation』 was displayed on the screen.
Next I touch all entries.
The explanations are—

Lv.: Level. Criterion of strength. You will acquire BP by raising your level.
CP: Chaos Points. Points necessary to execute phenomenons. They slowly recover over time.
Body: Affecting physical strength, endurance, agility and reaction speed.
Mana: Partly affects the power of the unique ability. It also influences the acquisition of unique abilities.
Knowledge: Depth of understanding.
Creation: Affecting the Domain Creation as well as the Subordinate Creation.
Alchemy: Affecting item creation.
BP: Increasing an optional ability. You can acquire BP by raising your level.
Special Abilities: The unique abilities that have been acquired.
Demon King: Absorbs prana from the atmosphere. No need for any further energy besides that. Gains the unique abilities of Domain Creation, Subordinate Creation and Item Creation.
Domain Creation: Allows to create a Domain.
Subordinate Creation: Allows to create subordinates.
Item Creation: Allows to create items.
Darkness Veil: Covering an area in darkness.

Those explanations are too sketchy. Damn, be a bit more precise about it…
I operate my smartphone.
On the screen—

『A Demon King’s A-B-C☆

A! Let’s first spend BP to strengthen your abilities!
B! Next, create your Domain and finish it up to your liking!
C! Finally, let’s create subordinates to protect your Domain!

All done! Save the world while struggling through violent battles!』

…That’s all?
Icons labeled with 【Status】, 【Domain】, 【Belongings】, 【Subordinates】, 【Domain Creation】, 【Subordinate Creation】, 【Item Creation】, 【BP Assignment】 and 【Special】 were displayed on the screen.
Special? Bothered by the slightly different entry, I touch it.

『Special Service☆! Whatever it might be, you will receive an answer to one question.』

A line that made me extremely troubled was displayed on the smartphone’s screen.


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