§066 Possibilities of Dungeons 12/11 (Tue)

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With the sun about to sink beyond the horizon, its crimson gleam serving as a backlight, a silhouette lounges comfortably with its chin in one hand on a chair shining golden as it eclipses the light. Upon our entry, the silhouette shows a slight movement, lifting its face.

That’s Enkai?

Immediately as we arrive at the summit on the elevator, Miyoshi fires an iron ball at the silhouette. What then happened is something I, who has an AGI of 100, could barely catch with my eyes.

The silhouette repels Miyoshi’s iron ball with a light wave of its left hand, as if swatting a fly away, moves right in front of Miyoshi in the next instant, and swings down its fist.


At the last moment, a black mass wedges itself between her and the fist, saving her life.. Being pushed by that mass, she’s thrust away toward the back.

The black mass narrowly escapes Enkai’s fist by twisting its body. However, just barely being grazed still causes the mass to be blown away. After tumbling across the ground in a horridly spectacular splay of limbs, the mass falls completely still. Having missed its target, the fist slams loudly against the ground, creating a crater with a diameter around one meter.

Seeing that, I quickly activate <Making>, and add 100 points to my AGI. Otherwise it’s highly likely I’d get killed in an instant.


Enkai moves to finish off Miyoshi as she shouts the hound’s name and attempts to run over to him. Two other black masses manifest between Miyoshi and Enkai. One tries to pin down Enkai’s arm by biting it, while the other tries to block, becoming Miyoshi’s shield.

As I shoot several Water Lances towards Enkai, I close the distance between us with a speed that surpasses the lances, and put all my strength into a kick delivered against Enkai’s flank.

With nothing more than a swing of his bitten arm, Enkai frees himself from Cavall’s hold, causing several of Cavall’s fangs to snap off in the process. Then my Water Lances hit Enkai, just to disperse in the next moment.

I can’t tell whether they had some effect on him or not, but as my kick against his flank apparently worked, I’ve succeeded in drawing his aggro. He turns around to me, and raises his fist, ready to punch at any moment.

Is this guy a muscle-brain, or what?

However, judging by Aethelm’s state and the size of the crater, it’s not a blow that I could ward off with my Aramid shield. Previously, when my AGI was at 100, it took all of my concentration to follow his punch. Now, with my AGI at 200, it’s easy to follow; he looks almost like he’s punching in slow motion. All hail the stats!

I smoothly dodge Enkai’s jab, moving behind him, and throw an iron ball with all of my power at the back of his head from point-blank. Incongruous with the loud gong from the impact, Enkai only staggers a bit, before immediately fixing his posture and checking the condition of his neck by cracking it.

Using that opportunity, I shoot a Flame Lance of the Ultimate Flame Magic at Enkai, but just like the Water Lances, it disperses after hitting. He might only be a copy created by the dungeon, but you gotta say, that’s only to be expected of a god. His resistance against magic seems to be absurdly high.

I use the short break to quickly add 100 points to STR. Tightly grasping an 8 cm iron ball, I thrust it at Enkai from right in front of him. Despite being a fake, my opponent is still a god. I’d have no way to deal with him if the battle drags on or if he starts using offensive, ranged magic. Anyway, I aim for the forehead. I’ll bet everything on hitting his brain!


I always thought that only idiots would roar loudly in the middle of combat, but right now my own shout naturally escapes my lips. Battle cries or roars have something to them that touches the primitive part of the soul.

Enkai thrusts out his right fist, aiming at me carefully as I’m charging toward him. I ward off his fist to my right side using my left hand, and with my full strength drive the iron ball in my other palm into Enkai’s jaw as a counter. Enkai’s head snaps backwards from the impact, and his feet leave the ground for a moment.

Within the slow flow of time, I use the momentum, jumping upwards, and throw the iron ball down at Enkai’s forehead with all my power.



Still, Enkai tries to block the ball by crossing his arms in front of his face. But, having a lot more force than the iron ball thrown by Miyoshi, my iron ball smashes his guard apart, and sinks deeply into his forehead. Capitalizing on the instant his guard is slightly opened, dozens of iron balls are driven into him. Probably Miyoshi’s deed after having waited for an opening.

Enkai, whose arms have been flicked upwards while still being airborne, decides in his desperation to receive everything with his forehead.

As both of us fall to the ground in accordance with gravity, my eyes meet with Enkai’s as his head is still bent backwards. In that instant, I recall the story that the Kirinyaga’s summit, where he lives, is the peak of the world, and that no one is allowed to fly above Enkai.

While twisting my lips due to a strange elation over being above a god and tightly gripping a new iron ball, I hurl it at my full power towards his forehead as well. Flying as if drawn by a string with such a high speed that it seems to actually deform on the way, the iron ball pierces into Enkai’s forehead without any resistance at the moment the back of his head hits the ground.

As I listen intently, the sound of something being crushed reaches my ears. And, after hitting the ground with the back of his head first, Enkai’s body bounces up and down several times, before it finally stops moving altogether.

At that moment, in the final afterglow of the sun, having sunk beneath the sea of clouds, quietly vanishes, and Enkai’s body disintegrates into black particles of light.

“The arrival of night just as the sun god dies…that’s quite poetic, isn’t it?” Miyoshi approaches together with her three hounds as I’m panting heavily.

It looks like Aethelm survived. I guess it’s fine to say that frantically sprinkling potions does have an effect.

“That’d mean that he’ll simply revive tomorrow morning, wouldn’t it?” I pull a grimace while staring at the spot where Enkai vanished.

“It’s very normal for legends,” Miyoshi shrugs her shoulders while laughing weakly.

Jeez, gimme a break, that’s not funny.

This time we managed to pull through accidentally by attacking a spot that seems to be his weakness, but I don’t believe that we’ve witnessed the full power of the god just now. Above all, he didn’t use anything like magic this time. Besides, I feel like he should be capable of flying through the sky. One time is more than enough for me when it comes to taking on a god-class opponent without clearly knowing what vicious attack methods he might hide. He’s someone I wouldn’t have wanted to meet for my whole life, if possible.

We briefly investigate the summit while picking up what seems to be Enkai’s drops, and leave quickly, following the map drawn up by the JSDF. Finding a somewhat open space in a fold of the mountain after descending a bit from the summit, we take out Dolly and set up camp.

Unlike the tenth floor, somewhat large monsters with four legs, similar to a Capricorn, are prowling around here. It’s very likely that we could find ourselves at the bottom of a cliff if we get rammed by such monsters after parking Dolly in an open and exposed space.

Climbing into Dolly, I immediately line up the items dropped by Enkai on the dinet’s table, and ask Miyoshi to appraise them.

“Whoa! As might be expected of a god.” 1


Bangle of Ngai

AGI +50%
MP +50%
Magic Damage Reduced by 80%
90% Damage Taken Goes to MP
Auto Adjust

A bracelet created by Ngai to protect himself.



Ring of Ngai

All Stats +20%
Auto Adjust

A ring created by Ngai to protect himself.


Once I look at the Miyoshi’s notes, I can clearly see just how broken the attributes of these items are. 80% of the damage by magic is negated? So this bangle was the reason for Enkai’s ridiculous magic resistance, eh?

But then again, for 90% of the damage to be assigned to MP is a two-edged sword.

“The ring is perfect for you, senpai. I mean, I won’t get excited over having my stats raised from 10 to 12 anyway.”

“Use the bangle then, Miyoshi. It should make it a bit more difficult for you to die.”

“Okay. However, both items have a matching design, which might invite some misunderstandings.”

While cracking a joke, Miyoshi slips the bangle on her left arm. It instantly changes its size, fitting itself to her left wrist.

“Ooohh, wow! That’s the Auto Adjust at work, huh?”

“If a technology like that spreads, sneakers and clothes might have the same function sooner or later.”

“Well, sure, it’d be very convenient, but how much would it cost?”

“Originally it should have been implemented in the year 2015, just so you know.” 2

“Sorry to tell you, but this isn’t the world of Doc Brown.”

I pick up the ring, holding it between my fingers. It’ll likely automatically adjust to fit on any finger, but wearing it on my right hand would be a hindrance. Thus, I select the pinky of my left hand where it’ll disturb me the least.

“Senpai, isn’t it kinda playboyish for a man to wear a pinky ring?”

“Huh? Is it? Or rather, this ring isn’t really pink, you know?”

It’s a somewhat broad ring with delicate, tribal designs.

“Pinky ring means a ring attached to the little finger. Well, there are some people saying that it’s sexy or stylish, but…”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it. You’re saying it’s only for handsome guys, and I can’t pull it off, right? But it’s fine. I simply chose the finger where the ring wouldn’t get in the way.” I ignore Miyoshi’s opinion, but I guess anyone would be able to guess that putting a ring on your left hand’s pinky is like openly announcing that you’re looking for girlfriends. The world of fashion has way too many cryptic rules.

I open <Making> to check the effect of the ring.


Name: Yoshimura Keigo
Rank 1 / SP 523.448

HP 432.00
MP 240.00

STR (-) 200 (+) (240)
VIT (-) 100 (+) (120)
INT (-) 100 (+) (120)
AGI (-) 200 (+) (240)
DEX (-) 100 (+) (120)
LUC (-) 100 (+) (120)


> Miyoshi Azusa

“Oohh, it looks like the 20% have been added properly.”

“Senpai, what about me? Tell me! Tell me!”


Name: Miyoshi Azusa
SP 50.937

HP 22.25
MP 33.05 (49.575)

STR (-) 8 (+)
VIT (-) 9 (+)
INT (-) 18 (+)
AGI (-) 11 (+) (16.5)
DEX (-) 13 (+)
LUC (-) 10 (+)


“It’s been applied properly…hmm?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Your SP is at 50.937.”

“No way…is that because he was a god?”

“Most likely.”

The initial experience for genômos is 0.13. Miyoshi might have killed around a hundred of them, but still, the total would be no more than 1.551 SP. It’s unclear how many genômos she killed, but we’ve precisely recorded the kill counts of other monsters. Calculating backwards from there, around 45 points would be from Enkai.

“Haah, yep, as expected of a god. Since there’s two of us, he gives 90 points in total. It’d mean you can calculate it as floor of appearance x 5. The 5 would be a god factor, I’d say.”

“What an amazing factor. But leaving that aside, which stat do you want to raise?”

It’s only now that she can allot all of the points as she prefers. Once a bit of time passes, half of it will likely get assigned to her stats automatically.

“Let’s see~ I suppose INT?” Miyoshi says while tossing fried chicken into the muzzles of Arthur’s who only pop out their heads from her shadow in turns.

“You’re not thinking about summoning another 10 hellhounds by adding 40 points to INT or something like that, are you?”

“How did you…”

“Anyone woulda grasp a’ much!” 3

I mean, what is she going to do with another ten hounds anyway? The amount of magic crystals needed as rewards alone, sounds like a future that’ll cause my eyes to bleed.

“Take something more meaningful. Like, how about raising your LUC?”

“I’m going to leave that part to you, senpai. I feel like its current value is perfect for research. We gotta find out the drop rates for normal people as well, don’t we?”

“Yeah, okay, makes sense.”

“Even if I raise STR or VIT, it wouldn’t change me getting insta-killed if something like Enkai appears. I also have an issue with assigning the points evenly across all stats.”

She’s right, evenly distributing stat points is the path of doom for any character in games.

“Okay, but wouldn’t it be fine to at least raise your AGI some to be able to avoid attacks?”

“An INT/AGI build, eh?” Miyoshi ponders for a bit, but suddenly brings up something that has apparently come to her mind just now, “By the way, do Arthur’s become stronger as well?”

That’s something I want to know too. They were done in after just getting grazed by Enkai’s attacks, but they normally bit genômos to death. Going by experience points, genômos give twice as much as hellhounds.

“You know, I kinda feel like those guys haven’t been normal hellhounds to begin with, but…can’t you appraise them?”

“I tried it before, but all I found out was their current relative state.”

Something like their current HP / MP seems to be expressed as a percent. Since it’s not in absolute values, you can’t get a read on their power.

“Is it the same for monsters, too?”

“At present, yes. Though, in the case of most monsters, there’s also their names and the previously mentioned surplus value.”

“Then, Enkai was──”

“A complete failure.”

Some skills evolve. We don’t know how it’ll turn out in the future, but currently Appraisal doesn’t seem very useful in battle. But, leaving that aside, sooner or later we will undoubtedly reach a floor where Arthur’s are completely useless if they can’t be strengthened.

“In games, summons are usually boosted by their master’s parameters, by acquiring experience points the normal way, or through special items and events.”

“Maybe they’ll get stronger if we feed them magic crystals?”

“Sounds possible.”

“How about we just ask the hounds in question?”

Since they seem to basically understand what we’re saying, it should be possible to get some information out of them by skilfully combining questions that can be answered with yes or no, shouldn’t it?

“Oh, you’re right!”

Miyoshi immediately begins to ask Cavall about various things. But, girl, aren’t you forgetting something? What about your stats?

Since I can’t do anything about it either way, I vacantly stare at the values on the monitor, pondering about tomorrow and what we’re going to do afterwards. We’ve told Ms. Naruse to use our office freely since we’re going to dive for a while.

“Well, Glessic is over there, so our office should be mostly safe…”

As I start saying this, a hellhound’s head suddenly pops out of the shadow in front of me, tilting slightly to the side as if asking, “You called?”

“Wh-…? Hey, Miyoshi. Is this Glessic?”

In fact, I can’t really tell apart the four hounds. About the only thing I know is that it’s Drudwyn who’s become emotionally attached to me.

Miyoshi looks this way and confirms.

“No, no, no, wait, wait…Glessic is watching our office, right? Eh? Are you saying Ms. Naruse is defenseless right now?”

“No, I think Aethelm is over there at the moment.”


Aethelm should have been knocked out earlier after covering for Miyoshi, no?

As I’m obviously confused, Miyoshi gives me a detailed explanation. Apparently, according to her, the hounds are taking care of the office in a fixed rotation.

“Otherwise, if only one were to watch the office, that hound wouldn’t be able to listen to what everyone is saying.”

Well, it’s not that I don’t understand that, but…

“Wait. Are you saying that these guys’ ability to move through shadows works from inside to outside the dungeon?”

“It looks like they can move around by switching places with their targets when both are separated up to a certain distance, so it’s not like they can move around as they please.”

“No, Miyoshi, doesn’t that mean that you can get in contact with the outside from inside the dungeon and vice versa…?”

“Eh? But, these children can’t talk, you know?”

“They can dive into their shadows while carrying lamps, right? If you have them carry letters, they can deliver those, and if you have them carry storage media, we could send around any movie or text we want, no?”

“Oh, you mean like a delivery service, huh? But, I can’t tell whether that will work until we test whether the item they wear will switch places together with them every time.”

“But, if it’s possible, we won’t need to attack the colonial worms with the objective of finding an item that might or might not exist!”

“As expected, you sure don’t want to get involved with those worms, do you senpai?”

“Of course not.”

Only trained soldiers are capable of calmly facing such disgusting monsters. For me, it’s impossible. Absolutely.

But then again, despite having attacked those worms to the extent of causing trauma among the explorers of each country during the <Different World Language Comprehension> incident, none of them have been able to obtain that item. I mean, no one would willingly step on a landmine, right?

“I suppose, you guys are quite useful.”

Glessic happily pants with his tongue out, but once he realizes that he won’t get anything from me, he edges up to Miyoshi with only his head protruding from the shadow. What a calculating guy.




What Miyoshi learned from Arthur’s about their strengthening options was extremely vague, but still gave us some leads. In short, we seem to have three workable options:

・ They feel like their stats will grow alongside an increase of their master’s MP (probably).
・ They feel like their stats and skills increase through the intake of magic crystals.
・ They might also grow through combat.

“Yep, it’s kinda vague.”

“That’s unavoidable. I mean, we don’t clearly perceive slight changes in our stats either.”

“Hmm, that makes sense.”

It’s different when a stat suddenly doubles or similar, but we definitely don’t feel a stat changing if it goes up by 1 over a long period of time.

“Even if it’s just a feeling, MP seems to be important. Wouldn’t it be smart to focus on INT?”

“I don’t mind, but since it’d be a pain if you suddenly summon a large amount of doggos, hold back on that for the time being, okay?”

After all, she currently can’t send back any of the doggos once summoned. If we’ve got too many doggos around, it’s set in stone that some folks will show up sooner or later asking us to hand over at least one for research purposes. Besides, these guys all look the same. It’s already confusing enough with four doggos, but it’d be next to impossible for me to differentiate ten.

“Okay. Alright, about my AGI: please raise it for me since, at this rate, it’s going to be tough on me when moving around with you, senpai. Let alone during attacks.”

“Oh, you mean as in travel speed? Well, it’d definitely be difficult to carry you around in places where other people could see us.”

“Even without people staring, I hate that way of traveling.”

“Very well, I’ll increase AGI to 20 and INT to 40. Okay, done. Feel any changes?”


Name: Miyoshi Azusa
SP 19.937

HP 23.60
MP 69.60 (104.4)

STR (-) 8 (+)
VIT (-) 9 (+)
INT (-) 40 (+)
AGI (-) 20 (+) (30)
DEX (-) 13 (+)
LUC (-) 10 (+)


“Ooohh? Somehow my body feels light!”

“Well, your AGI has almost multiplied by three thanks to the bracelet’s power. If you get hyped and frolic around too much, you’re probably going to run into a wall.”

When I changed my AGI to 100 for the first time, I crashed into a wall because I was running too quickly. It didn’t lead to any serious injuries since I had raised my VIT to 100 at the same time, but Miyoshi’s VIT is that of an ordinary person. I really don’t wanna watch her turning into ketchup.

“I’m not you, senpai. I won’t make such a noobie mistake.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Oh, should I also raise STR and VIT to 10 to make it a bit easier for your appraisal?”

“That might be a good idea.” Miyoshi says while staring at the paper with her stats.

“Alright. Set STR and VIT to 10, INT to 50, and put the rest into DEX.”


“Since I’m sure that I’ll get the missing one SP in no time, raise DEX to 20 as soon as possible, please.”

“No problem.”

In the end, Miyoshi’s stats have become like this (the bracketed values reflect the effect of the item):


Name: Miyoshi Azusa
SP 0.937

HP 27.00
MP 86.80 (130.2)

STR (-) 10 (+)
VIT (-) 10 (+)
INT (-) 50 (+)
AGI (-) 20 (+) (30)
DEX (-) 19 (+)
LUC (-) 10 (+)


Her HP is extremely worrisome, but since 90% of the damage is going to be absorbed by her MP thanks to the bangle’s skill, I think she’ll be alright.

“It’d be nice if Arthur’s managed to power up with this as well.”


“Oh, speaking of items…you looted the chair, didn’t you?”

Miyoshi overreacts by jumping with a start, and then after crossing her arms behind her back says, “Ahaha, you found out? I was just curious whether I’d be able to take an item that’s not a drop.”

“Come on, how do you expect me not to notice you snatching such a big chair, girl?! So, did you appraise it?”

“When I put it away. Its name is 『The Throne of Ngai』. It was real gold, you know? It’s too heavy, so I’m not going to take it out here.” With those words, Miyoshi writes down the appraisal result from back then.

This girl sure has a good memory.


The Throne of Ngai

A chair made out of Ngai’s gold.

Regenerate HP +200%
Regenerate MP +200%

One trying to sit on the throne must display a suitable might. Otherwise, the throne will reject them.


“The throne of Ngai, you say? It sure sounds like it’d weigh around a hundred kilograms…”

“Senpai, if it only weighed a hundred kilogram, I could take it out here. The relative weight of gold is around 19.3. If you rounded that to 20, 100 kilograms would fill a volume of no more than 5000 cm³.”

Speaking of 5000 cm³, that’d mean 10 cm x 10 cm x 50 cm.

“Then, assuming the throne is made out of pure gold, 100 kg would roughly cover one of the throne’s legs, I suppose.”

“Correct. That’s why the throne likely weighs more than 600 kg.”

“Haah. But, if you sit down on a chair of pure gold, its legs and backrest would bend or something under the weight, no?”

“That’s why it’s being described as 『Ngai’s gold』.”

“However, judging from its effects, this thing is pretty much a health chair, isn’t it?”

“It definitely sounds like it’d alleviate fatigue.”

A doubled recovery rate for MP/HP might be handy, depending on the situation.

“And what about this flavor text here?”

In response to my question, Miyoshi folds her arms and knits her eyebrows.

“It’s kinda iffy. It seems like anyone who sits down on the chair besides Ngai would get cursed by it.”

“This isn’t the Mask of Tutankhamun. Something like curses nowadays ── well, it’s not like I can exclude the possibility, though.”

Stuff like curses sounds ridiculous. But then again, monsters created by dungeons prowling around are already ridiculous to begin with. At this point anything might be possible.

“If we interpret the text literally, it sounds more like not being able to sit on the chair than getting cursed by it, don’t you think?”

“The part about displaying your might does sound a bit fishy. Something might appear, like when rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, as soon as you sit down on the throne, resulting in a battle or something like that.”

“Stop it.”

We exchange looks due to this highly possible development, and promise each other to refrain from sitting down on it for the time being.

“That’s all the items we obtained on the summit, huh?”

“Ah, it’s not from the summit, but there’s actually one more item.” Miyoshi retrieves something similar to a tree’s branch from her <Storage>.

“What’s that?”

“Mufufu.” Miyoshi grins broadly with a look teeming full of triumph.

“Give it a rest with that gross smile of having your sinister trick exposed.”

“Gross smile…how rude. This thing is called 『Mufufu』, just so you know.”


“Brachylaena huillensis is a tree, commonly referred to as Mufufu. Mufufu seems to be its name in Swahili.”

Mufufu is an extremely dense tree, and seems to be used as flooring for places carrying heavy machinery.

“Originally it’s a tree growing in dry lowland forests, but same as on Mount Kenya, it’s growing around here as well.”

“So, what about it?”

“This hasn’t crumbled apart into black light particles even after cutting it off.” Miyoshi puts the Mufufu branch back into her <Storage>, suddenly putting on a serious expression, and fixes her sitting posture.

“Senpai, you can’t go back while carrying dungeon monsters since they immediately vanish after you defeat them, right?”


“In that case, can you bring back the trees or stones from inside a dungeon?”

Now that she mentions it, I haven’t paid much attention to that part. After a dungeon trip, my dusty clothes were still dusty on the surface. Thus, wouldn’t it be okay to consider that you can take back such things?

“You can, I’d say.”

“Then, what happens to the stones and trees after bringing them back?”

I’m starting to somehow grasp what Miyoshi wants to say. Monsters respawn. But what about objects that can be moved inside the dungeon? It might be inefficient to break down the walls, but you can cut down the plants growing there. Will those plants respawn in such a case? What about rocks you’ve picked up?

“If you go by common sense, they’d remain with you.”

“But, I doubt anyone has tested it out.”

It sounds like the 3D-mapping tool programmed by Miyoshi worked as impetus here. After we started going down to the second floor and below, the forms of the plants plotted on the 3D-map were always the same on the paths we regularly took. Of course it’s possible that no one has touched any of the plants. But, could it really be that no one broke a branch or something? Even if only to kill some time?

“Having said that, it’d stand out if a tree that had been felled before suddenly revived one day. You haven’t heard any such stories, have you?”

“Couldn’t that be simply owed to no one having investigated this in the last three years? In the first place, what’s the reason for undergrowth, which no one would trim, seemingly not having withered or grown over such a period, senpai?”

She’s definitely right about that one. I’ve never heard anything about cutting down the grasses on paths through forest floors because they were in the way.

Come to think of it, a similar question would apply to the attendants summoned during boss battles. The summons of Hound of Hecate didn’t vanish until the boss died or a resummoning. Would it actually be possible to bring back the defeated hellhounds to the surface then? Assuming some explorers would take on Hecate indefinitely without killing it or finishing the battle in another way, would it be possible to perform a dissection on the surface for research?

In a manner of speaking, the dungeons allow humans to take out the dropped items. However, it hasn’t ever been fully investigated just how far this permission goes.

“So, you’ve cut a nearby Mufufu to check whether it’s going to respawn?”

“It’s right next to Dolly’s entry. I mean, if stones don’t respawn at the same location, I wouldn’t be able to tell anything about their respawn.”

Even if you defeat a monster, it’s not like it’ll respawn at the same location right away. It’s assumed that they respawn at some place on the same floor, but currently there’s no way to verify that theory in this huge Yoyogi dungeon. Even if stones respawn, we won’t have any way to check it.

“Is there some benefit if the cut branch respawns?”

There are fairly big trees inside the dungeon, but not enough that they could serve as wood resources. At most, furniture might sell if you add the extra label of it being made out of dungeon-native wood, but I doubt that it’ll have much of an impact on society.

“Didn’t we talk about the food drops before?”

“Hmm? Yeah, we did.”

“I think that in itself will be magnificent for areas suffering from food shortages. There’s the issue with the necessary number of explorers, though,” Miyoshi shrugs her shoulders. “But then it struck me. Various environments exist within dungeons, right?”

“Yeah, I mean, Yoyogi has a lava floor (11th) or ice and snow floors (19th~20th).”

“Even dungeons, which have dry and cold lands where you can’t grow any crops, possess floors that are suitable for farming, I’m sure.”

Speaking of Yoyogi, the second to fourth floors consist of plains and forests.

“What if you could perform farming on a large scale on those floors? Assuming sown wheat would normally grow there, would the dungeon allow for it to be taken out?”

“You mean it might be possible to harvest wheat and take it out, if you can take back a naturally grown tree after felling it, huh? As long as it doesn’t turn into black particles, that is.”


“But, assuming it’s possible, even the floors in Yoyogi, which are said to be fairly big, have a radius of only five kilometers. Wouldn’t farming on a large scale be impossible?”

“That’s the point, senpai. That’s why the outcome of this experiment is so important.”

“Don’t tell me…”

At the moment it’s no more than a simple experiment to confirm whether plants that were cut in the dungeon respawn. However, in the next step, it might lead to an investigation about whether plants brought in from outside can be turned into dungeon plants. And if that’s the case──

“Assuming dungeons respawn the plants growing in the state before being cut──”

“Indeed. Assuming grains which were brought in from outside ─ though it’d be fine to raise them from seeds ─ were to be recognized by the dungeon as native plants belonging to the dungeon from the start──”

“──it might be possible to keep harvesting them infinitely. It’d be the birth of magic fields!”

“Amazing, right?”

She’s right, it does sound amazing. If it proves to be true, it’d be the discovery of the century. But, wait a sec…

“However, how’s that related to Ngai’s Throne?”

Miyoshi raises her body partially with her eyes wide open, tightly clenches her fists, and emphasizes by furiously swinging them up and down, “What are you saying, senpai!? If that’s made out of gold, and if it respawns alongside Ngai, we’ll be able to farm 600 kg of gold on a daily basis! It’ll be a major mine yielding the annual amount of gold at the Hishikari Mine in merely ten days! Something like the 50th floor won’t even matter any more, it’ll become completely insignificant!”

No, wait, that’s got nothing to do with farming though. In the first place──

“This plan of yours has a fatal, life-threatening flaw, doesn’t it!?”

What kind of battle maniac do you have to be to fight something like that monster every day!? Well, leaving aside the throne, 90 SP is a pretty attractive prospect, I believe. Though, turning it around, there must be some reason why Enkai has given us that much SP. I’m 100% sure that there must be something hidden behind that.

“Tehehe. Well, I suppose you’re right about that.”

“Heck, pray that Enkai’s respawn doesn’t actually take place on top of that damn throne.”

“Ugh, I hadn’t considered that possibility at all…” Miyoshi panics for a change.




Waking up the next morning, Miyoshi rushes out of Dolly faster than I can wash my face, visiting the brachiosaurus she cut yesterday.

“What large dinosaur are you talking about…?”

“Don’t mind it. So, the Mufufu, what about the Mufufu?”


When I look at the place where Miyoshi is pointing at, the same branch as the one in Miyoshi’s hand has grown back without a hitch.

“You cut it at that spot?”

“I’m certain.”

The tree with that branch having been cut off is displayed on the tablet Miyoshi shows to me.

“So it does respawn, huh?”

“It’s a great step towards infinite harvesting fields!”

“Well, the problem is whether the dungeon will recognize imported plants as a part of itself. According to your own theory, plants inside the dungeon don’t grow, right?”

Even if sown seeds are recognized as native plants by the dungeon, they’ll stay seedlings since they won’t grow here. Even if those respawn, it’d be unreasonable to look for them by walking all over a huge dungeon.

“About that…doesn’t it grow somewhere from the start, wheat that is?”

“Then you could only use places where it grows naturally, but not fields.”


“In any case, this issue is full of problems we won’t solve without testing out various things. For now, let’s accomplish what we came here for.”

“You’re right. Let’s return to the foot of the mountain.”

Fortunately, Enkai hasn’t respawned on top of the throne. I think he’s revived in that inner sanctum located beyond the birth canal. Most likely.

On that day, we continued farming genômos as if we were dealing with the first floor’s slimes. For the sake of allowing various people and countries to test out <Mining>, we need a certain amount of orbs. Of course we’re planning to sell them through auctions. Also, because the drop rate is 1/10,000, the cooldown time for <Making> amounts to only 8.64 seconds. As that’s a value close to zero, the timer poses no problem at all.

Learning from yesterday, we chose not to enter the plaza in front of the temple. As we had Arthur’s pull the genômos from around the cave’s entrance area, we didn’t get exposed to any dangerous situations either.

Several stacked cushions were an efficient means of defense against the stone throwing. Cushions are really amazing. We were lucky that there were no monsters capable of using fire around, but seen from outside, we might have looked like weirdos when shooting our iron balls and spells while covered in cushions from head to toe.

Even as we kept defeating them, the genômos continued appearing without end. They kept spawning and spawning so much that I started to suspect it as the dungeon’s measure to guarantee the attainment of <Mining>.

“Why don’t we go to the 20th floor and check things out?” I suggest to Miyoshi after obtaining one of <Nimbleness>, <Night Vision>, and <Earth Magic> each, and the seventh <Mining>.

“You’re right. Senpai, your MP seems a bit low, too.”

“The recovery is quick, but with those numbers…”

I wanted to fire one inferno from the entrance, but considering the MP recovery and the spawn of the next group, I found no good opportunity to do so. Unfortunately.

“Okay, once we check out <Mining> on the 20th floor, we’ll return to the surface.”

“Sure, sure.”

We quickly withdraw from the cave. The genômos wouldn’t follow any further than halfway down the tunnel, as they’re apparently held back by something.

“Wouldn’t it be super easy to hunt them en masse from a safe zone by using that habit of theirs?”

“Are they still going to spawn if you don’t go deeper inside the cave? When we first entered the tunnel, there were none around, remember?”

“Oh, I see.”

“It seems good for running away, though.”

Taking the shortest route according to the map, we descend to the 20th floor while chatting.

“Now then, time to test the credibility of RU22-0012.”

In order to test the relation between LUC and the drop rate of ores, both of us used <Mining>. Afterwards, Miyoshi respectfully said, “There are some epitaphs with slightly wrong contents, too…I shall yield the first strike to you in commemoration, senpai.”

Yoyogi’s 19th and 20th floors are ice and snow floors. The monsters appearing here are yetis, abominable snowmen, ice crawlers, and snow al-mi’raj. Sensing a snow al-mi’raj that appeared right ahead of us, I threw an iron ball. The ball pierces through the al-mi’raj like butter, causing the rabbit to burst, scattering into black particles.

“…There’s a limit to overkills.”

“I guess 200 STR was too much…”

“Well it was enough to kill a god, albeit on the 18th floor…”

Either way, the snow al-mi’raj has dropped a silver ingot.

“Ooh? Silver all of a sudden?”

Picking it up, I frown after seeing the name it displays. It’s because it reminds me of the trouble related to vanadium that led to me leaving the company.


“Yep, vanadium.”

The size of the dropped metal ingot is roughly that of a gold bullion with 113 mm x 52 mm. However, its thickness is three times that of a gold bullion. Vanadium’s relative weight is less than a third of gold. In short, this is a one kilogram ingot. The drop rate is 33% for Miyoshi, and 100% for me. Same applies to any monster we slay. It looks like LUC plays a role in this as well.

After checking as much, we quickly begin to prepare for our return to the surface. No matter how great Dolly might be, I can do without spending a night on an ice floor.

And then, on the next day, we returned to the surface.




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Translation Notes:

  1. Miyoshi makes a stupid pun here of shortening sasugani kamisama (nothing less of a god / as expected of a god / that’s a god for you) to sasu kami, but that doesn’t work with English at all, so I removed it. It reappears further down.
  2. Back to the Future 2 (1989 Movie)
  3. Osaka dialect for some reason

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