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A/N: About “epitaphs”: There were some comments asking whether those are letters carved into big stone monuments, but in this novel, the term is used to describe text engraved into solid objects such as stone and metal. Since it doesn’t really fit with “Ancient Inscriptions on Monuments”, I’m using “epitaph” which is usually used for the translated text of stone monuments. 


182:Unknown Explorer

Hey! Did you see the JDA’s YoyoDun News Blog!?

183:Unknown Explorer

The dungeon news blog? In the past I did, but nowadays I don’t check it much. It’s become slightly repetitive, lacking any catchy news, right?

184:Unknown Explorer

No, what’s that video? Some kind of movie trailer? Shouldn’t it have “Advertisement” written in small letters somewhere?

185:Unknown Explorer

Eh? Did they post something interesting?
Video, you say, what kind?

186:Unknown Explorer

Just go and watch it. It’s a must-see.

187:Unknown Explorer

I saw, I totally saw. It’s fuckin’ awesome! >182
Where was that? The 10th floor?

188:Unknown Explorer

Oh, is it so amazing? Gotcha, I’ll go have a look as well!

189:Unknown Explorer

Well, in the first scene when they drew close to the mansion, you can see something like a gravesite in the vicinity, so it should be the 10th floor >187
Starting middle of last month, the top explorers from all over the world have been sighted in Yoyogi, not to mention 2nd Lt. Kimitsu, so it might be a new floor beyond the known 21 floors.

190:Unknown Explorer

It’s got the subtitle “Wandering Mansion”, and the weird numbers on the gatepost are pretty neat. Or rather, to me it totally looks like dungeon-themed fiction.

191:Unknown Explorer

About that >190
Just look at those gargoyle-like things looking our way from the roof when they’re about to enter the mansion.
No, don’t look at me!

192:Unknown Explorer

I’d feel really uneasy to go ahead with those things, y’know?

193:Unknown Explorer

Well, many of the explorers heading to the lower floors seem to have a screw loose anyway.

194:Unknown Explorer

Look who’s talkin.

195:Unknown Explorer

That huge crow thing sure adds to the mood.

196:Unknown Explorer

The part when it’s grooming its feathers on the gatepost, just when the door opens and they look back towards the gate in a fluster. I laughed so hard that they went out of the way to edit it for the upload.

197:Unknown Explorer

Oh, so that’s why the pixels are so blurry around that part rofl

198:Unknown Explorer

I watched it! Amazin’ shit! Though it’s slightly regrettable that there’s no sound.

199:Unknown Explorer

I’m pretty sure it’d be full of screaming and stuff. Especially at the end.

200:Unknown Explorer

The monsters that appeared inside the room for a moment were Skeletal Executioners?
Those haven’t been spotted on the 10th floor. >189

201:Unknown Explorer

This mansion itself hasn’t been spotted there to begin with.

202:Unknown Explorer

Hey, hey, my acquaintance, you see, said that he’d heard the tolling of bells on the 10th floor late at night on the 27th of November.
All of us teased him for having imagined it, but maybe it’s related to this?

203:Unknown Explorer


204:Unknown Explorer

At the end, when the camera suddenly points up to empty space in the room, it could be interpreted like that, if you imagine that a bell rang just then and there.

205:Unknown Explorer

Ah, when the room was about to become all warped and wound up.

206:Unknown Explorer

But before that, what had these guys been doing on the 10th floor in the dead of night?
It’s common sense that wandering that place at night is impossible, no?

207:Unknown Explorer

He missed returning to the 8th floor, and apparently set up camp on the stairs between the 9th and 10th floor.

208:Unknown Explorer

Kinda sounds like a lamer team.

209:Unknown Explorer

Well, don’t be so hard on them. So, they did go have a look at what those bells were about, right?

210:Unknown Explorer

I asked the same, and then got scolded that there was no way they could have walked around the 10th floor at night.

211:Unknown Explorer

…Hmm, makes sense, I guess.

212:Unknown Explorer

Can’t be helped.

213:Unknown Explorer

The gargoyles came attacking at the end, but were blown away. What was the deal with that?

214:Unknown Explorer

Didn’t the party member of the filmer shoot them with a gun or something?

215:Unknown Explorer

Then it was a JSDF unit after all, huh?

216:Unknown Explorer

Iori-chan rooocks!

217:Unknown Explorer

Towards the end it turned into a real disaster movie.
The real hiyou of Ushi and Tora are gonna haunt me in my dreams. 1

218:Unknown Explorer


219:Unknown Explorer

Well, in it’s own way. If I had to choose either, it’s more of a horror movie.

220:Unknown Explorer

I’m kinda curious what happened at the part with the pedestal in the room.

221:Unknown Explorer

Oh, you mean the “Oh wanderers, touch onto the wisdom of the true grimoire”?

222:Unknown Explorer

I felt like the text was much longer though…

223:Unknown Explorer

That’s captioning, so it’s been shortened, no?
Since it looks like it’s an Earthen language, unlike with the epitaphs, someone should be able to translate it.

224:Unknown Explorer

Wanderers? That’s about us?

225:Wandering Explorer ID:P12xx-xxxx-xxxx-0192

I changed into a Wandering Explorer.

226:Unknown Explorer

An information page for the wandering mansion has gone live!
GJ > 225

227:Unknown Explorer

Eh? For real?

228:Unknown Explorer

Wait, the hell’s this!? The condition to make it appear is to defeat 373 monsters of the same kind in a day?
Something like that is possible??

229:Unknown Explorer

If it’s the slimes on the 1st floor…

230:Unknown Explorer

Slimes are surprisingly troublesome. Well, there’s probably enough of ’em around though > 229
If you’re unlucky, it’ll take around 5 mins to kill one. 12 in an hour, 240 in 20 hrs…R.I.P.

231:Unknown Explorer

It looks like the mansion in the video appeared after killing 373 zombies.

232:Unknown Explorer

The fuck? Dude, that’s the very definition of horror!

233:Unknown Explorer

As if it was a game in a GamCen…Team I sure is crazy.

234:Unknown Explorer

So it’s been totally set in stone that this was done by Iori-chan’s team.

235:Unknown Explorer

I mean, does anyone else ring a bell with you? Or do you think the Shibuya Team pulled this off?

236:Unknown Explorer

You think a team like that would be prowling around on the 10th floor or something…?

237:Unknown Explorer

It can only exist during the day it appeared (?). Is this ToSpo, or what? lol 2 It’s not limited to the 10th floor > 236

238:Unknown Explorer

That’s something we don’t clearly know, yeah.
Someone able to investigate as follow up…probably doesn’t exist…

239:Unknown Explorer

Even if I wanted to do it, it’s impossible.
10th floor cuz zombies, right? > 237

240:Unknown Explorer

Let’s look forward to Iori-chan’s next news!

241:Unknown Explorer

Ye, ye



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Translation Notes:

  1. A monster appearing in the manga Ushi and Tora. Here a picture: https://dic.pixiv.net/a/%E5%A9%A2%E5%A6%96
  2. ToSpo refers to Tokyo Sports I think, but I don’t get the reference. Maybe the articles in that thing last only a day or something. Or maybe it’s a comment going in the direction of this being very challenging as in sport activity.

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