§055 【Gift to the World】 D-Powers 108 【Different World Language Comprehension】

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1:Unknown Explorer ID:P12xx-xxxx-xxxx-3321

That party with the weird name, D-Powers, which suddenly popped up, seems to have already started the orb auction.
Are they crooks? Or saviors of the world?

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143:Unknown Explorer

Did ya’ll see? The first bid is in!

144:Unknown Explorer

Totally. If this was ebay, the auction woulda been removed.

145:Unknown Explorer

They marketed it as a gift to the world, but once the auction went online, it was just one orb up for sale, right?
Moreover, 60,000 JPY. That’s way cheaper than all the orbs up till now. Even I could buy it at that price.

146:Unknown Explorer

What, maybe I should make a nice memory by placing a bid as well?

147:Unknown Explorer

>145 I think that’s definitely impossible, but if you can really place a bid, you gotta be a multi-millionaire for sure.

Btw, watch the denomination.

148:Unknown Explorer

? It’s JPY, right? > 147

149:Unknown Explorer

That’s not the point 147 wanted to make lol.
Now, look closely, the denomination here is…

150:Unknown Explorer

…million JPY!?

151:Unknown Explorer

The fuck!? orz

152:Unknown Explorer

Eh? Then that’s 6 billion JPY?

153:Unknown Explorer

Calm down n’ count again roflmao >> 152

154:Unknown Explorer

Wut? One, ten, hundred…what the fuck!? One orb for 60 billion JPY!?

155:Unknown Explorer

Now that you mention it, that’s right
But, why such a high asking price?

156:Unknown Explorer

There was an article about it on a site that exclusively reports on dungeons.
It said that this orb had been discovered in Russia in September, and that it allowed its user to read the epitaphs, which use mysterious characters, and had been found in various dungeons.
So, only one orb has been found around the world.

157:Unknown Explorer

Eh? Does that mean that guy’s translation is the sole source?

158:Unknown Explorer

Aye. On top of no one being able to check whether his translations are lies or missing parts, it’s very likely that something sensational is written on the epitaphs.

159:Unknown Explorer

How would you know? > 158

160:Unknown Explorer

Although two month have already passed, the contents haven’t been publicized at all, and exactly because those contents were distributed to various related places, it’s conceivable that a stupidly mad competition will start on this auction.
In addition, the country possessing the one person capable of translating them is Russia, got it?

161:Unknown Explorer

So they want to verify it, huh? In that case, it’s a safe bet that the bidders will pretty much just be major governments.

162:Unknown Explorer

Huh? If it’s such an important orb, why don’t they sell it to Japan, instead of auctioning it off? Wouldn’t it be kinda logical to bring it up with the government?

163:Unknown Explorer

At this level, the JDA might intervene as well. I think even the state would suggest to trade it domestically, seeing as how it would likely become a terrifying diplomatic card.

164:Unknown Explorer

Maybe they couldn’t agree on a price or something?

165:Unknown Explorer

If the person in charge was someone like 163, I wouldn’t sell it either, you know?

166:Unknown Explorer

Why is that? > 165

167:Unknown Explorer

You’d be pissed if they came at you with an attitude like “it’s only reasonable to sell it to Japan”, no?

168:Unknown Explorer

Oh, true. Besides, if they had an attitude like that, no doubt the offered price would be ridiculously low, right? No, going even further, it’s very likely they’d start talking about donating the orb for the sake of the state.

169:Unknown Explorer

Hey! It’s already gone up to 89 billion.

170:Unknown Explorer


171:Unknown Explorer

Uwah, it’s true. Oof…

172:Unknown Explorer

Wow, this is already enough money for a luxurious retirement and then some.

173:Unknown Explorer

D-Powers is already at that level given the winning bids from the last two auctions. Probably.

174:Unknown Explorer

With that power of collecting orbs? They might have several hundred members, you know? > 173
However, if they obtained the same orb tomorrow, this’ll surely become a big loss for the bid winner.

175:Unknown Explorer

It’s because you have no clue whether the same orb might appear tomorrow, in a year, or even in 100 years. > 174
And during all that time, your security guarantee would be threatened by just one foreign country uncovering the core of the information.

176:Unknown Explorer

Well, a country like America is using close to 70 trillion Yen every year for that security guarantee.

177:Unknown Explorer

You mean, the current bid amount is just a light sounding out?

178:Unknown Explorer

Well, I guess so. It’s also possible that the EU is going to win the bid by forming an alliance in the UN.

179:Unknown Explorer

If it comes to something like that, why not just form a worldwide alliance and get the orb for cheap…

180:Unknown Explorer

That’s not being possible with the current global situation, is it? The sins of the past strike back.

181:Unknown Explorer

By the way, what’s that Okajio system that’s in use this time? 1 Is it a system created by Okashio?

182:Unknown Explorer

Until now, a new bid would prolong the auction by ten minutes even if the deadline was up, right?
When the bidders have huge amounts of money, and must obtain the bid item at any cost, it’s possible that the bidding won’t end, no matter how much time passes.

183:Unknown Explorer

Well, if you add the minimum bid each time, six times per hour, you can drag it out by a day as long as you renew your bid 144 times.

184:Unknown Explorer

Yep. This time the handover is set to 12/2 for some reason, so they’d be troubled if that happened, right? In case the deadline runs out, the extension time will be 12 seconds after the bid price was updated while not knowing the highest bid, they say.

185:Unknown Explorer

In other words, if you don’t put up an amount of money exceeding the highest bid within those 12 seconds, the bidding will end then and there. So, it won’t be possible to keep adding bids with the aim to extend it indefinitely?

186:Unknown Explorer

Correct. That’s why it’s also possible that the bid amount will jump up all of a sudden after the time has run out.

187:Unknown Explorer

Hahaha, so that’s why Okajio, eh? It’s kinda like occasio.

188:Unknown Explorer

The heck?

189:Unknown Explorer

GG. It’s Latin. It means something like opportunity or chance.
Nice one > 186

190:Unknown Explorer

If you used English for that, it’d be written as occasion. lol
Anyway, why 12 seconds? It feels kinda odd as an extension time.

191:Unknown Explorer

They felt like it?

192:Unknown Explorer

A chemistry joke about 1 Mol?

193:Unknown Explorer

What’s the deal with that? > 192

194:Unknown Explorer

One mol is the number of atoms contained in 12 gram of Carbon-12. The chemical symbol for Carbon is C. If it’s beyond base 13, the notation for 12 is C.

195:Unknown Explorer

Oh, okay. But, no matter how you look at that, isn’t that way too sophisticated?

196:Unknown Explorer

About that, just the other day, it was changed into a definition not depending on the kilogram standard at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures in France. 2 Quite timely, right? >> 194

197:Unknown Explorer

Eh? Seriously? > 196

198:Unknown Explorer

You guys, why do you know so much ’bout all this? rofl

199:Unknown Explorer

Isn’t it a mathematical joke then?
It’s the smallest abundant number.

200:Unknown Explorer

What’s that?

201:Unknown Explorer

Google the term abundant number.
I wonder whether it’s about the overtime being excessive.

202:Unknown Explorer

Alright, it’s settled with that.

203:Unknown Explorer

It is!?



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Translation Notes:

  1. Word play by the author. Rest follows below. オカジオ (okajio)
  2. The change of the mol definition took place on May 19th 2019.

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