§051 Appraisal (Prequel) 11/28 (Wed)

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We deploy our base car atop the previous hill in a hurry, and rush inside, while ignoring the undead climbing up the hill bit by bit.

“Pheew. Somehow, I’m completely pooped now…”

“Explorations are a matter of life and death, after all. We got a little glimpse at the reality of that.”

I fling off my armor, and flop down on the dinette’s sofa with a thud.

“The mansion vanished because we took those epitaph pages, right?”

“Maybe, but…I won’t know the exact moment without checking the time on the recording, but the bell began to toll at 11:59 p.m., and the mansion vanished at precisely twelve o’clock.”

“Does that mean it only exists during the day it spawned? How kind of it to adhere to the local time.”

“I think that’s possible.”

I sluggishly open the refrigerator, take out two cans of beer, and place them down in front of Miyoshi and me.

“Isn’t it okay to let loose a bit at a time like this?”

“It feels a bit incautious, but I agree with you.”

We pull the ring-tabs, letting out a fizzing sound, somehow manage to toast, and gulp down the beer in one go. As my throat has apparently been parched out of nervousness, the cool beer feels as if it’s permeating my body. The coolness reminds me of a jug full of ice water, after the burning heat of the sun beating down on the court has melted all the ice.


And then, at last, our smiles have returned.

“Well, it was a near-death experience, but for the time being, we’ve achieved our goal.”

I take out the <Appraisal> orb in front of Miyoshi.

Once she timidly touches it, she suddenly cries out, “I’m going to stop being human~!”


As I spit out my beer due to her sudden yell, the orb turns into light as always, scatters, and is absorbed into Miyoshi’s body, as if winding from the part she had touched.

“Wai-! Senpai, you’re the one who told me to say that, okay!?” Miyoshi sullenly purses her lips while wiping away the beer that hit her face.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s because it was so sudden.”


I take out another orb.

“Then, the next one is this, I’d say.”

It’s <Darkness Magic (VI)>.

“The one that might end up being fog?”

“That’s why you should try to appraise it.”

“Oh, I see! ──But, how do I do that?”

“No clue. Please tell me once you figure it out.”


Miyoshi mumbles various things under her breath while staring at the orb.

“Since we’re at it anyway, you should also get out the items we picked up this time.”


Healing Potion (1)
Healing Potion (2)
Feather: Munin
Magic Crystal: Munin
Magic Crystal: Gargoyle x2
Obsidian: Gargoyle x3
Crystal: Eyeball


I guess that big crow wasn’t a raven but a munin. 『Memory』 in a dream-like mansion, that’s yet another witty one. 1

Moreover, for it to cry “Nevermore!” despite originating from Norse mythology, what a versatile fellow.

“Ah, this, the poor sword, right?” Miyoshi picks up the scimitar, which I can’t see as anything but a Persian sword no matter how I look at it.

“Poor sword…you could at least call it a desert sword or something.”


I reflexively put myself on guard due to Miyoshi suddenly yelping.

“What’s wrong?”

“Senpai, I’ve grasped how to use <Appraisal>!”

Letting my body sink back into the sofa, since that’s all it is, I ask her to give me the details.

“Congrats. So, how do you use it?”

“You simply look at something while asking yourself what it might be.”

“Hah? Just that?”

“Seems so. I feel like an idiot for having muttered stuff like 『Detect!』, 『Observe!』, and 『Discover!』 for a while now…”

Well, I get where she’s coming from.

“Anyway, about this sword. It’s a desert sword.”


“It uses plural, so it’s a sword of retribution.”

Desert with such a meaning is…”

“It’s actually written like that.” Miyoshi says while sticking out her tongue, and then starts to write down the sword’s description on a notepad laying on the table.


Sword of Retribution – Sword of Deserts

Damage +40%
Attack Speed +5%
5% Chance to Blind on Hit.
20% Reflect Physical Damage.

What brings about calamity will be purged by calamity.
Retribution shall be given to those bringing about calamity by thou.


“Oh? But what’s with this flavor text-like description?”

“It’s not just like flavor text, it really is flavor text, no? I mean, it’s written just like one.”

“I kinda wonder who wrote a thing like that…anyway, did you become able to appraise the all-important stats?”

“Well, you see, about that, it’s being displayed after a fashion, but, look at this…”

With those words Miyoshi jots down a chain of numbers.


Yoshimura Keigo 11.3 / 4.6 / 4 / 1 / 15 / 1 / 9 / 0


“That’s what it looks like for you, senpai.”

“The heck?”

“Moreover, for me it’s all zeroes.”


Currently my stats are set to their dungeon setting.


HP 250.00
MP 190.00

STR 100
VIT 100
INT 100
AGI 100
DEX 100
LUC 100


Next, I have her appraise my normal stats, with all values set to 30.


Yoshimura Keigo 9.9 / 26.1 / 6 / 3 / 13 / 8 / 4 / 0


As expected, I don’t get what those numbers mean.

“Senpai, what’s this about?”

“Alright, time for some tests!”

Most scientists love to run tests. We’re getting excited just because a few weird numbers popped up, even though we should be tired as it’s past midnight now. If not for <High Recovery> doing its job, we’d definitely become sleep-deprived. I take several sandwiches and coffees out of <Safe>, and then we begin to run the tests while I raise my stats one at a time, starting from 1.




“I see~ You wouldn’t stumble on this right away.”

We found a hint. When Miyoshi checked her own stats, all values were zero. At first I thought that it was set so that she couldn’t appraise her own stats.

But in reality the values displayed by <Appraisal> are the remainder after dividing the target’s stat values by the user’s own stat values. It’s close to not being able to use <Appraisal> on the stats of people who are of a higher level than the user, as it often comes up in fantasy novels. That’s why it’s all zeroes when she uses <Appraisal> on herself.

The proof was that she could correctly appraise my stats once I set all my stats to an exceedingly low value, like 1 for example. Using this, we precisely determined Miyoshi’s stats, too.


HP 21.70
MP 30.90

INT 17
AGI 11
DEX 13
LUC 10


“My stats are pretty shabby, aren’t they?”

“The average of a normal adult is something ’round 10, so aren’t they quite decent? My stats at the start of all this are the baseline, though.”


“But, a simple division remainder, eh…? If you make a stat value display device, the algorithm will end up getting leaked right away due to <Appraisal> and measurement testing, no?”

“I think the measurement values will be oversimplified through the device’s accuracy, and <Appraisal> is rare, so won’t it be fine? Well, it’ll get parsed eventually, so we’ve just got to patent it at a suitable time.” Miyoshi answers in a carefree manner.

“Come to think of it, Miyoshi, what about the skills?”

“It looks like they’re not being shown at present. That’s great, right?”

“No kidding. Let’s check <Darkness Magic (VI)> then.” I say, and take out another orb.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Munin is one of the ravens of Odin in Norse mythology. It has a twin called Hugin. While Hugin means “Thought”, Munin refers to “Memory.”

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