§050 Walk-in Mansion (Conclusion)

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Inside we only find a spacious, deserted, room.

“Isn’t it kind of expected that the front door to a mansion like this should open onto an entrance hall, and a double-circular stairway leading to the second floor, or something like that?”

“Circular stairway? What’s that?”

“A stairway that curves as it goes up.”

“Ah, you mean the ones they tend to have in palatial residences in movies, eh?”

I look around me. We’re in a commonplace room made out of stone, with a high ceiling. However, it’s vast. It seems to measure around 30 by 30 meters. Bookshelves are installed on the walls, and although it’s not clear from the entranceway, it appears as if they are crammed with books. But, why are there bookshelves in an entry hall…?

Sculptures with grotesque shapes like you’d find them at Notre Dame have been set up in all corners of the room. I carefully scrutinize the center of the room, suspecting that the sculptures are definitely going to start moving if we go in the room’s center.

“Are those some kinds of gargoyles as well?”

“If this was a game, those would very likely become active if you approached the room’s middle. Should we take the safe approach and destroy them from here in advance?”

“Following your game logic, such things are usually indestructible until they activate, aren’t they?”

“We simply have to test it out.”

Just as Miyoshi says so, the sculptures in the four corners blow up. That amount of firepower means she must have launched the eight centimeter balls.

“Huh? Maybe they really were simple marble statues…”

At the moment Miyoshi says so, accompanied by a “Tehe,” the door behind us slams shut.

“Uh oh, maybe we made them angry?”

“Well, I think it’s only natural for someone to get pissed off if you enter their home, and suddenly break their sculptures in the entry hall.”

As we move backwards towards the entrance, while vigilantly looking all around us, three magic crests appear in the room’s center, and something gradually rises up from within them.

“Skeletal Executioners!?”

It’s very likely their first appearance in Yoyogi. They are huge skeletons that walk around while dragging gigantic swords behind them. Usually their movements are sluggish, but it seems that they’ll charge with quite a lot of speed while brandishing those swords when attacking. It’s a troublesome enemy if you’re cornered.

“I’d say, victory goes to the one who makes the first move here.”

I swiftly invoke Water Lances as usual, and destroy the three monsters…at least that was the idea.


The water spears, that were shot out at high speed, are repelled just in front of the monsters by something like an invisible barrier, and disperse in the next moment.

“Senpai, use the iron balls!”

I take out an eight centimeter ball, and throw it with full power at the monster closest to me. The monster is pushed back with a loud thud, but it doesn’t look like it’s been destroyed. So you can stave this off as well!? However, it looks like there’s at least some effect, unlike with magic.

Thinking that I just have to do it over and over again, I throw another iron ball. At the same time as the ball hits, the monster’s knee is smashed up.


“It seems their resistance will spread out, if you attack them at more than two spots simultaneously.” Miyoshi says, having shot an iron ball at its knee right as I threw a ball aiming for its head.

“Nice goin’, Miyoshi! You’d look cool right now if you weren’t hiding behind me.”

“What are you saying? Senpai, you’re the one with the shield, so it only makes sense!”

Well, she’s not wrong there…anyway, the remaining two monsters──

“Argh! S-Shit!!”

“Eh!? What’s wrong?” Miyoshi asks with a surprised look as I suddenly cry out.

“No, it’s just, we’re finally facing enemies you could call boss mobs, but since there are no small fries with them, the numbers won’t work out!”

“…Senpai, you’re unexpectedly calm about all this.”

When Miyoshi rolls her eyes, while launching balls to hold back the remaining two skeletons, one monster finally begins to rotate.

“Miyoshi, the corner!”

The Skeletal Executioner’s attack is circular. It’s a threat if you’re surrounded by several such circular attacks in an open space, but in a square room like this──

“The room’s corners are safe areas, aren’t they?”

We stand atop the fragments of a broken sculpture in a corner. The monster’s rotational slashing attack scratches against the room’s walls, but doesn’t advance any further.

“The bookshelves haven’t budged in the slightest.”

“Same applies to the entry hall’s windows, doesn’t it?”

The worst possibility would have been if the monster was able to approach while destroying everything around it, but the walls and door are sturdy enough that you could almost say that they’re indestructible, which results in the rotational attack being unable to get close to us.

We take some distance while waiting for the rotation to stop, and then we break the monsters’ knees with more two-staged attacks. After immobilizing them, all that’s left now is simple labor to destroy the two bodies.


Healing Potion (3) x2
Magic Crystal: Barrow-Wight x2
Scimitar of Deserts


“Apparently those monsters were actually Barrow-wights, and not Skeletal Executioners.”

“Tolkien this time!? Dungeon boy has fairly extensive knowledge, doesn’t he? Then, when all’s said and done, this mansion is a grave, and that sword is Frodo’s sword?”

What Miyoshi is pointing at is a scabbard-less scimitar, with deep blue gems embedded into its hilt, that has fallen to the ground. When I pick it up, my face is reflected in its beautiful blade.

“It’s the first time I’ve actually seen a weapon drop. It’s also not listed in the weapon catalog in the explorer’s guide…Frodo’s sword was called Sting, wasn’t it?”

“That’s the sword he received from Bilbo. The sword he obtained at the Barrow-downs was a poor sword that had its place stolen by Sting, as it remained unrepaired in Rivendell after it was broken by the Witch-king of Angmar.”

“No, calling it poor…”

『Scimitar of Deserts』, is it? If this was the Downs, it wouldn’t be weird since it’s got a reputation for being full of sand, but we’re in a mansion right now, you know?

“Senpai, look!”

At the same time as I finish picking up all items, something manifests in the room’s center. I put myself on guard, suspecting that it might be a new monster, but what’s gradually rising up from the ground is a pedestal with something placed on top.

“An epitaph?”

Something like the pages of a book, which are decorated with elegant ornaments, are laying on the pedestal. Something is written on that pedestal, with characters resembling those we saw at the gatepost. After photographing it with our smartphones, we fixedly stare at the page-like objects in the middle of the pedestal.

“…I can’t read those.”

“Well, of course not. However, that seems to be interesting as well, but it also makes you curious about the books on the shelves around us a bit, doesn’t it?” Miyoshi trudgingly approaches a bookshelf.

“Don’t wander around too much. Traps might──”

The instant I pick up the epitaph while cautioning Miyoshi, the chimes at the spires ring loudly, and I’m assailed by a weird sensation as if the space of the room itself is being warped.


As I yell, both of us run towards the entrance.




Fortunately, the entrance door hasn’t been locked. And, we’re grateful that we aren’t sucked into some different dimension that appeared immediately after opening the door, or something like that. 1

Tumbling out into the front yard, we’re greeted by the big crow, which sat on the gatepost, and gargoyles, which had been atop the roof, attacking us all at once.

While experiencing the world in slow motion, I intercept the crow, coming from the front, with an iron ball held in my hand, and then, after making Miyoshi go ahead, I pound away water lances while holding up my shield as rear guard.

The gargoyles plunge at us, while keeping up their momentum, without batting an eyelid even as their wings, legs, and heads get broken, but capitalizing on my high stats, I knock them down with my shield and defensive body movements. Miyoshi is apparently providing support as well while running away. A few monsters are blown away in front of me.

“Senpai!” Miyoshi yells at me, as I feel relieved for an instant over having repelled all gargoyles, pointing at the mansion’s second floor, which is continuing to lose its shape.

A huge amount of eyeballs continue to drop down from the eaves over there. And, the eyeballs that have fallen to the ground are crawling our way.

“Geh! Jus-, wha-!”

I reflexively cast many Water Lances at those in the lead, as I start to run away towards the gate.

In a corner of my eye I see Making’s Orb Selection screen pop up, but I don’t have the slightest moment to pay any attention to that. I absolutely don’t want to get buried by such a large number of eyeballs.

With the spire’s bell continuing to toll, the mansion gradually loses its shape, as if melting away with the sound. The ground leading up to the gate has become soft, as if it’s dissolving, making it difficult to run. At the same time, the pressure of the swarm of eyeballs behind us swells up. We keep running, struggling desperately amidst all that, and exit through the iron gate.

At that moment, the chimes, which were ringing all that time, suddenly cease, and the pressure weighing down on us from behind completely vanishes.


When I look back in surprise, only several items are left laying on the ground, with the night-time graveyard silently spreading out, as if nothing else had ever been there. I spontaneously fall on my backside, sitting down on the spot. There are a lot of things I don’t get at all, but for the time being, it seems to be correct to assume that we’ve been saved.

“Senpai, just what was that?”

“Who knows. However, it looks like it was worthwhile to go through this terrible experience.”


Skill Orb – Fear 1/40,000,000
Skill Orb – Surveillance 1/300,000,000
Skill Orb – Appraisal 1/700,000,000


I’m also curious about Fear and Surveillance, but either way, we’ve obtained our objective – Appraisal.



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Translation Notes:

  1. A reference to a horror game with the name “Alone in the Dark” that’s been released in 1992.

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