§044 Date? (Also Called: Slime Bullying) 11/24 (Sat)

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And then Saturday came around. Ms. Mitsurugi waves her hand at me from a table in an inconspicuous corner of the YD Cafe, our meeting place in Yoyogi Dungeon.

An orthodox beauty behaving cutely has significant destructive power. I somehow manage to tighten my face before it becomes slovenly, betraying my initial misunderstanding, and head over to her table.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“No need, I actually just got here a minute ago. Are you going to order a drink?”

Ms. Mitsurugi’s café au lait is almost completely empty.

“No, if you like, we can go right away.”


It’s not like I wanted it specifically for today, but I used the <Detect Life> orb. Its ability is close to being passive, and once I focus on the skill, as we descend into the dungeon, <Detect Life> immediately starts to do its job. How to describe it? It’s kinda like vaguely knowing the locations of nearby people and monsters.

“This way.” As I guide her with those words, I spot a slime much faster than usual.

“Today’s a special training day, so wanna try to aim for a new record?”

“Sure! That sounds fun!”

This attitude might be the most amazing thing about her.

Afterwards we silently repeated the cycle of killing a slime, dashing back to the entrance, and tracking the next slime with my <Detect Life> skill. Even I, who only went along with her, was about to attain enlightenment due to the excessive tempo.

As a result of us continuing to fight, while even forgetting to eat lunch, she recorded an average of 50 slimes per hour, and 300 slimes in a little less than six hours. With 300 slimes, she’s gained 6 exp just today. Even I, as her escort, have updated my personal best to 155 slimes in one day.

However, since we’d stand out if we were to leave through the entrance together, I couldn’t benefit from the reset, as I always waited for her inside the dungeon.

“Pheew, as expected, that was really tiring.”

“300 slimes, that’s probably a new world record.”

“We wasted almost no time searching for slimes. Still, I wonder how you could find them so quickly. Mr. Yoshimura, you’re really amazing after all.”

“I was just lucky.”

Just as I reply to her, a cute gurgling sound echoes from her stomach, triggering her to look down with a beet red face. As it’s almost 4 p.m., lunch time is long over, and it’s far too early for dinner. If it’s something that’d work──

“Oh, come to think of it, we haven’t had any lunch. How about we go back and eat something at the YD Cafe?”


And then, after eating a pasta set meal at the YD Cafe, we confirm our appointment for tomorrow, and split up.




“I’m back~”

“Ooh, His Lordship Sir Normie hath returned.”

“Shut it. Oh yes, Miyoshi, today I got plenty of experience.”

“What was that? Don’t tell me you were kissing inside a dungeon!”

“As if, idiot! Because of <Detect Life>, it was ultra-efficient farming, though. Thanks to that, I also defeated 155 slimes.”


“Of course the orb selection would pop up, right? I secretly triggered it without letting her see, but since all options were still cooling down for the second time, there was no orb I could get. And then…”

“S-Some secret option!?”

Miyoshi jumps up with $ signs in her eyes.

“No, the selection window didn’t show up. I noticed that it had expired after quite a bit of time passed.”

“Thank you very much for news that isn’t interesting nor delightful. Moreover, it means that you simply wasted one chance.”

“Who cares, it was a fresh experience, y’know!? Also the pasta set meal at the YD cafe can’t be described as anything but totally normal in taste.”

“That’s a nice piece of information.”


“However, it hasn’t shown up, you say? I feel like you’re being told, 『A smart player should always think a bit whenever they pick up something, so that they still have room left.』.” 1

“You, just how old are you supposed to be?”



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Translation Notes:

  1. According to the author, it’s a text that was always displayed in the game Wizardry #4: The Return of Werdna, which was released in 1987. This sentence was always displayed whenever the player couldn’t pick up an item because their inventory was full. By the way, a workaround like dumping items in your inventory on the spot, to make some space, wasn’t possible.

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