§041 Mishiro Eri 11/22 (Thu)

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“Oh, you were alright!?” A woman calls out to me from the other side of the streamlet, with her compound bow at the ready.

“Eh? Ah, yeah, somehow.” I wash my hands in the clear water, while smiling ambiguously. “So, what about him?”

When I jump over the streamlet and get close to the two of them, I see that the arm of the man seems to be in a very terrible state, he’s laying on the ground while sweating profusely.

“For the time being, I simply stopped the bleeding, but…” She says, as she worriedly looks at the man.

Her boyfriend, eh? However, that’s a problem. I had intended to bid farewell to them, after escorting the two to the fifth floor’s entrance area where people are camping, but…on the other hand, I’m not really all that keen to take them to our base camp just like that.

We have a normal first-aid set, which Miyoshi had prepared just in case, but it looks like his right forearm has been completely ripped apart by a hellhound. It’s a serious injury, any doctor would likely opt to immediately amputate the arm at the elbow. I don’t really believe that a normal first-aid set will be enough here.

“…No helping it.”


Sorry, Miyoshi.

“You know how to use this?”

I pretend to take out the potion I had obtained just now from my backpack. Touching it, the woman unintentionally cries out in surprise.

“Eh? Eeehh? A healing potion!? And it’s rank 5!!”

Oh shit, I didn’t check the rank of the potion first. Rank 5, is that amazing or something? I can hear Miyoshi’s voice yelling, “Rank 5?!”, through the ear piece.

“T-This…but…” She’s looks back and forth between the man and the potion with a conflicted expression.

“Hadn’t you better use it as fast as possible?”

In response, her expression hardens, she appears to have resolved herself.

“Thank you very much. I will definitely pay for it.”

With those words, she rushes over to the man, and makes him drink the potion in little sips.

Oh, so it’s something you drink. Would it also work to apply it directly to the affected part? As I’m thinking about such things, a big yawn escapes my lips. Even when possessing <High Recovery>, it seems that drowsiness will befall you when you lack tension or concentration. It’s probably because it’d turn into insomnia otherwise.

Watching the man and woman, the effect of dungeon items is as extreme as ever. Even if it doesn’t go as far as when Ayesha took in <High Recovery>, the experience of watching his forearm, which had been damaged down to the bone, let alone the muscles, return to its former state, by bulging out in no time, can only be described as surreal.

No sooner does the man finish the last drop, than his wounds fully disappear.

“Eh? Huh? Sis?” The man says, while gazing at his arm with a mystified look, as soon as he fully wakes up from his stupor.

What, so they were older sister and younger brother, eh?

“Shouta!” The woman embraces her brother with tears in her eyes.

They sure are on good terms.

“Just what…my arm…it’s still there.”

“That man has…”

Then she explains to her brother what happened.

“Rank 5!?” Her brother, who had silently listened to his sister’s explanation, raises his voice, looking surprised, and then shoots a harsh look in my direction.

Eh? Is this not a scene where I get thanked?

“I never asked to be saved by you or anything. Neither was it a particularly serious injury.”


Hah? What’s this guy saying all of a sudden?

“In the first place, there’s no proof that a potion was used.”

“Just a sec, Shouta! What are you saying!?”

Well yeah, that might be true. Strictly speaking, there might actually be proof for it, but I don’t give a damn.

“E-Excuse us, my little brother is confused at the moment.”

“There’s nothing you’d need to apologize for! Sis, you’ve been deceived!”


“This dirty old geezer has schemed to take your freedom, by needlessly using a high-ranking potion to plunge you deeply into debt, sis!”




Ooh! This is the first time I’ve heard about something like that. Even Buddha would be startled here. Whatever, this has turned into a fucking pain.

While telling me, “So far as it goes, I’ve recorded all of this,” through the ear piece, I can clearly tell that Miyoshi is holding back her laughter, with her shoulders trembling.

“Umm, whatever. If you head that way, you’ll immediately reach the stairs to the fourth floor. Since many teams are camping there, it should be fine for you to go back up after spending the night over there.”


“No, as I said…”

“Leave us alone! He said that it’s fine! Let’s go, Sis. …Come to think of it, what about Sakai and Touma?”

Oh, the guys who ran away?

“Won’t they be in the same place, seeing how they ran away?”

“Then let’s head over there right away!”

They’re the guys who escaped while throwing you two to the wolves, though. Knowing about that, the elder sister’s expression betrays her mixed feelings.

“This is my contact address. I will make sure to pay you back…excuse me, but could you tell me your name?”

“This wasn’t such a big deal that you’d actually need to know my name. Feel free to forget about it, and just pretend he got bitten by a dog, literally.”

“No way…”

The woman, who looks at me with a face on the verge of tears, is probably a good person deep down. I might just have done this out of kindness, but being treated as a perverted old geezer has somewhat pissed me off. Though I fully understand that it’s not her doing.

“What’re you doing, sis? Hurry up.”

“It’s okay. I’m sorry for saying something so harsh. Come on, please go now. I’m sure we’ll be able to meet somewhere again.”

“Sorry. Please contact me if possible, okay?”

With those words, she chases after her little brother.

“Mishiro Eri, huh?”

I put her contact address into my <Safe>, and walk in the opposite direction of the siblings, heading back to our base car.



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