§037 A Sequel / At a Certain Social Party

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“Who’s that beauty? I don’t remember having seen her before.”

That woman, who’s walking through the venue while wearing a light, lime-green dress, has a risque, unbalanced charm, that swings back and forth between a neat primness and a mature allure. Bolstering that, the supple dress lines appear to splendidly express the transient beauty of a girl changing into a woman. Her earrings and pendant, which are adorned with rubies, accentuated her gorgeous smile.

“Oh, that’s Mr. Ahmed’s daughter.”

“Ahmed? You mean, the one from Mumbai? Talking about his daughter was…how to say it…taboo, wasn’t it? I didn’t know that she had an elder sister.”

“No, the one over there seems to be the same daughter you’re talking about.”

“What was that?”

“The other day, they went to Japan, and when they came back, she had become like this, I heard. Everyone in high society around here is talking about it. They say it was a miracle”

“I had no idea. Did she go to a skilled plastic surgeon?”

“If there exists a surgeon who can recreate missing limbs, that guy must have made a deal with the devil.”

“Transplantation…or something like that?”

“I can’t even begin to think just how difficult it’d be to find a matching set of such beautiful limbs, not to mention that the face would be close to impossible. If something like that were possible, they would have put it into practice long ago. And even assuming it was surgery, the recovery is too fast. It would require a year of rehabilitation, wouldn’t it?”

“What about potions then?”

“They tried it before, to no avail it appears.”

“So what does that actually mean?”

“That she met a magician in Japan.”

A man with an elegant moustache barges into their conversation.
Ahmed Rahul Jain, a prominent Indian multi-millionaire.1

“Mr. Ahmed!? I apologize for my rudeness.”

“Don’t worry. No matter where I go nowadays, I’m asked the same thing everywhere.” Ahmed laughs in amusement, apparently really not minding it.

“Still, a magician, you say? Is that some kind of metaphor?”

“No, I just lack the words to describe him in any other way. It was a very outlandish day.”

“Day? You mean to say your daughter was healed in one day?”

“Her body, yes.”


“No kidding. As for her emotional side, it took merely two days…well, I suppose it’s thanks to those earrings and the pendant.”

The accessories, which are occasionally reflecting the illumination, are certainly nice, but they are the kind of thing you could find in a normal designer collection, and not high-end jewelry.

“Harry Winston, is it…? No doubt about them being excellent pieces of jewelry, but Mr. Ahmed, you could easily arrange for a piece of one of a kind high-end jewelry, couldn’t you?”

“Sure. However, I wouldn’t be able to imitate the other value, that had been applied to that accessory through magic.” He says so with a laugh, and walks away to the next guests while waving his hand.

“What do you think?”

“If you encounter a magician while staying in Japan, you can recover your missing limbs and beautiful face. While you’re at it, you can receive flawless emotional care through magical jewelry. Something like that?”

“Aren’t you just repeating his words?

“It’s magic, you can’t explain it otherwise, right? What else could I say?”

“If something like that is possible, former elites, who have injured their bodies or good looks, will very likely flood into Japan in force, no? Athletes, models, actresses, and also soldiers will do so as well, I’d say.”

A small man, who had been silently listening to their conversation at the side, interrupts, “As a matter of fact, there’s an interesting rumor going around.”

“What is it?”

“Before Mr. Ahmed visited Japan, a strange auction was held in Japan.”

“Auction? Christy’s, you mean?”

“No. it wasn’t a major auction house, so almost no one, except for people within a special business circle, were aware of it.”

“Somehow that sounds quite elitist, doesn’t it?”

“The number of auctions held amounts to a measly two so far, and the traded items were just four on either occasion──”


“The turnover was roughly two hundred million Dollars.”

“Just wait a moment there. Goods with a price of 25 million Dollars each were traded at an unknown auction house? They did well to get anyone to bid on those.”

“Their items were goods that would make all the auction houses across the globe drool. However, none of them would be capable of putting them up for sale.”


“It’s because the items would immediately vanish in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds after appearing in this world.”

“You don’t mean…”

“But I do. That auction house ─ or rather, something similar to a private sales site ─ deals with skill orbs. Moreover, the bidding lasted three days.”

“No way…”

“Of course everyone thought that they were a scam. However, that site still hasn’t been shut down, and it’s run by someone with a WDA license.”

“In other words, you mean they are running a legal business?”

“If you trust the WDA, that is.”

“You said that the information about those auctions isn’t wide-spread, but if this rumor is true, won’t there be a surge of rich people around the word rushing to buy orbs?”

“Well, yeah. Most of them are probably waiting and watching the situation, with most of the bidders being people related to the military for now.”

“It’s very unbelievable.”

“You bet.”

“The story is going to get interesting from here on out.”

“Come again? I’ve already had my fill, though.”

“Now, now. At the second auction, that was held a little while ago, an unknown skill was sold.”


“Its name was <High Recovery>. The bid was won two days after Mr. Ahmed visited Japan. What’s your take on this?”

The two men, who had chatted at first, look at each other.

Afterwards, the taller of them faces the small man, who had barged into their conversation, and says, “It’s very interesting as a story. However, Mr. Ahmed’s daughter had her accident before the dungeons appeared, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“What about a D-Card for her? You think she could have defeated a monster on her own in her previous state?”

“That’s it. That part is the flaw in this story.”

The small man says while looking mortified.
A person, who spent many years in a wheelchair, lacking both arms and one leg, entering a dungeon and killing a monster by herself?
Even being told that she crossed over to Dover by swimming would be more realistic. After all, a human’s body will float in ocean water.

“I’m pretty sure that a team of Japanese magicians must have done something.”

“That was a story filled with wonderful dreams. Come to think of it──”

And then the topic shifts to the troubles over Brexit.




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Translation Notes:

  1. Previously I called him a billionaire because we were in Japan at that time, so he was a Yen billionaire. Now we are elsewhere and the currency is Dollars, so it’s millionaire

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