§029 Skill Testing 11/15 (Thu)

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“Huh? Senpai, you’re early.”

As I open the door of our office on the first floor, Miyoshi is in the middle of eating breakfast. I kinda feel like we don’t use the dining areas in our rooms much.

“With the change in beds, my sleeping snugness instantly took a nosedive.”

“So that’s why you woke up early.”

“Yes.” 1

“Want some breakfast? It’s omelet.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Miyoshi starts making an omelet, while roasting bacon, and preparing some toast to serve on the side, with nimble movements.
I sit down at the dining table and blankly watch her.
Isn’t this kind of like being newly weds? Holy shit, just what am I thinking here? Really.
While eating breakfast, I try asking Miyoshi.

“Now then, Miss Miyoshi.”

“What’s up?”

“Did you try out <Storage>?”

“I did. How to put it? It was a skill similar to a sleight of hand trick.”

With those words, Miyoshi makes her coffee cup on the table instantly disappear and reappear again.

“Unlike your <Safe>, it seems to not stop time, senpai, but it has a somewhat neat feature.”

Miyoshi snickers, brings two stop watches over from her own desk, and starts them at the same time.
She had apparently bought them at a 100-Yen-Shop for the sake of running experiments.

“So, I’m going to store this one away.”

One stop watch vanishes.

“Please wait for one minute.”

“It sure looks like you’d be able to put food on the table with such magic tricks.”

“You can only store and retrieve small items. At most it’d be a magic trick at the level of a magic bar in the outskirts.” 2

The stopwatch, which she takes out after one minute, is 30 seconds behind the one not having been stored away.

“Delaying time by half, huh?”

“Considering it calmly, it’s amazing, but going by practical use, I think it’s mostly meaningless.”

“No, not at all. Don’t look down on doubling the expiry date of food, okay?”

“Compared to <Safe> which stops time completely, it’s useless. However, controlling it will only turn into a hassle, don’t you think?”

“If you compare it to <Safe>, you’re right. Judging it by itself, <Storage> is awesome as well. It can even preserve orbs for two days, no?”

“Oh, I see. If you’ve got two days, you can transport an orb anywhere in the world in the modern era.”

“Yep. However, what I want to actually know is its capacity.”

The target’s size and weight, as well as what can enter, and whatnot.

“Previously I said that I would test what I can put into <Safe>.”

“You did.”

“So, I thought that living things might be a no-go, just like the standard item box in fiction, but…”

“Eh? It worked!?”

“Yep. However, it doesn’t work with humans. By the way, I tested it on you, Miyoshi.”

“Eeh!? You’re awful, senpai!”

“You see, I’d be in a pinch about what to do if I were to store myself away, in case humans could be put in there. So I prayed that you wouldn’t enter.”

If it had been possible, I might have fallen into distress due to an experiment of me entering my own <Safe>. I mean, time’s stopped in there. It’s very likely that I wouldn’t be able to come out ever again. Of course that’d also produce the possibility of being able to wait in there for a thousand years and then emerge to see the future, though.

“So, a dog and cat didn’t work, but a cricket went in.” I said while Miyoshi was tilting her head in confusion.

“That means, the key here is a certain level of intelligence?”

“Though, it might only exclude mammals. I’m not clear on that part yet. By the way, a fish worked, too.”

“If it’s intelligence, it might be possible to put me in while I’m asleep?”

“As I have no idea what’s going to happen if you wake up inside, I’m too scared to test it out, but it probably won’t work either way.”

“Well, before that, I don’t think I would wake up, since time is stopped in there, but…is it related to the complexity of the nervous system or something?”

“I feel like it has to do with something more metaphysical, something like your awareness. However, since I couldn’t put in slimes either, there might be some limitations in that area as well.”

“It sure is a field that seems interesting to poke my nose into.”

“Then again, it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose if it’s just interesting. Putting that aside, on the side of length, I could put in something fairly long. Since I haven’t found any length that wouldn’t fit for the time being, it made me wonder whether it’s the mass that’s restricted.”

“Mass is energy, after all.”

“So, starting with the conclusion, the storable weight of <Safe> is roughly between ten and twenty tons.”

“How did you find out?”

“I tested it by going to the parking lot of the route buses at night.”

“The heck?”

“The large route buses used in Japan are mostly models of the Aero Star series of Mitsubishi Fuso. And, those buses weigh approximately ten tons.”

“So, you’re saying you tried using the assembled armada of route buses as something like measuring weights in the depth of night?”

“Yep. One went in, but a second one didn’t.”

“Gosh, what would you’ve done if you’d been discovered?” Miyoshi says, while rolling her eyes, and tosses the last piece of bread into her mouth.

I’m pretty sure the fairly sweet marmalade is hand-made, but I know that it’s actually made by the bakery around the corner. Miyoshi likes eating, but she’s surprisingly lazy. She doesn’t spare any effort in searching for things she likes, but when it comes to making it herself, she’s a total slacker. Moreover, she excuses it away with the argument that the food made by professionals is a lot tastier.

“No one would think that a bus has vanished. So, anyway, to me it feels like <Safe> is time-stop with small capacity, and <Storage> is time-delay with big capacity.”

“I will test it out next time. Should I go with the route buses’ parking lot as well?”

“They’ve got twenty buses lined up over there, so it should be good for running tests. I will tell you the location later.”


“Well, with that out of the way, it means I won’t be able to transport it, if the materials for building a base camp exceed ten tons.”

“What’re the materials needed for building a base camp?”

“I thought about building a livable space inside a container in advance, and then putting it to use after taking it out of <Safe>.”

“That’s yet another, amazing idea from you. That of a slacker, though.”

“Stop nitpicking. However, if you consider water circulation, the inside of a locked-up container seems to be quite a hassle.”

“Senpai, I think it’d be better for you if you were to experience a bit of a life in the wild. So, that’s the reason for the order you mentioned the other day?”

Indeed, I asked Miyoshi to buy a camper-van.

“And, did you buy it?”

“So far as it goes, I ordered one with a body that’s in stock at a famous builder in Japan, but no matter how much they hurry, it won’t be available before the 21st of November.”

“Well, no helping it, I suppose. That means, the search for the orb in question will have to wait until then. In the meanwhile, I will steadily work on my reputation as a slime killer.”

“I wonder whether you won’t level up soon to 『Archenemy of Slimes』 or something.”

“Nah, I don’t need that title. Or rather, you can level up to titles?”

“I hear it’s a second name, but…a title. But then again, even if it was displayed, I don’t know whether you can distinguish skill names from titles.”

Well, it’s because the skill names are simply lined up on the D-Card.

“However, won’t you be eaten by a slime or something while asleep?”

“Wire communication doesn’t work at YoyoDun because the cables will be severed in the first floor’s slime area no matter how you lay it out, right? It looks like there’s not that many slimes in the lower floors, and since it’s not going to be a cable with a non-existing defense value, I think I’ll be fine if it’s just overnight.”

“In that case, I suppose the problem will be when it gets attacked by a monster. The van’s body is like paper for them.”

“Right? It makes you want to put it into a titanium box.”

“For the time being, I told them to reinforce it by affixing metal sheets to it.”

“You pulling a Mad Max there!?”

“They told me that it wouldn’t pass vehicle inspection, but it’s fine even if it can’t be driven normally, right?”

“Well yeah. Next would be water…? How did it go with <Water Magic>?”

“I could create as much water as I wanted. It gushed out like a fountain.”

“Did it look drinkable to you?”

“Umm, to make it short, it’s pure water. You can drink it, but it won’t taste good. Also, I don’t know when it becomes unusable.”

“Well, it’s magic after all…I guess we gotta buy mineral water in a box, just in case.”

“I will make an order for around 100 boxes on Amazon.”

“That’s 1200 kg ++, I’d say. Roger.”

“Next is food.”

“Isn’t it fine to stuff your <Safe> with around a thousand bento sets, senpai?”

“For just how long do you think I’m going to dive!?”

“Won’t it be until you find the orb?”

“Not with me. For starters, it’ll be seven to ten days, I’d say.”

“Isn’t it kind of impossible to kill a hundred shamans in that time?”

“About that, I’ve been wondering whether it won’t be okay to make the shaman my 100th kill, seeing how all of them will be members of the Moon Clan.”

“What if that doesn’t work?”

“I’m going to come back home in low spirits.”

“You live up to your reputation, senpai.”

Miyoshi starts tidying up while laughing.
Bento, bento, eh…? I guess I will go to the basement of the department store3, and buy up all the daily dishes they’ve got. It’d sure be nice if they had freshly-made ones as well.


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Translation Notes:

  1. In English
  2. The bar thing refers to a movie from 2014: “A Bolt from the Blue” where the protagonist works as a miserable magician at some rundown bar before being hit by a bolt of light and time slipping to 40 years ago…lol. Sounds very B-movie-like but it earned a total of 1.18 billion Yen (US$ 10.6 million). xD
  3. That’s where the foodstuff is usually sold

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