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1: Unknown Explorer ID:P12xx-xxxx-xxxx-0944

That party with the weird name, D-Powers, which suddenly popped up, seems to have already started the orb auction.
Are they crooks? Or saviors of the world?

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2:Unknown Explorer

Hi. ID means auction lol1

3:Unknown Explorer

Yo. Come on, not even two weeks have passed since the last time. And yet another one…
Just where the hell do they get all those orbs??

Like how!? Except for 09 it doesn’t fit, does it? >22

4:Unknown Explorer

Moreover, High Recovery. It’s not even listed in the JDA’s database.

5:Unknown Explorer

Another unknown orb?

6:Unknown Explorer

It’s “Fourfour,” so Fourtyfour minus ty >3 3

7:Unknown Explorer

I mean, it’s been 4 orbs per year even in a dungeon of Yoyogi’s size, no? 4 orbs every 2 weeks is weird, no matter how you spin it.
We don’t know how long they needed to collect the first 4, but another 4 in 2 weeks is bullshit.

8:Unknown Explorer

Well, even if you say so now. They’re running the auction already. Maybe the black market or something?
Die rofl >6 4

9:Unknown Explorer

As if you’d find something like that anywhere.

10:Unknown Explorer

Maybe the JDA got some secret organization? Kind of like 7D∀

11:Unknown Explorer

That one was really cool, Seven D Turn.5

12:Unknown Explorer

Stocked up, eh? I mean, even for a team like Simon’s, 4 in 2 weeks is impossible, right? Even 1 in 2 months is a challenge.
Seven D Turn rocks!

13:Unknown Explorer

Maybe they got some skill like copy-and-paste?

14:Unknown Explorer

Dude, this ain’t no light novel.

15:Unknown Explorer

How about alchemy?

16:Unknown Explorer

They got 10 teams at Simon’s team’s level frantically running about or something?

17:Unknown Explorer

We already established that it wouldn’t work with those numbers.

18:Unknown Explorer

What’s strange about D-Powers is that they haven’t been selling any of the dungeon-native items like potions, which should drop a lot more often, although they’re still rare, despite freely dishing out this many ultra-rare orbs.

19:Unknown Explorer

That’s something others would be able to achieve as well. Besides, they won’t bring as much cash as orbs, right?

20:Unknown Explorer

After all, they are the one and only seller.
Even if we could get our hands on an orb for argument’s sake, we still wouldn’t be able to imitate them.

21:Unknown Explorer

Right now it’s impossible for any organization in the world.

22:Unknown Explorer

Won’t the intelligence agencies of America, Russia, China, and Israel show up to investigate their secret anytime soon?

23:Unknown Explorer

You’re watching too many movies.

24:Unknown Explorer

You sure? It looks like they’re already on the move due to the last time, though.

25:Unknown Explorer

You mean, truth is stranger than fiction.

26:Unknown Explorer

In the first place, since that auction, Yoyogi is filled with superstars, no?

27:Unknown Explorer

You’re talking about Simon?

28:Unknown Explorer

Ah, I saw him! The aura of the real person was on a totally different level.

29:Unknown Explorer

Not just him. Looking at the Yoyo thread, it appears that Narashino’s Team I was there yesterday.

30:Unknown Explorer


31:Unknown Explorer

Oi, you people are getting way off-topic.

32:Unknown Explorer

Well, let’s pray that we don’t find the corpses of any of the people involved.

33:Unknown Explorer

Don’t joke about that…


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Translation Notes:

  1. This starts a stupid pun on the ID number of poster 1 which ends at 0944, using different ways how to spell numbers in Japanese. Auction is written as オーク (oku) ション (shon), in other words: O-Ku-Shon.
  2. Continuation of previous T/N: オーク (o-ku) = 09
  3. We start with “auction” second part – ション (shon). The “Fourfour” in Japanese is しーしー (Shishi). Now you can also read 4 (shi) as yon, so it’s 4(shi)+4(yon) = Shon + some extra, which is why I went with fourtyfour. ;-)
  4. Another pun on the number four. 氏ね (shi-ne) can be read as “Die” and as “Four, eh?” By the way, as final note to this whole numbers pun. In the Web version, the author pulls something similar, using the game Dragonhearts and a character in No. XIV (Shion). Numbers I can understand, game references not, so I went with the LN version.
  5. Looks to be a reference to Turn A Gundam, but I don’t know that series…xD

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