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1:Unknown Explorer ID:P12xx-xxxx-xxxx-0199

The party with that weird name, D-Powers, which suddenly popped up, seems to have already started the orb auction.
Are they crooks? Or saviors of the world?

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11:Unknown Explorer

2 billion Yen orbs, that number makes you think it’s a lie, but who placed the winning bids in the end?

12:Unknown Explorer

The IDs were hidden starting with the latter half of the second day, so it’s unknown.

13:Unknown Explorer


14:Unknown Explorer

Well, normally the winning bidder of an auction isn’t publicly announced. Doing so wouldn’t make any sense.

15:Unknown Explorer

It’s a shitload of money, after all.

16:Unknown Explorer

The IDs being shown at first was a system error?

17:Unknown Explorer

Wasn’t that actually intentional despite looking like an error?
Since big organizations were in there as bidders, we had a feeling that it might be the real deal, but if that hadn’t been visible to everyone, it might have ended with the whole thing just being labeled as shady.

18:Unknown Explorer

But you know, until now trading has been relatively complicated because of the orbs’ rarity, and even an orb like Water Magic was listed for just 80 million on the purchase wish list, no? But now it seems like you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams as long as you can put an orb up for auction, right?

19:Unknown Explorer

That’s for sure, but it’s because “putting an orb up for auction” in the first place was the biggest bottleneck.

20:Unknown Explorer

No, what I’m saying is, isn’t it all cool if you just ask? D-Powers, I mean.

21:Unknown Explorer

You’re such a genius. > 20

22:Unknown Explorer

But, how are you going to ask them? Or rather, even before that, can they really preserve orbs?

23:Unknown Explorer

How would they complete such an auction if they can’t do that?

24:Unknown Explorer

That’s what I don’t get?
Everything up until this point might be preparations for a huge fraud to steal orbs, targeting the folks believing in them.

25:Unknown Explorer

You mean their partner won the bids on orbs that don’t exist as preparation for a scam?
It’d be amazing if that were true. I mean, in total it’s close to 10 billion, no?

26:Unknown Explorer

So turning it into a movie is set in stone?
But then again, the JDA acts as an intermediary during the hand over, so it’d get exposed if there are no goods.

27:Unknown Explorer

Hey! Guys! Simon’s team was in Shinjuku?!

28:Unknown Explorer

Huh? Simon? The one who cleared Evans? Didn’t you mistake him for someone else?

29:Unknown Explorer

Here, a pic.

30:Unknown Explorer

Yo, that’s a peeping shot, right?

31:Unknown Explorer

Nah, I took a photo with him as a super friendly fan.

32:Unknown Explorer

I saw the photo. It’s for real rofl.

33:Unknown Explorer

Seriously? But, why write about it in this thread?

34:Unknown Explorer

Listen, you think such a timely arrival has nothing to do with this topic?

35:Unknown Explorer


36:Unknown Explorer


37:Unknown Explorer

It’s possible, actually.

38:Unknown Explorer

You think he will dive into Yoyogi as well?

39:Unknown Explorer

He apparently said something about being here for a while, so he might.

40:Unknown Explorer

Oooh! I gotta prepare a nice cardboard! 1



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  1. Used for autographs, poetry and stuff

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