§021 Deal with the JDA, and afterwards, Matsuda 11/5 (Mon)

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“Executive Director Mizuho!?” Ms. Naruse says, startled.

Executive Director means a big wig? Right?

The first thing that the Executive Director says after opening his mouth is, “How about a hundred million?”


Miyoshi and I are dumbfounded, not understanding what he’s talking about.

“A hundred million Yen. That’s a lot of money for you guys, right?”

Well, if he says it like that, the answer is pretty much yes, but just what is this old fart actually talking about?
Next to me, Ms. Naruse has become pale.

“Sir, one hundred million Yen all of a sudden is too much. Ten million would be plenty, don’t you think?” Sitting next to the director, a neurotic-looking man, whose hairline has receded more than you might expect for his age, says.

“Really? I suppose we’ll go with ten million then. We’ll get it ready so that you can get it at accounting right away, so now──”

“U-Umm, Director.” Ms. Naruse cuts into the conversation with a desperate look.

The director, who has been talking with his underling, rolls his eyes.
Seeing his face, I’m reminded of the balloonfish I pulled in at the breakwater during my childhood. Those expanding ones.

“Is there anything wrong?”

“What happened to Section Chief Saiga? I was told that the chief would be in charge of today’s meeting.”

“I assigned him to another task earlier. It’s about the purchase of the orb preservation method, right? All those troublesome formalities are unnecessary. Everything will be fine if I buy it using my own authority, right?”

Ms. Naruse becomes speechless after hearing that.

“Ah, I don’t have much time. So hurry up, and get the form──”

“Excuse me, but it looks like you’re misunderstanding something.” I interject politely.


Executive Director Mizuho looks at me quizzically, as if he just saw some undesirable object in his path.

“Yes. We don’t have any technology that we could sell to the JDA. After all, we are ordinary people.”

“What was that? I don’t care how you did it, but you guys came here to sell the technology to preserve orbs, didn’t you?”

“Eh? Why would you say that?”

I pull a surprised face. The director looks at the nervous-looking man next to him.

“Didn’t you make a trade with the guys from the Ministry of Defense just now?”

“Why do you know about that? Isn’t it kind of unprofessional to leak the details of deals made in rented conference rooms?”

I casually reply to the director’s line.

“Ah, no. It’s because I caught sight of the Ministry of Defense folks in the lobby. Sorry if I misunderstood.”


“However, aren’t you guys offering orbs for sale over at your place?”

“That’s correct. It was a big relief that we somehow managed to collect the orbs that had been won in the bids.”


“Yes. If we hadn’t collected all of them, we would have been treated as scammers. It was very difficult to acquire and transport the orbs.”

“What about the orb preservation method then?”

“Such a technology has been developed? I’d expect nothing less of the JDA. When are you going to announce it officially?” I spread both my hands with a surprised look, emphasizing with my eyes that I really wanna to hear all about it.

“…Fuurai, what’s this about?”

“Eh? No, according to the section chief…just what is going on here? Naruse!”

“Pardon? I wonder what you’re talking about? I don’t quite understand, but maybe you can explain?” In reply to the man called Fuurai, Ms. Naruse replies in a confused voice.

“Fuurai! Come to my room after this!” The balloonfish, while tightly clenching his fists with a bright red face, spits out a command and stomps out of the conference room.


Fuurai, or whatever he’s called, chases after him in a hurry.

“What was that skit just now?”

“Umm, while it’s embarrassing, Fuurai is my direct superior…today’s meeting should have originally proceeded with Section Chief Saiga present, with me in charge.”

I see, I guess that means he’s the JDA’s Enoki. Finally I get the whole picture.

“Ah, so there’s a struggle or something over the next company president ─ I suppose it’s the organisation’s president in the case of the JDA ─ and the executive director’s faction went haywire, scheming to strike a big deal here so that they could push their own agenda under better conditions?”

“How do you know that?” Miyoshi asks with a curious look.

“It’s because I read Shimako1

“A manga!?” Miyoshi says and chops the back of my head.

Ms. Naruse glances at her watch, we’re now a bit late for the scheduled meeting.

“U-Umm, I will go look for the chief for a bit. Can I ask you to wait here for a moment?”

“Sure. Our plans for today will be wrapped up after this anyway.”

Once I reply to her, she quickly bows her head, and leaves the room at a jog.

“Senpai, you’re kind to Ms. Naruse, aren’t you?”

“I’m kind to you as well, no? Who was it that nonchalantly bought the Bâtard-Montrachet with my card yesterday when we went out shopping for the party?”

Miyoshi ducks her head with a start, and then turns my way with a sound similar to the jarring of a rusty door.

“What was the deal with that price? I toppled over after seeing the bill for that bottle, you know?”

“A-Ahahaha. That wine was from the year when Henri Clerc retired and sold his fields off to Giradin2, you know? Since it was from a year where it’s unclear whether the winery had any motivation, I just had that urge to try it out. For a Bâtard, it was absurdly cheap, a super bargain, okay?”


“I mean, you see, I really wanted to drink it, but I didn’t have any cash with me. And senpai, you said it was a party in honor of my services.”

“At such times, an adult would choose to throw in the towel.”

“Senpai, the world is overflowing with once-in-a-lifetime encounters, okay?” Seemingly believing that she said something nice, Miyoshi is getting somewhat cocky.

I answer while sighing, “I hope we can continue to have once in a lifetime experiences from now on.”

“In that case, how to put it best…life is dull without any risk or anticipation…anyway, isn’t all that money completely your earnings, senpai?”

“No, turning it into money is impossible for me. It’s the same with the 『Alien’s Drool』. That part is thanks to you, Miyoshi.”

“…Senpai.” Miyoshi looks my way with teary eyes, just like an adorable small animal.

“Senpai, if you were always like this, I’m pretty sure that you’d be popular.”

“Man, as always it’s one comment too much with you!”

The instant I deliver a chop at Miyoshi’s head, the room’s door opens, and Ms. Naruse enters.

“E-Excuse us for having made you wa…it?”

Seeing Miyoshi crouching while holding her head, Ms. Naruse reveals an ambiguous smile that indirectly asks what’s happening.

“Well, hello. I’m terribly sorry as it looks like our executive director did something unnecessary.” The speaker emerges from behind Ms. Naruse. He is a man with a tough looking build, although he’s a bit short.

My impression of him at a first glance is: Trapezoid.

“I’m Saiga. Best regards.”

“I’m Yoshimura. The pleasure is all mine. The one crouching over there is Miyoshi. Our leader.” I shake his hand with those words, and we sit down.

“It’s a bit sudden, but let’s talk about the matter of orb preservation.”

It looks like Section Chief Saiga is the kind of guy who quickly gets to the point.
Those types are very easy to do business with.

“Do you know what currently happens with the orbs obtained from dungeons like Yoyogi for example?”

“No, not in detail. I can only imagine that you have a waiting list, which is referenced when an orb is found, so as to arrange for a quick sale. Or, alternatively, the finder of a given orb could just use it themself.”

Saiga nods and adds, “Besides those, there are cases where the JDA directly buys the orb. In such a case, the profit margin goes down a bit, but it’s still a decent chunk of change, and it’s better than risking a complete loss by letting the orb vanish. It seems explorers, who do it for the money, consider that to be the lesser of two evils.”

“I see.”

“A reasonable number of such orbs drop each year across the whole JDA. No matter how rare they might be, around four are found each year, even in a dungeon like Yoyogi.”

At that point, Saiga pauses, smiles impishly, and supplements, “Of course, assuming that the orbs sold by D-Powers this time originate from Yoyogi, it means that this number of dropped orbs is just the tip of the iceberg.”


“The problem is the sale of those orbs in the future.”

Saiga takes a sip of the coffee Ms. Naruse prepared.
Possessing a coffee machine, where the coffee comes out as soon as you press a button, is pretty neat. For me, someone belonging to the Japanese tea faction, I have only been drinking coffee recently due to Miyoshi.

“Because you need to sell orbs quickly, it’s a buyer’s market, no matter what we do. D-Powers has shown us all what can happen if an auction is held.” Saiga inserts a break there to let it sink, and then continues after deeming that it has had the desired effect, “As for what we want, I’d like the JDA to use the orbs at times when it’s necessary, and otherwise put them up for auction.”

Humph. Is he just making demands of us?
It looks like Ms. Naruse has put in a good word for us, but this section chief understands quite a bit about us, doesn’t he?
I look at Miyoshi, and she nods quietly.

“I have several questions.”

“What might those be?”

“First, it’s about those orbs. Can you bring them to Yoyogi or this place with an orb count of less than 1200?”

An orb count of less than 1200 means that it’s been less than 20 hours since the orb’s appearance.

“I think that’s possible. Even if the trip to the surface takes ten hours, a range of ten hours for its delivery to Tokyo is fairly generous.”

“In the worst case, we can deal with a count of up to 1260, but anything beyond that will probably be difficult.”

“Also, can we have you contact us at least 48 hours before your side needs the orb?”

“I think that’s possible as well, but why?”

“What? Obviously that is to make sure the orbs we find are used for something before they vanish.”

I begin to explain the bullshit I came up with on the spot.
Officially, it will allow us to thoroughly feign ignorance.

“Eh?” Saiga raises his voice in surprise.

“And, when you need the orb, we will find it by 『coincidence』, and deliver it to you. The guaranteed orb count on that occasion will be within the count at the time we received it + 60.” After drinking from the plastic cup and taking a breath, I continue, “No matter how much we are loved by the gods, at least that much will be necessary to find the orb, right?”

Saiga looks puzzled, wondering what I’m saying for a moment, but he immediately understands the aim behind my words and agrees with, “Very well.”

“Of course, in case we don’t find it by coincidence, we will properly compensate you.”

“Well then, next is the fee. As for this matter, since there’s no comparable service, you can more or less name your price.” The section chief says while lifting both hands as if giving up. “Even counting transportation expenses, it will likely produce more benefit for the JDA than anything we’ve seen so far. As long as the price range doesn’t get too much higher than the profit obtained from selling an orb, I think we will be able to accommodate you in pretty much any way. After all, the money isn’t the only merit here.”

Well, that makes sense.
It will make it possible for them to use orbs as negotiation material.
The political and military impact will be unfathomable. The reason why the JSDF hasn’t directly come to apply for it is simply because they have a queue of personnel that ought to use the orbs within their own organization.

“The basic fee will be one hundred million per orb, or in case you’re going to sell it, it will be 30% of the sales price. Please apply the higher one between those two. Ah, right! Please place a ban on registering the orb with any auction house other than ours.”

I’d like them to spare us from being used as subcontractors of some famous auction house.

“Hmm…understood. I think that will be fine.”

He promptly agrees, despite being overcharged.
If you look at the prices from this recent sale, it’s small change, but there’s no guarantee prices will remain so high from now on. Is he a man who takes risks without batting an eye?
I guess I will test him.

“And, there’s one important item at the end.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a technological issue. The objective can’t be achieved if Miyoshi and I aren’t present at the same time. If one of us dies, it’s possible that all orbs in our custody will disappear. Please accept that risk.”

“I see.”

“However, it might be possible for us to resolve this problem in three years.”

“In three years?”

“To the bitter end, it’s just a possibility. However, since it’s impossible to reduce that time, no matter how much money we invest into it, I’d like you to please be understanding of our circumstances.”

“I don’t really understand what you mean, but…I got it. That’s fine.”

“That’s all from our side. The rest is with your side as it’s about whether you accept it or not──”

“Of course, I believe that I will be able to get them to accept all of this. Given that I will be in charge of drawing up a written contract in the near future, please confirm it at that time.”

For real?
Quickly deciding, despite there being a decent chance of the orbs being lost pointlessly, what the hell is going on here?
I can’t believe that a section chief possesses such authority…

“Thank you very much. Since it’s hard to read a contract that’s full of overly small letters, I think it would be wonderful if you could prepare a contract that concisely summarizes what we talked about just now.” I emphasize, just in case. “It will be a big help if we can have you understand that this venture mostly falls into the personal domain rather than a legal domain.”

“…Got it. And, as for the contact person from our side.” Saiga adds as if having just remembered, “Naruse.”


“I think an official notification from human resources will follow later, but as of today, you have been appointed as exclusive full-time deputy chief in charge of contact with D-Powers. It looks like you’re going to be given a free hand in carrying out your duties, and it comes with the salary of an assistant section chief. I think that makes you the most successful employee of your year. Congratulations.”


While looking at the surprised Ms. Naruse, Miyoshi says with a prim look, “That’s only natural, seeing as you earned more than seven hundred million Yen in thirty minutes, don’t you think?”

“You’re holding a grudge, aren’t you?”

“Those who exploit large taxes are my enemies.”

“Hahaha. Please clear the remaining matters with Naruse who’s now in charge of you. I will excuse myself with this.” Section Chief Saiga bows and leaves the room.

“He seems to be a capable person, doesn’t he?”

“That’s for sure. He’s square, though.”

All of us burst into laughter due to Miyoshi’s overly precise assessment.

“By the way, Ms. Naruse, what’s a full-time deputy chief?”

“I don’t really know, but a person that suits the convenience of D-Powers, I suppose?”

“What are you going to do at your workplace?”

“If it’s a position with discretionary powers, there’s no need for her to have a dedicated workplace. Isn’t her job just spying on D-Powers and stealing our secrets?”

“No, calling it spying…”

“It will be fine for you to come over to our new office, but in our current office you might be pushed down by senpai. After all, you will run right into his bed if you open the sliding door.” Miyoshi teases.

Ms. Naruse answers vaguely by sighing, but I wouldn’t do something like that!

“Oh, right, we have to go look at the designer’s plans! We have an appointment, senpai!”

“Somehow, you seem quite busy.”

“Well, to some extent. Come to think of it, Ms. Naruse.”


“We will put up the next orb for sale in a little while, so we look forward to working with you again.”

“…Eh? Again?”

“Well, yeah. It will be our secret until the sale, okay?”

Ms. Naruse sighs obviously astonished, and nods as if having given up.

No, listen, if your job is to spy, it’s no good to simply agree here, you know?




1400 hours on November the 5th.
Iori’s team, that visited the Ministry of Defense as ordered, shrinks back in awe before the orbs in Terasawa’s room.

“But, Major, is it really alright for us to use these?”

Sawatari, who’s the most serious one within the team, flinches in front of the orbs he sees for the first time in his life.
After all, this equipment cost more than 2,000,000,000 Yen, and moreover it will become his exclusive possession once he uses it. There’s even the possibility that he won’t be able to quit the JSDF for the rest of his life.

“Certainly there had been talks about having younger guys use it, but…”

Sawatari is currently 32 years old. Although it’s a prime time in one’s life, it’s difficult to call it young. If it comes to Hagane, he’s 36 years old.
Thus, he is nervously waiting for the continuation of that line.

“…It has been rejected since those guys will likely be as old as you are by the time they become useful.”

“That’s…” Hagane groans while smiling bitterly.

Even if you give psychic abilities to youngsters who haven’t fully finished their training, they won’t be able to survive on the battlefield.
That’s no more than simple truth. The number of troops who now die in dungeons, is far bigger than the number of people losing their lives in war zones.
Kaiba, who’s relatively young among those in their team, used his orb without any hesitation, and has been confirming the changes to his body.

“What, Kaiba, you used it already? How does it feel?”

“I mean, nothing will start even if you put on airs. It’s the first time for me to use an orb, so I can’t compare it to others, but…it somehow feels as if making a fresh, new start in life.”

While watching Kaiba with a sidelong glance, Iori asks Hagane, “However, I thought that the selection of the users might be more heated.”

“An orb’s lifetime is short. We don’t have time to waste on debating it. In the first place, it’s equipment to survive on-site, so I think it’s well suited to those who worked their way up. Besides…”


Iori, who senses a problem due to Terasawa hesitating to continue, urges him to go on.

“It’s really strange, but if I look at those guys, I somehow end up feeling that they will obtain orbs easily, unlike in the past, and that we can use the orbs without any hesitation.”

“Those guys, you mean 『D-Powers』?”


“Just how many people form that party called D-Powers?”

“As far as their JDA registration goes, there are only two.”

“Eh? Two?”

Iori, who had imagined that it must be a big party, has her expectations shattered.
Just how did they gather this many orbs with a party of merely two people?
Even across the entire JDAG, six orbs in three years was the most they could gather.

“Does it bother you?”

“That’s, yeah…”

“The higher ups seem to think the same. A man called Tanaka, who had been instructed to sit in, announced a request for them to desist from traveling abroad after the trade. Furthermore, with a joint signature by the Dungeon Agency Director, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the National Public Safety Commission Chairman.”


The name Tanaka, who has been entrusted with such an important job, doesn’t ring a bell with Iori.

“I don’t know him either. I have been personally asked by the Chief of Staff to not ask anything. I was just told to let him attend.”

But then again, you can say that his conduct hasn’t left any lasting impression, and that the coordination between the government offices was awfully quick. I’m pretty sure that he has been assigned by the Cabinet Information Research Office, Terasawa thinks.
The Cabinet Information Research Office deliberately calls for a travel ban for merely a single party with the signatures of the Dungeon Agency Director, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the National Public Safety Commission Chairman? It’s better to avoid any land mines.

“D-Powers, that’s merely a party, right?” Iori suspiciously asks while furrowing her eyebrows.

After taking a short breath, Terasawa answers, “Indeed. …However, that’s only if you can specify a party, which can bring three <Water Magic> orbs to a meeting room of JDA Ichigaya with all orbs having less than 60 on the orb counter, with the attribute merely.”

“Huh? Does that…mean they can freely produce orbs?”

At the moment when he hears Iori’s words, Terasawa feels as if the scales fell off his eyes.

All those who have heard this story have hypothesized that they developed a technology to preserve orbs, that they are a network of high-ranking explorers, or that they are the shadows of the world rank 1 explorer.

What if they can produce orbs? If such a thing were to be possible, it would perfectly explain everything they have done. However, does such a godlike skill truly exist?

“Major? …Major Terasawa?”

“Sorry, please wait a moment.”

Come to think of it, on the list of skills to be monitored that was sent around last month by the JDA…

Terasawa operates his own terminal, and opens last month’s list
The list of monitored skills is a table containing notable words among the search strings of the JDA’s database.



There were two databases which people, who obtained skill orbs, would likely browse.
One is the JDA’s Purchase Wish List, commonly known as WL (Wish List), and the other is the JDA’s skill database, commonly known as SKDB.
When searching either for content, you will search the WL when using orb names known to exist. It’s a database you consult when you want to know how much an orb costs. On the other hand, the SKDB is mostly used when looking up fictional orbs. It’s because all orb data that has been reported is recorded there. And, if you can’t find an orb there, no one would search the WL for it. After all it would be obvious that the orb hasn’t been published yet.
Moreover, if a name were to be looked up in the SKDB immediately after being searched on the WL first, it suggests a very high possibility for the searcher to have discovered that skill.
The names that haven’t been registered in the SKDB among the terms that had been looked up in such a way would be added to the JDA’s list of monitored skills.
Having said that, it’s not said that people’s actions always follow logic.
It often happens that the search database list has been simply searched in order, starting from the top. In reality, quite a number of names are added every month to that list, but it’s very doubtful that all of those skills have been obtained. At any rate, the first of the names, which are listed in the standard syllabary order, is usually 『Item Box』.
Because of that, this list is ultimately only treated as part of statistics, and hasn’t that much of importance attached to it.
However, a far too plain name, mixed among the major terms of a commonplace fantasy world such as item box, heal, or so-and-so transfer magic, which had been registered for the first time last month according to First Lieutenant Kimitsu, is shown on the display, possessing a strangely realistic touch.


That’s the only name which had been looked up by the same IP address at the same time. In other words, this searcher hasn’t looked up any other names at all. And, that skill name, which was recorded on September the 27th, hasn’t been looked up a second time ever since. The probability isn’t low.

However, there’s just one thing that bothers Terasawa.

“Say, First Lieutenant Kimitsu.”

“Yes, sir?”

“If you could freely create orbs, what kind of orb would you make?”

“Let’s see. Transfer magic and the so-called item box. Oh, and if there’s something like healing magic, it’d be nice. Our training seems to be bad for the skin.” Iori readily replies with something that’s close to simple chit-chatting.

Right, those are the skills everyone would want badly if fantasizing. Normally, anyone would probably try to create those. In that case, why sell <Water Magic> and <Physical Resistance> that can be called extremely ordinary in comparison to those three?

“If you were to obtain those orbs, you would want to try using them, right?”

“Well, of course.”

And, wouldn’t one satisfy their selfish desire to be recognized by using those?

“…Is there some kind of restriction?”

“Major Terasawa?” Iori calls out to him quizzically.

“Ah, no…good work today. I want you to strive in diligently studying your new skill while carrying out your professional duties.”

Having come to his senses, Terasawa announces the end of the meeting in order to gloss over his pondering.

“”””Yes, Sir!””””




After the four saluted and left, Terasawa brooded by himself.

Tracing the IP…is probably impossible as long as it’s not a criminal investigation. Recently the privacy of telecommunications data gathers a lot of attention in society. It will be complicated to do anything unauthorized.

“I guess I will take at least one measure in advance.”

Terasawa mutters, opens the previous name on his display, and makes a phone call to the Dungeon Management Department. And then he personally makes an appointment with the section chief over there.




After the meeting with the JDA, we went to the shop in Aoyama that we had asked to design our office, and were asked various things by the designer in charge.
Because Miyoshi apparently didn’t set a limit to the budget, the designer responsible for the job was full of motivation. Our demands were to the extent of getting nice furniture as beds and chairs. As a special extravagance, Miyoshi asked for a dining room, and several wine storages situated next to each other.
Saying that the rest doesn’t matter as long as it’s easy to use probably makes us rather deflating clients.
This must be what it truly means to have no effect no matter what one suggests or does.
Clients like us, who don’t have any particular demands, might possibly be the worst types.
And yet, as might be expected from a professional, he fully managed to compile our two homes and the office space into one neat concept.
It looks like the wallpapers and floor will be done super fast, but since it’ll take around five days for the ordered windows and furniture to arrive, we decide that we’ll move in on the 12th November while allowing for some timely margin, and leave the store.

“We’re going to replace the windows as well?”

“It’s a countermeasure against laser wiretapping.”

The hell? What’s that supposed to be?

“Just what kind of facility do you intend to build!?”

“You’re the one who called it a base, senpai.”

Sure, I did say that, but that was when we were going to buy a multi-floor building, right…? Well, I guess it won’t do any harm either way.
We walk around, heading for the Omotesandou Station through the vicinity of the Nezu Museum.

“There’s the trade with Mr. Simon in ten days, but somehow it feels like we’ve completed the first stage, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah. Let’s take it easy while diving into the dungeon every so often until the move.”

“Let’s get the aforementioned examination done in the meanwhile. I will be out of stuff to do once I finish preparing the computers and setting up the connections.”

“What, you’re doin’ various stuff again, aren’t you?”

“Half of it is similar to a hobby.”

The sky is on the verge of turning mostly crimson.
Once we stop to wait for the traffic light in front of a watch store on the left side, I can peek at the happy looks of the people toasting their glasses through the window of a well-established brasserie on the opposite side of the street.

“I’ll tell you what, senpai.”


“Some time ago, when I put my card into an ATM, my balance was at 60 million or something like that.”


“What’s with the Hee? Senpai, it’ll be the same with your account as well.”

“Ah, the 1% you mentioned previously, huh?”

“That’s right. So you see, even if we decide to stop at this point, I think we’ll be able to live comfortably for the rest of our lives, but what’re we going to do, senpai?”

Ah true, around six billion Yen have been transferred to the party’s account, right?

“Miyoshi, you want to do that?”

“Nah, I just wonder what you’d think about it. I mean, until around a month ago, we were whining around at an exploitive workplace, you know?”

Now that she mentions it. I feel like Enoki and his ilk are from the distant past now, but I suppose that’s something that was still reality merely one month ago.
Living a life of leisure isn’t a bad idea either, but even if I stay indoors and play online games all day long, I think I’ll get tired of them sooner or later.

“Such a life sounds boring, doesn’t it?”


When the traffic light turns green, and the people start moving all at once, Miyoshi also cheerfully crosses the pedestrian crossing.

“Which reminds me, Miyoshi, what’s about your family?”

“My parents are pretty normal, just a salaryman and a housewife. I also have an elder brother, so I can do what I want. What about you, senpai?”

“My parents are both already dead. Well, I don’t have any siblings either… After leaving senior high, I went independent of my relatives.”

“Eh? Senpai, you have the innate characteristics of a loner?”

“How rude. Anyway, you finally got ahead in life, so how about giving your parents some remittance?”

“Well…since everyone will likely turn into lost causes if I were to tell them about the situation truthfully, I will hold back on that for a while. This world isn’t just full of people like you, senpai.”

Somehow it feels kinda questionable whether she’s dissing or praising me. Just like it’s unclear whether the building with the Prada Boutique we just passed is stylish or overkill.

“Whatever. I’m starting to get hungry. Wanna grab something and then go home?”

“Eh? It’s your treat, senpai?”

“Now listen, you’re pretty much wealthy since yesterday, aren’t you?”

“Ah, true. But, the delicious places in Aoyama are almost all in the opposite direction, you know?”


Miyoshi, who thought it over for a bit while walking, makes a suggestion, obviously having recalled a good place, “How about some sushi then?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Matsuda is in the neighborhood. It’s right nearby if we turn to the left at the Comme des Garçons over there.”

“That’s totally back alley-like. You say it’s in such a place?”

“Senpai, this area is full of pretty popular restaurants.”

“Hee. So you’re saying that the folks of Aoyama or Omotesandou like hiding place-like restaurants, eh?”

“That’s a prejudice. I think all Japanese like those – secret bases.”

“No doubt.”




Once we called them, we were told that they can prepare a table for us.
According to Miyoshi, it seems to be unusual to get a table at such a popular restaurant on the same day you call them. Someone must have canceled their reservation or something.
While being told, “We were really lucky,” by Miyoshi, we arrive at a weird multi-floor building with oddly protruding parts, not losing out to the JDA.
The nicely sour and softly melting sushi we ate in the basement of that building were definitely delicious, but it didn’t change the fact that I felt dizzy from looking at the bill several hours later.
That idiot Miyoshi just stuck out her damn tongue at me.
And just like that, Matsuda became the first place I ever used my D-Powers card.



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Translation Notes:

  1. A manga called Kosaku Shima. Highly underrated in the west, but quite popular in Japan. It’s been running since 1983, and has 80 volumes released. You can read up about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosaku_Shima . Shimako is an abbreviation of it
  2. Not going to go all history on wineries and stuff. Basically Miyoshi is talking about 2002 here when Henri sold his fields to Vincent Giradin. If you want to know more, you got the names, look it up yourself

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