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“Simon? What’re you up to?”

A slender, tall, man, with ash blond hair, comes down to the living room, descending from the second floor of the house that had been acting as the team’s base, scratching his belly and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Ah, Joshua? You’re up early. Well, Mason was blown away back at Evans, wasn’t he?”

“Yeah. Just thinking about the fact that we’re stuck dilly-dallying around like this from now on gets me all worked up. With our guard Mason in such a sorry state, we’ll be stuck doing nothing, right?”

“Well, yeah. So, I have been investigating various things, wondering whether anything can be done about that, but…”

Feeling that something was odd, Joshua asks Simon, who’s staring at the screen of his PC, “What’s wrong?”

“Hey, what do you think of this?”

What Simon shows him is the English version D-Powers’ website.

“The hell? …A skill orb auction? Moreover, the bidding deadline is three days? Is it a site created by some random idiot? Way too lame for a scam.”

Joshua’s opinion is very understandable. Everyone knows that a skill orb vanishes in one day. And there’s also the rarity. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that it’s impossible to collect specific orbs on demand.

“One day since its creation has passed, but it hasn’t been shut down so far. Besides, the folks who have added their names to bid, are Japan’s Ministry of Defense, the National Police Agency, and several enterprises that have been investing quite some effort into capturing dungeons.”

If this were to be a scam, the JDA should have taken it down right away.
Furthermore, such big players are all bidding?

“…Did those guys possibly discover a method to preserve skill orbs?”

It’s certainly unbelievable.
Having said that, humanity is evolving. That possibility always exists.
But, it looks like this site is run by a single civilian.

“If they really found such a method, it means it’s this guy’s private technology right now, doesn’t it?”

“Hey, if that’s true, we gotta headhunt them right away! They have way more value than an aircraft carrier, you know?”

“Everyone viewing this auction from around the world probably thinks the same. Even Japan isn’t dumb. As if they’d let us headhunt them so easily.”

Right now, there’s likely a huge pandemonium going on in the global dungeon community.
However, right now no one knows whether this is genuine. The party that knows the details of the person in question, is the registrar at the WDA who issued their license.
For the time being, everyone should be thinking the same thing, and waiting to see how it all pans out.

“Well, that’s fine. The problem is this.” Saying so, Simon points at the words <Physical Resistance>.

“<Physical Resistance>? There was such a skill?”

“I tried to look it up. As you might expect, the answer is no.”

“An unknown skill!?”

Simon powerfully nods and says, “Don’t you feel like Mason is going to need this from now on?”

Simon repeatedly taps the LCD with the tip of his index finger.

“An unknown skill and an orb auction with a deadline of three days? That’s crazy. Does the guy who started this party understand the meaning of what he’s doing?

“Who knows? Anyway, I will try to bid on this. Please get permission from the other guys on the team to use the party account since it looks like I won’t have enough money on my own.”

“What, you think that it’ll take such a huge amount of money?”

“Well, looking at the other bidders, yep.”

And then he shows the currently highest bidder. Just like Simon’s, it’s a very well known ID.

“Huang Zun Xi!?” 1

Huang is ranked fourth in the WDARL, and the top explorer of China.

“If I’m going to win the bid, we’ll go to Yoyogi for a while. I can’t believe that all of this is unrelated to the sudden appearance of a new world rank 1.”

“I don’t think Mason is ready yet.”

“A holiday in Japan is nice from time to time as well, right?”

“Holiday? At a time like this?”

Thanks to those annoying orbs, all US explorers related to the government have been worked to the bone. However, Simon replies to those words with a smile.

“Haah…I guess I’m wasting my breath. Got it. I will get in contact with everyone.”

“Please do.” With those words, Simon returns his eyes to the PC screen.



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Translation Notes:

  1. The name is written as 黄俊熙. I think it reads as Huang Zun Xi in Chinese. The katakana is ファンチュインシー.

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