§017 Forum 【What’s this?】 D-Powers 1 【Scam?】

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1: Unknown Explorer ID:P12xx-xxxx-xxxx-2932

That party with the weird name, D-Powers, which suddenly popped up, seems to have already started the orb auction.
Are they crooks? Or saviors of the world?

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2: Unknown Explorer

Is that for real?

3: Unknown Explorer

Obviously a scam, no? They say it’ll last three days, so how are they going to maintain the orbs?

4: Unknown Explorer

They go and get them after three days, or something like that?

5: Unknown Explorer

That in itself is impossible. Of course it’d be a different story if there were special places, or monsters, that reliably dropped orbs

6: Unknown Explorer

Not a chance, but quite a few organizations have placed bids.

7: Unknown Explorer

How do you know? >>6

8: Unknown Explorer

You have to use your WDA license ID to bid on there. Just google it.

9: Unknown Explorer

Geeh, the Ministry of Defense and the National Police Agency are in there!

10: Unknown Explorer

Huh? Isn’t that just a forgery?

11: Unknown Explorer

That’s impossible. An authentication with the WDA is carried out when you enter your data.

12: Unknown Explorer

Seriously? That means, you tried?

13: Unknown Explorer

Actually I did.

14: Unknown Explorer

You’ve got 60,000,000 JPY!?

15: Unknown Explorer

Well, if you’re a client with a trader’s license, having 60,000,000 is no big deal.

16: Unknown Explorer

Makes sense.

17: Unknown Explorer

Doesn’t that mean most organizations will give it a try, since they got nothing to lose anyway?

18: Unknown Explorer

Well, you could say that. Since it has become such a hot topic, I think the JDA investigated directly, too.
And yet they weren’t banned, meaning…

19: Unknown Explorer

I think it’s very likely genuine. But if this is the real deal, where did they get the goods then?

20: Unknown Explorer

The mysteries of D-Powers:
1.) Where did they procure the rare orbs?
2.) What about the obstacle called 23 h 56 m 4 s?

21: Unknown Explorer

>>20 Leaving aside 1.)…doesn’t 2.) point to them having developed some kind of method to preserve orbs? Or rather, I can’t think of any other option besides that.

22: Unknown Explorer

Something like that is possible?

23: Unknown Explorer

If you just look at the license ID of the person in charge mentioned on the site, the ID’s acquisition was a good while back, huh?

24: Unknown Explorer

But, they are a total unknown, right?

25: Unknown Explorer

Even googling the ID won’t give you anything but their connection with D-Powers

26: Unknown Explorer

What about the company’s address or contact?

27: Unknown Explorer

It’s not written there.

28: Unknown Explorer

Eh? Isn’t that a violation of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law?

29: Unknown Explorer

Trade licenses related to dungeons don’t need to give a description as long as it’s been specified in the license.

30: Unknown Explorer

Well, it’s just that it’s very likely for them to get targeted by thieves, since the trade items are way too rare and expensive.

31: Unknown Explorer

I see. I suppose that’s true.

32: Unknown Explorer

Anyway, I’m kind of looking forward to three days from now.
If there’s winning bids, the successful bidder will announce something, right?

33: Unknown Explorer

No, I don’t think the successful bidders will announce anything, as they likely don’t want to be identified.




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