§015 Party Formation 10/26 (Fri)

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One month has passed since I suddenly became rank 1.
As a result of continuously and single-mindedly hunting slimes deeper inside the first floor ever since, a reasonable number of skill orbs have piled up inside my Safe.


Storage x 1
High Recovery x 2
Water Magic x 4
Physical Resistance x 5


Thanks to that, I could officially resign, and Miyoshi has apparently submitted her resignation notice as well.
The company’s efforts to retain her were so insistent that it couldn’t even be compared to when I quit. She said she was really scared when she was invited to a stress interview in a small room.
For the time being, Miyoshi and I will probably manage somehow with the profit from selling Water Magic.
After Miyoshi got her trader’s license, she used the opportunity to explore the possibility of founding a company.

“It’s pretty much a fact that it’ll be extremely difficult to do trades while hiding your name in modern Japan, senpai.”

The profit sharing seems to be the difficult part.
Generally speaking, if you make a profit, it’ll lead to taxes, no matter what you do. Especially if you try to stay anonymous, you end up having to pay backbreaking taxes on everything.
If you make a corporation, create a shareholder register in an unlisted company, and share the profits, only the creditors and shareholders will be able to access the register. The tax rate will also be 20% and… at first I thought that would work, but it was a huge mistake.
In the case of a large, unlisted company, profits are subject to a tax on aggregate income, and you have to pay municipal tax + a very progressive income tax. In short, 55%.

“Now I finally understand why people use tax havens!”

Miyoshi had apparently also considered the option of founding a company in another country and doing business through mail order over there, but as might be expected of the coward Miyoshi, she changed her mind with the words, “You know, somehow I’d feel guilty.”

“And that’s why I decided to use the party system.”

The party system is used by groups to divide earnings after exploring a dungeon together.
The original assumption is that this system will be used for the party to buy expensive weapons and armor, and distribute those amongst the group. I have no real clue about the details, but the entire party seems to have a legal status similar to a single dungeon explorer.
The party member’s list is managed by the party’s creator, and it appears to be treated similar to a shareholder register, so to speak.

“It was a real pain, let me tell you. Even after talking to a tax counselor, I don’t quite understand.” Miyoshi says, obviously fed up.

“A tax system, where you have to wrack your brain just to avoid overpaying, feels somehow wrong, right? Isn’t that like the government is saying that they believe it’s okay to steal money from idiots?”

“Hmm, isn’t that a matter of historic circumstances or consistency issues at those points in time?”

“I’m just saying, there’s plenty of times when I rely on things that are paid for by taxes, but it’s full of parts where it feels like they implemented a “consistency” measure right after implementing a rule that says the exact opposite.”

“Well the logic thought up by those liberal arts people does seem to allow for inconsistent and illegal structures as long as it all works out in the end. I always thought that taxes are no good if the rules aren’t simple enough that anyone can figure them out.”

“That’d put accountants out of a job, though.”

“Even at a fast-food restaurant, you get one check for all the different stuff you order. In the first place, aren’t they getting paid too little in the current situation anyway? I can’t think of it as anything but the tax office lacking any kind of motivation, or the tax system being fully intent on ripping you off.”

“Well, the state’s finances sure are deep in the red.”

As a party formation unexpectedly costs money, my savings account is facing a dire crisis.
Since it was unavoidable, each of us contributed 300,000 Yen to be allocated for legal expenses, and the cost of making an officially registered seal and such.
Since my savings were rapidly diminishing, Miyoshi apparently created her own orb sales website right away.

“It’s a safe bet that we will be able to sell them. Even if we have to use up our savings for now, it looks like we’ll barely pull through somehow.”

Or so Miyoshi eloquently said. Well, I’m sorry for inconveniencing you, Miyoshi.
The party’s address was Miyoshi’s house for the moment, but the actual work kept my dining room occupied. I said that I would move once we made some profit, but I had been thinking that it might be fine to stay here, since I didn’t have a particular need to move.
The party name was Dungeon Powers.
It’s kind of an embarrassing, corny name, but it’s Myoishi’s fault we got stuck with it. She drunkenly entered it into the website around dawn, while she was drunk on wine out on my veranda.
It looks like she likes it quite a lot, though.
Well, with this and that, we got started for real. As for the party’s structure, Miyoshi is the leader and I am a member, and that’s the whole party (*sob*).



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