§014 Forum 【Too Wide】 YoyoDun 1299 【Almost Lost】

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251:Unknown Explorer

Hey, hey, have you noticed the duo of women repeatedly going in and out of the dungeon recently?

252:Unknown Explorer

Ah, definitely. The ones in beginner gear, right? Face guard and ski mask?

253:Unknown Explorer

Exactly, those two.
You see, at first they didn’t wear face guards, they just had ski helmets, or something basic like that, but one of them looked just like Haruka, I think.

254:Unknown Explorer

Who’s that?

255:Unknown Explorer

Haruka, the gravure idol? The one that was just in a magazine recently?

256:Unknown Explorer

For real? You’re sure it wasn’t someone else?

257:Unknown Explorer

No way, it’s gotta be someone else, right? I mean, why would a model go diving in a dungeon?
If she gets a scar from an injury, she’ll never work again.

258:Unknown Explorer

Hmm, that makes sense, but you know, since they looked rather cute, I had a lil peek what they’re up to.

259:Unknown Explorer

Uwah, a stalker?

260:Unknown Explorer

A dangerous dude has shown up!

261:Unknown Explorer

Don’t do stuff like that in a dungeon.

262:Unknown Explorer

That ain’t it!
There are times when people hesitate on whether to go in or not, or you want to help them if they’re having trouble, no?
I’m telling you, I didn’t have any ulterior motives!

263:Unknown Explorer

You did tho, didn’t you? You totally had an ulterior motive.

264:Unknown Explorer

He’s a lost cause.

265:Unknown Explorer

It’s OK as long as it doesn’t go too far, right!? Anyway, I chased after them.

266:Unknown Explorer

And then pushed them down?

267:Unknown Explorer

I only kept following them because they were going the wrong way for the stairs to the second floor.

268:Unknown Explorer

Well, isn’t that because they were running away from the freak chasing them?

269:Unknown Explorer

I mean, if they thought they were being stalked, they would run away, wouldn’t they?
The interior of a dungeon isn’t really all that different from a dark street at night.

270:Unknown Explorer

You guys sure don’t go easy on me.

271:Unknown Explorer

Now, now. Did you lose sight of them?

272:Unknown Explorer

Well, they paid attention by glancing back from time to time. After all, I would be treated as a criminal if they saw me chasing them.

273:Unknown Explorer

Uwah, how spineless!

274:Unknown Explorer

I don’t have any use for such a spine!

275:Unknown Explorer

Speaking of bypassing the second floor, wasn’t there also that gearless guy who caused an uproar because of a possible suicide!? Is that a recent fad or something?

276:Unknown Explorer

Ah, yeah, him. Even now I catch sight of him every once in a while. Since he’s only wearing normal clothes and a backpack, he totally stands out as being out of place whenever he’s around the reception area.

277:Unknown Explorer

I haven’t heard anything about such a fad.

278:Unknown Explorer

But, I never saw them around the second floor, you know? Beginners tend to spend most of their time around there right?

279:Unknown Explorer

No, wait.

280:Unknown Explorer

What is it?

281:Unknown Explorer

Could it have been something like a secret date?

282:Unknown Explorer


283:Unknown Explorer

A genius has appeared.

284:Unknown Explorer

No, just think about it. The first floor of the Yoyogi dungeon, which is relatively harmless and outside the public eye, might actually be great for a clandestine rendezvous.
Also, hidden cameras are dealt with by the slimes, you know?

285:Unknown Explorer

A pin-up girl has a date with her lover inside a dungeon?
Blah, what kind of story is that supposed to be? lol

286:Unknown Explorer

In the first place, there were two women, right?

287:Unknown Explorer

The other one is an escort or something?

288:Unknown Explorer

Her manager?

289:Unknown Explorer


290:Unknown Explorer

Stop it rofl

291:Unknown Explorer

Moreover, they are constantly going in and out. Just how fast are they? roflmao

292:Unknown Explorer

Jeez, you are way too dirty.
Either way, it’d be a weird date for sure.

293:Unknown Explorer

I guess, a date is the winner here then lmao



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