§013 Orb once more 10/7 (Sun)

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Day in, day out, I go in and out of the first floor of Yoyogi Dungeon. And as always, no one’s here.
Even on the weekend, Miyoshi has her short training course to get her trade license. I really wanna thank her for her efforts.
As for myself, I have moved much further into the floor than usual. I want to leave the entrance area for those two. I hope they do their best today.

“It’s wrong to disturb them. Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪. And that’s the 31st.”

With the 41st slime of the day I’m going to hit exactly 200 total. Accordingly I’m looking forward, thinking that it’d sure be nice if something were to happen.

While I sing Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪ I kill the next slime, “But, the Yoyogi Dungeon is sure big,” I ponder about the dungeon’s size.

If I remember correctly, it had a spherical shape with a diameter of five kilometers when the early investigation of the JSDF drew up a rough map. Five kilometers, I guess that means in front of Baba1 in the north, and Musashi-Koyama Station in the south. In the west it should be the area around Eifukuchou Station, and in the east…hmm, around Yamanote, no, that’ll be slightly short of five kilometers. I think it reaches up to Shinbashi.
If this thing actually took possession of Tokyo’s underground, a collapse of the subway system would be the least of our problems.
As I think about all this stuff, while dumbly repeating Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪, a menu suddenly opens, just like the other day.
Looking at the tally marks in my hand, I notice that I’ve reached 41.

“Here it is!”


Skill Orb – Physical Resistance 1 / 100,000,000
Skill Orb – Water Magic 1 / 600,000,000
Skill Orb – High Recovery 1 / 1,200,000,000
Skill Orb – Storage 1 / 7,000,000,000
Skill Orb – Safe 1 / 100,000,000,000 85,998,741


The content displayed in the menu is mostly the same as yesterday, but Safe is grayed out. New numbers are written on the right side. Even now that number is counting down.
I jot down those numbers. Just what’s this about?
Seeing as I can’t choose Safe, you either can’t choose an orb you’ve already acquired, or otherwise――

“A cooldown…eh?”

A cooldown describes the time until you can use something again after having used it once. It’s a feature you often encounter in games that are played in real time.
Well, I’ll think about this later. Right now it’s time for the experiment I discussed with Miyoshi the other day.
I tap 「Water Magic」, then I put away the orb, which popped up in front of me as usual, into 「Safe」.
In the end I used Safe despite the risk of it replacing Making. The clincher was Miyoshi’s comment, “Assuming that it’s such an outrageous skill that time stands still in there, like the one you mentioned appearing in light novels, won’t it be possible to store away skill orbs as well, senpai?”
The reason orbs aren’t sold in most markets is the big hurdle of 23 hours 56 minutes 43 seconds, even more so than their rarity. There should be many explorers saying “I want to change my once-in-a-lifetime-luck into cash.” However, I have no doubt that many must have cried bloody tears while being unable to successfully find a buyer, being hampered by that absolute deadline.

“Well, I guess it’s pointless to think about it now.”

Very likely this skill activates every hundred kills. In that case, I should amass as many orbs as possible while I still can. Mass slime hunting might eventually catch on, after all.

“As a matter of fact, the slime overhunting team has grown to three people since the other day.”

However, two months later, eh?
It looks like the initial stats for humans are all somewhere around 10 for an adult. I’m the sample here.
Even if slimes give 0.02 SP, that’s enough SP to rank up a stat in five days, if you defeat ten slimes per day, right? If you do that for two months, it’ll go up by ten. Assuming these points are all assigned to one stat, it’d be a human’s experience equal to one normal person.2 …Huh? One normal person?
Moreover, I feel like it’s not impossible to do 100 slimes a day with 「Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪」, in Yoyogi, which is infested by slimes, on top of there being no one here.
2 SP will be added per day? Then, it’ll be 100 in 50 days, no?
If those points were to be allotted to a single stat…basically you could be as strong as 10 normal people?
Wait a moment, that could cause problems if it became widely known, couldn’t it? Eh? Did I possibly teach them something bad…?

“No, no, no, no. That won’t work unless you keep entering and leaving. No matter how diligent they might be, there’s no way they would do something like that, right!?”

Fooling myself, I repeated 「Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪」, free from obstructive thoughts, until my brain blanked out.




“Miyoshi, you gotta work tomorrow, right? Should you really be here right now?”

Sitting at my kotatsu, Miyoshi gazes at today’s notes while twining pasta around her fork.
At 7 pm she suddenly showed up here, saying that she’s hungry. As a last resort I boiled some pasta and served that to her, but the clock is already approaching 8 pm.

“Senpai, it was around 3 pm when you got Safe, wasn’t it?”

“Hmm? I think so. If I remember correctly, it was a bit before 3 when I finished talking with Ms. Naruse, so it should’ve been around then.”

“I see.”

Miyoshi has been staring fixedly at my notes. I don’t really get what’s going on inside her head, but she’s definitely a genius when it comes to the field of calculations and the detection of patterns. She keeps discovering meaningful patterns in the data, even though it looks like a meaningless list of numbers to me.

“Was it around the same time when you got Water Magic today?”

“If I’m not wrong, it should have been around that time, or slightly before.”

“Assuming this is a cooldown timer as you’ve said, it looks like the number of days is the inverse of the drop probability divided by a hundred million. Moreover, expressed in seconds.”


“It means, you can obtain the next Safe orb in 1000 days ― no, right now it’s 998 days, I suppose.”

A skill that can be obtained only once in three years, huh?
But then again, if you were to look for it the normal way, even with a hundred million people killing ten slimes a day, around one person in three years would find one. Thinking about it like that, I feel like it might work rather well, but I can’t believe that there are so many slimes around.

“Then, Water Magic will take――”

“Six days, I expect.”

“If the orb hasn’t vanished from within my Safe even after 3 pm has passed tomorrow, it’ll be one huge distribution revolution.”

“The one standing to waste 80,000,000 Yen if things don’t work out with the test is you though Senpai.”

“While being unemployed.”

“No kidding.”

She puts the last of the pasta into her mouth, then mixes half a bottle of Sangaria’s Strong (extra carbonated) Sparkling water with half a bottle of fresh spring water, and drains the entire glass of freshly mixed Something-strong Mineral water.

“Thanks for the meal. You’re not half bad at cooking, senpai.”

“Well, I’ve lived alone for a while now.”

“Haah, how lonesome…”

“It’s none of your business!”

“But, if this experiment succeeds, allowing us to publicize the Safe, you’ll be approached by governments and companies all over the world, won’t you senpai?”

Now listen, you. What are ya talkin’ about it without a care as if it’s some Hollywood movie!?

“And I’ll be super rich…Oh, that means I’ll be able to eat all the delicious meals I want.”

“Miyoshi, Miyoshi, your eyes have turned into $ signs.”

“Jeez, I wanna resign from the company too! What’s with that project? Without you there, it doesn’t get anywhere, senpai!?”

“What about Enoki?”

“Someone like that, it would be better if he didn’t exist in the first place. Bah, just thinking about him pisses me off.”

“G-Got it, my bad. But, right now, I got no way to pay you a salary, you know?”

“Tomorrow, if that orb hasn’t vanished, can I just quit then?”

Yeah well, even if the result of the magic number experiment is wrong, I guess I’ll have enough money for the time being…renting the examination equipment would still be too expensive, though.

“You want to quit that much?”

“It’s just that this stuff looks a lot more interesting.”

“Okay, if it hasn’t vanished that is.”

“I look forward to working with you.”

In the experiment I did the other day, the Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice I had bought remained frozen stiff even after an hour had passed. That’s why there’s a bit of hope here. While watching Miyoshi eat the ice cream, I wondered if it wouldn’t have been better to just put a smartphone or a clock in there.
Yet, we won’t actually know whether that rule applies to the mysterious, native Dungeon items unless we try it out.
At that moment, my smartphone vibrates.

“Hmm? A call? I wonder who it is.”

It seems to be a call from a private number, as the phone number isn’t displayed. While feeling mystified, I pick up the vibrating smartphone and take the call.


“Good evening, Mitsurugi here. Is it you, Mr. Yoshimura?”

“Indeed. I wondered who it was, since the number was hidden.”

“Huh? Did I do that? Sorry. From now on I will call with 186.”

“No, no problem at all. So, what’s wrong?”

“Umm, since the bottle seems to be about to run out, I was wondering if you could give us a new one.”

Eh? They used it up already?

“Sure. When would work for you?”

“Is tomorrow okay for you?”

“I don’t mind. At Yoyogi? What about the time?”

“Yes, that’d be great. If possible, I’d appreciate it if we could meet in front of the entrance in the morning…”

“Okay. I will wait for you in Yoyogi’s YD Cafe at 10 am.”

“Thank you very much. So, about the fee…”

“Please wait a little moment.”

Come to think, how many of those bottles have been made?

“Hey, Miyoshi.”

“What’s up?”

“How much does that something-beam bottle cost?”

“Ah, that? I’d say probably around 3,000 Yen?”

“3000 Yen? Didn’t one bottle of Makiron cost around 500 Yen? And if only around one liter goes into that bottle…”

“Wako Pure Chemical Industries’ First Grade solution costs less than 20,000 Yen for 500g.”

“I don’t quite get it, but anyway, as long you don’t take a loss, it’s fine.”

“Thank you for waiting. I am told one bottle costs 3,000 Yen.”

“Understood. If possible, it would be a big help if I could get several bottles.”

“Okay. See you.”

“Sure, good night.”

“Senpai, did you sell that to someone?”

“It was the flow of events, I guess. You remember the two people who sat in front of us during the training course?”

“Yeah, that 『Beauty』 duo.”

“Somehow I feel like your words are a bit thorny, but yeah, them. As a matter of fact, they――”

I tell the details about what happened the other day to Miyoshi.

Miyoshi sighs, “You’re as naive as ever, aren’t you senpai?”

“Really? I properly forbade them to talk about it. Ain’t that somewhat praiseworthy? But you know, I’m also regretting it a bit.”


“Well, I was just wonderin’ whether I haven’t done something terrible while beating slimes.”

And then I try to explain to Miyoshi my thoughts about what will happen after two months of 「Bounce♪ Psshh♪ Bam♪」.

“Just what is this guy saying?” Miyoshi rolls her eyes at me. “But…it’ll probably be okay, won’t it?”


“Unlike you, they can’t objectively look at the numbers.”

“No, look, if we’re unlucky, they might end up in the upper rankings, okay?”

“No matter how much they go up, reaching the top 1,000 in two months is unlikely, right? If they reach the top four-digits, there’s a reasonable number of anonymous explorers in Area 12, so I don’t think that they would stand out so much.”

“I see…you might be right there!”

At that time we didn’t quite understand just how much attention becoming rank 1000 in all humanity would draw. Moreover, we hadn’t really realized how much attention high-ranking anonymous explorers in Area 12, which is an area centered around Japan, which has been managed from the early stages, would garner in the country.



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  1. I think it’s an abbreviation for Shinjuku Babashita, an area in Shinjuku
  2. The author phrased it really confusingly…above he mentioned 10 SP per stat when becoming an adult (20 years), so he said that if you have 10 SP for one stat, that’s 20 years in human life years…we changed it to something easier relatable. ;-)

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