§011 Forum 【Too Wide】 YoyoDun 1296 【Almost Lost】

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431:Unknown Explorer

Did you see that kinda weird old man today, around noon?

432:Unknown Explorer

Yep, yep. The guy who totally looks like he belongs downtown, right? He was quite young, wasn’t he? A college student, or around that age?

433:Unknown Explorer

Ah, the one from the suicide scare.

434:Unknown Explorer

Suicide? Did something like that happen?

435:Unknown Explorer

Something about him repeatedly entering the dungeon for a bit and immediately leaving. It looks like he was reported as a dude who can’t make up his mind to kill himself, or something like that?
A person from the JDA headquarters came.

436:Unknown Explorer

Ah, did Na-tan handle it?

437:Unknown Explorer

Na-tan, the heck? Who’s that? lol

438:Unknown Explorer

The popular staff member of the JDA’s Dungeon Management department, Naruse Yoshiharu. She won the beauty contest as Miss Keio1 in her second year, and there were rumors that she became a TV announcer (?), but I didn’t expect her to end up with the JDA.

439:Unknown Explorer

Why do you know so much about her? Are you a stalker?

440:Unknown Explorer

She was famous back then. Also, her personal career is written in last year’s newbie corner on the JDA’s Dungeon Management department’s website.

441:Unknown Explorer

That person? They talked in the YD Cafe, they seemed close. Maybe they were acquaintances?

442:Unknown Explorer

Seriously? But, Na-tan is friendly, so she might have given him a kind warning.

443:Unknown Explorer

Tomorrow I will enter and leave the dungeon in casual clothes!

444:Unknown Explorer

Better not, it’ll just be a bother lol

445:Unknown Explorer

Come to think of it, someone from Area 12 just shot up to the top of the WDARL power rankings right?

446:Unknown Explorer

I can only tell ya that it’s not me.

447:Unknown Explorer

Me neither.

448:Unknown Explorer

Unfortunately, my rank hasn’t become 1 either.

449:Unknown Explorer

Who’s the top of YoyoDun right now?

450:Unknown Explorer

The guys from Asaka, Ichigaya, or Funabashi, right? 2

451:Unknown Explorer

It’s bout rank 1, so it’s prolly not the JSDF j/k.

452:Unknown Explorer

True dat.
In the first place, the top of the JSDF is Iori-chan.

453:Unknown Explorer

What about the Kagerou3 folks? I heard they’re loitering round the 19th floor.

454:Unknown Explorer

I heard the Shibu-chi4 went to the 20th floor, though.

455:Unknown Explorer

Sry to say, they don’t feel like rank 1 at all.

456:Unknown Explorer

Russia and Australia have no famous players in Area 12, right?

457:Unknown Explorer

If you look at the comments over at the WDARL, some French dude said that there’s no one who would qualify within the top six digits of known explorers

458:Unknown Explorer

Sry to say, but there’s no one in Japan either.

459:Unknown Explorer

In other words, he suddenly popped up. A guy who’s suddenly close with the JDA staff, although no one knows him. It’s pretty fishy, aight?

460:Unknown Explorer

To sum it up, he’s a suicide bastard!

461:Unknown Explorer


462:Unknown Explorer

I mean, the rank 1 explorer in the world would be able to enter dungeons safely even in casual clothes, no?

463:Unknown Explorer

No, you guys, stop it, since newbies will believe what you say if they see this. Keep your comments appropriate, okay?

464:Unknown Explorer




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Translation Notes:

  1. Keio is a university in Tokyo
  2. All districts/parts of Tokyo
  3. A restaurant in Tokyo, near the Ebisu train station
  4. Some local Tokyo slang about people from Shibuya, I think. Kagerou is in Shibuya, so it refers to the same group

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