§005 WDARL (World Dungeon Association Ranking List) Chat with Simultaneous Translation

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Rank Area CC Name

1 12 *
2 22 RU Dmitrij
3 1 US Simon
4 14 CN Huang
5 1 US Mason
6 26 GB William
7 1 US Joshua
8 1 US Natalie
9 2 *
10 25 FR Victor
11 24 DE Edgar
12 26 GB Tobias
13 25 FR Thierry
14 24 IT Ettore
15 25 FR Quentin
16 24 DE Heinz
17 11 *
18 13 JP Iori
19 24 DE Gordon

US “Did you see the WRL?”
RU “Yeah, Russia’s hero, Dmitrij Nernikov became rank 2. It’s the first time since the publication of the WRL, isn’t it?
GB “So, who’s the guy at the top?”
US “Looks like they are unregistered.”
RU “Wut? King Salmon, or the Witch of Campbell are first rank?”
US “Since there’s an anonymous ranker from Area 2 at rank 9, and another from Area 11 at rank 17, it should be someone else.”
DE “Well, you know, I tried to compare the rankings from before the leader changed.”
GB “GJ.”
DE “However, at least until rank 200, there’s no one that seems to qualify for this.”
GB “Hah?”
FR “I got some news! There’s no one qualifying for this within the top three-digits.”
US “You jokin’! How did you find out?”
FR “If you exclude Japan, there are no big cities in Russia and Indonesia in Area 12. At most, it would be Adele in Australia.”
FR “Only Japan has a lot of people in Area 12, as it includes a region ranging from Fukuoka to Tokyo, but because it’s a country that established a management system at an early stage, almost all of their early explorers have been registered with the JSDF.”
FR “That’s why there’s almost no anonymous explorers in area 12 within the top three-digits. I looked up that number of people and traced them down, but there was no change in ranking for them.”
US “Wait, wait, wait. Then, you’re saying that this Mr. X here suddenly appeared out of the top four-digits1 or below?”
JP “A true awakening of the force, you mean?”
US “Nice one. They might be from the top five-digits or below, no?”
JP “No, I don’t think that’s likely. That would be…”
FR “For now I will try to trace it back down as far as I have left in my cache.”
GB “Good luck.”
DE “Was there some kind of huge dungeon capture?”
GB “If it happened recently, then, Denver, right?”
US “That was the work of Simon’s team, no?”
GB “Then someone who accompanied them.”
US “Don’t be silly. You think someone who went with them overtook Simon from the area of five-digits or below? That’s too much.”
GB “What did this guy do to suddenly end up at rank 1 then?”
US “…”
DE “…”
JP “…”
RU “…Captured a deep dungeon, unknown to anyone, by himself, or something like that?”
GB “Now that the WDA’s control has spread all over, something like that is impossible, right? In the first place, unless they got through the dungeon in one day, they would slowly rise through the ranks.”
US “I’m sure he comes from planet Krypton.”
DE “No, he might be from the M78 Nebula.”
GB “He used Blue Water? Or maybe he got a body that can only fight for three minutes?”
JP “It looks like you’re quite well-informed about the culture of my country. You’re making me cry.”

… Omitted.

FR “Hi. I looked it up all the way until the top six-digits.”
US “Thx.”

… Omitted.

GB “Thx.”
DE “What’s the result?”
FR “A person that seems to qualify…was nowhere to be found.”
GB “None within 1,000,000 people?”
FR “Since the number of civilians suddenly increases once you get into six digits, there are more unregistered people in Area 12 than registered, toward the very bottom of the rankings, so I can’t say anything with absolute confidence, but digging any deeper seems impossible.”
DE “Mystery?”
US “An anonymous man, who suddenly appeared like a comet after three years have passed; that’s kind of cool.”
GB “PC!” 2 FR “PC!”
US “Yeah, yeah. Man → Person.”

… Omitted.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Author uses here the spelling for “Fourth” in katakana. You will need that info for the next line
  2. Abbreviation for Political Correctness

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