§003 – Naruse Miharu – JDA Headquarters

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“Oh shit…just how am I supposed to report this?” Naruse Miharu is stumped.

This place, the surveillance section of the JDA’s (Japanese Dungeon Association) Dungeon Management Department, is primarily for handling information about the capture and creation of dungeons on Japanese soil.
Even if new dungeons don’t appear very frequently, it’s said that they come to be at a rate of one per year in every area. Because there are very few countries that have high precision seismographs set up all over the country like Japan does to begin with, it’s suspected that there’s still a great number of undiscovered dungeons out there.
Even some time ago, there was a response that seemed to hint at the creation of a new dungeon, but――

“You can report it just as it happened.”

“M-Mr. Fuurai!”

Once Naruse lifts her head, she finds her boss in front of her. Fuurai Kakeru, 29 years, the chief clerk of the surveillance section. A neurotic-looking man with a receding hairline, despite his young age.

“All the more if it’s something that causes you to hesitate. It would lead to confusion if you were to arbitrarily incorporate your own speculations, right?”


Certainly, it’s just as he says, but this result――
Naruse is hesitant because of the results in front of her, that would likely make anyone doubt her sanity if she reported them just as they are.

“What is it? Don’t put on airs. What the heck happened?”

“No, umm…I shall report the measurements then!”

“That’s what I told you to do from the very beginning, didn’t I?”

I don’t care anymore. Let’s push what happens afterwards onto the boss. Having decided this, Naruse begins to talk fluently.

“At 14:32 a quake, which seemed to originate from the creation of a dungeon, in the area of the New National Stadium, has been observed.”

“Right next to Yoyogi!?”

Three years ago, the Yoyogi Dungeon appeared between NHK’s Broadcast Center and the second gymnasium of Yoyogi Stadium.

“Around one kilometer away from it in a straight line, I’d say?”

“That close? What’s the scale?”

“Ah, well…it’s a deep one.”

“What did you say?”

“If the values are correct, it has a depth of more than 1,400 meters.”

“1,400 meters!?”

The depth of Yoyogi Dungeon amounts to 280 meters. It’s roughly five times that. It’s probably not wrong to say that it’s one of the deepest dungeons to date, even on a worldwide scale.

“Wait, then the Oedo Line will be in deep trouble…we have to contact all related parties at once!”

A dungeon that manifests in the city center will destroy its underground infrastructure. At the time when the Yoyogi Dungeon came into existence three years ago, the Chiyoda Line between Yoyogi Park and Harajuku was severed, almost resulting in a major accident.
Right now, it’s early afternoon on a normal weekday. If the railway tracks of the subways were to suddenly disappear at such a time, it would likely develop into a great catastrophe. However――

“Ah, no. I think it will very likely be okay, since it’s in the vicinity of Aoyama Gate.”

It has become clear, through the results of research, that the space, which is actually occupied by a dungeon, has the shape of a cylinder, with a minimum diameter of several meters to, at most, ten or more meters.
Dungeon quakes occur due to the shock caused when these spaces are forced into the ground, like an acupuncture needle, and their extinction quakes happen due to the shock of those needles being removed.
There’s still a little less than 200 meters from Aoyama Gate to the route of the Oedo Line. If the measurements are correct, there should be no damage anywhere.

“Having said that, it’s still necessary to report it. The entrances must be sealed off as well. I suppose some influence on the stadium that’s under construction can’t be avoided. Even the Olympic Committee――”

“Please wait.”

“What is it?” Her boss asked, without even hiding his irritation at this shitty, hectic situation.

“That is, umm…it’s not there anymore.”

“What isn’t?”

“As I said, the dungeon.”

Boss is pulling a face like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter. Well, I made the same expression when I saw the data for the first time, while thinking that, Naruse puts herself on guard for the storm that’s going to come next.

“The deep dungeon that had appeared in the metropolitan area has…” Her boss throws a fleeting glance at his wristwatch. “…disappeared in one hour? You trying to make a joke here?”

As Naruse looks at her boss, who speaks while revealing a weak smile, which clearly says “You won’t get off easy if this is a joke,” she drops her shoulders, thinking, So it has turned out like this after all.

“That’s why I was hesitating to report it. Anyway, the deep dungeon, which appeared around Aoyama Gate of the New National Stadium at 14:32, has already vanished, as of now, at 15:20. An extinction quake that very closely resembled the one in Denver has been recorded, too. It’s existence lasted merely a few minutes.”

After the last monster had been defeated in Denver, everyone was returned to the surface, and an extinction quake was recorded a short while later. It was reported that only something like the traces of a hole that had collapsed were left behind, a phenomenon similar to shallow dungeons that had been captured.

“You want to tell me that someone captured a deep dungeon within minutes after its appearance?”

“I can’t tell. I don’t know what happened, but the peace of Tokyo’s residents and the schedule for the Olympics have been protected. Isn’t that great?”

Naruse adlibs a glib reply to her dumbfounded boss, and bows, as there isn’t anything else she could say.

After listening to her report, her boss looks at Naruse with a serious expression, and asks, “So, what do you think I should report to the section chief?”



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