§000 Prologue – Three Years Ago (2015)

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On this day, a huge particle accelerator, which had been built by the US government as a prestige project, went into operation at Groom Lake Nevada. The accelerator, which had a length of 120 km, extending between Groom Lake and Bald Mountain, and had been constructed 150 m below the ground, was being operated in order to confirm the existence of residue dimensions.
Various measuring devices recorded the precise moment when the collision energy exceeded LHC by leaps and bounds, recording all data pertaining to that event on the servers, and displaying it on the host computers’ monitors.

“…We confirmed the creation of a micro black hole!”

The cheers which reverberated throughout the room all at once, symbolized the moment a new theory had been verified.

“Professor Tyler, we did it, didn’t we!?”

The surrounding scientists quickly approached Theodore Nanase Tyler, the lead researcher, wanting to shake his hand.

“Yowzer! Tedd!”

“Stop it. Talking to me like that makes it seem like I’m a talking stuffed animal.”

Tyler grasped his hand while laughing. It was a time of glory.
A young scientist, who had been staring at them with a look full of reverence, suddenly shifted his focus to his monitor, after joining the general excitement for a short while.
Even after the experiment’s success, the computer robotically carried out the tasks he had commanded it to do.
The information, which was acquired in femto-second intervals, was adequately processed according to the program code…and now displayed an unbelievable result on the monitor.

“Wha-, Professor Tyler!”

His voice, which was unintentionally close to a scream in volume, was plenty enough to garner the attention of those around him.

“What’s wrong?”

“T-The micro black hole…hasn’t disappeared!”

“Impossible!”, that’s what everyone present thought.
If the theory was correct, it should have vanished in instant, because of the Hawking radiation. The mass, which had been used for its creation, was at most at the level of a particle.

“Several MBHs are moving at high speed within the space! It’s as if…as if they have been captured in some kind of force field…”




At first, it didn’t exceed a space distortion at particle level. That perceived the distortions, which had been created within the time of an instant, as a golden opportunity to fulfill its desire.
And then, that seized the distortion and carefully added energy to it, continuing to amplify it.




『Some huge mass within the affixed force field is…what the hell is this!?』

At the same time as a scream reverberated from the speaker, the monitors were wrapped up in a white light, and the video recording cut out.

“That’s all?”

A man, who wore a splendid Chester Barrie three-piece suit, and appeared to be neurotic, recrossed his legs.

“Yes, sir! This is all of the video recorded by the ground control of the particle accelerator experiment carried out at Groom Lake Air Force Base.”

“In short, you’re saying ground control is safe? What about the nuclear power plant built to supply the necessary power for the accelerator?”

The Three Mile Island accident crossed the man’s mind. Even though we’re in the middle of Nevada, spare me from going through that all over again.

“No major effect has been detected on the surface. We only lost contact with the underground facility, where the accelerator was constructed. The nuclear power plant is fine.”

“What about the created MBH?”

“I don’t know. But, whatever it might be, I can’t believe that it will expand and swallow the earth.”

Hearing that, the man nodded, obviously relieved, “How’s the progress on the rescue of those underground?”

“At first it was carried out by the troops at base.”

“Because the elevators have completely stopped working, they used the emergency staircase at point 3 located on the west side of Bald Mountain to access the underground area, but…”

The speaker indicated a still image on the monitor.

“…What the fuck is this? Are these special effects or something?”

The monitor displayed some kind of terrifying, humanoid-shaped, face, with bluish skin.

“Its height is above 10 feet. It’s the first life form the rescue forces unit encountered after breaking into the underground facility.”

If this was a fantasy movie, it would definitely be called a troll, or an ogre.

“Two soldiers died in the battle that started after the troops fired on reflex. The M855A1 bullets in their GAU-5A ASDW rifles had absolutely no effect, as if they were NERF guns.”

“Did those guys create a teleportation device between Phobos and Deimos1?”

The dumbfounded man unintentionally blurted out a reference to a game he had played obsessively in his younger days, but he immediately shook his head, and gave several instructions to be carried out right away.




That organism certainly seemed to carry out actions with a certain level of intelligence. Its organs, which constantly transmitted faint, complex, electrical signals, hinted at that in various ways.
That trembled in delight, for a time somewhere between an instant and eternity. Then, it released its tremendous resources, for the sake of fulfilling its wish.
On this day, the first dungeon, which would be later called The Ring, came into existence 150 m below Nevada’s Groom Lake.



Author’s Notes:

MBH – Micro Black Hole
GAU-5A ASDW – An Air Force Self-Defense Weapon.
Addition from the LN: The experiment of a teleportation device between Phobos and Deimos is a setting of the game DOOM which took the world by storm in 1993.


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Translation Notes:

  1. Mars’ moons

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