Summoned Slaughterer

Volume 6 cover picture of Summoned Slaughterer

Touno Hifumi learned various martial arts and disciplines from childhood. One day, he was forced to practice them in another world. Hifumi, who was suppressing his desire to kill people in modern Japan, decided to go live in a different world. A human being forged by martial arts to his very limits, with a distorted sense of ethics, and kills people without a second thought, has been called to a different world.

Romaji Title: | Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha |
Japanese Title: | 呼び出された殺戮者 |
English Title: | Summoned Slaughterer  |
Author: 井戸正善 (Ido Masayoshi)



Intro of the Summoned Slaughterer
Volume 1 - Hifumi in the Royal Capital
Volume 2 - Let's enjoy ourselves at the Border
Volume 3 - The Hero is thirsting for blood
Volume 4 - What you need in war is money
Volume 5 - One battle follows the other
Volume 6 - Internal squabble of the castle
Volume 7 - It's better for the bait's side to be lively
Volume 8 - Assault! The country of magic
Volume 9 - There is cultural exchange because peace is in sight
Volume 10 - Things like coronations, rebellions and marriages
Volume 11 - Let's go to the wastelands and play with the fluffy ones

Chapter 99: Discovery (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 100: Welcome To The Jungle (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 101: Why We Thugs (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 102: The Kids Aren’t Alright (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 103: Dare (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 104: To Feel The Fire (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 105: Crawling (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 106: Sweet Sacrifice (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 107: Not Afraid (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 108: Purple Haze (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 109: Unchain My Heart (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 110: Kick In The Teeth (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 111: Dancing In The Moonlight (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 112: Livin’ La Vida Loca (TL: Shasu)



Chapters 1 – 19 have been originally posted on Kerambit’s Incisions. All current chapters are re-hosted on Trinity Archives


  1. darthcaedus4evr

    what tags is this under like harem or others

    • can be considered like harem, but until now not many love things happened, mostly about badass character who kills left and right

    • Not a harem but it has lots of girls..

      Its best tag should be homicidal sociopath MC.. lol..

      Its fun in its own way.. try it to know.

      • And only one girl is even in love with him. To bad for any other potential candidates she is called wife of Hifumi for a reason, and is every bit as kill happy as him.

        She is Yandere of the highest degree, only kept in check by the MC’s own Yan existence. If any other girl tried to profess their love I am pretty sure they would be found peppered with throwing knives later… Or killed by the man strait up.

  2. it it just me or are the chapter titles the names of songs?

  3. I know it is just a name of the chapter but still hope for the chapter tomorrow morning 😀

  4. danglycoochiejammer

    Well, thanks for the translation. This is one of a rare few Japanese novels that i like, since most others are full-on kiddie or moeblob crap. I’m mainly on Chinese novels these days.
    The only thing i would whine about are Clown’s translations. Grammar and spelling mistakes can be tolerated, and they are pretty benign.
    The big issue is that his naming deviates from the naming/glossary standards that’s been already set. Glossary and naming inconsistency is the biggest no-no possible.
    The second issue is the personal issue of the use of “Goshujin” instead of “master” in a novel that is neither a shounen novel, nor a low common denominator writing medium like a manga; where nudging towards otakus by using this terminology instead of the translation is more of an annoyance, and cringe inducing.
    That’s about all i can say.
    Thanks anyhow and good luck to you.

  5. chapter 42 link is broken?

  6. soo where do i find the illustrations?

  7. Chapter 8 links is wrong (points to chapter 9)

  8. Thanks for the translation!!!

  9. I have been reading this series and thinking that the MC reminds me of someone but I couldnt figure out who. Then it just hit me, he is just like the The Major of the Nazi from the “Hellsing” series, just a little more in-person about his killing.

  10. OK. I don’t usually leave comment on series like this. I usually just leech off translators while saying thank you in my heart. However, there is a first for everything and this is it. This is a real nice change from the everyday hero summoning story. This guy isn’t afraid to kill and get his hands dirty. And while other stories are like that as well, Arufureita for example, its not to this extent. If you like hack and slash killing fun, with a bit of humor thrown in, give this seris a good long read. Thank you guys for translating this and keep up the good work.

  11. Hi ! I am the french translator of Summoned Slaughterer.

    I know it’s a bit late because I already translated the first 41 chapters, but can I use your translation to make a french one (I already had the agreement of Kerambit) ?

    Also, here are all the illustrations I could put my hands on :

    And finally, I wanted to ask you : do you know where start and where finish the volumes of the light novels compared to the web novel ?
    I really don’t know where to place the covers considering I’m translating the web version :/

    • I don’t mind you using my translations for the french version, just make sure to link the raw and english source. 🙂
      As for the difference between light and web novel, I don’t know as I haven’t read the Light Novel nor do I own it. In case you are unsure about the cover placement, I would place them at arcs most appropriately fitting the picture shown, I guess?
      Thanks for the illustrations. 🙂

  12. CH 48 link broken?

  13. It seems that the link of chapter 58 is damaged.

  14. Ouch, finished reading all chapters in 2 days, and now i need moaaaar.. Do you have any reccomendation something dark like this.?
    Btw, Thankyou 🙂

    • As bloody and gruesome as this one? Hmm not many japanese novels go as far… well try The girl who ate death. I think that’s the same kind. It’s a good read for sure. Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! will go in the same direction too, I think, but we shall see. 🙂

      • Woah, thankyou very much 🙂
        well as long as its mc was like hifumi its a good series.. Tho what makes me interested was its cover.. 🙂
        Yeah, Kakei Senki is good, but its still 6 chapters tho.. Need to wait a long time for my binge-reading :3
        Once again thankyouu…

  15. Anyone made pdfs?

  16. Thanks

  17. Thanks for your hardwork, I smile all the time I read.

  18. Enjoyed the story. Going to do the sequel series when this one is done?

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