6 thoughts on “Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 53: This Is The New Shit

  1. OMG what´s wrong with this page … the sidebar doesn´t work i try to read chapt 53 get linked to old page get a error 404 O,o
    u deactivate adblock page starts scrolling up and down like it´s on some drugs

    1. The old release posts were copied over by WP without a way to change them all in a swoop. Please spare me from manually going back and changing 2 years worth of links. Just use the ToC. 🙂

      1. that´s what my problem was i can´t open the sidebar where the ToC should be dunno if its a issue with firefox or win 10 is trollin around or it´s caused by having the page opened in a half sized window. Well i got on the chapt i was reading by going to the most recent chapt and going previous chapter 30 times (T.T)/

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