Recruitment: Editors

Heyas folks,

somehow I feel it hasn’t been long since I was looking for new editors. But somehow the number of editors in our group has decreased instead of increasing. I wonder whether I am this difficult to deal with? Oh well, time for new challengers then, I guess. Fufufu

I also changed the requirements a bit this time. Or rather I changed the entire process as well. And yes, it’s as the title says, I am looking for editors and not one editor.

Let’s plunge into what I am looking for:

  • Availability – In the week: Evening European time or afternoon American time. Available to be contacted on weekend.
  • Language skills: Native. I am sincerely looking for only Britons or Americans/Canadians. Of course that includes natives living in another country. A rich vocabulary is very desirable as your task won’t involve simple grammar/spelling checks.
  • Skype is a MUST – All communication goes through that.
  • Reliability – If you say you will do something, you are expected to do so. Of course everyone got RL stuff going on, but the least to be expected is a heads up in that case.

Well yea, I removed the age restriction. I guess even an ossan group has to follow the trend!

Now as for the process:

If you are interested in joining our group as editor, please edit the current chapter 25 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

Feel free to send in the edited chapter to as Libre Office Document or if that isn’t available as Google Document link. Time limit is one week from now aka until Monday the 6th June 11:59 pm GMT. We will check the sent in edits and then contact you, no matter whether it is a fail or a success. Feel free to ask questions via mail, albeit pointless questions will be ignored.

One advice: It helps to check the current translations and the glossary.


I am looking forward to your application as editor! Don’t be shy and help the novel community to flourish! ^^