Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 49: Stay at the Baumeister territory and Kurt’s troubles – Part 2

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and here we go with the next 27% of this chapter. Yay!


It looks like I will split it into 4 parts after all. The last paragraph break of the chapter is at 80% so that should be fitting for another huge chunk.

Ah, I added the last illustration of volume 4 to the chapter, though I think it’s slightly different in the Light Novel version. Oh well…

I guess we will head into volume 5 within the next 1-2 chapters, so look forward to that (aka in 2 years at the rate the length of the chapters is increasing xD)

I added a text anchor to jump to the next part at the beginning of the chapter, so feel free to use that. Also I will change the illustrations to not be embedded in the text flow as that looks stupid in some browsers, once I get time to do so, that is.


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Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 49: Stay at the Baumeister territory and Kurt’s troubles – Part 1

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here we go with part 1 of this stupidly long chapter with almost 2k lines in the raw. Sorry for those, who expected Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! yesterday, but I’ve been too tired. The current summer-like heat is only causing me to be a sleepyhead, which is also why I didn’t manage to translate as much as I wanted of this chapter. I feel like I wanted to write something more, but I forgot…

Oh well, whatever.

Ah yea… before I forget… I’m still looking for editors… though I guess I don’t mind running most of the show by myself either, now that I’m already doing it for a while…

The next part will likely be released next weekend on Sunday… Ah before anyone asks, part 1 is 26% of the chapter.

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Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 48: Achievement of the request and the chaos at the Baumeister household – Part 2

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here’s the last part of chapter 48. It isn’t overly long as I finished the majority last week. Well I also started on chapter 49 today but ended up getting exhausted by it… it’s the same length if not even longer than this chapter, thus I will probably split it in 3 parts this time.

I added the fourth illustration to this chapter as well. Quite a few illustrations for just one chapter…

There has been something I wanted to mention about the MC’s speech patterns. If the MC uses descriptive language the sentences are most of the time accompanied with “it seems that”, “I heard that” and such. If he talks about actions he often uses “ended up doing blah.” This stuff repeats itself soooo often that I simply leave it away as it is most of the times a plain pain in the ass. Though you might take this as hint of the MC being indecisively guided by the circumstances and largely influenced by hearsay.

Lastly, I made a page on facebook for those interested in following our translation group there, feel free to visit it here. I will fill it with life overtime, though you got to give me a bit time until I get used to it :3

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Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 10: If you don’t improve the public order

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going by the novel illustrations, I think that this chapter introduces the last two characters of the cast (though I might be wrong as well).

We are now halfway through the first arc (called “act” by the author) which should be around equal to the first novel. 🙂

I also added the illustrations in the previous chapters and will start next to work on the Glossary as it begins to get slightly confusing with the names and locations.

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