Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 56: The woman named 『Storm』 – End

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with this chapter 56 is done. Though Katharina is quite the annoying character. She even talks in this strange way of adding “wa” at the end of sentences, though I didn’t put that into the chapter as it has no real equivalent in the English language. Well, you might call her the stereotypical, haughty ojou-sama type. How very annoying.

Oh well, whatever. By the way, this chapter took me in total 16 hours to write down. *sighs* Chapter 57 luckily doesn’t seem to be as long but I still plan to split it into 3 parts for now and if I feel diligent I might get it done with 2 parts. We shall see.

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Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 20: Cooling down and the likes is unreasonable

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another 2 weeks passed and it’s time for a new chapter of Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! The PoV is the same as last time, Wilma.

Now, 2 things:

First, I updated the Glossary, so feel free to check it out if you are uncertain about some names or locations.

Second, the next chapter will be released in 3 weeks time from now. Why? Because I want to get it in tune with Maou no Utsuwa, which I will be translating in cooperation with Ainushi and Cnine. In other words, there will be a chapter each Saturday, alternating between Maou and Kakei. Next week will be too quick for me as the next Kakei chapter is a bit longer as well, that’s why the next chapter is scheduled for 25th March.

This chapter has been edited by Marco. Please extend your thanks to him for all the hard work with editing this series!!!

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Imperial Wars and my Stratagems – Chapter 5: Four months long journey

Gotta love cross-references…


Translated by Shasu

Edited by Marco


Will finish translation until end of Arc 1 (chapter 13) and then decide what to do with this series. For some reason no one seems to like it, but on Syosetsu it’s fairly popular for a series with such tags. Hmm… odd stuff, I tells ya…

Maou no Ki – Prologue 1: Rebirth. That doesn’t mean it was a reincarnation


last week I promised you another teaser. Seeing as Paladin of the End has already been licensed by an English online publisher, I chose another one that interests me. Personally I believe this one might be even more interesting than Imperial Wars.

Only problem with that one is its length. While Imperial Wars’ chapters are pretty short, these one’s can even get as long as Hachinan chapters (though not as dull and repetitive).

I will translate a few more of this one as teaser and see if I can handle it as fourth project or if it’s too much. If it’s possible, I will drop Imperial Wars for now, else I will give that one a go and let this one rest. Well we shall see, I will decide soon enough (external opinions won’t be considered, so don’t bother).

Since there has only 1 chapter of Maou no Ki been translated, I have re-translated it. I will add a ToC and all the other stuff on the weekend.

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