Dungeon Battle Royal – Chapter 1

Enjoy the start of a new, awesome story~

One day I was browsing Bookwalker, looking for new Light Novels to read. There I stumbled upon a new release for a book of HJ Novels. Being the curious reader I am, I checked whether it has a web novel, found it and stored it away for later reading.

Several weeks later I found the novel again and gave it a light read. That was my doom. I totally got hooked on that story. I read over 100 web novel chapters in a day, failing to do any of my regular translations.

In the end that was the deciding factor for me to pick up this novel. I know that my schedule is stuffed full to the brim. I know that people want me to increase the release rate of the current series rather than starting a new one. BUT, I’m just a reader. Like all of you. And I feel a desire to translate good stories. Sadly I work full-time as a salary-man, otherwise I’d translate a lot more interesting stories. BUT, this story is too much of a gem to be ignored! I have to translate it…I really must…

First I pondered whether to TL the LN or the WN. The LN has volume 1 out since July and Volume 2 is scheduled to be released on 25th October. BUT, the differences are small and Volume 1 is mostly an edited, abbreviated version of Act 1 in the WN. Thus, before worrying about how to split the LN chapters, I decided to simply use the short chapters of the WN. The WN chapters are so short that I’m capable of releasing them weekly on Tuesday. And, depending on the length, I might even release 2 chapters in a row.

At the moment the series has more than 260 chapters and the author is actively dishing out new chapters.

Thus, please enjoy this awesome story with me and forgive me for picking up something new despite having this much on my plate already!


Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Volume 11 – Chapter 1: Trying to grill Eel since it suddenly turned into a Vacation – Part 4

Last part of this chapter~

Also, as I announced at the first part of this chapter, I removed all the illustration galleries from Facebook and this blog. You can still access the older illustrations directly here. But don’t expect me to update them anymore. The reason has been stated in the previous post.

A reader pointed out to me that I should just hide the gallery behind many layers and I considered doing so, but then I realized that hiding it (making it difficult to find) is almost the same as not having it at all as it’s not like I’m going to post the link to the gallery all the time (and hiding the link kind of defeats the purpose heh).

Please extract the future illustrations directly from the chapters.