The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 149: Rubia and Viine

A short notice: I told the patrons already, but in lieu of the increased chapter length, I decided to extent the threshold for splitting a chapter. Until now I used 600 lines in the translation as flexible  cut-off point. That will change to 700 lines starting with this chapter.

Also, thanks to DPalmz for his last edited chapter for our translation group. Please extend your gratitude towards him for providing excellent edits across many chapters, effectively making your reading experience a much more pleasant one!
As his life has advanced to a new stage, he has to retire from editing any further for now. All the best wishes in his new endeavors from our group as well. 🙂



Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom – Volume 2 – Chapter 1: Small Nation Group Syndrome – Part 3-4

Sorry for the slight delay. I had to juggle other series first. At the moment this series has a status similar to that of a hobby translation, especially with the low number of readers following it. I will aim for a release every two weeks, but don’t tar and feather me if it doesn’t always work out. 😉


Enjoy the last parts of chapter 1~


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