Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.72: Decisive Battle 12 – The Origin of a Legend (End)

Heyas folks,

this chapter marks the end of the first arc – a prelude called “Chapter of Setting the Plains ablaze.” The last part of this arc remaining is a character sheet which I will translate next to fill up the glossary.

As you will see, the author is preparing various story lines with this chapter. In other words, we are entering the truly interesting part of the novel. The next arc is called “Chapter of Initial Movements.”

Before I start on the new chapter, I want to stock up on a few stories first though. As that’s difficult with my RL schedule being what it is, I will only resume translation after being done with that (2 or 3 weeks after next week’s character sheet release).

If you like this novel as much as I do, please spread word of it. While the reader-base is slowly growing, it’s still stuck at a level only justifying a monthly or bi-monthly release – in my eyes totally unfitting for a gem like this. 🙂


Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 120: And now it seems to be the End of Construction

Heyas folks,

this is the last chapter of Volume 6 of the LN. After this there’s an interlude in the LN which also includes the last illustration of the volume. The interlude itself is around twice as long as a regular Nidome chapter, so I’d be willing to translate it as extra commissioned chapter (100 €). I will manually update it in the side bar and once we reach the target amount, I will release it asap.

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Otherwise thank Kimchy for his decent work on editing the chapter and enjoy~