Update: Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Older Chapters back up

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JNC had taken down their access to the novel last week on Sunday and now Amazon has followed suit as well, meaning the English LN versions can’t be officially purchased anymore. As such I have re-enabled the older chapters on this blog. They can be accessed via the Table of Contents as before. 🙂




Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 24: Concerning a certain custom of nobles

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today you get one of the still missing 2 interludes. It’s been translated as reward in the Patreon Game. In the same manner, the other interlude is currently in translation and will be released as game reward on Patreon as soon as I’m done with it.

As such, please thank the patrons for this release.

Also, extend your thanks to Samuel and Sniper for editing the chapter.


Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 85: It seems to be the infiltration into the Holy City 2

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after the champion Germany, the vice-champion Argentinia and the european champion Portugal got kicked out off the World Soccer Championship tournament, let’s enjoy a new chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de!

Let me also welcome TsundereRic as new editor for the series. He has edited this chapter as well as the previous Chapter 84.

Well, enjoy~


P.S.: As we are approaching July 1st rapidly, could those reading books over at JNC tell me if JNC pulls down the series completely tomorrow or such, so that I can put up the older chapters again. Thanks~

Hakai no Miko – Chapter 11: Persecution

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originally I had planned to build up a bit of stock for the regular series this week as my editor-san for Hakai no Miko is enjoying a nice one-week-long vacation. But then I thought I should give you at least one chapter to chew on, especially as it’s an interesting chapter giving us more insights about the world’s setting.

Well, if you want to read the edited version, you have to wait of course. For all others:


Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 84: It seems to be the infiltration into the Holy City

I’m still looking for an editor or two for this series. Ideally, I’m planning to have a team of 2-3 editors help out with this series to lower the burden per person and to increase the accuracy. Requirements: Native English, dedication for a long-term project and availability on a regular basis. You can contact me via mail at contact@infinitenoveltranslations.net or chat me up on Discord. 🙂


Enjoy the chapter~